Ali Hammuda – The lives of the four Imams #03 – Imam Malik

Ali Hammuda
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As for the second of the four great Imams, his name is Malik son of Ennis. And although he was of Yemeni origins, he was born in the city of Medina, the city of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the year 93 After the hijra, or the year 703 In the Gregorian calendar,

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which happened to be the same year that the companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, NSEP domanick Pastor passed away. They were born. He was born on the year NS passed away. What do we know about the childhood and the upbringing of Imam Malik. We know that the quest for knowledge of Imam Malik began in the earliest of his years, and he would arrive at a position of teaching at the tender age of 11 years old. And by the age of 21 years old, he was in a position to issue fatwa Islamic rulings 21 years old.

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And it was his father, who planted the initial seeds of interest towards Islamic knowledge within the hearts of Malik and Malik remembers the day when his father posed an Islamic quiz question to both him and his brother.

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His brother got the answer straightaway and it was correct Malik. His answer was not correct. So his father ie the father of Malik said to Malik al haka, Allah able, Bella hammer me on bilabial NMP said, playing with birds has distracted you from the quest for knowledge. You're busy, we would say today you're busy playing games. And this upset Malik has angered him. And so from that day on, he decided to dedicate himself to the companionship of a man called Abdullah he'd known as Eid

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otherwise known as Ibnu Hormoz. immuno Hormoz was a scholar from the Caribbean from the second generation of Muslims. And for seven years, Imam Malik freed himself up entirely during that period.

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And arriving at the door of Abraham was in the early hours of the morning, and he would late arrive, or he would leave during the late hours of the night.

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And his mother very much encouraged him to further his knowledge to further his madness in mimetic, he said kinda told me to me Mooney, what are Cooley either have in Arabi, ah, Fattah Al Amin, de vie, Kamala and me. He said my mother she used to tie a turban around my head when I was a kid. The turban was the sign of scholarship in Medina, right. My mother used to tie a turban around my head, and she said to go to RBI and learn from his manners before you learn from his knowledge, masha Allah,

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what a gift his mother gave to humanity, making a man who would then make an Omega Malik.

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His parents had both so gently and so intelligently set Malik upon a path that he would remain upon for the next 80 years or so of his life.

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And as you just heard, according to the mother of Imam Malik, it must all begin with manners with Adam. And it's true you come across today. People have immense knowledge, but they're quick to fall from your eyes, when you realize how Volga how harsh How ill manat how self impressed this person may be. And on the contrary, you may come across a person of quite average knowledge. But this person is quick to grow in your eyes due to the humbleness the edit the refined character of this person.

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Man is according to Malik's mother it begins there. So if you have no authority, he said what kinda Raju Lulu COVID-19 Mahatma at the Pieta, Kabila Danica and Serena, Serena, he said the students of knowledge of the past they would only embark on the journey for knowledge. When they had first acquired manners and exerted a huge effort in worship for 20 years. Then they would begin their journey for knowledge your Allah and McCullough didn't know Hussein. He said to Abdullah he even Mobarak national in our Kalyan Meenal Adobe AHA Jimena in our Catherine Mina, Amy, we are in more need of small amounts, small amounts of good manners then huge amounts of knowledge. We need small

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amounts of good manners and people as opposed to huge amounts of knowledge and some of our predecessors would say to their children advising them along this along these lines. They would say yeah, booty that Allah Madaba and menial Adobe, or Hubble eladia mean that the high levels rainbow haven't been available. Amy, my son, for you to master just one chapter on the topic of mannerisms that is

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more beloved to me than if you were to master 70 chapters on knowledge. Yeah Allah according to medics mother, it begins there.

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In a Malik also studied at the hands of Nephi, who is now the servant of Abdullah he no matter who was the servant of Prophet Muhammad's Allah, Allah and he was in Wow. And the knowledge which Malik will transmit from Nafa would later be given the title of a Silsila to the hub or Silsila to the hub, the golden chain of transmission, because this was a pristine, authentic chain of transmission that consisted of Malik, who took from Nafa, who took from Abdullah him and Alma who took from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So now fair, is the name of another one of the mathematics teachers.

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Nafa was temperamental, however. So Malik was very careful in his approach, and he was so patient not only could actually hide within the shadow of a tree, not wanting to impose his presence on his teacher. Then he would ask him along the way, two or three questions that said that he would walk away. And with this patient approach, Imam Malik was able to amass the knowledge of Nafa to take durations that he heard from a companion who heard it from the prophets of Allah who it was.

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This is the second teacher of medica, third teacher of Malik was a person called wahama. Didn't know she had a story. Even though she had a story. Malik he said, we used to congregate at the door of English rehab, I eat waiting for him to come out to teach us we used to congregate at the doorstep of ebony Shahab, in such numbers, that we would end up falling on top of one another, what dedication they exhibited for knowledge, their brothers and sisters, SubhanAllah. And Malik, he said, on one day, this was a hate day. I said to myself, this is a day when she had would have a bit more free time. So after the prayer, I went and I sat at his door. And I heard him say, to His

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servant, go and see who's at the door. And he heard the servant say, this is your fair head student.

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This is Malik and he said, allow him and because Malik was almost blonde, he was very fair Fairhead. Initially, he said to Malik, you haven't gone home is this aid? He said, No, I haven't. He said, have you eaten anything? Malik said no. He said, Okay, this Malik said, I have no need for this. He said, So why have you come? He said, so that you relate Hadith to me, you know, Allah. So even if she had been narrated to him 17 durations of the prophets of asset and then even if she had said to Malik, what's the point of this knowledge if you don't memorize it? Malik said, I can repeat every one of them. I can repeat every one of them if you wish, that's the Hadith, the text and the chain

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of transmission 17 of them. And in another narration Malik took from him actually 14 aerations, which he repeated flawlessly to his teacher from memory. And then even if she had he said to Malik, the famous words in Nicola Nana, almost Oh, darling, if you are an excellent vessel for knowledge, you're such a good excellent vessel for knowledge.

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What do we know about the students of Imam Malik? Well, we've spoken a little bit about his teachers. One of his students was perhaps the most famous of them. He is Imam Shafi, who memorize Imam Malik's works called a whopper and what that is a book of Hadith and fiqh, which comprises of around 1720 narrations from the prophets that I sent him and the companions in the turbine. Imam Shafi memorized it at the age of 17 years old. One of the mathematics students was Abdurrahman, immuno Carson, Al Qasim and mystery Abdul Rahman, Qasim al mystery keyname here, who played such an important role in spreading the Maliki school of thought in Morocco, in Andalus, and Lucia, because

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students from both of these regions were coming to him to Ramallah when he came back to Egypt, and then established it within their respective regions when they went back.

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Also, it may be worth to take a note here that Abdur Rahman did not pass him the student of Malik, and another one called acid immune fraud and another Cold sack known. Between them they compiled a book called An muda one which became the core text in the Maliki school of thought.

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One of Imam Malik students is a man called Abdullah he.

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And he was once sitting in a public hearing of Hadith.

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And he heard a narration relating to the horrors of the Day of Judgment and Subhanallah he fell unconscious.

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So he was carried back home and he remained unwell till he passed away. Now, you know, in Allah because of what Hadith that he heard about the day of judgment.

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And you see, when you read the biographies of Imam Malik students, it really gives you a clear idea as for who Imam Malik was because students are usually a reflection of who their teacher was.

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These are just a few of the mathematics teachers are totally different

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It actually lists 1300 of the students of Imam Malik who took directly from him. But in reality, the entire number of Imam Malik students cannot be really enumerated. What do we know? About the knowledge of Imam Malik Imam Malik took knowledge from many teachers, including the seven famous jurists of Medina, who were from the tabby ie who took their knowledge from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this again is a distinguishing trait of Imam Malik he was able to take knowledge from the tagline Imam Malik he said this in fact about himself now 52 In the back there and share he the lead server owner with you the white one number and don't be the only I

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have not assumed the position of giving fatwah only after 70 scholars bore testimony that I am free to do so 70 scholars said you are fit to now teach and issue Islamic verdicts. And Malik would say leyenda really Raju in an era NAFSA who and Alicia inhaca. Yes and men who are al Amin, who one must never consider himself qualified to do anything until he first receives approval from those who are senior to him.

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Imamo Shafia he also said that Akira Halima family cholinergic if if scholars are made mention of then Malik is the star of them or

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ignore Qasim said that Malik's quest and his spending of money for the purpose of knowledge ended ended up meeting Malik to sell the roof of his house for the price of it's worth

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it will cost him said then the world opened up for him hola hola community he struggled in the beginning with the sake of Allah and for the sake of learning, but then the world opened up for him imagine needing to sell the wood of your roof to continue and to finance your quest for knowledge Allahu Akbar Allah has facilitated for us today.

