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Lalique, on peace be unto you Welcome to the deen Show. Today we're learning how to pray a Salah. But remember, first you have to have evolution we cover this on another show this is cleaning oneself before one prays

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as stated,

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importance of prayer and the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, here, very explicit. The Creator is identifying himself and telling us what he wants of us to worship Him alone, and to perform the prayer for his remembrance. Barely in the remembrance of God. Do hearts find rest. This is that piece that we're looking for. No prayer is Muslim pray is in the Bible. And Jesus went a little further and he fell on his face and pray to who to God.

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Abraham, Moses, Joshua and all the prophets of God. They prayed as Muslims pray, prostrating because what is one who submits to the will of God as they were doing but a Muslim?

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praying five times a day as stated in this authentic hadith washes the sins away.

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Let's cover leaving the prayer.

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God says perform regular prayer for prayer keeps one away from indecency and evil deeds so can you imagine if you're not praying?

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The Prophet peace be upon him said between a person and disbelief is leaving the prayer. This is all collected in an authentic saints traditions of the Prophet peace be upon the last final messenger. The comparison of the one who remembers God to the one who does not remember God is that of the living and the dead.

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Your faith becomes weak you can lose your faith, knowing their peace, the price of prayer and where to pray, as the Prophet said

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that the whole earth has been made

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as a machete, pleased to make prostration as the gentleman is, or anybody's walk in, it's about time he says the time is time to pray.

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Find some special nice little spot. He's going to use the backpack as a partition sutra, we'll get into that and take his jacket off. place that on the ground.

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And now he's ready to pray. The Forbidden places of prayer are as stated as follows.

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And the proper dress we're going to cover what is for men

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below the knees, from the shoulders stated here, and for the women

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facing the Qibla as the direction of prayer, as the creator has stated in the Quran,

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one unified direction praying to one God,

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the times of prayer.

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God says verily the prayer has been prescribed upon the believers at fixed times you. You got to pray him when he's told you to pray him. You can't make up your own times. So you have the morning for the noon prayer, the afternoon prayer, the sunset prayer and the night prayer.

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As you can see, God is well pleased with the one who prays on time, okay, let's learn how to pray.

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Remember, the Prophet peace upon said pray as you've seen me pray. So everything we're showing here is from authentic leave with evidence, how the Prophet prayed the sutra, the partition, he said, one should pray towards it. And this is what we're talking about. The intention.

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One must be aware in their mind which prayer they are praying one must clear their mind from anything not related to the prayer and be aware that this could be your last prayer. And so try best to be perfect. Not the Prophet peace upon advise when you stand up to pray, perform your prayer as if it were your last you don't know if you're going to live until tomorrow and during the prayer saying takbeer God is the greatest

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than the Prophet peace upon him was raised his fingers hands slightly up to shoulders as illustrated here. That he would say begins saying Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest. Now we go to the placing of the hands.

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Note that the Prophet peace upon replaces right hand over his left

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on his chest

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as shown here, so we're taking it up again. Now you raise the hands to the shoulders, then you place your hands right over the left

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Know that the Prophet peace upon him when he prayed his eyesight would not leave the place where he would make the prostration there's no looking around from side to side. You want to focus keep your eyesight where you're going to prostrate to at all times.

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It's very important. The recitation is next the Prophet peace upon him with first seek refuge regard from the curse Satan.

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Out of the beetle, him initiate Annie regime,

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which means I seek refuge with God from the curse Satan.

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Prophet peace upon him within recite in the Name of God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. The Prophet peace be upon him said the prayer is not accepted if one does not recite the first chapter, which we are covering now.

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The opening at hamdulillah hit a beeline amine or recommend e Rahim. Maddy kill me Dean iaca would ye aka Stein, Ethan I sit out almost Hakeem Siddhartha Latina alum tra him.

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Guiding mK dubya am one of the lean mean.

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And the meaning is all praise and thanks are to God, the Lord of the worlds, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the Master of the Day of Judgment.

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You alone we worship, and You alone we asked for help guide us to the straightway the way of those whom you are blessed, and not the way of those who earned your anger nor of those that went astray. I mean, this is a translation the Prophet peace upon him would then recite another chapter from the crime and we have chosen

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the purity chapter one 12th Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem kulu Allahu Allahu Summitt, Lemmy le Villa Mueller's Villa Nicola who Khufu and I had, means in the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

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And the meaning say he is God, the one and only God is so sufficient, he does not produce a child and he was not born of anyone, and there is none equal to him. The record the bowing.

