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Even if you have all world, you're gonna die. Everything is gonna be finished one day and, and a couple people gonna come to grave put you inside

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and finish, you know, that's why I don't want to, I don't want to put like crazy goal in front of me you know, like very soon I think like some my career gonna finish of course this is I'm not I'm beginning my way and soon is gonna be finished and I'm gonna beginning my new life. You know, without all this, like interview without all this like with media stuff like weight cutting, hard training, like focusing. I'm going to beginning like new life and

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and for life I don't need I don't need like too much. You know, even even if you billionaire, you never eat more than one bread in one day. You know, it's why it's like

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I want I want to be free, I want to fly. And I want to do whatever I want, whatever I need, whatever I need when I die, because I really believe the next life and it's gonna everything what you did everything what you're gonna do

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in next life.

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You have to do something, what important for you in next life, you know, like my father always talked about this with me like, he always tried to do something good for people around him and for people from his country from his village. For me for his family, you always do something and you always say, I hope this is gonna help me for next life and