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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and implications of the use of the term "has been bad" label in media, the potential consequences of spreading false rumors, and the dangerous legion of followers in Islam. The speakers criticize the use of "arousement" and "arousement" language in media, and argue that Islam is a means of achieving peace and happiness. They also criticize the use of " accusations" and deceptive language in media, and claim that Islam is a way to obtain peace and happiness.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum greetings of peace. I'm your host. You're watching the deen Show. Today we are going to be interviewing Mr. Mustafa Zaid was the author of the first book in the English language that addresses all the lies legate false allegations of the last and final messenger sentiment kind of problem. Hama, peace be upon him, you have to understand that there's always been resistance to the truth of Jesus came peace be upon him. It wasn't always sugar roses. At his arrival, you had people who were resisting him, they even tried to kill him.

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Moses at the same time, when he came with the truth, you had people were throwing a party, they tell him, Look, you can't be doing that. And there was resistance. The last and final message you sent the man kind of problem on peace be upon them who came with the same message as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and all the messages we got that message was to worship the one guy and not what he created. And a lot of times is bad for business. People worshipping statues, monkeys, idols, men, women, all these other things. And now, people are going to lose their position, politics, all these things play a role. So they start to do childish things. They start to slander the messengers of

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God. And today, the last and final message is Senator McCain has a problem having peace be upon him, and there's a lot of lies against him. So we hope that you have an open heart and open mind this is such an important topic show that we're going to be addressing. Here on the deen show. And we come back, we're going to clear the fog clear the junk. So you can have the truth delivered to you in a clear, precise manner. We'll be right back. This is the thing that

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this is the

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this is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum peace. How are you? Brother? Good, good thing God 100 law 100 law. Thank you for being with us on the show. zocalo? Can you have your own section at the deen show calm people can go there to read a little bit about you. Now, it's interesting. Now that you spent a lot of time on this book, two years, two years, tell us a little about the book, what made you decide to write this book? Well, actually, I give a class for so many years to people who accepted Islam. And I teach them the deen and the manners of the Prophet, and so on and so forth. And about two years ago, a very decent Muslim woman accepted Islam and she came to me and said, This is what is being pushed to

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people. And people are told this is the Prophet that now is your profit. This is the religion, they now accepted. And it was a book called The Truth About Muhammad written by Robert Spencer. I do not know who he is. He's the one who founded Jihad washed. He is the co founder of stop the Islamization of America. That is leading the opposition, again, is building the mosque near Ground Zero. They put banners on buses in New York City that says you know what, if you want to convert away from Islam, or leave Islam with as a fatwa against you that you want to run away, we'll help you get away from Islam, in the business of bashing Islam. And I looked at the book, and you know, you read two pages,

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and you cannot even continue the most abhorrent misinformation lies about Prophet Mohammed and Islam in an unbelievable way. And the problem is to the average American who does not know. And it's awful that the average American does not know you would think that this is must be true about the Prophet. I counted 155 allegations about promises or allegations that you refute in your book. Yes.

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Once that he can imagine one that he cannot imagine, with all kind of logical conclusions, the most unreliable resources and outright fabrications on lies. And I took it upon myself I said Allah subhanaw taala asked me, whatever little knowledge that I have had I learned about this, and did not stand up for from homosassa when I started writing it, the level of crazy Islamophobia and, and hatred against Muslim was not even close to what is it right now. But it was the planning of Allah subhanaw taala that the book is just released when it's needed nowadays. And what I did is that I want I took every paragraph, every page, page by page paragraph by paragraph, and I refuted him with

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the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala and sadhana logic, his

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Even from the Old Testament, and the New Testament as well, now tell us I mean, a Muslim is one who wants to live in peace. He wants to live in peace with himself. And he gets that peace by submitting to the one God, the one who Jesus submitted to who Moses submitted to all the messengers of God, they were Muslims, because they did Islam and Islam is to acquire peace by submitting your will to them if he's the one God, and we don't want to blow nobody up. We we don't want to oppress nobody. We want justice, and mercy for all. And that's why we're doing this program to clear the confusion to get the drunk out of junk out of the trunk. And that's why we have people such as yourself, that

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are credible people that can help educate the masses. And that's why we're doing this. So why do you think it is? I had mentioned something in the beginning of the show that when all the messengers came, they had resistance. Why do you think someone would go ahead and write a book and lie actually multiple books and multiple people I chose that offer because he's one of the leading bashes of Islam is businesses bashing Islam. People need to understand it's not an ideology as an opposition of another ideology, or difference of opinions. It's a very profitable business, actually, the most profitable business nowadays, bashing Islam, bashing Islam making money off hadn't people the

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American people believed would that bastion of Islam after September 11, that Islam is a religion of violence and terrorism and oppression of women and minorities, they would have not allowed or agreed that we go to a country that is Iraq, that never done anything to us.

