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this will Al Hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be on T Welcome to another episode of the deen show. We'd like to thank you sincerely for tuning in. You come in to the Muslims to learn about Islam which simply means to acquire peace by submitting to the owner of peace to one God. And when one becomes a Muslim one who has submitted to the one God, he declares that there's no deity, there is no god except God. Eric, we say Allah, Jesus said, Allah Ha. Because he spoke Aramaic, he didn't speak English. And then you establish the second pillar of Islam, which is the solid praying to the one guy and then you also fast during the month of Ramadan, you give this a cat which is the poor do

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tax and you do the Hajj, the pilgrimage, which is what we're going to be talking about today here on the deen show. Don't go nowhere. This is

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you a concern peace bounty. How are you? 100 Allah, Allah, how are you? Thank you for being with us again. Thanks. It's always My pleasure. You have your own section on the deen show calm people can go and see some of the other shows that we've done together. Yes, that's wonderful. I asked a lot to accept it from me and from everyone from the deen show team. I mean, I mean, yes, yes, yes. And you know, what they heard me explain Islam is that simple. no guesswork, everything's been laid out. And we can explain it in 30 seconds, the principles, the, the the the creed, the the five pillars, the foundation is very simple to explain as logical as rational. And we

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went over the four, let's just briefly, I did it in a minute, can you just go over them one more time in two minutes. And then we'll get to the fifth pillar, please go ahead. Absolutely. The first, the first of the five pillar is factors as the most important, which is to accept that there is no true God, except a lot, the creator, not worshiping anyone with him. And Muhammad, peace be upon him is a messenger of God, as well as believing the other messengers. So that's called the article of faith. And that's what when a person pronounced, and believe in it with their heart, that's when they enter Islam. And then after they do that, they have to establish their, their connection with

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God with a lot. And that's to be done, and a minimum of five times a day required through different times of the day. And that's where the Muslim will always feel like he's reporting to God. So that always keeps him on the straight path. And then we have the third of the five pillars, which is Zakah, or what we could call as a charity that the person, if they have a certain amount of wealth, they give back not to anyone, but to the people or the poor people who deserve to get from that about

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two and a half percent of their wealth to the poor. And then also, we have something that the Muslims have to do one month every year, which is fasting. And that's where like, that's the training camp for the Muslims so that they would have the matters and the patience, and they would renew their faith for the rest of the year. And then we, as we're going to talk about today, the fifth pillar, which is the pilgrimage where the Muslim, if he's able to do it, both financially, and as well as health wise and the other requirements, then they would do once once in their life, they would do a pilgrimage, and they would go to the city of Mecca to do certain rituals.

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And answer as they say, the call of Allah the call of God, and they show their devotion and their, to the One God through that one time pilgrimage, which is one of the most beautiful things as we're going to explain this episode. So that was real simple. And that's the five pillars of Islam. The main one, there's no God, but the one God Muhammad is the last and final messenger. And that would include Jesus, Moses and all the other messengers that preceded him, right? Yes. And as we will see, this is something that is not new to Islam, okay, or what Prophet Muhammad brought. All those acts of worship and the pillars that we talked about, were practice in one way or the other in the

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previous and dictated by the previous prophets. And that's what we're getting into today.

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The hedge, yes, so let's kind of connect it back, go back in history and give them some education on how this started and what was being done back then or this was something new just invented with the last and final messenger. Now as we know one of the profits that always messengers of a lot that always comes up to mind when we mentioned the word Hajj or pilgrimage, His Prophet Ibrahim, or what they call an English Abraham. And that's what that's where the name came from the Abrahamic faiths or religions that we know about, and Hajj in itself, we will see that nearly nearly all the elements in it are connected to this family. So

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we could say that one of the five pillars is actually it's it's one of the things that talks about a family and originated from a family and the family of Abraham with his wife, her job, and his son is made. So the first thing we look at if you saw the black box or stone would be called the Kaaba. If you see that in the news, or you see on the television, this was originally built, and it was built by a father and his son working together. Was it Abraham, Abraham, and it's married this man. So the HTML? Yes, so they were, it's here we could see the first element of a family relationship and a father and a son working together on it. And then we would see also another element, which is the

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water that the Muslims drink over there, the water of Zamzam. And then again, that was because muck, as we know, is in the middle of the desert, and in Saudi Arabia, and the mother and the child, they were, Abraham, peace be upon him has left them. And they're the only it was completely there was no water and nothing to eat. And that would show us how they depended on a law or on God to provide that for them. And at the same time, the father wasn't just didn't just leave them. He was praying for them, until a law or God accepted that prayer, and they got that water and the mother had to go back and forth between two monitors, which we call today Safa. And Marwa these are things that are

