8 Traits of True Believers

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in Alhamdulillah nama do who want to start you don't want to still fiddle with our will do bIllahi min Shruti and fusina woman say TR Molina Mejia de la who follow mobila While my youth little fella her the Allah watershed one La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu la sharika wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah who are sudo Yeah, you want Latina Amano top Allahu Akbar to party. What are tomato Nila into mostly moon? Yeah, you're Latina otaku, la Well, Tango, don't have some congenitally avoid. What type of Allah in Allah? Fabio Don't be multimillion. All praise is due to Allah the Exalted, we praise Him, we seek His help, his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils within

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ourselves and the evils of our sins, whomsoever Allah guides because they sincerely and humbly seek guidance, none can miss guide and whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray because they do not sincerely seek guidance, none can guide and I testify and bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam peace be upon him, is His servant and final messenger. Allah the Exalted reminds us in the Noble Quran, what is translated as, Oh you who believe or believers he is addressing us so pay attention, all believers be conscious of Allah as he deserves, as is his right upon you, and do not die except in a

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state of worship. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent upon his worship until the day that we meet him along I mean, are you who believe be conscious of Allah, Allah every one of you reflect on what you sent ahead for your afterlife on what you invested of good deeds in your afterlife, and be conscious of Allah. Verily, Allah is aware of all that you do.

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Often times when a lot is happening, and information increases in the world during this information age, a lot of times when difficulties increase and the pandemic as it continues, may Allah subhanaw taala ease our affairs and relieve us of this pandemic Aloma mean, a lot of times with all of the information that's available, and all of the lectures and all of the programs and the overwhelming number of resources that we have today. A lot of Muslims ask, Where do I begin? How do I know what I need to do? There's so much that I could do there's so many plans that I started and stopped. There are so many programs so many lectures, what's something very straightforward that I can take an act

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upon immediately and live by in terms of a measurable trait. In surah Tamati, Allah subhanaw taala gives us eight characteristics of true believers, amongst many others mentioned the Quran. This particular passage is very practical for us to take meaning it's very straightforward, any one of us can apply it and every one of us is in need of it. But before Allah subhanaw taala mentions these eight characteristics and I asked you to pay attention to all eight and ask yourself with each of them, where you stand in terms of your mastery of that trait. First, Allah subhanaw taala describes people who chose the path of evil people who chose the path of impatience. Allah subhanaw taala says

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in in Cerner, holy cow, Hurley whare. Either MSL who shall judge who will either sell who here oh man who? Allah subhanaw taala says Verily mankind, human beings are impatient. Now the literal translation for someone who takes it out of context that would be what, verily mankind is created impatient or created greedy, but we know this is not referring to all of mankind. How do we know this? Generally speaking, the Quran we take an entire passage like Surah last, Allah says in Al Insana, Luffy, hosts, mankind is in Lost does this mean all of mankind chose the path of loss? Absolutely not, in the Latina ermine, what I mean, no solid heart except for those who believe and

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do righteous actions What's also been happening to us over served, they call upon truth and patience. Here, Allah subhanaw taala talks about people who choose the path of evil. We know this because the rest of the passage gives us the exception, and we want to be that exception. Who is this type of person who is impatient? Allah subhanaw taala says when something bad happens to this individual, they become very distressed like they've lost everything, because for them at dunya is everything and when something good is given to them, when Allah blesses them at a certain time in their life, when it fluctuates, the reality of wealth or the reality of comfort, when it fluctuates

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to a position of goodness, they become very greedy. So Allah subhanaw taala shared blessings with this person and this person started to become more stingy with others rather than sharing with others. This is the type of person who is impatient.

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You thinking they are in control fully of a dunya and the risk rather than depending upon Allah subhanahu wa taala and working for it and sharing it with others to. And the point here of reflection we live in a times in which due to liberal philosophies and other types of secular value systems, oftentimes people think they can't change. Oftentimes people resort to a type of victim mentality of thinking I was born this way I cannot change for the better, and they justify their bad actions or their sinfulness through what through the claim that I was born this way the arguments of nature versus nurture, and we are not talking here about the inclination, the hereditary inclination

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towards certain traits. We are talking here about the possibility of change, that if Allah subhanaw taala created us with the ability to choose good and evil, and some of us may incline to certain characteristics, it does not mean that the solution and the resources do not exist in society for us to overcome these bad habits or these defective traits in some aspects. And so if somebody is naturally inclined towards their desires, not naturally inclined towards anger, does this mean in Islam they should not really care and they should unleash their anger on all people in all situations? Of course not. And so what we are saying here is that for every single individual, there

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is a unique test. And Allah subhanaw taala did not give you a test and not give you the solution for that problem, did not give you a reformation for that problem. So Allah subhanaw taala clarifies to us when I've seen one Massa, the knifes the soul that he created, and every one of us has this soul with freewill for Allama her voodoo Raha Taqwa he gave us the ability to choose the path of evil and to choose the path of goodness. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the strength and the guidance and humility and sincerity to always choose the path of goodness Allah Amin, very briefly, these eight characteristics are now described for us. So Allah says in Al Insana Holika Khalifa