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After completing the recitation of Prophet peace of mind was paused for more than raise his hand saying that took beer which is a LaHood. But as it was done at the beginning of the prayer, and then bow, and we'll show you here, Allahu Akbar, in a minute, when the Prophet peace be upon him would bow, these are some notes here.

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The back straight,

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replaced the hands.

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Okay, let's see it live. So

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making the intention and then giving them everything in his world, to submit to God in prayer, raising the hands up to the shoulder saying Allah Akbar, God is the greatest than placing the hands on the chest right over the left, and then reciting the opening of the heart and another verse from the Quran. And then when you're finished raising the hands up saying Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest thing going into the bowing position. Notice the back straight ahead and correct all these notes that I mentioned pause with line until you get it right.

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From here, notice the hands This is all been authentically recorded.

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So make sure that

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as many times as you have to

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supplication in the bowing position in this position, you will say three times Suhana Adobe all vain.

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Which means how perfect is my lord the supreme now straightening out from the Boeing position. Prophet peace upon him was straighten his backup, while raising his hands and saying,

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semi a law holy man Hamida which means God listens to the one who praises him. So God's assuring you that he hears you in the standing position the Prophet peace upon him would then say it had been a work on hand which means our Lord and to you be all praise. Okay, let's see it live.

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Okay, so he's in the bowling position. He said, so pounded. It'll be all been three times. Now he comes up, semi a law, honey, man, how many that raising the hands up to the shoulders? We'll see it again. Send me a lock limit how many The reason the hands up to the shoulders?

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Now get ready for the prostration

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Prophet peace be upon him would say that takbeer which is Allahu Akbar

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and get ready

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to prostrate

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Look at this.

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bring the hands first. These come down and then under seven points we're talking about the forehead,

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tip of the nose, the hands

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and all these other points here.

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Take a look at that.

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All these details are very important.

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The supplication in the prostrating position is as follows. He would say three times

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Suhana adobea Allah

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which means Glory be to my Lord the Most High.

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Okay, let's see that life.

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Okay, so now he prostrates it says, Subhana Allah three times, which means Glory be to my Lord, the Most High Prophet, peace be upon him said, nearest a servant comes to his Lord is during the prostrations. So, make supplication in this position as much as you can.

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Then he would raise his head from the prostration, he would say, Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest. From here, you come up, and we show you Allahu Akbar comes up.

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Now in the sitting position, nope.

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Note how he would sit. And the details.

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guys come to work on this supplication in the sitting position, one can make

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in a sitting position, the Prophet peace upon him would say it's a bit fiddly, a bit fiddly, which means my Lord, forgive me, we all need the forgiveness.

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, but again, say the tuck beer which is Allahu Akbar.

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And then

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you prostrate for the second time,

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say Subhana nebia.

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Glory be to my Lord the Most High. Okay, let's rewind.

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This again. so

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frustrated, comes up, says Allahu Akbar. God is the greatest and again, Allahu Akbar. And then he says, suparna, there'll be an Allah three times, which means Glory be to my Lord, the Most High, Allahu Akbar comes up again, Prophet peace be upon him within say the takbeer, which means Allahu Akbar, while raising his head from the prostration and stand. Notice, when he stands how he's going to clench his fists, and these is going to carry his weight to help him stand up. So

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he says, Allahu Akbar, means is wait for as he clenches a fist and stands up.

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And that was the completion of one unit. So now we're about to get ready for the second unit.

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Which means second rakaat the Prophet peace be upon him within recite, they'll fall to the opening again, which you were citing every prayer beginning with the name of God,

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from a PC upon them within recite another chapter from the Quran.

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Then we do the same steps again as follows.

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So from here recite still fought the HA, the opening, then another chapter from the crime. Then he says it took beer Allahu Akbar, bringing the hands up to the shoulders going to the bowing position, saying Subhana w lean three times. And then again, from here, semi Allahu neeman hamidah bringing the hands up to the shoulders.

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Then from here, Allahu Akbar coming down,

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and prostrating and saying Subhanallah be Anna three times. Then again, Allahu Akbar.