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pillage the US Treasury for over $3 trillion today, killing hundreds of 1000s of innocent civilians in a country that had done nothing to us killing even American kids like almost 5000 of them and hundreds of 1000s of mental diseases and amputations and, and injuries and so on and so forth. If it wasn't for Islamophobia, that would have not happened, these $3 trillion, would have not happened. It's a very profitable business. And the thing that I want to bring to our viewers is that these kind of books, the truth about Mohammed and the other books are not out there to bother you, or just to, you know, take you and converting from Islam, they're out there to watch the average American,

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we're not the majority in this country. This is to wash the mind of the average American so when the time is needed, they would be out there to execute us hurt us, or, you know, do whatever they want to another Muslim country without a body saying anything because guess what, in their mind in the wrong perception, Islam is violence and terrorism and such a such and such, and we would be asked by Allah subhanaw taala if we allow that to be mentioned about our name, and the the Prophet peace be upon most of the allegations, these books are not just wrong. They're the opposite, total opposite of the truth. I was interviewed by CNN radio the other day. Yeah. And two things that I said, the

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first thing is that I give an analogy to the allegations against Prophet Muhammad Simon Islam as someone describing Shaquille O'Neal to you as a short, white, really poor guy, Shaquille O'Neal, that's the famous basketball. Yeah, as a short, white, really poor guy would not just wrong, totally the opposite. And this is what they do in these books. Absolutely. And the other thing that was so shocking to me is the talk show host was very educated, very progressive, very enlightened person. And he allowed me to speak my mind. And I thank him for that. He had to ask me the first question that he thought that on everyone's mind, including his, and he needed to hear the answer from a

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Muslim scholar. What is the pressing question out there with non Muslims? Here's the question. If you're a Muslim, and you meet a Christian or a Jew, isn't mandated, really by Islam, that you have to convert them, and they don't convert, you have to go ahead and kill him. He asked you that he asked me that. And it's a sincere question. He really wanted to know that. That's the level of Islamophobia and hatred and misinformation, and fabrications about Islam, that it's out there. And as a Muslim scholar, I didn't know what to do laugh, or cry, because it's so absurd, and so couldn't be further from the truth. But this is a reality that we face it.

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And Allah Subhana had blessed me to produce the book 100 So how did you answer this? I answered, the couldn't be further from the truth. The cardinal rule in Islam is no compulsion in religion. And even if, let's say, through violence, you force someone to accept Islam. his belief is not accepted by God because He really does not believe and you would carry the sin of oppressing someone's right and promise I sell them and the greatest prophets of Islam never done that. It's couldn't be further from the truth. But that's what the average American brother and sister is learning about Islam from these people. Tell us Now many people are still on the minds of many and they want to revisit 911 so

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what do we have to say about that? Does Islam have anything to do with 911? Let's hear prophet of Islam talking about terrorism. Maharaja Allah Almighty, Yoruba. Roger, whoa, wait a minute, while I follow the lady

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dinardo fellas, Domino fishing, what is the mini fish? What does that mean? Whoever comes out to my nation, any people, any group of people, it's the good and the bad, without avoiding the believers and not hurting the good people, without keeping a pledge that he gave to people. And Muslim automatically when you move to a new society, you have stayed there for three days, you have given these people a romantic pledge of peace and security because they allow you to live amongst themselves. If you do that, you have absolutely nothing to do with promises and them, and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. He's in Paradise, you don't have fire. As simple as that. The

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highest punishment and the biggest punishment for any crime in Islam, which is what is called hablar Harada. That's in the Sharia law that does scare people with his indiscriminate killing of innocent people. There's nothing more punishable in Islam, it's exclusion in public in a way that makes an example of the assailant. Now, whether there were 19 criminals, 190 criminals, that killed indiscriminately innocent people, including many hundreds of Muslims, they're just criminals. They're not Muslims. They're not Jews, they're not Christians. They're just criminals. And the biggest most punishable law out there to punish these people and bring them to justice, Islamic law,

