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AI: Summary © The Islam shave journey is a spiritual journey that is a journey of submission to Islam. The importance of shaving only when it is necessary to address issues such as death or execution is recognized for shaving the head. The speaker discusses the use of "theorizes" in Islam, meaning worship or being a slave of Allah, and the importance of shaving only when it is necessary to address problems such as death and execution. The journey is a one-time journey that hearts are attached to, and preparing for difficult situations, long periods of worship, and the upcoming season are important for resolving difficult situations and granting freedom to all Muslims.
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in the hamdulillah Madhu monastery in Havana stove Pharaoh when the villa Himanshu, a unfortunate woman say Dr. Medina, Maria de la hora de moda La MaMa you believe further hodja well shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika Allah wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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All praises due to Allah, we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide him, yet whomever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger.

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Yeah, you have levena Armando Taku la haka, Ducati. He wala tomahto nila one two Muslim moon, or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam.

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Yeah, Latina Armando, tapa la kulu, COVID and Salida. Useless la Kamala como la ku Baku, la hora Sula, hufa fosun Avi Ma. O you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to the righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins and whomsoever obeys Allah and His messenger. He has indeed achieved a great achievement. I'm about vanasse takarazuka tabula rasa Alhaji Mohammed in Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa sallam or Sharon ohmori Masato Hakuna Matata in beta wakulla Allah Allah wakulla de la FinFET. Now brothers and sisters in Islam, Hajj season is upon us. And so today we're going to be talking about the journey of Hajj and how to prepare to go to Hajj. And this is a place

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Mecca, and the journey Hajj that the hearts are attached to. And this is due to the daughter of Ibrahim alayhis salam Ibrahim, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, as he is walking away from Mecca, he says robina in a second term in the reality B word in the viruses or in the vertical Mahara. He's saying oh my lord, I have placed my offspring and he means harder and is married at a certain B word in in a valley later these are in which there are no plants, no trees. And the scholars say when Ibrahim alayhis salam says no trees it indicates obviously that there is no water. But saying there are no trees is more descriptive than just saying where there's there's no water because no trees

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indicates no water and indicates no food. Because food will either come from animals or from trees. If you don't have the trees you don't have the animals nor the water. So it is more descriptive. B word in very these are an in a valley that has no trees and debating

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at the place or at the location of your sacred house. And the scholars use this verse to indicate that Ibrahim alayhis salam only rebuilt the Kaaba, but that was its place even before Ibraheem alehissalaam then he makes the robina loopy masala meaning Oh my Lord, make them establish the follow so that means they remain

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Upon your worship the remain opponent of eight they established the salah, fragile, as a determiner, nursey we elect him, so make the hearts of people come to them come rushing to them. So he said make the hearts of people and discover said Why did he mentioned the heart specifically, and they argued that the heart is the most important part of the body. And if the heart is attached to something, the rest of the body will follow to whatever that is. So make the hearts of people come to them come in droves come rushing to them. What is akumina Tamara Lumia screw and, and give them from your boundaries and from the fruit so that they may be thankful. So it's a journey that people their

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hearts are attached to it as a result of this dot, not only our Muslim hearts attached to it, even non Muslims, we've met some non Muslims who are attached and I wanted to make Hutch. They didn't even have the intention to make to become Muslim, but they're saying I want to go to Hajj and I want to throw the Jamaat they even know some of the rituals. There is another non Muslim from West Virginia and he was not one of the cultured people and didn't know much about Islam. I just saw the picture of the Kaaba and the people around the Kaaba. And he said, whatever that religion is, I want to enter it immediately. His heart was immediately attached to that place, and heart Our hearts are

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attached to that place, even the structure, the building of the Kaaba, were it were at all when we look at it. And this is part of the result of the Ibrahim Anisa. What happens is when Muslims when someone goes to Hajj and he comes back, it is sad. But unfortunately, most people when they come back from Hajj, they don't talk about the beautiful spiritual side, they talk about the difficult side, the pushing and the shoving, and the thirst and the heat and all that, but someone will sit after returning from Hajj. And He will speak for 45 minutes about the difficulties and the pushing and the shoving. And at the end of the discussion, everyone listening to him will say I can't wait

