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Are the behind the shutdown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala COVID Mursaleen Syedna Mohammed Mala only he also Hachioji Mehreen are beloved brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always, even in every situation and every time we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and we praise Him and we glorify Him and we witnessed that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to spice up your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. We ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to bless us the Ummah, Mohamed Salah Salam, to be in goodness in this dunya to have mercy upon us to grant us ease in these difficult times. And to grant us Hayden Baraka in this dunya anybody out here I mean, well, hamdulillah Subhan Allah, this is not an easy tomorrow for many, many people at once again, we have an unprecedented situation we throughout the country, all the mosques, all the massages are closed. No Dumas's panel off this weekend. It's part of the perhaps even next week and we ask Allah Subhan Allah have mercy upon us. It is not easy for any person, any Muslim, to see the massage being closed. It is not something that we we take lightly. And it's something that

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that hurts us and saddens us deeply. And as part of a lot in spite of the masjid being closed, we remind ourselves that the goodness and the baraka and the blessings of the state of Joomla is still with us. And we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for just allowing us to be on the day of Joomla that Swannanoa on this day just being here and being able to benefit of it. Allah subhanaw taala has favored us. The province of Salam says that this is the best day of the week. And we know in the Hadith, which was Friday is the best of all days. It is on this day that the item Ali Salam was created. And it was on this day that he was granted to interject. And isn't this day that maybe Adam

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came to the dunya where he was made to the two hour time you on the dunya began and is on this on this day of Jamar the day of Kiama resurrection will take place it is this day when Allah subhanaw taala we would all stand before him Allah grant us a good meeting with Allah subhanaw taala that the prophets also reminded us whether we are performing Juma we are performing the work today. We should remember that there is an hour on this day this Jamar that anyone who makes it do it in an hour the problem said that two hour will be accepted. Every single friday of every week is a special hour that will ever ask Allah in that hour Allah accepts that DUA and Allah even gives you exactly that

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which you ask. Well, he gives you something even better, whatever difficulty and hardship, this is the day that we turn to Allah subhanaw taala into that we know that even a person dying on this day Subhan Allah is a reward. It's a blessing. It's an Amana. It is a real blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. The Prophet since is a Muslim who passes away on a Thursday night on a Friday when Allah has saved him from a punishment of the of the Cabal. And so it is a great honor to die on Friday. So how much more honorable is it to be alive and to worship Allah on a Friday to worship him on this day? The prophets of salaam says that on this day in commemoration of how holy it is, even if we can't be

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going to the masjid and the people messaged me to say, we're not going to have Joomla what can we do to keep the sanctity of the day of Friday alive? What can we do? And then a recent says that the day of Joomla is a day of Eid is a day of celebration. On Friday, we should all take a hustle we should both we should beat ourselves. We should put on perfume both not just for the men but the ladies as well. And we should wear the perfume even if we're not going to the last year. So today we should also and we should wear perfume and we should wear a special clothes we should we Jumar clothes and we should brush it on us the miswak I mean, we should be brushing our teeth every day. But as a

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special kind of brushing for the day of the day I mentioned more than a resource and says that Joomla is the reason that sins are forgiven even without asking us just by us reaching Jamar and performing Joomla oh and of course if you're not able to perform it we get the reward of Joomla if you're prevented from doing it, then all the sins all the mistakes we've made since last week gets gets removed. In another Hadith it says that not only are your sins for the week forgiven, but you have 10 days of forgiveness Subhanallah you get 10 days of forgiveness just for the bonus of getting to Friday. The prophets of salaam says in this amazing Hadith, whoever hustles and then comes to

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Jamar and and he prays as much as Allah decrees for him to pray, meaning he makes Salah in the masjid before the Imam comes and then he listens to the hood of the Imam and then he makes Salah with the Imam, then every single sin that he had done is forgiven and three days even more as we said even you know so long as there are major sins that our sins are forgiven in other Hadith but whoever comes to the masjid and you hustled in the morning and his wife hustled as well. They were intimate with another as a part of the Sooners. panela of Jumar is to be intimate with your wife and then you hustle and she hustles you dress yourself up for Jamar you go to the masjid every step you

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take is one year of fasting and one year of of Salah and Subhanallah even though we can't go to the masjid, we still we still do these rituals. So we you know we perform the host

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All we get dressed it doesn't mean so not only to the manager we perform the word salah, but because our near is the we know that Allah subhanaw taala all right for us in sha Allah reward better than if we had done the deed ourselves and have the most virtuous things to do on Juma art is of course to make extra salawat and salutations I'm gonna be solo send them the prophecies MCs of All the days, Friday is the most virtuous it is the best day and it is on the day that the trumpet of Qiyamah will be blown, the day in which the angel will blow the trumpet and all of creation will come to an end, and the Trump will be blown again and all of creation will be resurrected before

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Allah. And so the prophecy was this so on Fridays, make a special effort to sing extra Salutations to the enemies of Salem, because our Salawat our our greetings is going to be some is brought to him. So imagine, we say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet is informed that Muhammad Aisha, you know, Saudi, may have seen salutations upon you, oh prophet of Allah subhanaw taala and the Sahaba said, Ya rasool Allah, how is it that Salatu was brought to you even if you die, you know, your bones would be disintegrated and the Proxxon reminded them that the the Gambia the bodies do not disintegrate after death. So this is this one Allah the day of Jamar it

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is filled with forgiveness. It is filled with mercy. It is filled with Allah's love, it is filled with Allah's goodness, and whoever, just by as we say it's Pamela just being on Jamaah and just doing salah, just doing the basics. Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiving and loving and grantee as is good mercy and it's pleasure. If the eight persons are panela, who has no control, you don't have control about when you die, and you die on Jomar. Allah subhanaw taala rewards you for that death. Then how amazing is it that we are here to worship Allah Subhana Allah, and especially in these difficult times, you know, worshipping Allah subhanaw taala in times of ease is good, but to worship

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Him in times of difficulty to make that extra effort. Even though I can't be in the masjid, I am still going to, you know, recite my Soraka I'm still going to make sure that my family in the walk, you know, the walk of Juma that time we need to keep it as a secret time we are going to listen to something some lecture maybe we're going to do something that is in that time. This is the time for lost power dialer. That extra commitment shows. It shows the EMA and it shows us that you might so in sha Allah, we know that guidelines have been shaped by the Ramaiah. The MDC has given guidelines and for those who are able to perform Jamara at home, you you can perform Joomla if you want to it's

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at your discretion. For those who are performing the work, that's fine as well. You shouldn't struggle and try to perform Joomla remember, for example, understand it like the ladies for a lady in normal times. If she wants to, she can go to the manager and perform Joomla if she wants to she can sit home and perform the work. Now under this current situations, every single person has the option to perform the work at home. And if they have, you know four people or more and males and they are McCullough and they'd like to perform Joomla they can perform Joomla or they can even perform the work as well. We know from the rulings that Joomla is only compulsory Joomla only

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becomes compulsory if six conditions are met. If you're a male, that is mocha love that you are free, you're not a slave, you are not a traveler, you are a resident, you are healthy, and it's safe to go to the machine. Now when these six things are made now Juma becomes compulsory. Of course as we know, unfortunately now the road are cut off, we're not able to go to the machine, the machines are closed. It's not accessible, it's not safe and so it is out of our control. And Allah Subhana Allah eucalyptol on Epson Ilsa, Allah does not burden us with something which is out of our our capacity. And subhanAllah when we think about as sad as we are, we remember I said this before that

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for a person who goes on a journey for fun you're going to have you know going to another country for enjoyment halau enjoyment. You are traveling you flying first class you being pampered everything is you know you don't have a single key in the world. You are a Mousavi and if you want to you can perform Jumar if you want to you can perform lower not only can you perform the work, but you can make to America as as a Musashi Allah subhanaw taala has gifted us with these things when the Sahaba Austin episodes along with me on a journey. The Quran says that only when you know if you're fearing oppression, you feel you're going to be harmed. We can shorten the Salah, but we're

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traveling we are safe and sound. Why should we shorten the Salah and so we're going to be some safe to say no matter the Alon This is a charity. Europe is giving you a gift always giving you a gift. Allah is not going to give you list is going to give you the same reward but made it easy for you. And so when I mean so take the charity take the allowance take the gift of Allah subhanaw taala This is not a gift of the master close panels are a gift. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying to us that the dangers outside do not put yourself in harm. Do not Allah does not want to see us being sick. Allah does not want to see us being harmed. We don't have to suffer to get the reward of Allah

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subhanaw taala like in the

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month of Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah says you read a little bit more you Surah he wants you to have ease when you eat commands that you fast, he doesn't want you to become dehydrated or to become sick or to end up in ICU. If you're unable to fast, they no problem, you play the video, if you're unable to fast you make up the day after Ramadan and so Subhanallah we are unable to go it's not because of any of our doing. And so Allah subhanaw taala does not want to see us to turn away the allowance that he has made and put hardship upon ourselves. And so we make insha Allah those who can make them right home those who can those who are unable to you make the word at home and inshallah that is

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what Allah subhanaw taala for those of you who would like to perform Junhua What do I need to do? So you say yes, Alhamdulillah I'm at home, I have a family we enough to Puma, what should we do, then Joomla is usually required one Joomla in each suburb, if the sleek we should only be one machine, we shouldn't have every corner image unless there is a need and this of course Alhamdulillah all the machines are full, I can the Blue cup July time. Usually most of the mosques are full to capacity and so a camera this is wonderful, but we shouldn't have competing Joomla as this is bad. Number two, we should make sure it happens in October. So if you want to perform Joomla Joomla must happen

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when the work of Doer comes in, not before, not after. And if you want to perform a Jamar, then of course you will do a 200 Verse You must give two hoppers and you must give two records of Salah. So the two helpers are some of them I've seen it's a substitute for the two records of the word either you make for a class of doer or you're making two hoppers and to records of Salah and of course it has to be done in JAMA you can't perform Joomla on your own spinal left some something to think about. Usually Allah subhanaw taala you know, the Obeida we make is personal between us and Allah. And the more personal when you give charity when you're fasting that is beautiful lessons here, but

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certain acts of worship. And in fact the only act of worship I can think of that is it can only be done in Jamar you cannot perform Juma by yourself. Allah wants the community to come together. Why? Why should we do this in congregation? If I'm standing alone before you you're Allah? Am I not more sincere? Yes, but at the same time, there is something beautiful about doing a team effort. And Allah has made the most important act of worship which is Salah, the most important Salah which is tomorrow on the most important day to be done only it can only be done in congregation. So if you find yourself alone stuck on an island, and you're all by yourself, you cannot perform Jamar because

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you're not in HMR only as a community together can we perform Jamar and in that Subhan Allah Allah wants to remind us that yes, it's between your evaders you and Allah but you're also part of a community and therefore we cannot harm each other. We cannot please Allah by harming one another. We cannot please Allah by going against the Jamar the is a beautiful thing in that we are one man we are one community we make Salah together and if we are together we make a Jamar together and so Subhanallah we as a Gemma are now we are in this situation together and we worship Allah subhanaw taala in the best possible way that we can't and this is part of the Sunnah of Jamar so if if you

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find yourself at Hamdulillah you have a Gemma what is the general how many people makes a Jamar? You know as we know one of you in the in the Shafi made up of any stick for you that you need to have 40 people and this is in sha Allah Allah you know aside opinion or other the majority of the scholars have said and Gemma is three or more people, four people including the Imam, so the Imam and another three people this is a Jamar has a Hanafi madhhab as well and in sha Allah this is within the Shafi Maghreb as well there is an opinion that agrees with us that this is a Jamar. So if Alhamdulillah you have four adult males in your house, one will be the Imam and three will be the congregation and

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inshallah This is sufficient for you to have a GEMA. But also remember, we are in the situation because we're trying to preserve life. And so we need to practice the protocols. Don't invite people to your house that are outsiders that might be sick to create a Jamar if you're in your house and Hamdulillah. And there's enough people to have a gym or have a gym or if not have the word but don't make your house now, Jamal by inviting everyone over and because this defeats the purpose and we could have been in the masjid in any case. So if I hamdulillah for those of you who have you know, mashallah for you know, adult males and you're going to do a Joomla in sha Allah, what should you

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do? Then of course you need to do a cookbook, which has two parts one and a second cookbook and then you will do two records of Salah. What should I do in the footpath Is there anything specific to say? Very simple, you need to have all of the components of the football you must have Hamdulillah you must say that Hamdulillah I please be to Allah and in your hood somewhere you must say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad you must praise that since Allah Watanabe and you must encourage it Akula he must encourage the GEMA to have consciousness of Allah. And you should recite at least one verse of the Quran any verse from the Quran besides one verse of the Quran, and of course you should

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make a dua in the in the Juma Robina dunya whatever simple dua for the Muslim in food

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For the believers and inshallah This is sufficient the Juma football Of course, as we know, the hottie is the one giving the football you should have to do and ideally you know is or should be covered, you should be facing the gym or you should give the football in Arabic preferably you should be standing on an elevation and when he finishes the first football he should sit down and you should stand up and give the second foot back and there shouldn't be a big delay between the footpath and the Salah, don't have a hookah, then have lunch and then come and make Gemasolar no or they give the hook back and immediately afterwards you make the make the Salah and you know the

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panel this is for when we go back to the masjid and something we should I should take notice of the Navy SEAL Salam says How long should the football be so those of you who are mashallah you're going to give a football for the first time. How long should it be, then a B consists a sign of a man's understanding a sign of his feet is that he lengthens the Salah and he shortens the football a man that has a long Salah and a short football is an indication of his intelligence of the deen. So the Prophet encourages us the salah of Juma should be longer than the football and of course as we know the numbers are so lumpy Salah he recited Sunday Hasma and Hal atika Hadith hacia. So he Salah was