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rituals when these other rituals that we do today. And we do this, because it always reminds us of how this mother depended on God, and how she didn't just depend on sit and wait for help to happen. But she took charge, she was trying to go back and forth, to look to look for that water, until on the seventh time, after so much patience. That's when a lot of Allah subhanho wa Taala the exalted that's when her prayers were answered. And she got what she was asking for. So Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him just the same way many people have a misconception that he's the founder of Islam, that he is one who made these things up the same way we conclude with clear evidence that he is not

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the founder of Islam. He is just a last and final messenger. And Islam was practiced to all the messengers, and you're linking it back that he also this Hajj, this is something that started with Abraham, was it right? Yes. And people were doing pilgrimage even before the Prophet came, they would come to Mecca, and the tribes would come to Mecca. And that's how the trade flourished in that region as well. So was something practice but because a lot of

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unemployment or things that a lot, or God did not dictate on people, they started to appear and people started to, after a while go away from the teachings of God and they were lost. That's when a prophet Mohammed was sent to restore it back to what it was at the time of Abraham, which is what people did when they came to do the pilgrimage. Let's take a break and we'll be back here on the show with more. I just want to say very simple message is the link to one of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no intermediary, the lights will go on after the party, and the party will end. It's very simple and

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very clear. There are no superstitious rituals, no strange incantations Time's running out. We might not make it till tomorrow. And this is something that we need to think about.

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Back here on the deen show with schicke Walid and we are talking about the fifth pillar of Islam. Now we left off people, some people think that okay, you're going to Hajj and you're worshipping the Kaaba, what would you say about this? Some people think we worship a black box in the desert. How would you respond to this? Yes, no, we say that this is not really. They don't worship it. But it's through that Rachel, they show their devotion to God, how we have

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some, if you look at all the acts of worship that the Muslims would do some of it. It's

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Clear, what's the wisdom behind it. So for example, when we fast, there is so much wisdom behind that it's not just, it shows first that we are devoted to God and that we will stop eating and drinking and having intercourse for his sake, we will actually, we have control of our pleasures. So once we have control of something that is normally permissible, then that makes us stronger to have control of not doing the things that are impermissible that harm the society. So this is what we do. That's an example that the wisdom is clear to us. But at the same time,

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also, we need to show a lot that we are, we would also do things that he would ask us to do, even if the wisdom is hidden. And so that's also an example. Many of the rituals, we may try to say this is the wisdom behind it. But we are then we say God knows best, because it wasn't revealed to us. But that's the test. So are you going to also are only going to follow the teachings of God when it makes sense to you that's not called Love, sometimes in love, when you love someone, you would do something even if you don't necessarily understand, but it makes them happen. Yes. So and God has the best example. So this is something that we do the Muslims go around the Kaaba or the black

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stone, counter clockwise, seven times, and they're not just walking around, like, you see, they are praying to God, while they're walking. They're asking God for help. They asking him for protection. They're thanking him for all the blessings that he gave. So that way, we showed that devotion, we're not torturing worshiping the Blackstone, but we are there and we prostrate to it, because God ordered us to do so now you can actually pray inside of the Kaaba, is that right? Or even on top of it? Yes, you can sit down down and give the call to prayer. It could Yes, you could pray inside of it as well. And they open it several times a year to clean it from the inside and outside. And at

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that time, people who are there they have the chance to get inside of it as well. Is this also a way of unifying us to pray all together in one direction? Yes. And if you look him on the map, he will find that Mecca is exactly in the center of the world. And that's why the Muslim is exactly in the center. Yes, it is by coincidence or some, some some divine intervention is here. You could Yes, you could verify to yourself, you don't have to take our word for us. And there's studies that are done about That's amazing. It's right in the center. It's right in the center. So Muslims, wherever they are all around the world, from the east, from Japan, and Dynegy all the way to the west, to the US

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and Mexico and to the north and the south, they would all be praying and facing that

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cabin, the black stone in the middle. And that's the way that we all feel that we are united. And you could see this clearer once they see the pictures inside the mosque of Mecca where they are all circling around and pointing to that one. Center. Now we're in Chicago or New York and we're getting together to pray to the One God not to the sun, not to the moon, not to a man not to a woman, but the creator of all these things. Now imagine if we didn't have that unification we say hey, whichever we're gonna pray and this person say, Well, I feel like praying to the right I feel like playing to the left is confusion chaos, isn't it? Yes. And that's why if you can, if you compare the

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beauty of Islam to different religions, you find in different religions, many people, there is no unified way of worshipping God everyone. Some people worship in through music, concerts, some people worship through singing, some people worship through doing this doing that, no, and Islam. It's because it's a religion by God. It's clearly defined how we worship God. That's the same way that we all do all around the world, since the time and all the time since the Prophet came. And so this moment, and in the future, if Allah wills, this is amazing. And you know what? Now you got to know, we don't worship a blackbox in the desert? No, you silly rabbit. We worship the creator of all that

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exists. And these are some of the answers that you're getting here. And you're sincere, open hearted, open minded, and you're getting enlightened. And this is exciting, isn't it? So we're gonna go on now.

