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AI: Summary © The host of productive Muslim podcasts gives practical advice for achieving a healthy relationship with the Quran and improving one's Amazon experiences. He suggests starting with a daily appointment and focusing on the time spent on reciting the Quran, and also suggests removing distractions from the appointment. He also emphasizes the importance of setting goals for daily activities to improve one's chances of achieving a healthy habit.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode 19

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host before marriage and I'm here with day 19 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. A lot of us right now are waiting for Ramadan to begin so that we can open up the first chapter of the Quran and start our annual grand marathons of finishing the Quran once or twice during Ramadan. However, I want to ask you if you really want to build a habit of reading Quran on a daily basis, so this means during an outside Ramadan, then Wouldn't it make sense to start before Ramadan as he shouldn't we start connecting with the Quran now so that we can enter Ramadan with the healthy relationship of the Quran. If you're following me, then, let me

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tell you about four practical ways, and one pro tip in order to help you achieve just that.

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This is Matt Ferris, founder of productive I hope you enjoyed this episode for productive Muslim podcasting. I want to take 30 seconds of your time and invite you to our production model an online course. This is your one stop course to all the practical tips you need to overcome your Amazon challenges and dramatically improve your Amazon experience spiritually physically and socially. If you're interested, hop on to productive Muslim and subscribe online today. Once you join the course you have access to all our other courses, a private Facebook group where we can have group discussions, book club and many more I hope to see you there join us today at

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protected Muslim

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The first one is make a daily appointment with the Quran starting from tomorrow. So that means book a specific time and make it anywhere from five to 10 minutes or maximum 30 minutes to one hour. and dedicate that time as time you will commit to reciting the Quran. Another tip to help you do this is to focus on the time spent instead of how much Quran you read. So that means that instead of setting goals like okay, I'm going to read 10 pages of Quran per day or one page of Quran per day. Rather you say I'm going to recite Quran for 30 minutes. So that means some days you made recite your amount that you want to read or other days you may not recite it, but the thing is to stay

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consistent with the time so that way you can focus more on the quality of time spent with the Quran, and not just about speeding through and finishing. A third practical tip is to choose your appointment time wisely. So ideally, your appointment time should be a time where you're most focused and alert. And you're less likely to cancel that. I mean a common time that a lot of people find helpful is early mornings after fudger in which it's less likely that something will come up and we are most focused and alert. However, some of us work while we evening. So if that's what works for you then try that. Another practical tip is to remove distractions, because you know what

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you're having a beautiful conversation with Allah subhanaw taala. So don't let anything come in between turn off your phones or put it on silent, reciting a quiet space. Trust me, your Facebook, Whatsapp and everything else can wait just for that half an hour or even 10 minutes if that's all you can dedicate yourself to. Now a pro tip is that if a thought or idea pops up in your head while you're reciting core and that, you know just distracts you and makes you want to get up and start working on it, then have a pen and a paper next to you so that you can write it down. So say for example, you thought of Oh yeah, I remember I left my keys over that place because you're searching

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for your keys or something then you can just write that down on a paper and say okay, look on top of the fridge or something. And so after you finish reciting the Quran, then you can get up and do that task.

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So I hope that with these tips, it can help you build a beautiful relationship with the Quran and reciting Quran won't just be an annual ritual that you start and stop in Ramadan. Rather, it is a lifelong sustainable habit in Sharla. So I hope that helps. And let me know what are the things that help you with setting up a current habit or challenges that you're facing when you're connecting with the Quran? And also speaking about challenges have you done your challenges your three challenges? Let me know in the show notes of this episode, so that would be productive Muslim slash s to e 19. So I'll see you all again tomorrow with our next episode. Until then

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remember to work hard and be sincere

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