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not very long, and therefore his football was even shorter than that. And so for those of us who would like to the ESA guide inshallah will be added, for those of you who would like to do Joomla at home, you should do so if you meet the conditions Alhamdulillah you can do so if you don't meet the conditions love us Don't worry. In sha Allah, we do not doubt in Allah Subhana Allah as mercy and Allah has kindness. None of us here brought upon this pandemic. None of us here put the restrictions and regulations. These are things out of our control, you know, when the resource on them was in backup, before he made the insurer, there was no Joomla even though Joomla was compulsory, even

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though Joomla was compulsory, for three years, there was no Joomla why because it was out of the hands of the sahaba. So the prophets of salaam Abu Bakr and Omar, they were not performing Jamar when the people of Medina the Muslims in Medina, they were performing Jamar, this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala decrees and Allah as I said, as we know in the Quran, Allah does not burden us beyond our means. So a word once again on the closures of the Masjid. No one is happy about this. And yes, we know that there was the difference of opinion they are those who feel Subhanallah The shops are open, businesses are open, why should we not keep the masjid open and we can, you know, do

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what we can to protect I was I felt, look, Allah has given the ropes or Allah has given us the opportunity to keep us safe. This is more important. We mentioned the Hadith last week that the Prophet son says even if you were to destroy the Kaaba, but by but it is better than to harm a believer to harm a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala does not want people to become sick and to be on ventilators and die, you know or to make others sick. By you know trying to do you act of worship, you want to please Allah by harming others. This is not what Islam is about. And so there were those who say it is better that we until this pandemic, or until the peak is settled. The message should

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be close, no matter which side of the argument you're on. Do not doubt in the sincerity and the NIA of somebody who ever every single Muslim, whichever all game whichever side or whatever opinion you have about the pandemic about the vaccine, whatever it might be, what we do know we are Muslims, we love the masjid, we love our deen that if things were normal, we would all be in the masjid if things were normal as it was in our May to May return to this we will give up when it comes to Jumar time we close our shops we close our businesses we leave our work we leave whatever it is, and we feel so inadequate Allah we have done that for all our lives And subhanAllah it only is it only

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takes extraordinary situations. It only takes a decree from the government and a pandemic that is that none of us have experienced before. Only in the circumstances we find the most it's empty So alhamdulillah feeling sad is normal feeling this strange emptiness on Friday. What am I doing it feels so wrong. How can I be not in the monsoon at this time. But hamdulillah here is something in that a bit of Eman will hamdulillah like the sisters panela even though in Ramadan, she has a high she can eat she can have a buffet, but out of just this feeling. I know I can. But I feel like I want to be part of the people of Austin if I eat, I'm gonna sit one side. This is an indication of

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the reverence we have for the deen. And we know that Subhan Allah in this beautiful Hadith and he concluded this hadith, the Prophet of Islam, this is a promise from Allah, this is Allah's promise to us, that if a servant, a slave of Allah, you become sick, or you travel, the likes of what he used to do when he was settled and healthy will be recorded. So meaning if you had a specific habit, you had a specific act of worship, but because you became sick, if for example, you force it every Monday and Thursday, and then Subhanallah you became sick this Monday you can't fast then Allah will write for you that he would because it wasn't you're doing something out of your control 's

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preventing you from doing that act of worship. And so Allah will give you the reward, fully complete without any without any diminishing, and So Alhamdulillah we know for a fact that even Allah had it not been for the current show.

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We are in, we will all be in the masjid. And so with that Allah knows the sincerity of our heart and Allah subhanaw taala would give the full reward and as we believe that if Allah is going to give us a gym or a fridge Ma, then it is going to be even better than had we gone to the masjid today, Allah has the reward will get is not going to be 50% of the reward if we ourselves who might have gotten 50% of the reward, but Allah Subhana Allah will give a complete Jumar for all of us and for anyone assisted in the Hey, when she's not able to foster the Ramadan she makes it up she feels this is the same, you get the full reward. Why? Because we are following Allah's instructions we fast when He

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commands us to force we break our force when it comes to record for us. We go to Juma when He commands us to do so. And when the situation calls that we should stay at home, we also follow the command and may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and have mercy upon us except the acts of worship that we do. We keep each other in into us and we ask Allah to grant all those who are 65 or those who have passed away genital fear those and may Allah grant us all to return to the machines very very soon to Sokoloff Ada was ALLAH Cena Muhammad right early he was happy with that I'm gonna send you with Herman marabou datamine