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However, in perhaps what is maybe the greatest testimony for Imam Malik that we have should it apply to him are the words of Prophet Muhammad so I sent them himself. He said you should go on the ugly but National Academy really? Yet Lunella enough. Allah gtuner I hadn't. I mean, I live in Medina. It shall soon be that people he said, will be on Camelback seeking knowledge from all over the place. And they will not find anyone more knowledgeable than the scholar of Medina, who is the scholar of Medina whom the Prophet Muhammad Cicilline himself has praised

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a number of scholars including Sophia and Ignalina, and Abdul Razak stated that this scholar is in reference to Imam Malik himself. Yeah, Allah Allahu Akbar.

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And that will be also said that I saw in my dream that I had entered the masjid of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and I saw the Prophet of Allah advising people teaching people, what Imam Malik came in. And when he prophesied, said and thought, you know, Malik, he said, Come here, come here. So Malik came close to the messenger, alayhi salatu salam until he was very close to him, and then the prophets alas and have to cough his ring and he placed it on the ring of Imam Malik. And that I wouldn't be said that I have interpreted this as being in reference to the knowledge of Imam Malik.

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What do we know about the worship of Imam Malik Imam Malik would,

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as was mentioned by Abu Musab, he would prolong his bowing and his frustration during his voluntary salah. And when he would stand in prayer, it was as if he resembled a dry plank of wood, meaning he was still he was not moving in the least salah of wushu and humbleness and concentration. And his sister was asked a question, What did Malik do? Most of the time when he was at home, and she said, the most hurtful, or tilava it was purely the book of Allah. And we're citation.

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And Fatima, the daughter of Malik, she said, Malik, my dad, he had a nightly portion of Salah, and on the evening of Friday, what we call Thursday night, but on the evening of Friday, he would spend the whole night in prayer.

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And Abdullah Hebrew Barak, he said, In Praise of Malik, right to Malik and for it to help me and I saw Malik and I saw a man who was humbly submissive to Allah, what in them Arafa hula mystery that incarnate may now ouabain Allah. And he said that I believe that Allah subhanaw taala elevated his rank due to a secret which was between Malik and Allah. And I used to frequently hear Malik saying Whoever wants an opening to be made in his heart, meaning an opening of Eman and he wants to be saved from the intoxications of death and the horrors of the Day of Judgment. Let him ensure

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or that most of his good deeds are in private as opposed as opposed to the public.

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What do we know about the Haber meaning the all of Imam Malik.

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See being such a person of devout worship, it becomes perfectly understandable why Allah subhanaw taala would close Malik with the garments of Hebrew or say he didn't have any money and he said I have never in my life seen anyone who had greater or than Imam Malik. In fact, his or surpassed that of the Sultan, the greatest authority, the Hadith of the Muslims, the greatest position from a worldly perspective, Malik had more of it when you saw him you would you would fill with all and similarly Imam Shafi he would say, I have never felt greater or towards anyone as the or that I felt towards Malik. When I first saw him

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not just Malik. However, there was this aura of Habana and serenity and all.

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Even within the study circles of Imam Maliki, he really wanted his students to respect the gatherings of knowledge and to respect the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, and in which he was essentially teaching. And so before teaching, he would engage in a coastal full bath,

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and he would wear his finest clothes, and he would have incense lit during the circles for the purpose of honoring the gathering of such knowledge that his students Subhanallah during those circles would very quietly turn the pages of their books, they would very quietly sharpen their pencils. And even the leading scholars who would sit in the gatherings of Imam Malik, they, they would not dare to interrupt him so strange. And they all had their heads lowered humbleness. I'm sure, no one dare to ask him Malik to repeat what he said, let alone maybe ask for the evidence for it. And it seems and Allah knows best that this was a unique characteristic of Imam Malik's study

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circles, because his personality afforded him this ability to impose very strict rules of etiquettes to his gatherings. There was a statement made by Immanuel Kant who said, I have never seen a gathering that was of greater or than the gathering of Malick. It was as if he said it was as if birds are set on their heads. Meaning they were so still that if a bird was to come down, they would think that these are boulders of rocks so birds would land on them. It was as if bats are settled that

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no fidgeting, no movement, no questioning. And yeah, even though Yeah, he'll Andalusi he said that I was once set with Malik. When two geckos landed on his head,

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they walked on his hat, and then they made their way to his neck, they got beneath his clothes, and they came out the bottom, and Malik the entire time, remained unfazed and unmoved, wanting to other ethnic gatherings of knowledge. And the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sunday said, on this we may speak about the love he had for the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah Allah He was second.

