Zakir Naik – Media and the false propaganda about Jihaad!

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the issue of killing innocent human beings in Islam, and how the media picks up black individuals to portray them as being Muslims. The speaker also talks about the media's portrayal of Muslims as being "monopols" and "monopols" as being "monsters" and calls for more details on the media's portrayal of black individuals as being "monsters".
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I'm an advocate in the High Court. I'm a Hindu married to a Christian.

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My question which has come to my mind, is after uring, the thoughts of Dr. And the teachings of Islam, regarding killing,

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if killing is strictly prohibited in Islam, why don't the Muslim spiritual leaders openly criticize and unitedly fight the killings going on in the name of jihad? How can Muslims allow Islam to be misused and misquoted by a few of those Muslims, who are maligning the name of the entire community in the entire world?

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That's a very good question. She said that she was impressed with the teachings of Islam, that Islam is against killing innocent human beings. But how come all the Muslim leaders don't get together and condemn the killing that are going on in the name of jihad? And just because a few black sheep Islam has been maligned sister for the detailed answer, you should listen to my last talk in the last conference one year back in November 2008. My final speech of the second international peace conference was media and Islam war or peace. The main thing to blame, it is a media. It is a media which picks up black shoots of the community, and they portray as though they can be Muslims. It is

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a media, but what you see in the media is not what's exactly happening. Quran clearly mentioned, and for him either, chapter number five was number 32. That if anyone kills any other human being, whether it be a Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed all of humanity. And if anyone saves any human being, it is as though he has saved all of humankind. So killing any innocent human being is a failure in Islam. Not only is it a sin, it is as though you have killed all of humanity. So anyone killing you find cases taking place, going on the street and a bomb blasts takes place, etc. Killing innocent human being

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is totally prohibited. It's clear cut. And when I went to USA, I went to UK. Yeah, Muslim organization condemning what bumbler took place in the Tube Station in London. We condemn it. And to America, I found some of the Muslim organizations condemning what's happening in 911. I agree with them. I agree with them. What happened in 911? A few 1000 people killed, it is to be condemned. Who did it? I don't know. I'm not saying Muslim did. It is the media which is saying there's no proof at all. There's no proof. But whoever did it. There are if you go on the internet, you have various documentaries, showing that it was a government job inside job. George Bush did it I don't order it.

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Where did it killing 1000s of innocent human beings in 911. In the Twin Tower bombing is to be condemned. More than 50 people killed in the tube bombing in London is to be condemned. More than 100 people killed in Bombay in July, a couple of years back in the tent bombing in Bombay is to be condemned, but don't put a full stop simultaneously. I also condemn the 1000s of people killed in Afghanistan. The 1000s of people killed in Iraq, the 1000s of people killed in Palestine.

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I call this white collar terrorism. You know what they're doing? They are giving, besides, they're sending bombs. They're in Palestine. They're fighting with stones, and they're called us terrorist. America is sending bomba Patriot missiles. They're sending cluster bombs, cluster bombing it falls, it breaks up into many bombs and killed 1000s of Afghan ease for what

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it is a covered act.

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What we find is the media which is portraying media which is portraying that Muslims are doing this. I do know that a black sheep sister, there are black sheep in the community. There are black safe in every community. Indian media talks about Kashmir. How often do they talk about Assam? Naxalite the Maoist you know the biggest threat to India are the most What are they doing? They're bombarding the police stations. They are killing the police.

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The maximum killing that has been done in India by the Maoist by the communist melty D Hindus who called them into terrorist

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you go to Assam the Christian terrorist when the Hindu do it, you call it lt T liberation Tamil Tigers. Lm

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if you go to UK IRA, Irish Republican Army that Catholics

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they have a big difference between the Catholics and the petition. No one calls them Catholic parish why

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What we find that no religion teaches to kill innocent human being. But there are more non Muslims killing innocent human beings and Muslims.

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Now so called Muslim who killed innocent human beings they aren't Muslims. They aren't following the teachings of the Quran and the prophet but what the media does media picks up these black sheep and they portray those exemplary Muslims to the media is to blame number one media

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the media can change black into white day into night hero and villain villain into a hero

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you can yell my talk is terrorism a Muslim monopoly and you'll get more details inshallah.

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