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And then again, Allahu Akbar. And then again supplicating Subhana vn Adda three times

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and that's the completion of two units

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so now we're getting close to the end of this be a two unit prayer we start with the to hash hood

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bringing the index finger up as so as the Prophet peace be upon him Did

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you in this authentic hadith

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in this position the Prophet peace upon him would then say

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at Dr. de la was Salawat what the Hebrew so now Monica you have to live with Ricardo

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As salam o Alina where Allah He burned his hand in a lot

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Why should an A Mohammed and under hora solo which means all compliments prayers and good things are due to God. Peace be upon you a prophet and God's mercy and blessings be on you to peace beyond us and on the righteous slaves of God.

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I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but God and I testify that Mohammed is his slave and messenger.

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Next sending solicitation last semester Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Ali Muhammad Ali Ibrahim in the Komodo Majeed Allahumma barik, ala Muhammad Ali Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in Oklahoma doomadgee. No salutation means Greetings, respect and affection. That translates to what we said as so that's the translation.

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Positive any time to review any of these things, and rewind now to tasleem citations a piece the properties proponent within salute to the right to the left.

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A syllable on equal refer to law

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to both sides. Let's see that. So from here, once he said to have shootin teslin, turn to the right, some of equal to lot a set equal to law.

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And the prayer is finished. two units of prayer are finished, complete. That's the prayer. So

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let's review. So you're out and you see us time for prayer.

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Sit up facing towards the Qibla the east, place your partition, the sutra and so you're not placing your head on the concrete can have a prayer rug, he's using his jacket, make the intention. And then

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Allahu Akbar, right over the left, say the opening, they'll find the head then another verse from the Quran after that, then you'll say Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest and then go into bowing Subhana beyond the three times. Then from here, semi a law who live in harmony that raising the hands up to the shoulders.

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Then from here, a law about God is the greatest hands go first. Then from here in the prostration Suhana, it'll be an alpha three times, then you'll raise up again saying Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest. Then again, Allahu Akbar. Then three times Suhana who added glory beat my lord the Most High.

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And then you'll see Allahu Akbar.

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Notice how he clenches the fist again, let it carry his weight stand up. That was one now the second unit same thing recite they'll fight the HA,

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another verse from the Quran and then after you're done, you say Allahu Akbar.

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Now in the volume position, Riku Subhana dubby alvine three times.

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And then you come up, semi Allah, holy man, how many that?

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Allah here's the one who praises him. Then Allahu Akbar, make the prostration again Suhana Darby and Allah three times Glory be to my Lord the most Hi, then again, Allahu Akbar.

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Then again, Allahu Akbar. Subhana Don't be an ad. Three times Glory be to my Lord the Most High, then again, Allahu Akbar.

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Now the to hash head hood, and the citation on the Prophet peace upon him, and then to sleep to the right into the love Salt Lake to law. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. And you can rewind this and go over it, pause it, and rewind it as many times as you have to until you get it right. The five daily prayers morning, two units, noon prayer four units afternoon four unit sunset, three night prayer, four units rakaats.

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No, I'm praying three units. On the second unit, recite only the two heads shoot, then stand, recite only the opening of thought the half then continue everything the same, and finish with two headship and the salutations and then you're done. That's for three units.

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Now if you're praying for units, note when praying for units on the second unit, recite, only to shoot, then stand and recite the opening of the heart and then continue everything the same two more times until you finish while you're sitting with the tissues and the salutations to slim out and you have completed four units of prayer.

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Now, here's a bonus for you until you learn

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Everything in each position what to say.

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You can substitute the Prophet peace be upon him allow this three times. Either Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest or Subhana Allah, or Alhamdulillah. Only while you are actively learning the complete prayer This is for beginners. One must not hurry or rush through the prayer, one must feel at ease, relax and all the positions. And, importantly, one must pray only to please God and not others.

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Also, if you can't pray, standing, pray sitting as you can pray sitting then laid out.

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Also note that this is the first act that one will be accountable for on the Day of Judgment.

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And remember, brothers and sisters, this is the foundation of your life. So rewind and watch as many times as it takes until you get it right. Because there's nothing more important than establishing a true relationship with your Creator, God Almighty, because we will affect all die. And the truly successful one is the one who dies pleasing his creator before he meets his creator. So my advice is to really take the time, find the time to learn this and implement it. Check out these medical benefits. And I'm going to cut out because I actually have to pray and we'll see you again on the Dean's show. Salaam Alaikum peace be on to you