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until I go next year. And you would imagine the opposite. Someone told you about difficulty you would not want to go but that's because our hearts are attached to this place. But as an important side note, there is no more pushing and shoving any, unless you go looking for it. It is so organized. Now with apps with so much ease. There is not a single station now where you will be pushed or trampled. And hygiene is improved a lot. But the point is that it is a spiritual journey. And it's also a journey of submission and teaches submission. It began with submission. Ibrahim alayhis salam was commanded by Allah xojo to drop his wife and infant son in the middle of this

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desert. And he didn't stay for a few days to help them build a house and find water and get them settled. Brothers and sisters, Ibrahim Allison dropped his family turned around immediately he didn't even rest and started walking away. That's his submission to Allah azza wa jal. Now her her turn, she asked him who are you leaving us to? And he doesn't ask her then she finally says Allah who Mr. Kirby hada? Is it a lot of you who commanded to do that? And when he said yes, she immediately submitted as well. So from its beginning to its end, it was completely a journey of submission to Allah subhanaw taala. And even today, when we go It is a journey of submission. When

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we make tawaf around the Kaaba, we make the toe off counterclockwise. We may not know the exact wisdom, why counterclockwise versus clockwise, but we submit and we do it seven times, we submit, and we do it so far and Marois. We submit and we do it shaving the head, we submit and we do it. And on this note and Nabi sallallahu Sallam specifically mentioned greater reward for shaving as opposed to cutting the head of the scholar said, Why is it more reward for shaving the head? It's simple. Again, it's an issue of submission. Because people love their hair, and nobody wants to shave bolt, they would prefer to just cut it, but the one that is greater upon you, that is the more submissive

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one and that's the one with more reward. And that's why even shaving more reward because it's the idea of submitting to Allah subhanaw taala doing what Allah azzawajal commands, whether you understand all the wisdoms or not, you're still going to submit to Allah azza wa jal. So then what about the things that we do understand, we know their value, we understand the wisdom behind them the benefit to you the benefit to society, Yanni, the things that we refuse to submit to Allah azzawajal right now in our daily lives, whether it's a job and people have arguments for a job, about the spirit of Islam is just being modest and you don't have to put up all these things, or the

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laws of Allah subhanaw taala the laws of the *tier how many people will pick and choose and go against specific laws, but when people are attached, and they're away from all these other destructions they completely submit

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No one makes the journey all the way to Mecca and then refuses to do any of the rituals. They do the simplest ritual, people will do it and follow it to the tee. But then they come back home and then start to argue one more time.

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Look at the beginning of suta note and sort of the note starts in a very unique way and there is not a single surah in the Quran that starts in the same way so to note in this surah Allah subhanaw taala says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, surah Enza na, na, when xenophobia is in Bay? Not in teleco? Allah subhanaw taala says su Alton Anza nah ha, this is a surah chapter that we sent down.

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And the scholars comment that every chapter in the Quran is sent down. So why would Allah will begin this one by saying this is a sutra that we sent down every sutra is sent down? Well, for na, na, according to some of them have a serene well, job na la kumala Malibu mafia, we made it obligatory upon you to act upon what's in it. And they said again, every surah in the Quran is like that every surah was sent down by Allah, every surah is for you to act upon what's in it, there is not a single sort of that was sent just for your reading pleasure, every sort of for you to act upon. But a lot of really specifically saying it in the beginning of this tour, we're uncertain again, and we sent

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down fee her in it as a unit and we sent in it, clear it out so that you may take action. And again, every other surah is like that has clear eye out for you to take action, you're obligated to follow what's in the store.

