The Quranic Call (Part 4)

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The transcript describes a conversation between two speakers discussing the importance of respecting Islam and not separating from others. They discuss the negative impact of not being recognized and the need for acceptance. They also touch on the idea of "roar of the hell" and its significance in the culture of the Middle East.

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I said I'm wanting to live at Academy the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. We are reached just number four of the Quran the fourth fourth part of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the chapter of Allah and Milan verse number 102 and 103 after the lemon chiffon Ragini Yeah, you have Latina ammonoosuc aloha toccata he will attimo tuna 11 to Muslim moon. Oh you who believe fear Allah or be mindful of Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in a state of submission to Him alone and set in a state of being a Muslim. So here are last kind of what Allah firstly calls out to all of the believers and after that he gives an imperative verb showing that

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you should be very aware and take warning of what is about to come next. So oh you believe in Allah in the last day in the Prophet Prophethood of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. It duckula Hakka Ducati fear Allah or be mindful of Allah as he should be feared or be conscious of the word taqwa is very comprehensive, which comes from waqia, which means to take as a means of protection. So the actions of good serve as a means of protection against the actions of evil. Therefore being someone that is mindful of a law. When one is mindful of him they do the actions that he is pleased with and that he loves, understanding his greatness. So he says, Be of people that are more mindful

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of Allah giving you the verb except Allah be mindful of him, which in result, that mindfulness is because you fear him or because you are mindful, the more mindful you are, the more you will fear the punishment. At the same time, love who he is, and what he has done for you. And he says, Be mindful of a lot in a way that one should be mindful of him. So it's trying to be the best Muslim or the best human being that is mindful of their Creator. And if you think about it, the best human being is the one that is mindful, their Creator, the best human being is the one that fears God. The best human being is the one that loves God, to the best of their ability. You find the scholar, some

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of them will say that this verse was abrogated, because there's another verse in the Quran that came later. Well, last month, Allah says, For duckula mystify to fear Allah as much as you can. But Baba Nashua brings a beautiful connection here. When he says, well, the individual that fears a lot as he should be feared or is mindful of them, as one should be mindful does it to the best of their ability. When one tries their best, that is when they're fearing a lot as he should be feared. Because as he says, A taqwa mcdouall an island that everyone has the ability to be mindful of Allah. But are they doing their best to be mindful of a law and then a loss of kind of what data says,

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Well, that's more to the law and to Muslim own and do not die except that you are in a state of submission to him alone. Barban assure makes another beautiful statement. When he was talking about this, he said menasha Allah she in Matteoli, whoever lives upon a certain thing upon a certain practice belief or whatever the case may be, and they're consistent upon that matter it then he will die upon that practice. When my mat Tadashi, in booty Thani and whoever dies upon that will be raised with that status with that belief with that practices. This is how you'll be you'll be raised it's not as though you know your practice something your whole life and you say, You know when I

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die, I'll be a little better. The fact that you don't know when you're going to die is a huge incentive for you to be mindful of Allah and recognize who he is. So lost kind of what Allah says after that. Wow, see movie habit in LA. Hey, Jimmy, and what letter for Roku? What Colonia de la la quinta de and for alphabay Nakuru become for us back to be near Metro he wanna come to Malaysia for her 14 million naughty uncle minha.

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Allah soprano what data says here and hold firmly to the rope of a lot and do not separate. Now this verse 103 was for the two tribes called an OC and it'll cousin Raj. They were tribes that used to go at it with each other and edit Medina when the promise of a line it was someone came to and Medina, these were the tribes the main two tribes of people that accepted Islam, but they had previous history hundreds of years ago as some of the scholars mentioned over 100 years that they were always rivaling tribes against one another. But when Islam came, it came to transcend all of those ignorant practices that would withhold someone from being the best version of themselves and being a Muslim.

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So Allah says, hold firmly to the rope of long after he gives a command to be mindful of him.

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And not to die except as Muslims. How does one obtain that mindfulness is by holding firmly to the role Wow, to see me be happily let hold firmly to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala now that rope can be the Quran can be discerned or generically, just saying Islam, Jimmy and hold firmly to the role of a lot all together and don't separate scholars and mentioned here that when Allah mentions for you to do something, who are among be commanded the D, it is to do that thing that you are ordered, which implies the leaving off in totality of the opposite. So if I tell you sit, it means do not stand up. So Allah says here, hold firmly to the rope of a lot and do not separate. Why is

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this important? Because when you hold firmly to Islam, someone that practices Islam to the best of their ability, they will not do actions that will cause separation amongst their family, amongst their community members. And that's what a lot ordered them here because he says here, hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not separate. And then what does he say? With Kuru net Matala, he alikum when one tries to hold firmly to the rope of Allah, not separate, what can they do to remember the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala is remembering those blessings when they remember those blessings that last month has blessed him with as he says here, remember the blessings of Allah when

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you were once enemies with Kuru net Mata Lai Aleikum, remember that blessing of Allah is can to add that and for alphabay, Nakuru become when you were once enemies, and he brought your hearts together. He brought your hearts together. For us back to be near Mati and Juana. The fact that he brought your hearts together is what made you brothers. And this is so important, because it's them is primarily primarily an initially because of the actions of the heart, which is giving that right to Allah saying that he has no son, no daughter, no mother, no father, he's not like a human being. That belief is what makes us brothers and gives us the strongest bond. And that's why the first

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pillar of Islam is the witnessing in recognition, recognizing that Allah has no partners in Haiti that he deserves to be worshipped by himself. This is the most important right that can be given when the human being fulfills that right. This is what makes you brothers and this is the strongest form and bond between human beings, man, woman and child so Allah says, Remember that blessings upon you when you were once enemies, and then a loss kind of a data lifted being a cubicle for us back to minute Matty one and then he reminds you, well Khun Tim eyelash affair for 14 million now. And you were once upon the edge on the brink of going to the hellfire. And then a lawsuit panel with Dallas

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saved you from that. So a lot of matches and the rest of this beautiful verse, and allows from $1 is mentioning his virtues upon all of them. So this verse is some scholars mentioned, was revealed, verse number 103, was revealed, because there was some people that were infiltrating and instigating from the hood from the Jews in the time of Medina and at the advent of the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So what they did is they started to one individuals mentioned that he told another Jewish man to go and talk about the days of Jehovah, you know, the parts of jack the days of ignorance when they were enemies, and to bring up some of their wars in the past that took

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place. You know, when they say, you know, I remember when we when we beat y'all in that battle, and the nurse said, No, you never beat us. Okay, we beat you in the battle. And then they're recalling the days of ignorance brought forth huddle, and it was mentioned that to where some of them were getting out there swards and they were about to go at it with one another. And then the verse here was revealed, Allah subhana wa tada reminding them that look, those days are over. That type of thinking, that type of practice is over. If you want to die as true Muslims, and not die in the state, of actions of disbelief and of actions of separation, do not dynasty die of those that

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struggled and tried their best to fear a lot and be mindful of him, as he should be feared by remembering the blessings of Allah because that ultimate means of remembering something. And using that remembering to make you have one that is thankful. That is what will make you the people agenda. And that is what will keep us as a strong community. We lost the kind of Allah bless you all, and make you have those that remember the blessings of Allah upon you. And upon remembering those blessings encourages and enables you to be of those of unity, a cinematic Umbra to library catching. Thank you