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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the emotional impact of recent videos on social media platforms, including the cowboy's injury and the Irish community's struggles with their language and culture. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding one's point of view and learning from past experiences, as it is crucial for happiness and success in Islam. They also discuss the importance of acceptance and being true to oneself and others, as it is crucial for happiness and success in Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding confusion and not letting people know that Islam is a war or death game.
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When he said what he said about you know, Jesus, I'd still was 40 passed away May Allah grant in general he ended up with a young mom she did

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something to be fair, I have noticed, and that is, after the the cowboy fight that he won is Sinead O'Connor she'd like considered the queen of pop music over there again, God.

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Praise God. you hook up with Conor McGregor. I mean, what would you tell him a man like that? Who has everything right? I want like, that's the life I live. whatever I want. Whenever I want this.

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Speak Irish.

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No, not really. I found the most i was i was very keen on learning it when I went to Ireland, but I found that most of the Irish themselves don't speak it either. So I see. I never I never put in the time to learn it, unfortunately. But Irish Irish people have that unique. That unique accent. Yeah, especially when you go down more south towards cork in these areas. Okay, but you let so you lived in. You've lived also in Ireland. Yeah, I was there for like five and a half years. I'm still more or less should be, you know, back and forth. But with the you know, the pandemic that happened and I was here with my family, so we ended up just staying. And hamdulillah Did you ever cross paths with

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our friend Conor McGregor?

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No, no, no, no. Nothing in person anyways, no. Well, inshallah God willing, he can maybe I think, possibly somebody can get this. Show it to him. We actually did some programs before and we want to talk to you about because you're of Irish descent, and inshallah God willing, we can derive some benefits from that. And you're also somebody who I hear started training, some of the jujitsu, is that correct? I am that I started maybe about three or four years ago and hamdulillah how's that going?

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It was going pretty good. But I hurt my knee about a cry about a year ago, I had surgery actually here in Turkey. Yeah, tore my meniscus. So I'm trying to wait I get back on the mats inshallah. With that well, now welcome. That's a warrior scar now.

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Welcome to the club. game. I get that. Yes. That's the rest of the training. Hmm. But you got that from from actually from training? Huh? You tore the meniscus was it? Yeah. I was training in culture and cue MMA there with the brothers. And it twisted the wrong way. And then it was okay for some time. But then after the pandemic, I was trying to do some some running in the hills in Turkey, and it just just popped, you know, tore the meniscus. And then when you especially not when you go to pray, right, when you go when you're sitting in the position there, does it? Yes. Actually, I made a video about that actually, one of the most difficult things that I faced was not able to make to do

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with you know, I didn't cross my mind.

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A blessing that actually is, it makes a dude I had to pray, you know, for so many months in a chair. And it was just it was really difficult not be able to, you know, to cross train and put your head on the ground. So Panama, I hear you. It was really, that was the biggest emotional tear, you know? Yeah. No, that's when you have that near injury. Yeah, it really affects that.

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But how many people know we've met, we've actually how long has it been? We met in at the peace conference? You remember that? That's it. I was gonna see if you remembered it out. But it's been 12 years, about 12 years now almost 12 years now. Mashallah. Yeah. And I remember when we met that you said you didn't have your equipment and you wanted to film with me, but he said, it will set up something else. So here we are now. 12 years later, and you're finally doing it. Here we are. 12 years later. Yeah. Yeah, I remember. I remember talking with you hanging out a little bit. Yeah. Allah God Almighty, Allah reunited us.

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Yeah. So you remember if we can take it back? I mean, again, we don't want to kick a man when he's down. Right. And you obviously follow? Did you did you get a chance to kind of see the ups and lows, the highs with Conor McGregor?

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Yes, a penalty. If you look at it, it's very interesting.

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He was very successful. And the people I know who actually people will trade with him and to him from before. He was someone who was very simple and very humble. But unfortunately, like many people when you know people are successful, that a lot of times it goes it goes to their head. And you know, he became you know, very arrogant and I made the video I saw that you had posted on it. Before the cubby fight.

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You had posted it I think on on your channel on the deen show YouTube channel. And there's some other channel thing like him feed in this and they posted it in a guy actually got it. If you look at all of the platforms, it's right close to a million views and even it's the most viewed video on my own channel as well. Over 100,000 so it's a panel of the

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the topic was why hate kind of McGregor. I didn't really want to, you know the word hate. I don't like to use it. I don't like to hate people. But what what he said to me was so appalling about Jesus, I found it very offensive as a Muslim. And you know, and I put that out there, you know, to be known as that, you know, we don't just get upset as Muslims if someone talks negatively

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About our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but also when people talk about other prophets as well, we don't accept this as Muslim SubhanAllah. So, when he said what he said about you know, Jesus versus Jesus in the world is not a man alive that can be made with Jesus and alive is he so I don't know, maybe he could come back from the dead, not, I don't know, I'd still be able to whip his you know, whatever. If he were to come back, he would whip him and then

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then calling himself a god, me and Jesus, I kill I'm cool with all the gods Gods recognize gods and saying, though, that Gods recognize other gods. And this and I was, I was shocked to know someone who, you know, I was really inspired by his story. You know, Ireland wasn't known for mixed martial arts, you know, known for boxing, yes, mixed martial arts, you know, he was someone who came up from nothing and worked hard. And, you know, he's really dedicated. And he was good, man, he was really good, you know, and he had a lot of good fights. I mean, went to his head, and he called himself another guy. And I actually said to the brothers, then I said, He's gonna get exposed, as it was

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going to humiliate him. And I mentioned the story. And if you remember the video or not about the Titanic, yeah. And they said, Even God can't sink this. And that's exactly, you know, what happened? I didn't think I was a bit scary. No, I know, Nate Diaz. I think he's a better fighter around, you know, obviously his ground game and even his boxing, what have you, but I didn't know he would be able to beat him with nine days notice, you know, but second round, sure enough, he choked him out, you know,

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in a really bad way, you know, so that's it. That's the humiliation that comes when you when you reach that that level of arrogance, so panela. And then then obviously, after that, you know, obviously, he came back with cubby was humiliated, and then his last knockout was humiliated. But something to be fair, I have noticed, and that is an after the the cowboy fight that he won, and he decisively and quickly

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he praise God at the end. I don't know if you noticed that on Yes, yes. Yeah. Again, God, God, yes. He was like, you know, you know, he praised God. I think your video our videos, I made some videos also towards him.

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I was gonna make a video about it. But I made so many videos about this, I have other things I'm focusing on. But I thought about that, you know, maybe that, you know that. That could be actually no humbled him, you know, and really had an impact on him, he thought about it.

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Well, he said in the fight, maybe it's all business, maybe he's just trying to sell more stuff. But everything has limits, you know, you even if you're trying to make more money, or sell more things, there's certain things that you just don't do. And perhaps he realized that he had a lot of court cases as well.

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You know, issues with females. And now he seems he's trying to be more of a devoted husband, devoted father. He's been you saw before, in the in the in the pre fight with Dustin pourrait. You know, someone was very respectful. Honestly, he was very well behaved. what he was saying was, was, you know, good, positive. And he was positive after the defeat as well, you know, sometimes, and Hamza, like you said, at the beginning, don't kick a man when he's down. You know, sometimes people learn No, it doesn't mean that, you know, somebody made a mistake in the past that we have to hold them accountable to hamdulillah if someone changes, and that's what we want for, you know, all of mankind

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is for their good and their better. But obviously something you know, what he had reached, and something that you know, what wasn't any wasn't acceptable. Even many of the Irish people, people think that all Irish people support him. And I think I mentioned in the clip as well, that, you know, the people don't like that, that, you know, you have certain certain class of people in society, which is not a really respectable class. Of course, they might like stuff like that. But I mean, the majority of the people don't like that, and Irish people, they're very nice, very humble people. And I think you've been to Ireland, yourself, and you've seen, you know, they're very, very

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nice people. hamdullah so they many speak to many of my Irish non Muslim friends and neighbors, even those who I trained with there, and none of them like to know his shenanigans and the things he was doing it didn't didn't feel comfortable about, you know, that representing you know, Ireland and Irish people. Now, we saw that what you said, that was what really shocked us when he was calling himself kind of like a god and then he would whip so and so himself we take strong offense to disrespecting Jesus peace be upon him who we love is one of the mightiest messengers that God ever sent not as a god or little son of God, but as a messenger, just like all the other messengers that

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God sent for humanity. And then we that was like appalling You know, it was like, wow, what happened? You know, how could he say such you know, derogatory things and blasphemous things and whatnot. And then you even had Christians who are calling him out on that and and then he kind of changed his way he went away from that and then it seems like he started started praising God he started saying God but he started saying you saw that also right. He kind of made a shift. Right? And then he went for that

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Yeah, and then and then he went also then from disrespecting his his opponents to actually showing some respect. He started to after the hubby fight right he started with cowboy and all the way up to this last fight. You started being real a lot more respectful now.

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And I thought the same thing I thought what you said I thought he's gonna get humbled. A lot. God Almighty is going to come

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affiliate him, you know, but he can take how do you how should someone I guess my next question is how signs, you know, God Almighty sends these signs, you know what I mean? How could someone like him? He's, I guess he's he's made some some great improvements, but continue improving, you know, and continue, you know, really reflecting, you know, what's the purpose of life? Why am I here really just thinking beyond the material things and the possessions because you see, he was at an all time high. And now it's like, look how suddenly, quickly things can just change.

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Exactly. And I think from a from a fighting standpoint, a lot of it is, you know, who he was, I mean, I think his ranking now and is that is, it probably even shouldn't be that high as high as it is because he's been away. I mean, it could be that as they say, you know, the ring rust or cage rust, or whatever it is, and that couldn't be some truth.

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But, you know, and it is a lot of times, things happen in life for a reason, there's wisdom behind it, you know, and you being humbled, you know, the things you can go through difficulties you can face, it can make you a better person. And that that's that's what it's all about in the end is and it's not about you know, making mistakes, you know, and or not making mistakes, excuse me, it's about you know, improving when you do make mistakes and realizing that and be becoming a better person. So, I mean, I think And generally speaking, he has become a much better person, but obviously now and he perhaps he can reflect even deeper like you said the questions other questions,

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deeper questions? Now, what is the true purpose of life? Is it this because even we know what he has from the fame and from the money and all of this, does that really bring happiness people that everyone is searching for? That's what they want? They think it's gonna bring happiness. But if you look throughout history, and I've given hobos and lessons about this before many of them are the famous you know, singers and actors and what have you many of them have died from you know, drug overdose if you look you know the the king and the queen of pop and we just could pop right into your head there you know, both of them who died you know, miserable death Toma Michael Jackson and

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Whitney Houston for example. You know, Michael Jackson, the mosquito he the the poor guy, he couldn't even sleep at night. That's how bad his situation was, you know, he was someone who's actually looking into Islam in May rumor spread that he accepted Islam but you know apparently didn't but he was close in many of his bodyguards did. But he was reflecting he was thinking he was contemplating he realized that this wasn't what it's all about, you know, he realizes there's got to be something wrong here. And he started to, to search himself, Michael Jackson, but at the end, you know, he ended up overdosing, because he couldn't even sleep at night, if he didn't have, you know,

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it, the these these meds to be able to sleep at night, Whitney Houston, you know, cocaine ended up drowning, and they're another miserable death, and how many had committed suicide and you know, the list goes on and on. So panel lump with these individuals, because what we see to be happiness, and the fame and the fortune, and that type of success in whatever industry you're in, we think that's going to bring happiness, but the reality is, is it doesn't have any, it just brings, you know, more challenges that you're going to be challenged with. And many people you know, drives them away from happiness, and we hope inshallah tada that this will also be a time for him to search and him and

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not just him and others. But to reflect like you said, What is the purpose of life? What are we here? What are we really searching for? What is real happiness because I can I can be, you know, we can rest assured he's not going to be a special you know, thing where he's gonna find happiness through this type of lifestyle where everyone else before him, it hasn't. And, and, and you speak to them time and time again to these people, and they're not happy, they're not happy in this situation and this type of fame and money. It doesn't bring real happiness. Yeah. So for people that don't know your story, just in a nutshell, you're somebody also, tell us a little bit about your past. And

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what brought you to your level where you're somebody dedicated to educating people about Islam, you've committed your life to that. But before that, what were you doing? And how did you get to this point that you realize based on proof and evidence that Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, that this is the way of life that is for all you all humanity.

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And my story is, it's an interesting from a new from that aspect that was from a very good and successful family. I grew up in the, you know, the DC area on the Virginia side of the border of the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and supplemental law.

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My family was, like I said, they were very successful, but I took another path in life. And that was, you know, I was very good in basketball. And a lot of the times, you know, if you wanted to find the good pickup games, and when people were better, it would be more into the, you know, the inner city type of, you know, communities and what have you. So, a lot of my friends became, you know, African American, you know, guys and

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many of them, their, their, their, their cousins and their brothers and what have you and their families were involved in lives of crime and drug dealing and stuff like that. So I kind of got, you know, hooked in that type of lifestyle, you know, the early 90s the the crime era.

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You know, I know you're kind of in a bit for the same type of background, you know, I got involved in that I got involved in, you know, and, and even like, you know, selling drugs, even though I didn't need that type of lifestyle is from, like I said is from a good family, but I just was completely blind and my father kept trying to, you know, get me out of it and tried to help me. But I was just kind of addicted to that lifestyle. But interestingly enough, one of the people, he was actually the guy used to, you know, buy my drugs to sell from, and he lived in DC and his father was a Muslim. So panel law. And then that's what he said, so things happen in your life for you to

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reflect, you know, to stop it, and a lot of sense science man, it's just sometimes people don't realize they're there. Sometimes people don't reflect enough people. Sometimes people are too scared to take that step. You know, but, you know, for me, it was a clear sign that I had always been intrigued about Islam. Because of the story of Malcolm X, you know, even before I was Muslim, I was I saw the movie with Denzel Washington, I read the book completely. So obviously, there's something I had in my mind about Islam and Muslims. And I saw how it had an impact on his life. And I felt that I was someone who had, you know, I had no direction in my life, I was at it. No, I was really,

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I could feel that I was a stray, even like my body, you know, we were doing to my body with the drinking, and the smoking and the smoking weed. And I just felt good. I wasn't feeling good inside. I wasn't I used to be an athlete used to be involved. You know, in playing basketball all the time, I was always in good health. So I could feel my body deteriorating, I could feel you know, I wasn't in a good state. So I needed something. But I didn't know Islam would would be with that. I mean, it just, it was just like, in the back of my mind. So one day, I had an appointment with my friend, I was actually, you know, going to buy, you know, some drugs from him. So panela. But

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he wasn't there. He didn't show up for the appointment, his father told me sit in the basement, wait for him. And I heard him listening to some recite of the Quran in Arabic. And then it was translated English. And I had this curiosity about Islam. And you know, it's interesting, because the misconception about Islam and Muslims at that time, was the issue of, you know, Islam is originally the black man, they focused on the issue of, you know, Nation of Islam and putting that in the media a lot.

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I remember that was one of their preachers named Khalid, Mohammed, he was really, really hardcore. And he was really on the news during those days. And it was like, and then towards the end of 1993. And so panela, and yeah, so I had this in my mind that I couldn't be Muslim, because I'm white, right? So I asked him about this. And he obviously removed that misconception right away. And that's something that the enemies of Islam, they always focused on, you know, spreading that Miss propaganda about Islam, or the propaganda and misinformation, the false information about Islam and about Muslims, because they don't want people to know the truth upon. So Annie, I asked them about

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Islam, and I read some I took some books from him about Islam, and that reading about Islam Alhamdulillah. And it was something entered in my heart right away. That was in the the the end of 1993 became 1994. I accepted Islam and Hamdulillah, then I was 18 years old at the time, and in America. And about six months later, you know, as soon as I became Muslim, I became very intrigued and learning everything I could about Islam, I started to

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I started to study as much as I could there in America, but I realized that the ones who were the you know, the dilemma, or the scholars or the students of knowledge were the ones who actually had traveled abroad. And that's how I could really benefit more so and of traveling and studying in Sudan. And then I spent over 11 years and Saudi Arabia as well. And then I studied Medina, and I graduated from Medina Al Hamdulillah. And then I moved in to the Middle East and in Turkey and and also in Ireland for many years, working in Tao ham, that lecture in both Arabic and English. lectures regularly in both languages now and hamdulillah. And also many, many TV shows, like you saw

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was filming for peace TV, and Hulu, TV and other channels as well. hamdulillah. So that's where I am, you know, now and hamdulillah. How did the Irish people take to Islam? How is it there? when they when you talk to them? Have you had the experience? And how do they look at it as something as foreign, you know, how do they perceive Islam? How is it taken there in Ireland?

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I think they look at it as something for and they don't look at, maybe it's some thing, you know, for them. But they're Irish people is that they're, you know, very, you know, they accept other people, you know, they're very nice, even if they don't like you or like what you do, they're not really open towards you about it. So we don't have you know, too many, like racial slurs or comments or problems like that from the average people. You do have from some of the, the lower class, you know, the, the, the, I don't know, you know, what's a good name for milolii commoners you know, the people are not really educated, you know, and that's a interesting story. Just to kind of sum it up

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for you. There was a reporter and one of the famous Irish newspapers, she did a an experiment where she put a by a proper Islamic dress and a niqab on she's not Muslim, but she just wants to see the reaction of the people as as an atheist she walked around cork Ireland which is you know, this is the the the city of the rebels were my forefathers are from the McCarthy clan and

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You know, she walked around the city for the entire day. And she noticed that most people didn't bother her didn't say anything to her, she noticed that the people who were offended by her, were, some of the ladies were kind of in, I guess you could say out of their prime, a bit overweight, you know, not really in a good situation, you know, late 30s, early 40s. And so she said this, it made us laugh, because my wife who wore niqab there as well, she would notice that those same people were like, the only ones, you know, sometimes never the educated ones not really doing well in their life, probably on social welfare type, you know, that we're just kind of they will be the ones who

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would, would kind of look at you. And so the reporter said the same thing. And in even incidents, we find that if someone did say something, or something would be from that group of people, but generally speaking, the people were very nice. The government, you know, was amazing. The politicians, the local police, always, you know, did great work with them. And they were always very supportive of us and lambda level. So we never had any issues with that. And they were always very supportive, and very helpful. And in general, people always very nice and hamdulillah. I think, you know, sometimes I would joke with my wife, because if I were to wear the Islamic, you know, the the

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dress, the long film, and they would see me, you know, looking Irish wearing that. I think that would be very shocking for them. But my wife would come in with niqab and they would, and they would be like, they wouldn't say anything to her, right? Because they probably assumed that she was someone who was just like foreign or something, it would No, no what what was original if it was European or not, but when they would see me, they would know obviously that I'm, I'm European, I'm Irish, they could tell from how I looked, and they would see me wearing that dress, they wouldn't really understand. But I'm glad that we had, you know, a lot of good experience there with it with a

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non Muslim community especially. They were very helpful and very in a very welcoming to him that he now is Sinead O'Connor she like considered the queen of pop music over there. And she's like an icon, isn't she? And it's interesting that Conor McGregor he used her to come out to her song right. Then she goes she ends up I mean, I haven't met her I know that a lot of

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yes upon that was very interesting. Because she was the one who actually did the law. It was a live song. Actually in the UFC. That's the only live thing I've ever seen done was when she when she did it. I don't know if it's ever been done before or not. I mean, that was the only time I've ever seen it. When when he came out. And she was she was singing for himself. Ah. And so it's very interesting that she would accept Islam, you know, now, I've never met with her yet. I haven't spoken with her. I remember when she became Muslim. I saw, you know, on my social media accounts, everybody was putting my name for her to contact me. But I haven't actually been in contact or yet hopefully, I

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hope she's still doing good. And, and she's learning more about Islam, and she's becoming stronger and better in general. Donna Yes. Sinead O'Connor. Yeah, I had her on the program also not to us. Yes. Oh, that was Yeah. So now you have. You have also this, if you just tell us about there's always been a good relationship between the Irish and Muslim. I mean, they have told us about this potato famine, right? Where the Muslims actually came and helped the Irish there. And they always had this respect for Muslims. Is that correct? That's true. I don't know if all of the younger generations actually know the story for that place, it's called draw Hoda and towards the north,

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they actually have if you look at their football club, they actually have the Hillel, the, the crescent of the moon, on their, on their logo, also, I believe the city council as well of the flag for that area, it's also as the person as well. So you will see that, you know, that that's something that goes back to that when the potato famine, when they sent, you know, the the Khalifa of the Muslims from Turkey, sent in all of the help, even though he was asked not to from the Queen of England to Panama, but he still did it, he sent him to help and then there was something they really needed, and it really helped them out. So they still have a lot of respect, you know, for

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Muslims and hamdulillah also, something very interesting when you look at the issue of Ireland.

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Not everybody knows the history of Ireland, that you know, that Ireland was under occupation for 800 years from from from from England. And you know, even till now obviously, the North is still under occupation as well. But in sick Oh 556 of the of the island, which is the Republic of Ireland now that they've obviously been free for about almost 100 years now. They'll be celebrating the 100 year anniversary, as soon. And the point is that you know that you'll find that the Irish people that there are a lot of issues like for the Muslim land issue of Palestine, for example, you'll find that they're very, very pro, any Palestine. And no, they're always you know, when something happens in

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Palestine, you said there on the street, I remember that.

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My wife contacted me, I was I was traveling, I was on a desert trip. And she said that there was an event in our area in Cork in Ireland where we're living at the time.

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It was for the people of us and you know, she said can you know, can I go out with them with some of the sisters? And I said, Okay, Bismillah Go ahead. But when she contacted me, she said that the sad thing was, is that there was not really any Muslims there. It was, it was all non Muslims were there in support of the Palestinians. And that's because they went through a very similar situation where they didn't you know, they did they 800 years of occupation. So Pamela, I remember, I was teaching in Dubai for some time, and there was a Palestinian teacher or Secretary

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She said you know you British and this so one of the Irish teachers she said to her you know we're not British, we're Irish. They're they're British teachers over there. She said it's the same thing. So the Irish teacher was quiet and then she came up she said to the Palestinian says she said no you Israelis and she was very offended by this he's How could you say that to us? She said the same thing to an Irish person when you call them English, you know, that they she didn't realize that but it's no this this thing that no 800 years of occupation, you know, and then obviously war and famine and and a lot a lot of difficulties that Irish people faced. So they feel when they see what's

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happening to a lot of the Muslims around the world and their situation, you'll find that you know, that they do, you know, feel for them, and they support them. And they're very, very supportive, but having them you know, beautiful, beautiful people and Irish people. What going back a little bit to Conor McGregor I mean, so your last name is a really like real Irish name McCarthy right? When just by saying that name people know he's Irish, right? So you have one Irish

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actually, actually, there's any McGregor. McGregor is not an Irish name. By the way. McGregor is not the McGregor clan is actually a Scottish clan. It's a Scottish clan. But uh, he was there from the ones obviously his family I don't know, their history in detail, but they obviously moved to Ireland. I'm assuming obviously, they married some Irish women throughout the years. So I'm sure he has Irish blood but his clan is actually not an Irish clan. it's it's a it's a Scottish clan. The Scottish economy brothers we call it clans like that's tribe synonymous with tribe. Yeah. Yeah. So so anything with with a MC in front of it, it's originally Mac. And it's interesting. I read a book

00:26:33 --> 00:26:52

about you know about Irish history, Irish families. And they said like, even they wrote actually, even in Arabic and English, like even to the out of them, it means even so and so in the Gaelic or Irish language. So it means any son of Gregor, son of Carthy. So this is this is what it means. It's actually Mac, it was made into a

00:26:53 --> 00:27:27

it was made into an abbreviation. And it's interesting. My passport, I grew up all the time in America was always McCarthy with the two C's connected, for some reason my passport, they can, you know, they put a space between the two. So it actually means even Carthy and if you if you do the exact translation of it. So any McCarthy obviously we're from the the families from the south of Ireland, and our families actually was the royal family or the ruling family for many years in the south of Ireland. And what they called the monster region was the biggest region of the south of Ireland. The headquarters was cork, which is the city of the rebels and the people of cork, they say

00:27:27 --> 00:28:00

this is the real capital of Ireland and because they're the ones who give fighting against the Brits, as the ones in Dublin weren't really fighting during that time until they obviously eventually received money received their freedom. So I don't know exactly when his family moved over to Ireland, obviously, they they're Irish now. But the clan goes back or the tribe goes back to Scotland but Scotland and the Scots and Irish they're all as we say, you know, and Arabic Benny or Mama, they're all you know, cousins and all related. So if you see a mech in front of any name, he's either Irish or Scottish one of the two, there's no, there's no, no, no third unless they move

00:28:00 --> 00:28:26

somewhere else, but their religion goes back either to Scotland or Ireland. So if you were to have a heart to heart, if you guys just ran into each other, someone arranged a meeting, you're there in Ireland, and you hook up with Conor McGregor. I mean, what would you tell him a man like that? Who has everything right? He's got the money, he's got the fame. But now you want to you know, share a share, you know, something even more valuable to him that's just priceless. You know, this Dean, how would you go ahead and start a conversation with him about it.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:40

And I tell him, to be thankful to his greeter. And you know, I think what he's going through now is gonna be a good experience for him. And echo said, hopefully, inshallah we'll think deeper, and many people are and you see like any,

00:28:41 --> 00:28:46

the NBA star just became Muslim. Was it. Stephen Smith was the name or Yeah, Steven.

00:28:47 --> 00:29:18

Steven Jackson, david jackson, yes, we just became loose became Muslim, you know, and that's what he said, he said, that listen to my heart, so that we might advice to him at any one is to listen to your heart and to reflect? And to ask that question, and why are you here? And what is the purpose of creation? You know, is it you receive the fame, you receive the money and he doesn't have to work another day in his life? So what is the ultimate purpose of life? Is this it just tonight? Just to chill out on your yacht now and to to enjoy the finer things in life? Or is there a bigger, bigger reason for creation? And for us being here? And to reflect on that answer and to look, you know, to,

00:29:18 --> 00:29:53

to look into Sinead, who sang for you and look into the same thing she looked into. And when she went, she ended up accepting Islam. And Shalini imagine that to be able to have all that success. Because even with his losses, he has an amazing career. He's had so amazing, that he's still considered one of the best of all time, even though he's at his, you know, serious downfall in the ring now, but it was just so good before. And you know, and it became, he became the major icon of the sport. But yet any with that success and with the money and all of that, if he could find you the true peace of heart which which comes from the submission to your Creator. That's where you find

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

the true the true peace of heart and the true peace of mind. You know, as a lot of us know, Quran Allah biddick related minobu that in

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

Through the amendments of a law, the hearts fine assurance that's when we truly relax and we truly benefit any from any knowing the purpose of life and submitting to the will of our Creator. So we could find that then he would have inshallah have the perfect life, inshallah the success and all aspects and all spheres of life in general Donna, do you see this? I mean, courage is one thing, okay, getting in the ring fighting whatnot. And, you know, people think that's bravery. But do you see a lot of people now when the truth comes to you, a lot of people now they buckled down. Now. Okay, they might recognize Islam is the truth. But it's not the winning team. You know what I mean?

00:30:32 --> 00:31:05

You got people out there, they might look into and they say, Wow, it's just overwhelming the amount of evidence Islam is not just about blind faith, you know, you look into and you look at the Quran, tamper, free, tamper proof, you look at all the, you know, it's a living miracle, you know, the prophecies, you know, etc, etc, the life of the last and final measure Prophet Mohammed, you see his life, there's no way that this man could have just come, you know, on his own bringing all of this new information, you know, and just a simple message, worship the one and only Creator of the heavens and earth, not as crazy, just, I mean, so much evidence. But now people, they a lot of

00:31:05 --> 00:31:18

people lack they might have that courage again, to get in and fight, you know, for another human being. But do you see a lot of people lacking the fortitude and courage to go against the social pressure, right, that comes with now standing up for the truth?

00:31:22 --> 00:31:28

Exactly. It's one I think it comes from from two angles or two aspects. And one of them is any when it comes to,

00:31:29 --> 00:31:36

you know, accepting the truth. And like you said, many people might read about it might hear about it. And they might, they might believe in it.

00:31:38 --> 00:32:17

Other people, sometimes even the arrogance so much that they don't even want to, to look for the truth, which is even more scary. But a lot of times, it's that courage, like you said, and I think it's a beautiful word. And even I remember one of the scholars, he talked about it in Arabic one time, and he called it the brave step, you know, and he said that many people are not any brave enough to take that step. Even if you look for example, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam I thought it was it been a very close even closer with with with his nephew Mohammed than he was with the his own sons. But yet, when it was time for him to take that brave step, and even

00:32:17 --> 00:32:38

though he admitted and openly that this is the original truth, even as poetry, which praises the religion of his nephew, Muhammad, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam. But yet, when it came time for him to take that step, he wasn't able to do it, because of the, you know, what is so and so gonna say? And what is that gonna say, and a lot of times, it goes back to the days we live in it too well, as well, to the issue of not

00:32:40 --> 00:33:14

the issue of the lust and the desires, and people are so into that, that you know, that having the lesson the desires, but is this really what brings happiness and and and I think if you look, on the contrary, if someone like Kirby, who also has reached superstar status and status as well, someone who was in a, considered whether him or john Jones is the goat and he that could be, you know, you could differ on that, perhaps, you know, if you look at the competition that he faced, can john Jones might be considered a bit better. Some of our brothers might not agree, but if you look at it, it could go either way when it comes to who's the goat, but nonetheless, he's one of the greatest

00:33:14 --> 00:33:47

ever, and then no one's gonna doubt that he has all this fame. But yeah, he's someone who's very simple, someone who's very devoted to his religion very devoted to his family. And that shows us as well, that you can be someone who can, you know, excel in the affairs of the dunya, someone who can be, you know, and have all these millions and success and fame, but at the same time be devoted to your Creator. And that's when you that's when we'll, you know, say we can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, we say as Muslims, you can add him to the lamp, because you see, Islam doesn't forbid someone from being successful, someone from being rich, but at the same time, you get to, you know,

00:33:47 --> 00:34:20

have the best of both worlds, when you're someone who's devoted to your Creator, and you and you find that that peace of mind and peace of heart that everyone's looking for, what they're looking for, and all the wrong places, unfortunately, yeah, and this is a great time for again, Conor McGregor to really reflect you know, probably somebody who just was at the top and now, you know, for all the things that are going on in his life, you know, to really think about some of these things that you pointed out, but this would also be amazing Hi, if let's say by some people think you know, this is God Almighty, Allah has control of the hearts he can make anything happen, so

00:34:20 --> 00:34:52

that'd be amazing. Let's say he did. Do what Sinead O'Connor did right? You'd never think that she would accept Islam she did. Allah guided her. A Conor McGregor accepts Islam, you know, and then him and hubby actually turn around become brothers, when that'd be amazing. And that's that that's not something strange. If you look throughout Islamic history, you have some of the biggest enemies of Islam, some of the biggest, you know, few, the ones that had that one of them actually accepted Islam and they became very close. And that's one of the beauties of Islam and the Muslims is that they're very forgiving when it comes to these things. And you would find to ally that if he if that

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

were to happen, that one of his biggest supporters would be happy, but I can guarantee you that, and this is a we've seen it throughout history of time and time again. You know what people

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

Forget that and they become you know, brothers as long as that neckline any payment that he made with one other He made you brothers and that brotherhood there's nothing stronger, nothing more beautiful than that. And then then his father hubby's father actually, you know, before he passed away, may Allah grant him Jenna he ended up resorting to young

00:35:18 --> 00:35:19

people so he called

00:35:20 --> 00:35:21


00:35:23 --> 00:35:27

people Tsukamoto, go see movies, you the facility

00:35:30 --> 00:36:05

and that's that's and that shows you as well any Mashallah, Annie, how can the hearts of Muslims are simple, it's not something easy to do. But that shows you you know, the really good people and people that you know, we should look at and take as role models Alhamdulillah May Allah bless the mill and mercy upon his father, amin and bless her brother. I mean, um, yeah, just exactly like after all the insults and whatnot, he's still opened this opened his house open, you know, the doors, you know, forgiveness. That's, that's really deep. And this was, and I think that's something that as well, a lot of times, people don't know about much about Islam and the Muslims. When we have

00:36:05 --> 00:36:07

these type of events where it's open.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:40

You know, the open Masjid open house Masjid, where people come and actually visit the masjid. A lot of people have misconceptions when they come and actually see, you know, how Muslims live, they see and interact with us. And it actually changes their whole outlook about Islam and the Muslims. I think that's one of the best forms actually of giving Dawa is to let people come and see come, you know, have some tea with us, come sit with us, come join us in the masjid come have some variani with us at home or whatever it is that we're you know, with, with our neighbors and let them know, you know, who we are and what it is that you know, that we're doing what it is that we believe, and