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had they been caught according to the law of the state of New York, they've got life in prison, free health care, and you know, maybe kosher food and nutritional food and Islam as they said, they would have been executed in public. So crimes are committed left and right in the name of other religion McVeigh is, makes Christianity as responsible for his action as these people may make Islam responsible for the crime, Islam, Christianity, and all religions and all people are more responsible than their own biological brothers and sisters, and are responsible for the crime in any longer land, in any country in the world. So how come 1.6 billion people are really criminals and

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Muslim Americans would have to be punished for criminals that God only knows who financed them and who made it that easy for them to commit such a horrible crime? Yes, indeed, it was horrible and Islam has nothing to do with it. And we'll be right back with more here on the show.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. Just hold on to the rope of Allah, everything in this universe rely a need for answers don't kill women don't kill children. Don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told us.

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That the prophets are solid never ever start a war against any.

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Back here on the deen show with a man Mr. physique, who is the author of the lies about Mohammed Mohammed, we don't worship Mohammed. He is the last and final messenger sent to mankind he was a messenger just like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, they all call people to do God's will? Yes, just like in the Lord's Prayer. Yes, hallowed be thy name, thy will be done. This is Islam submit to God, not to your desires not to a man not to one but the creator of man and woman. So now the last and final messenger, Muhammad peace be upon him who says a mercy to the world. There's a lot of allegations and lies, childish things that people are doing. We need to be living in peace

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cooperating to do good. But obviously, you have people who are against doing good and making mischief in the land. So there are a lot of allegations, 155 of them that you covered in this book, give us some some more of these allegations and how you refuted them. Actually, the real thing that incensed me is that it's not any more about the controversial issues. Yeah. It's about making people hate Islam for obvious reasons that we talked about. So creating something that is really apparent and people hate and try to find something in Islam that you can fabricated, mutilate in a way that make believe that actually Islam is this thing.

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For example, give an example. Say that up into Joshua was the cousin of the Prophet he seen her a million times. And because there are no classes of Islam, his former servant, they don't know Haifa, from Mombasa, Selim persuaded her to marry him. So she married him. But she kept talking down to him. She's from a noble family. She's the cousin of the Prophet, and he was a former slave or former servant. So what happened is that he could come into your home and say, Selim, I want to divorce her from Mama's a salamander, and, and sort of the North American soldier, a tequila hold down to your wife. If you're a las panatela The worst is bad blood divorce or tell it escalated, then the worst

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had to happen. They got divorced. And after three months, she's the cousin of the Prophet. He's the one who persuaded her for the marriage. So against the customary of heaven, any of the companions marry her to honor her promises on one ahead and married her. Here's what Mr. Spencer says. Problem homicide alarm went to the house of Zaid inheritor when he was not there. And of course, you know, and I know as a Muslim, that's the last thing I would do. entering the house.

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Have a man while the man is not there. And he seems entered with the judge for the first time. Yeah, she's not his cousin anymore You never seen there he is not even the one who did the marriage. And she excited his admiration. So we decided to divorce her from his son zaidan wife, and that was his son, and marry her for him ownself

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that's the level and how low things get there. There's just clear lies, lies and omission of the fact.

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You know, you go to the Insert of the famous one alma malakut a monochrome, meaning that a Muslim man is allowed to marry up to four women with rules that he has to be fair, she does not like it should ask for divorce. So adultery does not happen. And so and this is very missed by many Muslim scholars. And in America, the second wife is a human being too. She would walk around as a wife and her children are legitimate. She's not a mistress. She's not a girlfriend, if it has to happen, and it's happening left and right, then she's a wife, if the first wife does not like it as a major change in marriage, like, you know, whatever that happens, that he's a miser who loses his job or is

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stopped drinking, or violent, whatever that happens in any marriage, these massive changes, she can ask for divorce. But then in conditions of for at the time of promises, Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to actually have sexual relationships with more than four wives. Alma Mallika, umineko monster story, he calls him six slaves. In his book, and his book was the story. Muslims go to a battle in a harsh desert, they win. Now the wife and children leftover, what to do with them? The trick that they play on you, you know, as if it were in the 21st century and Midtown Chicago or, or Midtown Manhattan, is that you know what, what they do the Muslim soldiers take him back home at six leaves.

