Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Condition For Hidaya

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of taqwa in Islam is discussed, as it is required to reach rebirth and create new gene expression. It is stressed to avoid restricting use of taqwa in meetings and to keep reminding oneself about it. The importance of reading books and sharing experiences to improve one's life is emphasized, along with avoiding falling in love with people and not falling in love with false assumptions. Additionally, guidance is given on forgiveness and protecting from evil behavior, while avoiding mistakes and not falling in love with people is emphasized.
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Valentino salatu salam Arusha film

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Allah Allah He was with me.

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And let's run and tell us a bit about his book valuable the tabula rasa fi hudl

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dilemma in general hold on

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two things.

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One is that it is a book in which there is no dogs

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and to that in it is there for the motorcade.

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Therefore, we understand that he there to get you there, taqwa is required.

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There is for people who have the power and majesty and fear of online the arts,

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that does not come for people allow reliable common for civilian Allah.

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Allah does not give you that to the rebellious people, very clearly.

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That comes to the limit the pain, lie habil homall faceted. Two things. The Buddha is is for the motto. And there is no desire for people who have no taqwa and no and who are rebellious.

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Therefore, very important for us to ask ourselves and continuously keep checking the level of taqwa in our hearts.

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Because stuff again and even goes up and down.

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Sometimes it is more sometimes the list becomes weak. And if you are too much immersed in the dunya, it becomes weak, then when you come and sit in the massages, and you listen to the greatness and glory of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the normal thing. And that's the reason why also it is important to repeatedly and continuously keep on reminding. It's not a question of sometimes people come. And they even praise You know, sometimes the other day somebody told me tomorrow so we live this football match, we go to other Maasai they say molting? So I told him, why do you think this is new? Nothing new here also USA. So how is it new? Maybe it's new in the way you know, some angle

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operators are based otherwise? So this whole issue of new what what do you do? What Where did Where are we supposed to find the new hub?

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What when you want people to invent a new gene or something, they have the there is a great high in the issue of repetition, a lot rather than as I kill in the cotton ball one way, rather than repeat and repeat and repeat, rewind and why in the reminder is his benefit for the people who believe so therefore, we continuously and unconsciously keep on reminding ourselves over and over about the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala about the fact that one day we will start before him and we have clouds that are less therefore what is happening in my life. Like I was saying yesterday in the in the lecture, and we say when we will when we ask the question what will happen to my family,

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after I'm gone?

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What everything material, what will happen to our family materially after I'm gone.

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In most cases, your family will be better off after yoga.

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Seriously, if you look at it,

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if you look at it, most people after the head of the family has died, they've done well.

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So that's what this material is the what you should be asking is what will happen to them spiritually in terms of the deed while you are there and that will happen only if you have been dating your life on the synonymous because you can say when I was alive I used to ensure that every day we used to have a list of zeger of Allah subhanaw taala there was a day every day there has to be some reminders, some tally some mention of the Quran to mention autopsied every day I used to do this now after I am gone, what will happen who will carry forward this practice that I have created in my house. It's very important for us not to restrict the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala only to

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the massages only to you know meetings of doctors and coda and beyond and this and that. Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala remember as Allah, Allah remembrance of the nosara salam must be a daily affair in our houses in our homes.

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To do tally him every day tally of Islam every day in your home, you must make this into an absolutely unchangeable thing.

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Make a particular time whatever is convenient for you. Morning evening night, when the whole family everyone small from the smallest child to the oldest person must gather must sit together and must remember Allah subhanaw taala

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whatever you choose, whichever book you want to read, and the lack read anything which is good

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But remind each other about the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala remind each other about the importance of interviews alone the

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importance of following the divine each other about the fact that one day we will die and will stand before us and I know that these three areas don't go into the areas of Messiah don't go into the this is jazz and that is not jazz. If there is an issue that was the most he was someone who has got the

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qualification to give you a fatwa and give your opinion, don't don't fall into that trap. Talk about these critiques, the greatness of Allah Thurid risala and

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this reading you can go and talk about these three things, and then focus on the focus on the actions of on a daily basis. The first of them is Salah, and after that other things every day, you must have garlic, you must have the vigor of Allah subhanho wa Taala in your homes because Allah said who the little motorcade, how will the guacamole that come? It comes that will come with a reminder. So, continuously reminding and dividing and the last part is liable common philosophy, there is no there are people who are rebellious people who are possible. So therefore, inshallah we try to we try not to be possible inshallah, but also very importantly, do not be with people who are

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I'm not telling you to point your finger at somebody and says, Oh, it was a budget No, but you know, and I know, what the, what the lives of some of our so called frenzy fans are, you know, what kinds of things they talk you know, how the where they go, what they do, stay away from them,

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stay away from them.

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And the best way the nicest way to stay away from them is to invite them towards the last monitor.

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So one of two things will happen either if Allah wills he will give them that they will come towards Allah or they will leave you

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so both ways is good for you. They come handle very good. Invite them please come for that space come for Salah please come for this.

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And if they say I'm going to get on a roll that that place is wrong, that that what action you're doing is wrong, tell them. So, they will either they will get Hera inshallah. Or they will they want to know you are a nuisance or it so forget, I am not going to talk to very good hamdulillah

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the both ways you win.

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But don't go with them don't do what they do. That is very, very, very important. This issue of rent is extremely important. So I remind myself I knew that the condition of his eye is taqwa. And it is essential to continuously monitor our top or the level of our taqwa, inshallah, on a daily basis. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us, and to accept this from us, and to give us and guide us and to forgive our mistakes and forgive our sins and to protect us from shelter and protect innocent from our sins, for salmonella hyla and avian Karim while he was having his main

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