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the scholars explained Allah subhanaw taala begins this surah specifically this way, because this suit is going to cover some very, very important issues, issues of Hadoop prescribed punishments that can even reach the issue of death and execution. And then a job reputation visitation, and then it goes down to eat more mild issues such as your own children, knocking on your bedroom door before you enter before they enter into your bedroom. So something from as simple as the etiquettes of knocking on your bedroom door within your home to something that could be an issue of life and death. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying everything in the surah and every verse and it's sent from

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to you from Allah azza wa jal, and you have to obey and follow everything in it, the big issues and the smaller issues. And it's the only sort of that starts like that. And it's the only sort of that today, those people those Muslims who have a problem with Islam and want to reevaluate Islam, all the issues that they have with Islam are actually the ones in the sewer, meaning they chose the wrong sewer to play games with the chose the only sort of that starts by saying follow everything in it. And they have issues with the Hadoop that are in it, they have issues with the job that's in it, they have issues with so many things in the surah and it's the only one that starts in that unique

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way. So hudge reminds us of submitting to Allah subhanaw taala and the true meaning of being a slave of Allah azza wa jal being a word of Allah subhanaw taala. The word apt in Arabic, it means worship or from a Bada, and it also means slave. And you find some today, people who don't like the definition of slaves, so they'll tell you, it just means worshipper, but it means slave. And the difference is when Allah subhanaw taala uses the word that I'm describing the profits of the law of Solomon, the Koran here, it means worshipper, because the greatest thing you can be is a worshipper of Allah is the origin. So lots of how to other mentioned the Prophet lamp as his as his worshiper,

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to praise Him and to place him above everyone else. Subhan Allah, the br D here, meaning his worshiper because it would make no sense to mention the alum as a slave like everyone else is a slave of Allah, not putting him above everyone else. But when a Nabi sallallahu Sallam describes himself as ABD here, he doesn't mean worshipper. Here. He means slave of Allah azza wa jal, so to not put himself at a higher place, and the first words are Isa if no matter Yeah, I didn't said I'm spoke in nee Abdullah. And he didn't mean I'm the worshipper of Allah. He's meant I am the slave of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So when we're the bead when we're slaves of Allah azza wa jal, it actually means that Allah Subhana Allah owns us and owns our bodies. And because Allah Subhana Allah owns us, he can tell us what to do with our bodies, what we can and what we can't do. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala and the Sharia goes into details, which hairs you can remove which hairs you can't remove. You're not allowed to shave the beard for men, you're not allowed to pluck the eyebrows for women. You're not allowed to shave your head bald. If you're a woman, you're not allowed to kill yourself. It would make sense that if you own yourself, you could kill yourself but you don't own yourself. You don't

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own your body.

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That's why no tattoos, no disfiguring the face because a loss of how to actually truly owns us we are owned by Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what the word that I've chosen, it shows actual ownership for that reason and the vehcile alone is a lump. He instructed the companions to not refer to their servants as Abbot, but to say, this is my boy, this is my girl. Why? To show that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who truly owns people who truly owns people.

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So a lot of how to Allah commanded and demanded our immediate and complete submission to him and sawtell Bukhara Allah says yeah, you Hallelujah, Amen. Oh, oh, hello fishin me Kapha all you who believe enter into a sin completely what is a sin? This facility said assume here, Shara and Islam, meaning the rulings and the commandments of Islam. That's a sin. So Allah is saying, Oh, you believe enter into that completely? What are the taboo hot water shavon and do not follow the footsteps of the shaitaan in who Lacan I do want move in? Indeed, he is a clear enemy to you. So why I mentioned the shaitaan in a verse that saying submit completely to Allah azza wa jal, because part of his job

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is to get you to not submit to not obey Allah subhanaw taala. What destroyed the nation's before it was them turning away from the commands of Allah azza wa jal not submitting to Allah azza wa jal, that's part of the job of the shaper. And that's why laws get mentioned him in the verse commanding you to submit. And then Allah Gill mentions hood, Watership on the footsteps of the shaper. And the scholar said, the fact that the shaytaan works in steps indicates that he's clever, because he's clever, he works in steps. He doesn't just bring you the end result which you would reject, most likely in that case, but he works in steps. So Allah subhanaw taala is warning of that in reverse

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commanding you to completely submit to Him subhanaw taala.