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But you're talking about the middle of the seventh century in a hot desert, okay, they would leave them what would happen to them. Wolves would eat them alive, they're going to be enslaved, they're going to be tortured, they're going to be prostituted, they're going to be killed? What would happen next, you're going to bring them to the Muslim society and leave them without a sponsor? What would happen? you force them into stealing and cheating and prostitution to survive? How are they going to survive? That the most simple way is to find a faster for them a sponsor for them? How would that work? A Muslim man who has the ability have the financial ability to take him exactly as wives, but

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without giving him the title for life? Why? For inheritance, right? Because when you're a wife, you have certain inheritance rights and lineage rights. And she would be treated exactly like a wife, she is in the same living standard, and he would be responsible for her, it would be her own reputation, her children are legitimate, and the art is, as soon as she gives birth to a child, then that child carries the name of the Father and is free to stay with him, or to start his own life without forcing her to become a Muslim, or anything like that. Problem. Mama says lm in the middle of the seventh century said, whoever had such a woman told her manners, educated her taught her how

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to read or write, treated her well and then set her free and married her, then he would get double the reward from Allah Subhan Allah, so that woman that you're talking about now that the man educated her to kill a man or care for her, now she is a wife, if he has, you know, it has only one wife or for the first time to get married. Yeah. A genius solution and merciful solution. And it's not like, you know, you stay at with this man one day and the other man one day, she's like a wife. It's his reputation, her children and named after him, and they couldn't be any better solution at the time, then this. This is just another detail of the proofs and proofs. I mean, if you really

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look at this, just because obviously if you go deep into the Quran, you see this memorized by millions. There's no other book like it, the scientific facts tells you what the purpose of life is where you go into everything is there, no book like it challenged from the Creator, if you feel it's from other than the Creator, find one contradiction. But now you see, like in times of war, you know, men see this as an opportunity to rape to pillage, you know, to hurt innocent women. But you're talking about something that now there's a solution, there's a system even mercy was when he calls them sex slaves. And actually, this is the best thing that ever happened to these women, and

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most of them accepted Islam. And actually, the defeat of their spouses before was the best thing that had ever happened to them by their admission, I want to move 500 years forward in the future with the advancement and the better life and now imagine 500 years from now, how technologically advanced and savvy and civilized we would be. Go to the Crusades came to Jerusalem, on their way to Jerusalem. Any Jewish person, child man, woman, old young, they killed them all, without mercy without cause indiscriminate crochets. Now of course, these are the yellow Yeah, yes, yes. But we know that this has nothing to do the teachings of Jesus peace be upon him. Yeah, they hijacked

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Christianity. Yeah. And then when they went to Jerusalem, the first thing is the appetizer gathered every Jew in the city. Put them all in once.

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synagogue and burn the synagogue with the innocent worshipers alive inside.

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Nevermind six leaves.

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And then within six days they killed 70,000 living souls, every Muslim human being in the city of Jerusalem, infant child, recently born old man old woman without mercy. And Matter of fact, in the Arabic language, there's a phrase called ademola recup. Blood was to the knee level. That phrase was coined that week into Islam.

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Robert Spencer that I refuted his claims here claims that the Crusaders would just claim in bed the properties that the Muslim took from them, as if the Middle East was a Roman property as if someone like me is actually blonde but does not know.

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Amazing, and these are the comparisons that they give you that Muslims took these ladies are sexual imagine the decency and the treatment and the honor that they give to these people and the opportunity without and I want to add this, forcing them to convert this land. Hold that point, we're going to ask you a question for you to tell us in history, where anything was done if Muslims did these kind of barbaric things in history, or the examples of mercy when Muslims had the upper hand, we want to pick your brain to give us some examples of this. When we come back here on the

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outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars, you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like no paradise right here or

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anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease, the cure was free.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show. And we're talking about the lies about the last and final messages sent the man kind of problem I'm at peace be upon him. And I wanted to have you please tell us was there any you mentioned the Crusades? And you also mentioned that this was a hijacking of the true teachings of Jesus. Yes, we love very much. Absolutely. We agree that he was one of the mightiest messengers of God. And tell us Is there anything in history that someone that he points out that the Muslims they did these kind of things?

