Pray Entire Salah With Perfect Tajweed #1

Wisam Sharieff


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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah and welcome to pronounciation of prayer. Today we're going to be looking at various components of the prayer but almost as a disclaimer because we're a global audience, the Salah, the prayer, aka namaz, these two components that make up the prayer, what I say, and the physical posture of my body. If we focus today on what we're seeing, and throughout the series, on the words that we're seeing, I believe you'll also notice the posture as we go through. Consider this our introduction, and approximately 10 component components of the prayer, a fine print, friends, there are various differences of opinions in what is said in the posture of prayer,

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how much you need to read. So we're going to build a general framework together, consider this our intro, welcome to the pronounciation of prayer. Let's begin