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Today’s world is in need of innovative rethinking based on original, authentic sources. Dr Abdullah Hakim provides an example of this new, progressive thinking.

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The importance of the " honesty and the will" of Islam is highlighted, as it is the ability to act based on what is said and not just based on what is written. The use of illegal drugs and alcoholism has affected individuals, and individuals should focus on their heart to change their behavior. Pr practicing Islam is crucial to achieving success in life, and individuals should find their own quality and avoid punishment. Humility and humility are also key to avoiding punishment.

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lapworth wanna

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ilaha illallah wa sharika was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo solo Allahu Allah. Allah He was Hobie woman da da when he was standing up he saw knotty elomi Dean was salam, Sleeman kathira Amar bad for si como enough see the taqwa Allah azza wa jal. We have Kunal Huck suparna, who's a bit about him in a shaytani regime? Yeah, are you hola Dena Armando taco la ha workqueue, new Masada pin.

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All praises are due to Allah Lord of the worlds. And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners, and that Mohammed, the son of Abdullah is his servant and his last messenger. May Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, to all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows. I begin by cautioning myself and you to have Taqwa I'll have for Raja, that we fear Allah azza wa jal, and we hope in the mercy of Allah.

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And this consciousness would develop a type of wakaya a type of shield around us a spiritual shield to protect us not only in the masjid, but outside of the mustard, not only on Juma on Friday during the day, but Friday night.

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It is that taqwa that informs us constantly, that there is one who has power over all things.

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And Allah azza wa jal has revealed to us in His mighty core an

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in a way that was relevant to the Prophet Mohammed Salim and his companions and is still important and relevant for us today. Allah told us or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and be with the truthful ones.

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And this sentence, this understanding is of critical importance. And it comes to us in so from Surah to Toba first 119 and the atmosphere around serrata Toba is one of conflict when Muslims were under tremendous pressure, when their lives were being lost,

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when they were surrounded by the enemy.

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And so Allah azza wa jal said clearly be with a Sati keen

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and I said, as the great scholars have shown us, has a number of dimensions, because people would think that it is just a person who just tells the truth, but there is more to it, there is acidic finia well irata there is being truthful in your intentions, the very intention Why am I a Muslim? Why am I praying? Why am I doing these actions? So right from the beginning, it needs to be for Allah subhanaw taala

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and erotica or the mushiya of an individual is that in our will, our will to carry out

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the intention. What we want to do should also be an honest one and connected to Allah azza wa jal.

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The second part is acidic, filled coal. And that is the honesty and straightforwardness in the words that we are saying, and so the intention is there. The irata is there, the will is there and it interprets itself by coming out with sound.

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So, the organized sound coming out of our mouth should be an honest one. And it should be honest with Allah azza wa jal but the final part is acidic. fillers, awesome. Well, we're fine.

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And that is that once the person says it, they have to have that resoluteness that they will put it into practice. They make the they they they they move towards that they don't just say it, they move towards it and they carry it out. So in other words, we don't just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. It's not enough. Just

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To say it anymore for a Muslim. It needs to interpret now in the things that we are doing the people who are with the actions that we have the intentions that we have for the future, because these will be critical.

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The movements we make in the next five years will be critical movements, for our people, and for the world.

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Oh, you who believe. Allah subhanaw taala, in his infinite mercy, has given us many examples.

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And Allah tells us in Surah, Yusuf laqad canopy possessing him, not only

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that, in their parables in the stories around the people who came before you, there is wisdom, or there is lessons for those who would reflect and saw the causes. The stories make up over one third of the court and one out of every three verse in the court and is not just a camp. It's not just a book of rules.

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But it is a book that gives us that teaches us how do you implement the rules.

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In other words, not just ritualistic Islam, not just theoretical Islam. But what is practical Islam living Islam?

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What happened to people in their lives, so that we could look at their example. And we could benefit from this. And so it is today, in the world that we are living in, there are stories unfolding in front of us. And we need to look at what is happening around us. Because it is not happening by chance. It is the will of Allah azza wa jal

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that we hear in the northern lands, feeling the temperature is now rising on us.

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And a few weeks ago, when we had that terrible day, they said at that point, our temperature was higher than the South Pole.

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And it is reported that some of the animals that normally live in the northern part of our region, are actually coming are actually going from, you know, from South animals now are going from South north. So there are some animals that live in the southern part, and they want to go north. animals in the north, are confused.

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Because it's melting up there, the ice is melting.

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The water is opening up.

