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AI: Summary © A former Christian youth minister named Joshua Evans talks about his journey to Islam and the use of Islam in religion. He emphasizes the importance of following laws and following Mahdi's teachings to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Evans also discusses the responsibility of individuals to follow the footsteps of those who claim to be Islam's followers and educate people about Islam. He stresses the importance of avoiding dangerous situations and not reading news from a author or news network.
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Welcome to the dean show today in the studio, back by popular demand, he's been known now giving a great lecture on the D Sanjana de show is slumped in the Bible, you can view it at the website, the D show calm. He's back again, here in the Digital Studio without further delay, let's bring out our special guest, Joshua Evans,

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you see that last time you were with us, we put on you put on some really great material. And you really got to be viewed by a lot of people worldwide. And we want to now We're glad you're back with us again. We want to have you talked about this up and coming, a show that you're doing, called the true gospel of Jesus. Yes, this this time, we're going to do a show based on what was the true gospel message of Jesus Christ, what did he really talk about? You know, we hear that the gospel of Jesus was this, this, the preacher say this, you know, the pastor say this, but I want to go into the Bible. This is what I did when I wanted to find the truth about God as I went into the Bible and

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said, Okay, if I follow Jesus, what did he really say? What did he really preach? That's what you're going to be talking about. This week on the show, for those of you who don't know who Joshua Evans is, he's a former Christian youth minister. Now we have his interview, on his section on the deen show, along with other shows that he's done. You can view this anytime just log on, check it out. And we're going to be adding these new shows, along with this one to his section on the D show. So tell us a little more. So you're gonna be talking about the true gospel of Jesus, the true gospel of Jesus real quickly, give us a glimpse how you came to Islam. I came to Islam back in 1998, after an

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in depth search of the Bible, I was trying to become a Bible scholar, I really wanted to use the Bible since it was to a Christian, the way to live your life. So I wanted to know more about this book, I wanted to know everything about it. So as I searched more, I began to realize that there was some things wrong with it, that it was not the true Word of God, as most people claim. So I then I began an in depth search that if this is not the word is the true Word of God lie. What is the true way of life that God wants me to live? So I searched almost every religion that you can think of, that is known on the face of the planet, until I finally you know, by the grace of God came in

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contact with Islam. And when I came in contact with Islam and read the Quran, the holy book that is referred by Muslims, that was revealed the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Then I saw that the true gospel message of Jesus Christ and this Koran, or one in the same, they were one in the same Islam and what the Bible really said at its original state. Were one in the same slide. This is high, short story. You know, long story made very short, this high accepted Islam, if you want to see the complete interview on how he came to Islam, more detail, like I said, on his section on the deen show, we have this interview with Joshua Evans, you shot how he came to Islam, one man's tale.

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Now we're going to move on. We have a few questions for you tell us now that you're a Muslim. And a Muslim is one one who submit submits himself willingly to what to the will of God, okay, nothing creative, but to the Creator of the heavens, very, very simple. And he does Islam, which means he submits you submit, he submits himself entirely his entire life becomes a life that is lived according to the will and the law of God. Okay, so you're going to hear a Muslim, which is one who does Islam, which is an action it's a verb is to submit, surrender with obedience sincerely to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth worshipping Him alone, correct? Yes. So you can hear

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this word Islam Muslim, you're going to hear the word Allah we're going to use a law which means a law means the God it is the proper noun. For God. Yes, it is the name that was not only used by Muslims, it is used by Arab Christians. If you open an Arab by a Bible in Arabic, the first word and the first, the fourth word in the book is a law that God created heaven Earth seven days. This was the word that was used by the Jews. This was a word that was used by Jesus Christ and His own language. He said, Aloha. This was the word for God in Aramaic which is the language Jesus spoke and in, in in Judaism, is Aloha. All those the same, all of the all of it just means that the one true

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God, that is all your actions, directions and worship should be focused towards this one God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, no one else in Aramaic Jesus peace be upon him, was it Aloha, Aloha, and we say Allah, we say, Allah, so God we call upon Yes, yeah, the Jesus when he was said, God, he said, Allah. Exactly. So now tell us now that you're Muslim, you probably have mixed reactions from people tell us why do you think you know certain people bash Islam and tell us your experience in dealing with different people who are