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The idea of brothers and sisters is to submit to Allah azzawajal in issues that are important to you, not issues that don't concern you. What does that mean? Yeah, and someone is a smoker, but he doesn't deal in Riba usually. So when you tell him rebuys Haram, he completely submits and it says yesterday by Sarah, but then when you tell him something that's important to him, cigarettes are haraam. Here he starts to argue about macro and all these other things. And the same for the other person, the person who deals with Riba but he doesn't smoke, tell him cigarettes are Haram. And he immediately tells you they're haram and he lists reasons and wisdoms why you shouldn't smoke, but

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then tell him brebis Haram, suddenly, this is an issue that's important to him, will he submit or not? And now we go with the explanations and times have changed, and the modern economy and to remain viable. Musharraf is now you get all the excuses now, because it's something important. So the main main thing is the real test, submit in issues that are important to you. Will you submit to a loss of how are we going to submit an issues that don't intersect with our lives or have anything to do with us we don't interact with.

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So we said then that the journey of Hajj is a journey that hearts are attached to. And there are people who make tremendous effort to make a tremendous effort. There is a story that was told by a cab driver in Serbia, and this was many years ago. But he talks about how an old couple, a man and his wife from Pakistan, got in his car, and they kept telling him to take them to make up. So he says I'm driving them and they're in the backseat the entire trip, just crying and making God crying together and making god and i don't understand what they're saying. But they just keep telling me to go to move. He said I stopped to get some food. And I could see that they were extremely poor from

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the clothing that they didn't have any money for food. So I bought them two sandwiches. When I gave it to them, they refuse the sandwiches and they kept pointing to their stomachs. So I brought someone who could translate and the translator tells me, they explained to him that for 25 years, they have not eaten meat so they can save and put aside money for Hajj. And they don't want to eat the sandwich because it their stomach, their system is not used to the meat so therefore they can't eat it. And they just kept urging him just to proceed so we can make it to Mecca so nothing can stop us from making Hajj. 25 years they gave up meat to the conceive a little bit. Can you imagine saving

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for 25 years for 25 years saving to make this journey. This is how some people have to struggle to make it to Hutch financially. Not only that, even the journey physically itself.

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So there are some people who this was before again would drive even in our day and age where people can fly

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They got on a bus, some of them standing completely crowded, no air conditioning and they drove for 25 days to the can make it to make 25 days driving one way and 25 days driving back the other way. 50 days on a hot bus, just so they can physically reach Mecca.

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What about our situation and Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us to be in a place where it is not that difficult for us. So a number of things. Number one, put Hajj high on your list. Put Hajj high on your list, meaning make the intention to go to Hajj soon, not when you become old, not after you get married. Not after you're diagnosed with this and not many people plan their vacations in intricately in detail. They're planning their vacation, they never once plan for Hajj.

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So or they plan you know bus trips and road trips, but they don't plan for Hajj. So first thing, put Hajj high on your list. The second thing is if you need to, if you don't have the finances for it work for hedge just like this couple who for 25 years didn't eat meat to the conceit for hedge, you can save for hedge. But living in America that's not so difficult for us. You can be a student and working full time or you can be someone who is busy and has a full time job. Maybe the full time job doesn't allow you to save for Hajj, you can have a part time job. Any part time job here in America just 10 hours a week or 15 hours a week which is nothing and just every time you get a check from

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that put it aside for a hedge and within a few months, not 25 years, not even 25 months in just a few months that part time check. You can put it aside and that covers hedge expenses immediately.

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How easy it is for us if we put some effort in just a few months, we can have all the hedge money ready for next year. Not 25 years, not incredible sacrifice. It's that easy. All we have to do is make the right intention. Apollo cola has stopped rolling.