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The seas are rising, and it's having a major impact in the world. And so humanity really is in a crisis.

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And so we look to the causes, we look to the stories of those around us what is happening to them. What is our example?

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Right now in California,

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that is considered to be the breadbasket of America, even Canada to a certain extent, the amount of agriculture, the amount of now cultural things which are impacting us in the social media, which come to us in our handheld devices, that California is one of the center places for the culture of people in North America, which is now influencing people all over the world. But what is happening in California, is that people are out in the streets. Even Muslims are out praying in the streets praying, salata is discovered, they are praying the Prayer For Rain,

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people are now in whichever way that they relate to the divine are calling out. It is the worst drought

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in 500 years, there is no record no written record of moisture coming down of rain,

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which shows a worse situation than what is happening right now on the ground in California.

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And because of this, it will have an impact upon the crops the agriculture, which will influence people all over the Americas. It is also wildfires are happening, landslides are happening. And although this is the cultural center of the West, one of the richest places in the West, the people can only look around, they are now reaching the point of despair.

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But this is not an isolated incident. If we look at America alone, at the United States alone, and this is just one example because it's happening in Europe. It's happening all over

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over the world, but as an example, you will see that in 2011 that has been a series of natural catastrophes, but you really see it coming to fruit 2011 the floods, floods in Mississippi,

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which came to about two to $4 billion

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in 2011. Also tornadoes. Tornadoes hit, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, major tornadoes coming in and Missouri, which reached over $11 billion

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of damage was done to the countryside 2012 with hurricanes, Hurricane Sandy being the worst, which cause eastern United States $75 billion dollars.

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And these are not ending.

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It is intensifying intensifying on the people.

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But as quiet as it's kept, people need to look within themselves. And this is the folly and the weakness of humanity. Because at the same time, while California is the cultural center, it is also one of the centers of corruption for the whole of the Western world,

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the industry of pornography, which is now damaging the younger generation of the world. And in America, it's over $100 billion

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is being made from pornography alone. 90% of pornographic movies are filmed in one Valley, called the San Fernando Valley, in one Valley alone in California, is 90% of all of the pornographic movies that are being put out there poisoning the minds of the younger generation, because people all around the world are now impacted by the handheld devices. You will see everywhere in the world. You look at a picture of people you land in a country they're looking at their cell phone, they're always looking here, what are they looking at? pornography is popping up. What does this do to an individual the prophet SAW seldom said and authentic hadith is our lamb testa he first ma*a if

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you don't have hyah, then do what you want to do. You're capable of doing anything if you don't have higher so when the who dude when the limits are broken down in an individual, when their higher is gone.

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Then we see they're capable of anything. And so coming out of this lack of higher is the use of illegal drugs. his alcoholism is gambling is adultery.

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All types of crimes are happening underground. And Allah subhanaw taala told us about this, talking about the people who came before. Look at the stories look at the ebara that are last month Allah has given to us which now applies to us today. In surah

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verse 96, Allah azza wa jal has revealed our Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani regime, Willow, Cora Amanullah taco La La him Baraka 10 min a sama while out while I can catch the Boo for akkad na home, Pima cannoli oxy boon Allah subhanaw taala revealed and if the people of the towns and these are the different societies of the ancient times, if the people of the towns had believed

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and had taqwa, they kept their duty to Allah. If they just believed and had taqwa, certainly, we would have opened up for them blessings from the heavens and earth, we would have opened up for them. But they lied. They belied the messages, refuse to believe in what the messengers brought. And so we took them with a punishment for what they have earned.

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We took them from a punishment for what they themselves have earned. And that is crucial.

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Because people have warned in America, not only Muslims but of other religions. Let us look at ourselves.

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Do we have to be the center of pornography? Do we have to be the center of drug an alcoholic use? Do we have to be the center of sexual crimes? What will come from this? The lessons are there and the lessons are getting stronger and stronger and stronger, but the people are not listening.

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as Muslims, we need to listen.

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And those who are out there on the street trying to make dua

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But trying to make to us surrounded by pornography by other people by you make your prayers that drinking alcohol while you cry to Allah, they're taking drugs and making more pornography. If they would listen to Allah subhanaw taala they're in a crisis and we Muslims have to listen to this for our own situation, because we have crises that are hitting us now in our lands, where people are in desperate situations. And Allah azza wa jal said very clearly

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surrett the talaq will Mejia tequila hajjaj Allahu Maharajah zuku min highschooler Yasser, omiya tawakkol alloy, for who has bought in aloha ballyhoo Embrey pachala, la Holi Condi Shea in kodra. Allah subhanaw taala revealed and whoever has the consciousness of Allah, whoever has the taqwa Allah will make a massage He will make a way out for him and provide for him from where he never imagined.