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Malcolm X. He was he was very racist at one time. That's true. He was with a group called the nation. But then he came to acquire peace from the owner peace, Islam. And then he went to Hajj is what we're talking about. Yes. And he left the nation. He left these teachings, the racism and everything else. Yes. And he was in hajj and let's talk about this, how he was so impacted. And he got to sit with blond hair, blue eyes lined up with the rich and the poor talk about this. Yes. And that's one of the beauties that people who go there, just try if you know anyone who went there, just try to speak to them when they come back, and they will tell you this feeling that you could.

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It's even it's extremely hard to put in words this beautiful feeling of the Unity First, the Unity on so many levels, and the

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Right, and not just in the rituals, but the unity, for example, they are the, they all wear the white clothes, the men, mainly the woman could wear whatever they traditionally wear. But we all they were wearing all the hijab, so the women are unified in the same clothes. And the men also are unified with their clothes, it doesn't matter. You're rich, you're poor. It's a quality. No one knows who was rich and who was born over there, because you're in the same cow. Yes. But Malcolm X, when he went there, he saw something that he didn't even know that exists on the survey couldn't even come friend, which is what that people from all the races, we could talk about as a theory, we

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could say that people live in peace. And now we saw that many nations were not able to reach the equality between different races except by a law that, you know, if you don't treat them with equality, you may get a lawsuit. You may get this and that. But if we weren't right now to take these laws out, will it stay the way the safe situation stand? People will not practice racism, we could watch the news. And we could see the stats on the racism that happens over there. Yes, when you see the Muslims do this voluntarily, because their religion tells us to do so. And and when he saw that, all of them are equal. And all of them are praying together. And they're sitting in NA

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together and laughing together. I think he could not believe what he saw. So he understood and he knew the true teachings of Islam, not the the changes that were added to it. And then what the nations of Islam of Islam we're practicing. So that was the transition of his life. Totally. This is something that eradicates

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you can't be racist and be practicing Islam. And this is one of the things that he saw, and like you just elaborated on, and you go to Hajj, and people from all different races, colors, nationalities, they're there, and you're just doing the thing that's in your nature. you're praying to the one God, yes, not to a man, a black man or a white man, but to the creator of the black men and the white man. Yes. And even we see that unbelievers ship, the one who leaves the prayer over there he could be from any faith from any color. When we look at the different groups of pilgrimage, we see sometimes

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a black person leading all other races a white person leading a person from China, whoever is knowledgeable about the religion, it's about how much you close to God. It's not about what's your skin. What's your color skin is it's not about if you're rich or poor, we are all equal in the eyes of Allah. And what separates us now is it's not our color or anything What is it is a what separates? Because isn't there one Hadith where the Prophet peace be upon him talk tell us about the human beings are like a comb. Comb? Can you elaborate on this idea? Yes, actually, that people are equal just like the, the, if you want to call teeth of the comb, yes, that's literal translation.

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That they are. People are equal in everything. And this is not something that it's a modern day, we have people who are still alive right now who remember how it was racism just three decades ago, even in the most advanced countries still exist today. It's and it's still exist. Yet when you look at the time of Islam that even we saw this through how the companions practices and how they were marrying each other from different countries. And even when other people accepted Islam from all around the world, the Persians and the Romans and the Egyptians yet they were marrying from each other. They were living together for each other and they were leading each other so one person could

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be from this race could be leading those and in another region. The other way around what's happened where someone from the other race would be leading this so we're not talking about a fury. They were actually practicing it. This is amazing. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative but at the same time there'll be someone there to say something positive. Just hold on to the rope over everything in this universe rely on me for answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed talks.

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The profits are solid never ever stopped.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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You have to pray as if everything depends on the law.

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But you must work

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see, I'm saying, and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to this? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now when they're gonna come they're gonna come along and bring these people loss upon Walker put in our hands, the ability to do it now do your job.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about the fifth pillar of Islam. And we're connecting it back the same way Islam was practiced back at the time of Moses, Jesus time, Abraham. They were doing Islam they were submitting their will to the will of the one God, this is what Islam means. And the same thing. The Hajj in Mecca, if you look in the Bible is called Becca is, so it's there.

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In the valley, abeka. It's in the Bible. So this didn't originate with the last and final messenger. He just brought it back to his pure state. And then you had the Abraham who was the, as you talked about him and his son who constructed the first house of worship built. Yeah, so this is what we're doing. Exactly what Well, people normally when they attack Islam on this, they go to one of two extremes, either they say that Mohammed completely brought a new religion that has nothing to do with the past. Or on the other side, what they say is he plagiarized the religion from others. And if you go, of course, we can't cover everything in half an hour episode. But if you go and do the

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research, you will find that, first of all, he did not bring a new religion, it was something that was practiced originally by all the other messengers. And you could find that even a lot of examples of that in the Bible and the other books and if you read the Quran, that would clarify to you the message. At the same time, if you do more research, you will find that it wasn't plagiarized. Because even the stories that are you will find the same in the from the Bible, you're going to find details, different details in the stories and these details as well. So it could be verified, many of them could be verified by archaeology and by history and everything and they were compatible.

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Just two, we talked about a quick example of that, for example, the story of Prophet Noah, when the watcher covered Earth now in the Bible, it implies that it covered the entire planet. But in Islam, it does not mention anything about that. So if we check the historical accuracy of this search, it's okay. I don't have time to cover it because we have a few minutes left but search it and see the comparison between the stories and see which one is more accurate, both historically and scientific, no scientific errors in the Quran. The Quran has a challenge that if you say it's from other than the Creator, a law find one contradiction. You can't find it. Never will you be able to because is

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it deed revelation from the one who was the most great, the Most High, the Creator of the heavens in the earth? This is amazing. Tell us now please share some Muslims. Yes, they'll make pilgrimage or they'll make to walk around the mall, they'll go back home to Bosnia, or they'll go back home to Egypt, or they'll go back home to wherever else and they'll save up money, but now they procrastinate about making the Hajj. At what age when should a person be rushing to do the Hajj. But they've you know, been to 12 different countries and they haven't been to the Hajj. Is there a problem here with this? There is a problem because this is one of the five pillars of Islam. So we

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know what the word pillar means. So if you die without doing this, I want you to imagine yourself in front of God and you're being asked about all those years you have the money you have the health you had everything but you procrastinated until he died How could you answer that to God because you know, that once you have the means to do it, which is the the the financial means and the health means and also the the family means there's nothing there is no excuse for you not to go, then why are you procrastinating? So many scholars said that it's an obligation on the person once they meet the requirements. What are the requirements? The requirements as we said the financial financial?

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Yes, and also the health requirements? And certainly there's a lot of other requirements we can't cover in this episode like for example, if a woman has any family member to go with her or not the other more detail Yes, we got the money you're physically able to man he gotta go. Yes, you have to you have to go. Even others a few scholars who disagreed and said that you could delete even if you have those, but they said you will be questioned about why he deleted Do you have a reason or not? So even even this disagreement in Scotts a minor disagreement, but all of them agree on something that's when you have the means that's when you have to go and if you don't, you'll have to answer

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that and I personally wouldn't

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take that risk, I wouldn't either. So we're wrapping up. We're wrapping up just one more real briefly, someone says, You know what, I don't feel like I've been called yet. I'm waiting for the call. What do you have to say about Have you heard this, the call has been done 1000s of years ago, and we see this a lot instructed Abraham and the Quran and told him what other than finance even had and call people to hedge. And at that time, he did not say there is no one here and he was alone in the desert. He didn't say, no one's gonna hear me something. He did what God told him. And it's amazing. 1000s of years later, about 3 million people are answering his call every year you're doing

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a class on HUD, it's coming up, talk to us about this. Yes, this course will take place about two weeks before HUD, it will be two days one for people who are not going to hedge. And it's going to talk about enjoying the journey as if you're there, actually. And we're going to talk about the wisdom behind it and everything. And the second day, we'll cover in a lot of detail the act of worship and the different opinions about this. And it's not just about the rules, but also how to get the perfect experience out of it, how to come back a totally new person and how to prepare yourself for the better and for the worse, just like hello, how do we go? Time's up. Thank you very

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much again, and you got to hear it. The fifth pillar of Islam don't procrastinate death is a reality it can approach and catch you at any time. So you already testified that there's no god but the one guy that Mohammed is the last and final messenger, you've established this a lot. You've paid this a cat, you fasted during the month of Ramadan. Now, the money that you've made, don't go back home. Don't go back to my country, go back to the house of the one who created you a law make this pilgrimage because if def reaches you is too late, and you can go there and have the most wonderful experience in your lifetime. Don't let shaytan deceive you trick you and procrastination is the key

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tool that he uses. So if you got to hear this as another sign from Allah, so we got some time that you can start to get the package get the trip and go ahead and make the Hajj and we got one request. Keep us in your doors while you're there. We'll see you next time on the deen show peace be unto you.

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He created the universe

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alone the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He His messengers

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all the great

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there is nothing greater.

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