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are Christian or who have heard your story? I think that most people today are very detrimental towards Islam and bashing Islam because it's somewhat the status quo of the day. You know, it's what you hear, you know, what's what's being talked about the most, you know, all of people's anger now is being of the world in general is being misplaced. on Muslims, you know, we're getting the brunt of the issues, which is incorrect, but it's not anything new. This has happened, you know, time and time again, it happened to the Japanese in World War Two era. You know, it happened to all of those who claim to follow communism during the Cold War's You know, it happened to, you know, the Indians,

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it happened to the African Americans, you know, we're just the next in line. So what we have to do is follow in the footsteps of those who came before us in combating it with the truth, getting out there being outspoken, you know, saying what Islam really is presenting in a true fashion, which we are trying to do right now, this is our purpose, so that people can see the truth and make their own decisions. And just to point out that, if I'm correct, tell me that. It is not a Muslims job to try to convert anybody. It's not our job to try to convert people to Islam. It's simply to convey the clear message. Yes. And what is that message? That message is that we should submit ourselves

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completely and entirely to the will of the Creator and follow his law. That's, that's a Muslim job is just to convey this message just to deliver the message. That's it, that God is one worship Him alone. The Quran is the verbatim Word of God. That's it. And now, Muhammad is the last and final messenger and a line of messengers. Yes. And now it's up to you. If you want to submit to God, if you don't, you're accountable. There's a day of judgment. And at the end, you'll be rewarded, according to

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your actions, or you'll be punished. Yes, very simple. That's it. Okay. So just to point that out, it's not our job. We're not trying to convert nobody. We're just trying to educate and clear a lot of the misconceptions, and the,

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the ignorance that's out there, and which leads to many of these things that people do and say, tell us about people who have some knowledge, how do you deal with people that come out, and they claim to have some knowledge about Islam? And it seems like they deliberately try to mislead people. And you deal with people like this? Yes, you actually have, it is becoming a trend of, you know, evangelicals, and people of this nature, actually going to courses to learn about Islam,

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which is something that is a very, very hidden fact, now that they have training courses where they teach people how to know about Muslims, even to a sense of how to become a Muslim outwardly, and then send them to Muslim countries and convert them to Islam you run into them here are converted from Islam to Christianity, you run them to them here, you know, people that claim knowledge of the Bible, even some people that are able to speak the language able to quote the Quran are able to do these things. And they go against Islam, only, the only thing that I can say about them is that their knowledge is not in order to gain knowledge, that they have knowledge in order to be

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detrimental with the knowledge. So those people are not going to have that type of guidance. Those people I usually try not to discourse with, because they're not coming to you, in order to learn. They're coming to you in order to be aggressively detrimental towards Islam, they have no purpose of getting guidance, the heart is somewhat already closed. So with those people I try to, more or less, give them in a sense that the knowledge that you have, you should first let it sink into your heart. Take it in realize what you have in your own hands before you try to bring it to me. You know, which I did as trying to take the Bible to Christians, I first internalize it and see what does it mean to

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me? And then I'll take it to them, rather than just learning it word by word and taking it trying to bash them with. Gotcha. Tell us, Joshua Yeshua, on the deen show. Thank you for coming out again. It'll be a little plus. The next question I have for you is since you're in the, in the area of Dawa, tell us, how do you deal with situations when someone tries to diminish or attacks the prophets character? The last and final message America How do you deal with these situations, the way I deal with it, being that I am experienced in the field of Dawa in that word just means that invite it's an Arabic word that means to invite someone you know, which is what you said earlier

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that we're inviting we're not forcing anyone to the religion. We're inviting them just like you would invite someone to your home they can accept or reject your, your invitation. Those people who bash the prophet SAW the salon peace be upon him his character, which you find a lot more now. What I tried to do or talk to them, is tell them the evidence for his character is very clear. Go read it for yourself. Don't don't read what you've read it from some orientalist, or some, you know, some agnostic or or some Harvard scholar, some Oxford scholar, go read the texts that were preserved from the time when he was on

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