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You look at actually one of the

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most well known orientalist Thomas Carlyle way before you go on, I just want to take it back. Not that the Muslims that I'm talking about when Islam because Muslims are human beings, they make mistakes. But when Islam was implemented properly, yes, that I wanted to rephrase. He made a very nice observation, actually. He said, If Islam was intolerant to minorities and other religions, and Judaism, excuse me and Christianity, how was it that Eastern churches that were separated from the rest of the Christendom at the time, they were considered heretics by Rome, by the Vatican by the Catholic Church, and they would not support them by any stretch of the imagination? How come these

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churches are still standing nowadays? How come these millions of Arab Christians and you know, Asian and Christians living in Muslim countries today by the millions, who supported them other than the tolerance of the general of leniency and mercy, of the ruling system of Islam throughout all these centuries, for example, when Ferdinand and Isabella came to and Dallas where the Muslims were there, you convert or we kill you, as simple as that be eradicated Judaism and Islam from that part of the world? There are no Muslims. They're very minority, a big minority there. When

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Louis the 14th, mandated that you know what, if you're not Catholic, we're going to kill you. So all the Protestants were prosecuted and made it a crime to be a Protestant. And a matter of fact, you get testimonies from Christians in Eastern Europe, thanking God for the rule of Muslims when the Ottoman Empire came unoccupied, because now we can have tolerance and religious freedom because the Muslims would not, you know, force you to convert to the religion would take the due taxes as much as the Muslim is has to pay the his do taxes, and you have religious freedom. I have in the book the lies about Mohammed, the patriarch of untucking in Turkey, thanking God for the Turks mean the

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Muslims for the leniency, because now they can breathe some religious freedom from the planet.

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have other Christian worlds that will then before this is known in history now, absolutely to cover all this in your banner documented here a few more points we've come to the end you mentioned the tax they say look Islam coms, it'd be little as us subjugates you plus the design, you would say, first of all, it's a form of tax, like a Muslim paystack. So Muslim is obligated to pay two and a half percent charity tax. So it's not that you when you're non Muslim, you don't pay taxes. And Muslims live tax free, everyone pays tax and the matter of fact, non Muslims paid less tax than the Muslims. Why the two and a half percent is from whatever unspent assets that I have, I could be a

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billionaire, and my unspent assets could be limitless, and so is the two and a half percent. The jizya for the non Muslim is one dinar, which is equivalent to about $100 per year, pair the able to fight in the family, the rabbi does not pay, the priest does not pay. The little kid does not pay the woman that children do not pay. Only the man was able to carry a sword and it's $100 per year, you're paying like what 30 40% of your wealth right now, what are you complaining about? Exactly. So, you know, it's paying their do taxes without any subject, you live the same exact way. And Islamic law, you steal from a non Muslim you steal from a Muslim, whatever it is in the law is

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totally blind to that. So the jizya tax is actually one of the brightest moments of the times of Islamic law. When it's dealing with minorities or non Muslims totally opposite of what you're getting what you hear you hear opposite to the truth. That's the norm. When it comes to people bestest, then we really want to thank those sincere, humble, open minded sincere people who want to know the truth, who aren't blinded by this, that now they're really wanting to hear what we have to say, not letting cnn fox news or Johnny Spence whoever is the Robert Spencer. And actually I want to, you know, point to something very important, good parents, Muslim mothers and fathers come to me

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and say, you know, my son came back from school and he denounced Islam. And the reason is here at one of these absurd allegations that you can answer with one sentence, as simple as one eight or one problem was excellent. But he did not know it keeps lurking in their mind. And they have no answer all of a sudden they're in college or have, you know, economic freedom. I don't want to be a Muslim anymore. And if that is said, what's even worse is that sometimes the parents themselves good worship and pray, Muslims do not know the answers, and they're simple. So I begged the viewers pick up a copy, learn it for yourself, give it as a gift to your children, your children, when they read

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it, they would love it, because whether they tell you or not, they're bombarded in public schools and colleges with these absurd allegations. And I cannot blame the average American because we did not tell the average American otherwise. Yeah, few more points from our points, we're almost coming to an ended signaling that we're almost out of time. Another thing that they some of the opponents of Islam, they'll mention that now. We deceive that we lie that you know, you know, this is just that, that Mickey Mouse Islam that we're trying to you know, because we're under the heat and the pressure, and now it's okay. Islam let you lie to deceive the people. What do you guys say about