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Stone through fair frozen Mr. Green ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness. Indeed those who asked first forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Meanwhile, earlier he was so happy about and the second hobo he wanted to contemplate an issue. And that issue is why was Hajj placed so close to Ramadan? Why are hydrocodone close to each other meaning

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in Ramadan, what happens you get a spiritual high Eman increase all the hair that happens to you spiritually that happens to your heart. And during Ramadan. And in hajj. Something similar happens a man increases spiritually you're at a high and your heart is cleansed and you become closer to Allah. So these are two major points throughout the year that bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. The question is, why are they so close to each other? So let's put it in another way. If you were told you can only take a shower twice a year. Would you take one today and one tomorrow to talk about in the rest of the year? If you were told you can only take two showers a year would you take

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one this month and one next month and then stay for 10 months without a shower? Or logically would you space them out? Yeah, and you would take one every six months you space out. So the same thing is what we get out of Hajj and Ramadan. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to be spaced out so that you can get the spiritual high here and then when you dip again, you get another spiritual high, mid year. But the fact that they're close to each other should indicate to us that there must be something that Ramadan does for you that prepares you for Hajj. So here are just a few of points of contemplation. Number one in Ramadan, you experience difficulty, especially with the thirst, the

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hunger if you're not used to the long prayers that might be difficulty for you. So Ramadan now is preparing you for to deal with difficulty. And two months later, just after that training, you may encounter difficulty at Hajj. The second thing is in Ramadan, you experienced long periods of long periods of worship, and that's all what Hajj is about. As you're making tawaf you're making liquor and you're making data Allah subhanaw taala or you're making long data to Allah azzawajal. It's preparing you for what is to come and likewise Ramadan because it gets you to become more patient and that is something you definitely need during Hajj. There are some people on the day of alpha who

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play cards who play Snakes and Ladders because they don't have patience. It's such a long day. But Ramadan prepares you for that. If you happen to make actigraph in Ramadan, it prepares you, no doubt for Hajj misdelivered

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Sleeping on the ground sleeping outside the tents in Mena. So again, preparation happening for Hajj spending Ramadan month of sada and generosity, everyone is spending and giving and being generous. Hajj is all about spending. Hajj is all about spending and that's why part of Hodges it puts Baraka in your wealth, because you spent so much of your money for this journey to Allah subhanaw taala. So in return, Allah blesses your wealth and makes it up to you. Likewise,

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what might happen is you might if you experience the rush and Ramadan, you will know doubtedly undoubtedly crave that rush, and you will want to experience it soon. Not long from from that point. And so husband comes only about two months later, so that if you crave the rush, you will find it and craving that rush will might encourage you to crave the other rush and Hajj, and that's the wisdom behind them being close to each other. And the last point is that they're roughly about two months apart, so they will roughly fall within the same season. So if you made faster Ramadan, in the summer, in the heat, most likely Hajj will come. Also within that same season, a season of heat.

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So you've already got training and preparation for the journey of HUD. These are just some of the ways how Allah subhanaw taala has facilitated this journey, this journey which is mandatory, besides the fact that we love it, it is something mandatory. So perhaps a lot of us in this room right now can make the intention to prepare to go to Hajj next year, financially, mentally make the invitation and then respond to the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala. With that we ask Allah azzawajal to make use of those who recognize truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize false with this clear falsehood and abstain from it for lahoma and then have to

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ba ba, ba ba Hola Hola, Caledonia. Kumara homina? Well, I'm a blogger in Mena. Well, Elena sirona. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify the conditions of Muslims around the world and to grant freedom to all Muslims who are being held and dealt with and just around the world. And we ask Allah to rectify the condition of the Muslims in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and in Burma, and in Yemen. And in Kashmir and in all parts of the world Yoruba aalameen for lahoma berrimilla Hello Matamoros Didn't you as the theocratic way.

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Way more visible morose way unhappy Allah Macario Samia da la mobarak

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alameen wa

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como como la