The Halal is much more than the Haram

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How many trees did Allah azza wa jal forbid Adam alayhis salam from approaching it was one tree only one tree. So how much is Khaled 99% is halal and 1% is haram Allah Akbar. And this is not only the case with Adam Alayhis Salam when he was in the Paradise at the time, but this is also here on earth when we live on Earth. Did you know that the permissibility is what is halal that Allah azza wa jal made halal for us on Earth is way more than an haram way more than and haram when Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us and commands us to keep away from a haram. He says in the Quran, where the tiberiu hope where the Shavonne do not follow the footsteps of a Shavon. Now if you had a huge field, if you

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had a huge field, and there are footsteps on it, which one occupies more area on the field, the footsteps or the field itself, there is no doubt that the footsteps are going to be something small on the field. Allah soldierly says do not follow the footsteps of a bliss do not follow the footsteps of a Shavon In other words, and Haram is you counted on your fingers when Allah azza wa jal has made haram for us? It's like you're counting footsteps, footprints on a huge Earth? Sin In other words, Allah azza wa jal and pretty much fundamentally Everything is permissible on Earth. And there are a few things that Allah Sargent made her up with Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned to

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us what he made Hello, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran he says, who are loving Xian Allah Kumar fill out the Jamia that he made for you Hala and everything on earth, Allah Akbar. And then when it came to what Hello, Allah would count them. For example, in matters of food, Allah would say, the metallicum and Mater with them while I'm on Kinsey one that will elevate Allah He did one month honeypark One more Buddha enlists the swine, the flesh of the slide at peak, that's how long to consume whatever was slaughtered for other than Allah azza wa jal is haram to consume whatever was choked of an animal, It's haram to consume and it died as a result, whatever of the animal was dead,

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you're not allowed to consume, and there are limited things Allah azza wa jal would mention and everything other than that is haram. Allah azza wa jal, he says what? Allah Kamau Alikum even when it came to marriage, Allah azza wa jal would say It's haram to marry your mother, your sister, your daughter, and he lists another 10 And then he says, and after that, all these halaal for you, la hotpots. halaal is a lot. So what excuse do people have when they fall in Haram? Allah azza wa jal made lasagna and made beverages all Khaled except a Muhammad keep away from alcohol the tip Why do people fall into something whereas the majority of what Allah azza wa jal created was Halon for us,

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and it's only a few things that are haram Subhan Allah even look at the case of us have cept the story of the people of the Sabbath, Allah absorption he made haram for them to fish on a Saturday, one day haram and six days of the week Halon that 68% Halab and 14% Haram Subhan Allah so in other words, and Helen is way more than what Al haram that Allah azza wa jal made. If you focus on this point, you understand that what kind of what kind of excuse does a person have when he falls in love haram when he had so many other options that were hidden for him?