This is one of the greatest Hadith that motivates a person to fast

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The recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says Kulu Amma ligny LW wife, every single deed that the son of Adam does. Its reward is multiplied, and Hassan at WashU and 30 are subject to birth. For every one good deed.

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Allah azza wa jal multiplies it a minimum of 10 times minimum minimum, any good deed you do. Look, this is the generosity of ALLAH, any good deed you do. Allah, a minimum, he multiplies it 10 times. And if you do a Hassan, he doesn't give you 100 minimum, you'll multiply it 10 times Allah, the generosity of Allah

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at the birth, and it could be multiplied up to 700 times, depending on your sincerity. And depending on your, on your worship itself, how syncios how perfect it was, how much sugar was in this worship and so on.

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All Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Laso, except the good deed of fasting, except fasting, fasting, so multiply 10 times, it's not multiplying 700 times you see all the other good deeds, the minimum they multiply 10 The maximum they're multiplied is 700. Sometimes it could be multiplied more than that for whoever Allah Azzawajal wills according to the sincerity, except fasting. Fasting is not multiplied by 10 nor by 100 times nor by 700. It's not even multiplied by 1000 times Allahu Alem Illa. So, Allah Allahu Alem. The angels do not record the deed of fasting in your account. They don't know what the good deed for it is. They don't write it. They don't record it. They don't know

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what it is. Allah azza wa jal, he said for him, no holy fasting is for me.

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Well, I know Zb, and I will give its reward, I will give it reward. This honor, OCB implies that the reward is so huge that Allah said it's upon me, leave it upon me. And you know, when a king says, and let's say you into King, and you had a case, you had a need. The King King would say if he said to you, don't worry, we'll look after you. We will look after you and take care of you. Nothing to worry about what does that mean? Does it mean that the king is going to give you $100 or $200 and you look after yourself, it means the king is going to give you a massive giving that would look after you for your entire life. To be managing the King of all kings is seeing that the reward or

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fasting is upon me and I will reward for it. Allah God. And why is the reward of fasting so huge, because they know holy because it sincerely done for Allah sake. No one knows about it as opposed to all the other worships. When you pray, people can see you pray. You give zakat on silver caught, maybe people know about it. You do how many people can see you do how or more people can see it. But fasting, no one knows about it. It's really between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is why it has a great reward. It is pure sincerity. They cannot be any showing off in fasting. It's pure sincerity. Long so he says yeah, thou shalt water who? Who mean actually, he gives up his desire and

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food, meaning he gives up the luxuries and enjoyment of this life. Minaj li for my sake, Allahu Akbar, do you need to live with this word during Ramadan. During the days of llama Ramadan, live with the word of Ashley, for my sake, feel that you're doing something for the sake of Allah. And you know what this means? It means that a person has preferred the obedience of Allah over the obedience of himself. You You You're knifes wants to eat and drink. It wants it. And Allah wants you to give that up. So you say to yourself, I'm going to prefer what Allah loves, over what I love. Like what and this is why the reward of fasting was such a huge reward that we don't know what it

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is. And fasting, it means that you've detached yourself from the luxuries and enjoyment of this life, food, drink and sexual relations. These are the luxuries and enjoyment of this life. During the day when you give that up, you've detached yourself from the luxuries of this life. Meaning we're you know, you're attached to Allah azza wa jal, you are closer to Allah and to the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala