How to Clean Our Dirty Hearts

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the process of absorption of the heart, which involves removing viruses and cleaning it. The process is repeated multiple times throughout the transcript, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of finding ways to continuously live in the viruses around the person.

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I call the heart the crystal vase, the crystal vase shining beauty Allah created Allah Who knows, somehow it will or what happens as we live, it becomes foggy. Now the dirty, more dirty, more dirty and sometimes becomes black. What is this dirt? Anger, jealousy, lying, loving this life attachment, competition, I want to be the best. I'm going to crush them, the business, all these backbiting and since exactly all the sins since comes in, yeah, what does purification does? It's a process basically, simple, that crystal that became with with time

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dirty, if you want to use this word, foggy, you cleaning it, polishing polishing it and then it comes back to the original crystal that the focus is I am here as a Khalifa of Allah subhanaw taala I am here as stewards on this earth. We all our talking about it these days. How?

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And here also medicine comes in SubhanAllah. When you have a wound and the wound is infected, any kind of filament what is the first thing you do? You clean the wound and then you remove anything in your surroundings that will make the wound infected again, and then you bring things that will help heal the wound. That Saskia that's purification. You bring back the heart is wounded. Jealousy backbiting, hate, no belief in Allah, all these things right? And then I'm going to gradually remove it, remove it, remove the harm, remove the house and clean it and basically literally I tell the sisters all the time, like you're bringing, you're cleaning a dish, you're washing a dish, the dish

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is your heart and you're washing it and if the dish is dirty, you're gonna keep washing. Yeah, right. So here you go. And by the way, purification of the heart test here is one of the three messages that Allah Subhana Allah sent the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Mohammed for us.

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The first thing is halted Bukhara Robina Obi fie him Ross Zulan been home at rally him i attic. Are you Ali Mohammed kitab. Well, hikma or you

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know, send this was the dua of Ibrahim. Ibrahim exactly unsorted. Oh Allah sent to them the people in Makkah or his progeny, yes. A Rasul FROM AMONGST THEM messenger from amongst them exactly will teach them

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recite the verses of your verses to them uh huh yeah to La him I had chicken I Attica and then when you're a limo haunt you.

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You they teach teach them a book, when he come up and he command wisdom.

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Exactly my shot La La he's a key and purifying pure this isn't the first job of Satan Abraham. If you flip this, this is four times in the Quran. If you look at the second part, second time is oratory. Bacara the sequence changed or been Alba theme Rasulullah Mignon fusi him he actually him i Attica and then we use a key him where I live when will Kitab al hikma once you are a Muslim? Once you know, then test care becomes and some scholars tells you it's for blind. It's an individual obligation, every person. So in a nutshell, how do I do number one is like memorizing the Quran. It's a process. So I'm going to happen in a day, Allah I always tell this device will Allah

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escapable of everything, but it's a process I wanted. I'll take the measures will remove the viruses. Right? And keep the cleaning. Number one in the process. You need to know what is my problem? My problem is anger. And when I get angry, I disobey your law. I say things I hurt people. What is my problem? Jealousy? Why does she have it? I don't have it. She doesn't deserve it. My, my problem is, I speak and when I speak I hurt people, backbiting lying, putting people down bullying all these number one identify by identifying yourself. Then take one by one

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simple company, as you said, so

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if the softball around me if my friends. I know when I go out with them. It's going to end up in backbiting I need to remove that's a virus. Definitely. If I know if I am

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gonna be doing certain things. And if it doesn't work perfectly, I'm gonna get upset. I need to move away from these things. I know, if I, for example,

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if I'll be with this, if I go to her house, I'm going to feel ill inside me. She has a bigger house than mine. She has four bedrooms, three that I need to cut down from this social interaction. So number one is identify what is your problem and what's causing it. So aim knowledge, learn, learn, and the more I learn about Allah subhanaw taala. The more I learn about my shortcomings, then

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number two is Mujahidin, we call it and this is the biggest struggle say say and the process is very easy for things less and one thing is more

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very easy and this is email am put it beautifully. The for less, which we absolutely don't do.

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What do you think?

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Best doc? Yeah, let's sleep.

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Food, less food

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and less interaction with people.

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And more.

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Deliver exactly Mashallah. To article more dhikr of Allah. The cornerstone is this one? No. And

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there is a saying, attributed Saraswati salatu salam at the Cosa auditor ULb remembering remembrance of Allah is the cleaning agent of the heart. Remember the crystal? Yeah, like we put soap is pressure washing this spray. It's thicker and thicker. Any form of remembering Allah reading Quran, memorizing, asking Allah for forgiveness,

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doing morning and evening escort saying Subhanallah reflecting on the nature and you say your Allah Hamama what is beauty is this, who are you? You know, that's a vicar. And this process continues, it's not one day or two. And you'll see yourself gradually changing, much more calmer, much more appreciative of what Allah gave you less complaining. Which is the problem of these days. Yeah, less less and less complaining, less attached to the material things if you have it Alhamdulillah if you don't have it and hamdulillah and then the more you get there, then you start getting so close to Allah subhanaw taala the Quran makes you cry, standing inside the night all these so it's a process

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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen What is really beautiful is anytime and every time I teach this wherever and I teach it all over. I'm not only in the States, in people really these days, that's what they are missing

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is like wow,

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this is what I need to do. I need to figure out that me continuously living in these viruses around me and feeding the viruses. It is making me sicker and sicker spiritually