00:36:40 --> 00:37:11

they'll see that actually, we're not No, these these strange or weird people that people make us out to be weren't, we're normal people will have normal lives, we have, you know, guidelines that we do not, you know, and limits that we don't cross because these are limits that Almighty God sent down to us. So that's why we do this, but um, that we have fun, we enjoy life. And we were normal people like others, just like anyone else. But we might look at certain things in a different light, you know, we could we could talk to him, for example, Connor, you know, if you were to come, we wouldn't have any, any proper 12. You know, but we have, you know, we have tea, and we have other things we

00:37:11 --> 00:37:46

have fun, and that that he could enjoy, and he could see. And he could see that there's a lifestyle out of that lifestyle that he's living. It's actually you know, a very beautiful lifestyle. hamdulillah you made a video about this. Recently, can you tell us and I often tell people, if you can dig this, you can dig Islam because everything is built on this. And this is what you know, not just for Conor McGregor, but for anybody listening. I mean, if they can really truly understand this, we call it towhee. The pure monotheism. Can you just elaborate on that just for a minute before we close, because this is like this is the bedrock? This is the crux, this is the foundation.

00:37:46 --> 00:38:20

And if people can understand this, everything else will simply fall in place. Yeah, we focus a lot on that in a lot of our videos, a lot of our lectures, issue of monotheism, which is the oneness of God, and of our Creator. And this is the difference and when it comes to any Islam and other religions, and many people might claim one God, but this is the this is the core of Islam and the meaning of Islam, which is that Allah and Allah any that there's no deity, no God who has the right to be worshipped, except our Creator, Almighty God. And there's what we devote ourselves to, and this what it means to be a Muslim. And many people don't understand, you know, and somebody was just

00:38:20 --> 00:38:54

say, Islam is peace. No, Islam is submission to your Creator who created you. And that leaves you that that submission is going to lead you to peace. So this is the meaning of letting Allah this the meaning of Islamic monotheism, where we devote everything to Almighty Allah, we devote ourselves to a law of worship to a law, all our actions are for our last panel wattana our main objective as Muslims, is for us to do as much good for you know ourselves and for our community and for mankind as a whole and why we live in this life. And we all have this we do with hope that our Creator will be pleased with us, and that he will enter us into the heaven and agenda and channel Donna in the

00:38:54 --> 00:39:17

hereafter. How do Irish people say God? Is there a specific there just say God, is there a particular word that they use an Irish language? And this I don't know if there's a different name for it, but there's something very interesting which is any for Jesus, they say, Isa, Isa, Isa. Yes, I heard that. Yeah, that's deep. Yeah, like we said, Arabic which is Isa, so actually, my son who was born in Ireland, his name is Isa, and

00:39:18 --> 00:39:26

all of the midwives are the nurses. They were very intrigued about, you know, what does this name mean? And they were coming to the room to visit my wife and they're asking her and

00:39:28 --> 00:40:00

you know that they said that and they told us they told us I never knew that any Isa or Jesus is actually Isa and Irish language as well which is pretty pretty interesting. So I'm gonna touch upon that also before we conclude this deep love and reverence many people don't know do the Irish people know that Muslims you Muslim and simply means one who has submitted as well to God Almighty, the creator law is someone who has to love and revere Jesus I mean, an accept him not as a god or literal Son of God, but as a mighty messenger. Actually, I don't think men and whether Irish or not none, I think knows numbers and actually don't know this. And perhaps we don't do any of good

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

enough job in relaying this message in teaching them where they don't realize that we're actually you know people who love

00:40:07 --> 00:40:29

you know reset to the love the level that we do la salatu salam that's why I made the video that I made to make that clear to the people that as Muslims we don't we don't accept this you know saying negative things about Jesus Jesus La Silla maybe in the May the peace of a lobby upon him well thank you so much I hope your knee heals up good and inshallah we meet up in person someday di D Are you going to be back in the states anytime soon?

00:40:30 --> 00:41:03

Well you never know inshallah Annie Oh nama maybe cello it'll work out several times I've tried to come but something always comes up so I made it back Yeah, so inshallah maybe inshallah all right let's If not, then we can we can roll here inshallah we got affiliation over there that represents us. It's two hours from Istanbul there's one and assembled as well. They have one is well received you too as well. Yeah. So beautiful, beautiful inshallah, definitely inshallah you can have met with him. I haven't been there yet. Interesting. Actually. Actually, the brother I was training with when I first came here. He was a Douglas Danny and as well yeah, also, they're pretty tough. Michelle. I

00:41:03 --> 00:41:19

was there. I was training with him before I hurt my knee. Yeah, I was there. I did a seminar actually there in, in Turkey. Yeah, so I'll hook you up. inshallah. I'll send you the brothers information. Information you can hook up. So very, yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Very, very nice talking with you, my brother.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:26

Good to see you out there all these years, shall we stay in touch is Oklahoma salaam aleikum, Taka.

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