The Amazing Moment When We See Allahs Face

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I'm going to share with you the greatest and the grand gift and the biggest of prizes that the believers receive in the Paradise.

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And that is the hadith of seeing Allah subhanahu wa taala in the Paradise, that's the price.

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That is the greatest motivation

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for a believer to keep focus and keep sure that he makes the afterlife his greatest concern. When you get up at night, work towards this hadith and I'll share with you

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put it right in between your eyes.

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And if this doesn't serve as a great inspiration, then you need to find where your heart is and clean it and rectify it because it's perhaps really dusty and rusted.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Yo Marionette Dylan moody. Jana, in our back home terracotta Allah yesterday LUCAM for Haryana Xia OT.

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In the paradise when the believers have entered,

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a color is going to call out

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old people of the paradise, your Lord is inviting you all for a visit. So hurry up, come along to visit him Subhanahu wa Taala

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so the believers will see some man will

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we hear and we obey.

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And they will get up hasty rushing to his visit SubhanaHu wa Tada

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for either been able to hit that loan,

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and then the best of transportation is prepared for them.

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And they get on the back of these transport. And it rushes the people of the paradise until the region area in the Paradise called Anwar de Lafayette

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and why the left means a huge open space that has been made for the special appointment with Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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Then in the bee sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said was GEMA Huneck Philomela did he dare you mean Omaha they all gather up in that location in that area, and no one is left behind them Allah subhanahu Matana will order for his school to see to come down and be established in that area in that open space. And then fruits will be prepared and set up fruits meat of light Allahu Allah Mao and thrones made up of Perl and Ruby and precious stones and gems and gold and silver. The entire space is set up and prepared with Roush.

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and the prophets and the messengers who we call and they will sit in the front lines and then a suit the team will sit behind them. A Shahadat will sit behind them. And then there are sand dunes, sand dunes, from amisk they snow and they have a fragrance of must

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the righteous and everyone else will be sitting on them

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while acfe him Danny, and there is no one inferior to anyone. Everyone is equal and everyone is the same. And those that sit on the sand dunes do not feel that they are less important than those that are sitting on the thrones and the seating arrangement. The seating arrangement, the way it's decided is your presence in attendance on the day of Friday.

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Those that attempt selected Juma and sitting in the front lines really early are those that will be sitting in the front line on that Friday. When there is this grand special meeting with Allah assertion. It is according to your presence on the deal on the day of Friday.

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Then another is sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Hatha is a stalker would be Malaysia this who whom what might not be him, and Aquino home. Once everyone has settled and has taken their position and their police, a corner will call out and he will see an agenda. In the lack of manga Allah Himawari them you read a new news como.

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He said, Oh people of the Paradise. Allah has a promise for all of you. And he wants to fulfill his promise to you all.

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So the believers they will see.

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Didn't he already brighten our faces?

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Didn t already cause our skills to

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We haven't didn't he already admitted us into the paradise and save us from the hellfire. And they continue to mention what Allah azza wa jal has bestowed upon them of mercy and blessing

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for bein among Catholic as they are in this state talking what Allah has blessed them with it SAPA Hana who knew

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Assura Cup, the whole agenda, all of a sudden ally to shine upon them all.

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And that will light up the paradise off together.

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And they will raise their heads for evil your brochure Alicia

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could shut off her, Alley him for him. And all of a sudden, it is that Allah subhanahu wa taala has manifested above them, encompassing them from above. And he will say to them subhanho wa Taala he will say yeah, and then Jannetty As Salam aleykum all believers or people of the paradise, peace be upon you all. Then they will respond with the best words that whoever said, law who Manta Salem, woman Casella.

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They'll generic.

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Allah, you are the peace and from you comes to peace. You are full of blessings. You're the Possessor of Majesty and Honor theoretician Nana Homer.

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Then the Lord Subhanallah, who

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will manifest and display to them and he will be smiling at them. And He will say to them,

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you He will say to them and this is the very first words they will hear from Allah, our social

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Ina, either the Levina or Baroni Belhaj.

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He will see where are those? Where am I sleeves that are beat me without seeing me?

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Leo and Leo Owen mozzie. Today is the day of increase and the day of abundance. See this word here?

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The show this is your focus. Every night when you wake up. Allah azza wa jal will tell the believers at the Lavina opera power who do you believe you want to be only were those who are shipping and never saw me. In the case of the believer that wants to meet the afterlife his greatest concern? He must be standing worshiping Allah, knowing that Allah azza wa jal sees him, yet he cannot see him. Are you the Lavina or Baroni believe you want me I'll only

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How are you going to be part of this hadith

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if you've never had an effort to get up, and to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and to prove that the afterlife is your concern,

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so all the people of the Paradise will gather and unite upon one word. They will see Uncle Davina for BANA our Lord we are pleased with that which He has given us. So be pleased with us bestow Your Pleasure upon us.

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So Allah azza wa jal would say, oh people of the paradise if I wasn't pleased with you, I wouldn't have admitted you into my paradise. This is the day of increase, have their own mercy. This is the day of abundance first and only asked me requests from me.

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So they all gather and unite upon one word, and they see arena wash, economical elate our Lord, show us your face so that we may look at you like a bottle Whoa. This is a great moment. This is a special moment. This is the peak of all prices in the Paradise.

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And then Allah subhanahu wa taala will remove the veil and he will remove the curtain that is between him and his creation. And it is at that moment they will all be enveloped with the light that is emanating from him SubhanaHu wata Allah, Allahu Akbar, and had Allah azza wa jal not decreed for them not to burn, we would have all burned

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and there will be no one that remains in this gathering, except that Allah subhanahu wa taala will speak to him individually. And he will remind a person about the wrongdoings that he used to do in this world their life. And He will say to him, don't you remember when you did such and such? And this person will say, Oh, Lord, didn't you forgive me? And Allah azza wa jal would say, of course, my forgiveness has reached you. And this is why you're in the position

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Now that you are in and this happens every Friday