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So now they are dying, they are crying for water,

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the massages there

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they will be provided for from from from Wednesday, no not and whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will be sufficient for you.

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And listen to what Allah said in the law, how ballyhoo ambry Allah will reach his purpose. This is not happening by chance.

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Allah reaches purpose. And Allah has made a limit, a measure for everything. But jhala law liquidly Shay in todra, there is a limit to oppression, there is a limit to murder and genocide. But we have to go through this process, just like the person who has a terrible flu.

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And you try to give them medicine, but the doctor says no, your medicines not going to help

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comfort them, let them drink water. Because the flu has to go through its cycle.

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It has to go through the cycle in order for you to build up the antibodies to fight it off. If you don't have the antibodies, how can you fight it off? What is our situation as an oma? We also find ourselves in a very critical time. We have huge numbers, over 26% of the earth's population. We have young people 60% of Muslims are young people.

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We have strategic positions all over the world. We have some of the richest people on earth.

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But it's a contradiction.

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If there are people in this in the desert region

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they call orphans of the Sahara

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the robotic people suffering in Mali and Niger suffering in the southern part of Algeria, Algeria and Libya

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don't even have enough even to drink or eat and other Muslim on the other side building the largest Christmas tree in the world or having the largest fireworks in the world we have to learn before it's too late because we cry for change

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and Muslims make the dryer they cry and they want they want us to we have to all our do something bring about a change bring on a Maddie bring something but a law said very clearly in the law hola you Hey Robbie Coleman. How are you Hey Robbie unfussy him, Allah will not change the condition of a people

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until they change that which is in themselves. And so we need practical lessons, practical lessons, and the prophet SAW Selim did not speak from himself. He spoke with knowledge from above seven heavens.

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He spoke about what would happen our times the time of corruption. We are surrounded by corruption even we have it in our hands. Soon you're going to have it on your watch. soon it'll be stuck inside your head.

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Soon you have holographic figures moving around in front of you. Corruption to the left corruption to the right. The prophet SAW seldom said authentic a deep report on the authority of Abu Hodeidah. rhodiola Juan Yachty Allah Nazism and when you fail roofie Hill Roger Bain alleges worldfood your

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fellow actor alleges alpha wahaca this hadith authentic hadith and hearken to prophets are seldom said there will come a time when a person will be given the choice between being labeled

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competent like an idiot backward

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or committing committing immorality. So this is your choice is going to consider you backward

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or you commit in morality like the rest of them.

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Then the prophets are seldom said, whoever lives until that time, should choose in competence over immorality. Let them call you backward because you don't watch the pornography. Let them call you back with because you're not taking the drugs, not taking the alcohol, not committing the adultery. Choose this I just make beautiful let people know we're incompetent, that is better off in the eyes of the people, because in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala we need to be a sodic

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and that said, needs to be complete a said Phil Azzam well wafaa in everything that you do, not just what you say in the things that you do. And so, let us be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala we are not those who drink alcohol. We are not those who are who take pleasure in interest and usury and bribes. We are not those who are involved in pornography. We are those who cover ourselves up and cover our with beautiful clothes. The prophet SAW Selim was blessed with a number of important companions, and throughout time his wisdom has reached many Muslims. And I want to share with you some very important points because the prophet SAW Selim said very clearly, and we are looking at

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this study, remember the changes on the inside right? What are you doing and foresee him? You have to change inside the prophet SAW Selim said in the film Jessa de moda EDA solahart, Salah hell Jessa Dooku wader feser that festival Jessica Kula Allah will heal. Inside there is a lump of flesh, if it is sound and right. The whole body is sound and right. And if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. And that is the heart. So the issue of the internal Muslim for us now is crucial. Remember the subject in the first part of SIDS is a Nia? Well, irata that is the basis of sit.

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The basis is inside of us our intentions. One of the great tabs in Rahim Allah, Allah sonnenbatterie mentioned six ways the heart can be corrupted. We want some practical ideas about our heart. Because people would say, yes, the heart is so important. But you know, what thoughts do you have about the heart? Give me some practical advice. He said rahima Hola.

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There's six ways that your heart can be corrupted. One committing sins in the hope of repenting.

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Now the words the person commits the sin and say, Well, you know, I'll do this, but Allah will forgive me.

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I'll do wrong, I'll drink or commit adultery, and then when I reach 60 years old, then I'll make Hutch. And everything will be okay. I'll do wrong, you know, after Ramadan, and then when Ramadan comes again, finished, it's gone. This is the heart becomes corrupted. It becomes the facade comes into number two.

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seeking knowledge and not applying it.

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seeking knowledge. They do, you know, tolerable Ale, but they don't put it into practice. They just like it's like a nice lecture. A nice talk that will corrupt the heart as well. We seek knowledge, we must go The final thing and that is acid. Fill as in Well, we're fat we have to now carry it out. Number three.

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practicing Islam without Islam.

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We practice we fast. We give us a cat. We go to Hajj, but no sincerity for Allah subhanaw taala why are we doing it? Why are we Muslim? That EClass is now on us today. It is serious. It will change the quality of all of the believers. It will change us at a time when we need our quality change. Number four,

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in the corruptions of the heart, eating the sustenance of our law without appreciating him.

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That's a beautiful statement. You eat the food the rest comes to you. You have a nice meal. And you say that was a good meal. I like this restaurant. Thank you very much brother. No, you say Alhamdulillah appreciate a loss of Allah allow that food to go inside your stomach. If you don't appreciate a loss of Potala a simple

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thing like this, the heart will become corrupted. Number five, not being pleased

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with the will of Allah. When the cutter comes, we need to be pleased with it. We need to be thankful whatever Allah wills on us,

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we need to be thankful.

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And number six, burying the dead without learning from them

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burying the dead without learning from them. There are many in the older generation now people moving on. Take some time younger generation sit with your parents. Sit with people who have experienced in this society.

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Get that knowledge before it's too late. Otherwise the heart becomes corrupted because we think we know everything. With the younger generation we can flip our cell phone,

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mail also subhanaw taala purify and protect our hearts. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the corruptions of this world. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the children of the home of Mohammed solace Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect protect the innocent women of the home of Mohammed says Allah May Allah protect and unite and strengthen the men of the home of Mohammed Salah Salah May Allah raise up leadership in the Muslim world to guide our misguided political leaders from darkness into light. And may Allah help us in our last words would be our best words that are last word would be Kelly ma la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah so seldom are colloquially how the word

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stock for lolly welcome. When he started he muslimeen him and Coulee Dam been istockphoto in the who who have a photo right

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Alhamdulillah Allah had a heart and follow the summit. Let the lamb Yellin while I'm oulad while I'm yaku la Khufu and I had well suddenly what was seldom and I thought similan BIA even more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge My bad. Yeah, Eva de la tequila haoma kontum waiuku sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mati howdy he Matan mahoma la sala de bonfils. Akira addabbo have it done dunya al fitten was Olazabal Qatar. The prophet SAW Selim reported in Abu Dhabi has said this my nation has a mercy on it. It is a nation with mercy on its punishment is not in the next life. The punishment is in this life.

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fitteds alesund will cut off temptations and trials earthquakes and murder and genocide. May Allah azza wa jal help us to purify ourselves and save us from this punishment. Will you call Huck suparna Mk piranha Amira in De La Hoya Malaika to who you saw Luna Alan Abby. Yeah, you have Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam who Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah AB de cada zuleika Mohammed while Allah He was happy edge mine, water de la unqualified Rashi Deen Abubakar aroma with Manoir le wannabe Rama Amara Obama he mean Alhamdulillah Hillary hi Donna Lee howdah Mr. Canelli Natalia Lola Donna la Rabbana LA to Zika Lou banaba de tener will have Lana Mila do kurama in LA cancel Wahab

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Robin have failed under the new banner will cafe under se artina whatsover phenomena algebra Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim mean was illa sherco mushrikeen with damir dat with Dean once a better Kira balada mean elements and Medina de Cali McCann, who Suzanne de Bella the Sham what's up what's up Raul? Cobra yeah are hamara amin La ilaha illa anticipo nakka nakka nomina dalemain Allah Houma la la de la Ilaha Fatah wa Harman Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa. Data while Mr. Eden Elijah feta Well, I made the turn ihlara hinter Well, I had a 10 min. How'd you dunya ilaqua data tomorrow he mean about the Lloyd Hummer

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como la de la jolla mobile as a sandwich as the kotoba via Alfa Mancha. Well, Bobby is a con la Lu come to the Korean peninsula.