This is how they control the Jinns

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reality of the "has been made" concept, where people use their bodies to possess people and create false false accusations. They also mention the use of gyms to destroy people's lives and use their bodies to create false accusations. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself from evil people and reciting certain verses to protect against them.
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Now I'm telling you now, Wallah, he this is no hocus pocus.

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This is reality. And this is a fact

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that these people use the jinn

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to go out to people's houses and to communicate with the Kareem.

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After praising the King of all kings, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the one the only Allah Azza, wa Jalla, the mighty and sending salutation on the Imam of the prophets, leader of the prophets, the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Muslim

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from Ben,

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and hen,

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then Cain, the gym.

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Now the gyms we Muslims believe that they are made from smokeless fire. And this is reality, they are invisible to the human eye. But they could be standing right next to you.

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They could be in the form of animals,

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they could come in the form of humans,

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and they could

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items. And this is the reality.

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Now some genes people use

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to possess people.

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And what these people do, and this is a reality, this is no hocus pocus. This is not

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you know, it's a made up story. This is a fact and this is a reality. And you must have heard this in your community.

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Now, I am here

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to establish a fact

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that there is people out there

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in your community,

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they will go they will do 14 days, in a certain place.

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They will make a circle around them.

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And they will recite Surah Jin a certain amount of times.

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What they say and I have come across people, they have told me

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that they recite Surah Qian certain amount of times, they make a circle.

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And they sit in the circle.

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After sitting in that circle,

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the world of the unseen the gym,

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they come in the most disgusting of forms. And they try to make this person leave that circle.

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If this person succeeds, and he remains in the circle,

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according to this individual,

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he says

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that the gin

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the leader from the gins

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gives this dodgy person allegiance. Now this person then uses the jinn

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to go out

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and destroy people's lives.

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There's no such thing as white magic.

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Black Magic, whatever you call it.

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is complete sorcery.

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This is the reality. Because there's people out there

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you go to them and you ask them about a situation about a problem. But instead of them going and giving you a solution to recite Satan, Satan verses

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they will say we can find the problem for you.

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So people know information, and how do they know this information will lie It's reality.

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They use the jinn

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to go out

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and to get information.

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And as we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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a individual

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has a jinn with him,

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or shaytaan with him

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and has an angel with him.

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The angel instructs this person with God

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while the shaytaan instructs this person with evil. So the magician he uses the gyms that he captured and the allegiance that was given to him by if read by the main general

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All from a monster gym.

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Now I'm telling you now Wallahi This is no hocus pocus.

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This is reality. And this is a fact that these people use the gyms

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to go out to people's houses, and to communicate with the Kareem.

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Now with this, gender is with the person the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the shape on the communicate, and they get information out, use information, and they bring it back to the magician.

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And on many occasions

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when someone wants something done,

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and they are in desperate need,

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if they hate you, if they don't like the look of you, if they got a beef with you, if they got issues with you.

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They're jealous of you. Then what they do is generally defined these Dottie Imams out there

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who use jeans.

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And they give them about 150 200 pounds. And then they send the jeans out to destroy that person's life.

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This is a reality and this is a fact. This is why my brothers it's very important that we as Muslims,

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we take care

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of ourselves, by reciting certain

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do us

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to protect ourselves

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from magicians who are trying to destroy our life.

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Now, the jinn. They're made from smokeless fire,

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they're invisible.

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They could come and follow you in a bathroom.

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They belong lying down on your bed.

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They go follow you when you go out. And if you come in, they also come in with you.

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There's some Muslim jeans,

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some caffeine origins

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and different sort of gyms that followed different ways of life.

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Now not all gyms are out there to harm a person. They live their life and they were created as Allah the Almighty says that we created them that they worship Me.

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Allahu Akbar, we understand from this, that the purpose of their creation was that they worship Allah.

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But it's sad to say

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the people use Jinns

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and destroy people's lives.

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In sha Allah Till next time,

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I end by saying May Allah protect us from any sort of black magic any sort

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issue issues that are caused through black magic. I pray to Allah the Almighty the Allah the Almighty, makes us from amongst those people who recite and follow

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the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and recite certain verses that protect ourselves from these evil gins Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh