Islam teaches to be loving and kind with all of mankind

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Islam teaches Muslims to be loving and kind with all of mankind. That doesn’t mean that a Muslim will let someone slap him on the other cheek, it means that a Muslim is Just, fair and merciful, and having the best manners with all people, regardless of race, color, or religion.

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I know myself, that the more I study Islam, the more I look at the evidence is improves, makes me a better human being helps me to be more merciful and loving, because this is what Islam teaches to be loving and kind with all of mankind. So now when you get to know Islam, you truly get to know it. Yes, there are atrocities that are committed, and we condemn the things on both sides. But we as Muslims need to be at a higher level, at a higher standard, as the creator tells us in the verbatim Word of God, the crime, to repel evil with what is better, not worse. And God Almighty has sent the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them as the last and final messenger who was a brother to Jesus and

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Moses, they all brought the same message, worship the Creator, not the Christian do good deeds. And we fear doing any injustice to a human being, to even an animal. So now, innocent people that go over to Syria, they go over to help journalists, aid workers, a Muslim, no Muslim in his right mind, who knows Islam can even think about beheading killing an innocent person, because this is clear if the Prophet Muhammad,

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Allah calls of God calls him as a mercy to the world he was sent as a mercy to the world and God Almighty tells us that he will not have mercy on those who do not have mercy to the His creatures on earth. So just as Islam helps me to be more loving and kind and merciful, and I fear doing any harm to any human being unjustly, so do over 1.7 billion Muslims all over the world who live a religion of peace and mercy and justice. So, Islam is free of this, free of terrorism, and all these other crazy barbaric things that our people are trying to associate with it. And we wish that the media would give

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the microphone to people who have condemned these things give the spotlight to the good that Muslims are doing. But as shamefully, they want to focus on the 0.111 small fringe elements that have nothing to do with Islam.