Pray Entire Salah With Perfect Tajweed #1

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AI: Summary © The speaker introduces pronouncement of prayer as a global audience and discusses the physical posture of the body during prayer. They also mention the various opinions and considerations that come with the posture of prayer. The speaker will build a framework for the introduction and welcome to the pronouncement of prayer.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah and welcome to pronounciation of prayer. Today we're going to be looking at various components of the prayer but almost as a disclaimer because we're a global audience, the Salah, the prayer, aka namaz, these two components that make up the prayer, what I say, and the physical posture of my body. If we focus today on what we're seeing, and throughout the series, on the words that we're seeing, I believe you'll also notice the posture as we go through. Consider this our introduction, and approximately 10 component components of the prayer, a fine print, friends, there are various differences of opinions in what is said in the posture of prayer,

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how much you need to read. So we're going to build a general framework together, consider this our intro, welcome to the pronounciation of prayer. Let's begin