You’re Only Provided Because You Provide For the Weak! Amazing Hadith

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The speaker discusses the importance of Islam and how it is a test for individuals with disabilities. They stress the need for individuals to be patient and stay in a state to avoid overwhelming behavior. The importance of praying for others who are sick and pray for them is also emphasized. The need for people to pray for others with disabilities is also discussed, along with the importance of helping others through difficult situations and reminding them of their importance.

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Well hello Taurus zakura watan Sorona. In libido alpha e calm, this particular statement is so powerful in a strictly, you know, materialistic view, in a very, you know, if you want a capitalist view, you look at someone who is unable to produce anything of value economically, and you think this person is not valuable to society, this is how oftentimes, we're trained to see things. And the narrative particularly around people who are underprivileged becomes what, these are people who are depending on handouts, these are people who are a burden to society. And while they're provided for, we're not providing them happily, it's always seen as a burden on people. But Islam teaches us that

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they're not a burden on people. To the contrary, they're the reason for all the good that me and you enjoy. They are the reason while we're on our toes Hakuna watunes Haruna Elahi dua Yquem Subhanallah, the expression in Arabic is very powerful. The problem is using what's called adapt to the hustle he is making something exclusive. When you say something except something before example, La ilaha illa. Allah there is no God except Allah, what we say is that only Allah is worthy of worship. That's what that's the meaning that's created. The meaning that's created here is the only reason you have what you have is because you take care of the poor, the needy, the underprivileged,

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it's because they make dua for you. Subhanallah, I remember my teachers who would always say that, you know, when you are giving sadaqa to people, the person you helping is yourself. Don't ever think that you have helped that person that you have given money to, because while they are, it seems like in your eyes, the one being helped in reality, you are helping yourself, because that is the money that Allah's patho will count for you on the Day of Judgment, and the DUA that person makes for you. That dua is going to reach Allah and the blessings you enjoy. You don't even can't even you know, calculate the amount of goodness that comes because of that person's da, because of that one

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righteous person making dua for you. This is how Islam teaches us that these people who are in a tough situation, they are not a burden. In fact, they are a reason for us to support them. And they are a reason for us to to help them or are they are they are someone that you should help. And that becomes a reason for us to enjoy all the things that we enjoy. Now, I'm bringing this up today, because tomorrow is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. I've given this a couple of times already actually, here and in other places on this topic of folks who are, you know, tested with disabilities, because this is what it is. For us. It's a test disability that a person suffers

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from, it's not a curse, it's not something that's a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala it is a test from Allah subhanaw taala. Like all things in life, if you have children, that's a test. And a blessing. If you don't have children, that's a test. And in a way a blessing as well. Both situations, it all opposite in one way or the other, are considered to be a test. Same thing here, good health and privilege. And a lack of dependency is a test from Allah subhanaw taala. Because then you are expected to do more Emmylou Allah who the chakra the family of the who has given so much Allah says, work for the sake of Allah to express your gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And

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those who are not given, that's a test. That's a test for them. So the person who's tested with disabilities are the families that are tested with someone who is a disabled person that they are taking care of. This is a D, that we talk about this, this is something that should be talked about more, but we take this opportunity to talk about it in the process of sent Hickman to do a little movement in our agenda for what cobia goodness is like the property of the believer, wherever he finds it, he has the most right to it. Right. So we're not saying that all goodness comes because of Muslims, or everything that is good is was started by us. But what we're seeing is if there's

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something that's good in the world, we should be at the forefront of, you know, of championing that cause or becoming the leaders of that cause and this is from that. From that perspective, this is a great cause a excellent initiative, it D that should be talked about, and then some learning should come out of it. Because as believers we're expected to be leaders in all things that are good when it comes to people of disability. This is something that we believe is not in any way shape or form a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala it is a test and with a test in nama yoga, FASAB Aruna Agera homebuilt lady ASA, what we believe as believers

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And this is what is completely unique about us as Muslims compared to other faiths and other worldviews for us, we don't see a difficulty as a difficulty. As you know, in a vacuum or in and of itself, we see a difficulty as an opportunity.

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That's how we see it. It's an opportunity for us to lose our sins, it's an opportunity for us to get raised to the highest levels of paradise. That's how we see it. When the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam would pass his condolences to someone who lost a family member, he would say, well, it does. Well, Doctor said, be patient, don't say something irresponsible, irrational, and expect Allah to reward you.

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upon Allah, that's how we that's how we are. When a person's child dies, the praise one is called Hamidah was started. This person praise you all, even at the loss of his child. This is the most difficult thing a man could or a woman could suffer from. But they praise Allah that moment. And they said in other law, you were in here on your own, we are from Allah, we belong to Allah, you will return to Him. This is a test. It's an opportunity for us to demonstrate our faith in Allah subhanaw taala. This is how we see the world. This is how we operate in it. So the person who is afflicted with disabilities, or the family that is tested with someone who has disabilities, we say

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to them, that as a reminder, not to belittle your difficulty, not to belittle the day to day, you know, challenge that you have. But as a reminder, every is the challenge that you're suffering that you are facing, every difficulty that you're encountering. Allah subhanaw taala is recording it down. And on the Day of Judgment, you will show up with mountains of good deeds for your patience. Every day, every moment that you had to be patient. Mountains of good deeds are waiting for you. That's what we say because Allah says in nama UEFA sobre una Agera home be lady, it's up those who are patient.

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And this is a state it's not like salah, you pray Salah it ends right? But Sabra is you are patient it as a state you will remain in that state. And for every moment you remain in that state, you are getting agile.

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Literally that is unlimited Azure. That's how we see. So we remind ourselves and remind those those families that go through this difficult test, that

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this is not going to be unrewarded. This is not going to go unrecorded by Allah subhanaw taala and all around us and our own our stuff that Allah Allah will have stuck through and override.

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Well Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are early he will us have him on without my bad when it comes to, in our tradition in from the Sunnah. We have this beautiful tradition of visiting a person who's sick now of course you have to take your precautions and you know if someone has an infectious disease you have to possibly keep away but you can still message them you can call them there's other ways to visit someone without going in person in a protective taking protective measures but if you're an if you're able to visit someone without getting sick without putting yourself in as harmful situation, highly encouraged to do so. In fact, the messenger says false

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alarm. I'm a Muslim and you're rude Muslim man would do what and in La sala Allah He Sabrina Alpha Malak Hatha UMC are in either who are she has an illness Allah Allah he's the owner Alpha mela used to be well cannula who can even fill Jana Subhanallah just visiting a person who is not well just to visit them. You're not there to provide a cure. You're not a doctor, right? You just going to say salaam to them. How are you? It's um, samosa have some chai with them. Just doing that. When you get 70,000 Angels pray for you. And 70 or seven or 700 This is hyperbole in Arabic, meaning that this is not exactly it's meant to say unlimited.

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There is no limit to the number of angels that are praying for you Subhanallah and that's if you did this in the morning or in the evening. Both timeframes. There are going to be angels that are praying for Your forgiveness, unlimited amounts, we have what 500 People here, consider 70,000 70,000 And if consider all these people praying for you, now, that's all just people, their angels. Just you because you went out of your way to make your brother or sister feel good. That's all you're trying to do. That's the major arcana who have even agenda they will have a special garden in paradise Allahu Akbar. This is just for someone who visits this

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someone who's not feeling well to uplift their spirits. You know, it's Hala, you don't know the effect that this has on a person I had, you know, ACL repair surgery many years ago. And it was a very difficult time for me because you know, you're sitting in your bed, you're completely immobile. And it was winter time. So it's already like dark and gloomy. And it was a very difficult time for me personally. And I remember this one brother came, I will never, ever forget this in my life. He came after Asia to our house, he came to say salam, like that, though, that image, his smile, the way he was dressed, the way he sat, it's etched in my memory. And he was like, Oh, I didn't see you

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for Asia for a few days. And I asked where you were, and your dad told me that you had surgery. So I came to say salaam to you. That was such a great moment, it completely rejuvenated me lifted me up so much Subhanallah, you don't know the effect you would have on people, just by doing the small act of kindness, just by a little good deed. Subhan Allah this is the reward of the one who visits imagine the reward the one who is raising a person that is disabled, who is perpetually unwell, chronically ill, they take care of them day in and day out. Without a break without fail, what is their reward? How many millions of angels are praying for them how many millions of gardens they

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have in Jannah SubhanAllah.

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We don't look down on those who are tested with disabilities. We support them, we pray for them. We do whatever we can to help their ease, we remind them with good words, because it gets dark and in the heart very fast. In these situations, we remind them of these good things. And you don't know how far a good word goes. That's the least that we can do. On this day, when we talk about people who are persons who are tested with disabilities, that is the least that we as a community can do share good thoughts, good reminders, positive energy with those of us who are tested with this very difficult situation. And reminding ourselves also, that, for us, life is not just about I have this

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transaction to make I have this purchase to make I have this goal to attain for us life is much bigger than that much more valuable than that, that every day is an opportunity for us. It's an opportunity for us to do something for akhira whether that's by supporting those who are underprivileged, because that's how we get all the privileges that we have will help those that

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will hurt towards the

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ICO or whether it's, you know, holding ourselves holding our tongues when something unpleasant happens, patience, or reminding someone who's going through some difficulty that just hang in there in sha Allah, Allah Samantha will make it easy for you calling them visiting them. This is how we are supposed to operate brothers and sisters. For us. Life is not just about me myself, my hobbies, my shows, my entertainment, my self care, it's important to take care of yourself 100% But for us, it's also about can I uplift others around me because me uplifting others is me helping myself. This is how this is the Sunnah. This is what our messengers also taught us. We on this day, we remember

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this as a reminder for ourselves, we remind those of us and inshallah we support each other so that we can all attain the highest level and Jana Jana for those Allah in Allahumma mulligatawny Soluna Anna Nabhi you will live in Abu Salah who sent me the Similan masa de Allah Muhammad and Phil Olina with alacrity also the Anima hominins ilmenite La 18 Allahu Mahina Allah so not the human Midna Allah military version of Islam that he was playing I mean how the hero but I mean on the mat number 18 fusina Taqwa

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was that the higher ones and well you have Robina attina Tonia hacer una de hacer una working on double knot Rafi masala