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Abdullah Mubarak. He said that I was once with Malik, when he was conveying to us Hadith with a scorpion made its way to Imam Malik and stung him 16 times. And Malik's cutter began to change pain as he was forcing himself to remain patient and not wanting to interrupt the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sentiments he convinced and when the study circle ended, people dispersed I said to him, father of Abdullah ibn Malik, I saw something in you that baffled me why did you behave in this way? Malik he said yes. In the mouse about to Julian, the Hadith your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa said, he said I have shown the patients which you saw,

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in order to honor the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa. So the love which Imam Malik had for the messenger Allah He saw to a student was phenomenal.

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And most people who have the law he said, Whenever Imam Malik made mention of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his his color would begin to change. And he would begin to lean forward as if in pain Subhan Allah. And when he was asked about this, he would say,

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if you had seen what I had seen, you wouldn't be surprised by my behavior. I saw Muhammad Abdul Moon Kegel who, whenever we would ask him about a hadith he would cry and cry and cry, till we would pity till we would pity him yet Allah their love for the Prophet Muhammad Aniki salatu salam caused him to shed tears merely my hearing his name

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and Imam Malik said about software the blue Salim that whenever he would

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make mention of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would cry profusely to people would get up and leave himself by himself weeping. Now

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what do we know of Imam Malik's fear and consciousness and awareness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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in what he said,

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If I wish

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I could fill my entire scrolls in documenting the sheer number of times I heard Malik say, three, I don't know.

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wasn't afraid to say I don't know.

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In fact, there was a man who asked Mr. Malik 48 questions. And in 32 of them, Malik said, I don't I don't have an answer. I don't know. And I'm sure however, you will agree with me that things do they have changed a little bit?

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People are afraid to see I don't know. In fact, things began to change very early on one of our predecessors. His name is Eva Noosa. He said that the statement of I don't know has become now embarrassing for people to see in our times. Hola. Hola, como. This is what inducer he said about his community, bearing in mind that he passed away 250 H around 1200 years ago. He's saying people are afraid to sing I don't know they're embarrassed to say, the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, however, he and he is who he is. He was not afraid of saying I don't know.

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In one direction, he said Madri took down the line and kind of amla, one agri zuccarini and a billion Canna amla, one agri and Iluka Farah to the earlier amla. He said, I don't know if Tibet was a cursed man or not. And I don't know if Luke cullinane was a prophet or not. And I don't know if capital punishment cleanses a person from sins or not. He said, I don't know for a lot of these things, which Allah Almighty later on, taught him about some of these things. But when he did not know he said, I don't know. The companion Abdullah. He is old. He also said the man after NASA, we couldn't deny your stuff to the who, for whoever the moon,

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a person who provides people with an answer to every one of the questions that they posed him he's mad.

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And Abdurrahman, ignobly. Laila, he said, I met 120 companions, from the companions of Prophet Muhammad, Salah Lysa. And one of them would be asked a question. And so he would refer the question to someone else, and that someone else would refer the question to someone else. And they kept doing this till the question would end up back at the very first person who was asked Abdul Rahman, he said, each and every single one of them would wish that his brother would spare him of the burden of needing to answer.

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So they were not afraid of exercising this Islamic practice of I don't know, because they had recognized that any answer that you give, it's a signature on behalf of Allah and His messenger.

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So realize that

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every opinion of yours every lecture and repost every comment, every tweet, that was not the product of astute understanding and research and grounded knowledge and genuine sincerity. This is a forged. This is a forged signature.

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Subhanallah we find that whether this matter is political, or social or judicial, almost everyone seems to have an opinion to share everything medical food, everyone has an opinion to share. Although one of our predecessors have Hessen LSD, he said that in the AHA documentary 50 famous allottee the water the Talia hamara,

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the JAMA Allah Allah better

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one of you issues verdicts on matters which had they been presented to Omar ibn Khattab he would have gathered the people of better for consultation.

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Once Imam Malik answered a person who came in with a question by saying I don't know this was Mr. Malik. So what he didn't know I don't know the question or set to give us an answer he began to urge him to give an answer it's only a light matter I said I don't have fever in my Malik was infuriated by this. And he said later for me say you will leave no aspect of Islamic knowledge is light. Have you not read what Allah said in the Quran? International Kalika colon Sakina. We're going to send down upon you a heavy word. How could you say it's a it's a light matter? This was dear brothers and sisters that we have the great Imams before us. We should elaborate upon this a little bit more when

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speaking about the biography of Imam Muhammad

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