Is it Permissible to Breastfeed While Pregnant in Islam

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sister is asking,

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she has a, I think a daughter or a daughter in law who's just found out that they're pregnant, and somebody has told them, you're not allowed to breastfeed while you're pregnant.

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That's not at all true. You know, there's no reason why a person shouldn't should stop breastfeeding once they're pregnant with another child now. Okay, so in other words, they're breastfeeding a previous child, and they're pregnant. One thing that does tend to happen, okay, my own experience, is that sometimes the child who's Breastfeeding can sort of go get put off the milk anyway, you know, naturally, I think something in the taste of the milk changes. This was my experience.

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When I had a child, and I was breastfeeding still,

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or when I was pregnant, and I was breastfeeding, my third child. So I think what you might find is that the child will naturally kind of not really be that interested in breast milk. But until that time, there's no reason, you know, in terms of from the Sharia that she should stop breastfeeding. You know, there's no evidence to stop, you know, she can continue up to two years.

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And that's fine. Insha Allah, that's the answer to that question. I think I think these things are like cultural things that people say to us, you know, our old wives tales, people have these like, sayings, you know, oh, this is going to be bad or this is going to be bad luck, or this is good. You know, forget all of that. Islam came to clear our superstitions to remove superstitions. So if there's no medical reason to stop, then inshallah there's no, there's no reason to stop. As long as your daughter is comfortable. As long as the baby still wants milk. Up to two years, it's fine. In sha Allah says I can offer