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that? Have you heard they scum? Yes, they come to something called to clear, the clear. That's what nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with Islam. It's some there were some factions of Islam that totally deviated from the message. Even their ideology sometime came into blasphemy and cough, and they were outlawed by Muslims. So they came up with this thing, very small minority and historically insignificant, that they started with this thing, you know, what do not show your ideology of blasphemy to the average Muslim, so you are not, you know, prosecuted and you know, chased out of the city. So the bachelors of Islam and including Mr. Robert Spencer, even in his website makes that

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clear, which is a criminal behavior and a deceptive behavior, as if it is the normal behavior of the 1.6 billion Muslims. Why? So when people look at Muslims and nowadays and say they're innocent, they're good, they're my doctors, they're my good friends. They're very good people. He has an excuse, no, it's mandated in the religion to deceive you.

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Or we deceive the American public by having 25% of the doctors that heal Americans being Muslims, even though we're not 5% of the population.

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And if we deceive for the purpose of what what have the Muslims done with that deception, show me we have 14 years of history. There was always the most truthful, the most honest, when Islam was applicable, and that the hair thing is such a small minority in some of the factions of the Shiite Muslims, not even Shia Muslims themselves. And it's a man made thing and it's not in the Quran Khalifa from Hamas SLM on the Quran, how dare you say that this is a slap? It's not in the condition of the Prophet of Islam, or the Quran itself. blatant lie. Absolutely. And how do you see most of these and we're coming to an end or close most of the things that he this Mickey Mouse, pencil,

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whatever his name is, I'm sorry, Robert Smith, Johnny Spencer, whatever his name is, tell us

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How does he or anyone else? What do they usually do? Do they misquote? Do they cut and paste? Or what do you say go to the most unreliable resources, like some people that have nothing to do with the prophet of Islam, even people that are been executed for blasphemy, and quote him. His best source is his half who is someone who, whatever story that he heard about promises, he put down out of good intentions. But it's like someone who goes to a newsstand and get the tabloids and the New York Post, and and the New York Times and The Washington Post, and put them together, some are very truthful, and some are outright lies, the scars that came after him and Bukhari and Muslim told us

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exactly which one is the true quotation, and which one is not. He only takes the one, the Satanic Verses ones, the crazy ones and say that oh, this is Islam does not quote the six major references of Islam, mutilate verses, take verses out of context. Give an example, the torture that the early Muslims received on the hands of the pagans of Christ never mentioned and an entire book 200 pages about promises on them, how they were tortured, persecuted, you know, starved and killed. Not mentioned that. So when the Muslims fight it as if the Muslims were, you know, aggressors, and so on and so forth. You know, and I can go for days, but it's really horrible, so much to cover, and you

00:31:20--> 00:31:29

cover all that. All 155 false allegations you cover in your book? Yeah, the lies about Muhammad. Yes. Get the book, get the book. Thank you very much.

00:31:30--> 00:32:09

Does that mean God Almighty Allah reward you? And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. And thank you for being sincere, open mind humble heart. You want to know the truth and you came to the Muslims to learn the truth. But you know what, it's really important that you understand this first major foundation bedrock of Islam because all these other things, you know, they've been there, and they've been refuted. And these are childish things that people do, who aren't trying to really bring people together who aren't really striving for peace. We want peace. And how do you get peace, you submit to the owner piece, the one God and that's what Islam is all

00:32:09--> 00:32:39

about, is submitting to the Creator, worshipping the one God, the same God of Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and all the messages of God, they call people to the same way of life. They call people to acquire a piece by submitting to the owner a piece of the one guy, not 41316 and one not a man or woman but the creator man. And if you can understand this, this is the main message of Islam, to worship the creator and not his creation and to do righteous good deeds to do good

00:32:40--> 00:32:52

actions to develop yourself to be the best human being. This is what Islam is calling the human being to do. And if you can dig this, you can dig it stop keep coming back here to the deen show. We'll see you next time peace into you.

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In the name of

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the most gracious.

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The Most Merciful

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Lord of mankind, the king of mankind.

00:33:24--> 00:33:29

The God of mankind. from the evil of the whispers

00:33:30--> 00:33:42

whispers evil in the hearts of man. Who withdraws from his whispers in one's heart. Have to one remembers of

00:33:47--> 00:33:52

whispers in the hearts of mankind of Jean.

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I seek refuge with

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