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AI: Summary © A customer and an agent are discussing a video where a woman fell off her scooter and broke her leg. The agent is trying to convince the customer to buy a free copy of a Quran and encourage her to donate to the Dwa center. The customer is excited and plans to leave her family behind.
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And that brought you here. Well, her address she just a couple miles up the road, if you don't mind. I'm here with a very interesting story. So I just met Gary cook. That's right. And you are on your way, literally to the city to city hall of Bel Rico, but I'm interested in moving down here. But your GPS brought you here. And then you fell off your scooter he has and then he walked into my office. Yes. And we got till we fed you and you got it got you all patched up here. How wonderful. I really appreciate your hospitality as well Rico. I'm going to enjoy living here with this kind of vote camaraderie. So then at what I told you, I said nothing's by chance or coincidence, it was

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destiny that he fell off his scooter here but at the center, and we patch them up, fed him and gave him a gift. Wonderful. I look forward to that Qur'an. Yes. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. All right. God bless you. Wow, that was something amazing. So Mr. Gary cook goes and puts in his GPS coordinates one destination, but Allah had a different plan for him. He gets him over here to us at the future Dean center. Unfortunately, he fell off his scooter at 82 years old. And we got him inside got him some water some food, patch them up a little bit. And then we got him a gift verbatim Word of God Almighty, Allah the Quran, you got over 6000 verses in his book around 1000 don't deal

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with scientific facts, miracles, you can be assured that this is not manmade, but indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth, one of the purpose of life. It's in this book, why you've been created where you go when you die since his book, facts, not fiction. So you'd be a fool if you didn't pick it up. Read it sincerely, earnestly ask the creator, the heavens and earth for guidance. So it's a message is often repeated worship the Creator, not the creation. The love of Jesus is in this book. Love of his Blessed Mother is in his book, defining clearly to humanity, how to be successful in this life, and the next and to be morally upright on the foundation of pure

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monotheism. Enough said, I'm gonna get you a free copy of this Quran. Go to the D show.com. To get your free copy, keep us in your DUA so we can get officially open, opening up the machine and mega Data Center as a D center. We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salam aleikum.

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Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters as you can see, we've acquired the property and we're getting right to work and with your due us and support. We can go ahead and get the masjid and mega Dawa center up open and running in sha Allah. Imagine every person that prays here gets educated and guided to Islam here you will get a part of all those blessings and rewards Insha Allah, what are you waiting for brothers and sisters, you're going to leave it all behind anyway, so go ahead and invest in your hereafter that's everlasting. Click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you