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describes who this person is, we don't want to be like these people. And Allah subhanaw taala gives the exception and the eight characteristics ill mousseline Alladhina Humala, Salah T hinda imune, except for those who pray, meaning they are the exception to those who are impatient to those who are greedy, those who are stingy except for those who pray. The first characteristic they are consistent in their salah, no amount of worldly distraction, no comfort, no laziness, no bed nothing at all of their job or their wealth or their worldly pursuits or ambitions or their friends, Muslims or not, or even the destruction of family and leisure and entertainment. Nothing stops this type of

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Muslim this type of individual from being punctual when it comes to their meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala five times a day. Allah Do you know whom Allah Salah team Da Mo they are always consistent in their Salah May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent. The reality is this entire passage and I urge you to pay attention to how it starts and ends, centers around salah. The Salah begins in terms of this pastor, the salah begins as a description for these individuals. And we end with that same description. A young man was speaking from this community Subhanallah in the Midwest, he was speaking about work in halacha. He was talking about how at his corporate job his way of

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Dawa, he said I've never been late to a single meeting. He said, I'm always the first person there. I'm always there on time and on time means you have to be there early. And the reality is a lot of people respect Muslims when they are also professional. This is my Dawa. This is my contribution and Subhanallah later on in the Halacha. We got to a discussion on salah, and this is all this was all for young professionals. We got a discussion on Salah consistency in Salah. And he had like this this stoic face, he became very sad. And he said, You know, I can't believe I just made these comments about people who are punctual in their work. And I've always been giving Dawa to Muslims to

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be more professional in the corporate field in any place. Why? Because when you value that meeting, when you value your job, when you value people, when you value your livelihood, you're able to get something done, you're able to be punctual, you're able to be professional. And he said, but I've been slacking off with my salah. And I just realized what the problem is. The problem is I have not been giving value to this meeting with Allah subhanaw taala five times a day. Forget the fact that I'm not early forget the fact that I'm not on time. He said often times I completely missed the prayer on its time, completely missed the budget prayer. But when there's a job interview, when

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there's a meeting when there's any kind of corporate retreat, I'm there first. They said I realize now my problem. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to recognize our priorities that when you're praying to Allah, you're not just checking something off a list. You are in a conversation with the Creator. You are in a conversation with the One who created you and gave you your life and the one who will admit you into agenda, the one who gave you your risk, your livelihood, your family, whatever you have around you. The things that distracted you from salah they were given to you by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we asked Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to place the highest value on the

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punctuality of Salah, Aloma Amin Allah you know whom Allah Salah to him.

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The emaan and then Allah Subhana. Allah describes the second characteristic, one lady in a fee, I'm worthy him help them out. And those who have a specific share of their wealth that's given to whom, Lisa, anyone in my home for those who are in need, and those who are deprived a satin, the one who asked does not mean the one who comes to you and asks, but rather the one who is in need in general, and Muharram. The one who is deprived is the one who may have lost their job, they may be going through a calamity they may have recently become disabled, something happened to them, and now they are deprived. And the short point here that needs to be given, this is not referring to Zika. And

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oftentimes people say I'm going to give my Zika and nothing else. Zika is actually revealed later on this is Salton mouth at a Mexican revelation. The Scholars say from the earliest generations this is referring to the believer who recognizes that in society, there are people who have a right upon a portion of your risk beyond these occur, that if you have anything beyond yours, okay, you're able to give, then there is a right that these people have upon you that you share with them as well. And Allah subhanaw taala is describing here one of these eight types of characteristics. Elsewhere in the Quran, the characteristics include Zika, here, it does not here, this is referring to the

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general bonus type of sadaqa. Because this person recognizes the blessing from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, a brother recently, here in Michigan was talking about his situation with COVID. And how he lost his job. And he was going through some struggles with his family. And it got to the point eventually, where they did not have enough food, so all of their savings were used up all of these stimulus checks that they got, and they were very little for their family and their rent, everything that they had they utilized everything they could, he said it got to the point, even with the free distribution of food around the different communities, it got to the point where we were running out

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of food. And he said, subhanAllah, I was praying to Allah subhanaw taala to open up a door of risk on Oh, an open door of a job interview something for me to move forward. And I tried to make a little money here and there, but the bills were just accumulating and piling up, And subhanAllah someone from the community here in Michigan, called him and said brothers, salam alaikum, I just wanted you to know, I have 12 boxes of food, and other resources. I have 12 boxes of food and resources, and I'm going to be dropping them off in your area. I know you probably don't need it, but I'm going to drop one off in front of your house. If you know somebody who is in need of it,

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give it to them. Subhanallah even in the way that he gave him the sadaqa knowing that he lost his job was in a way that did not humiliate him. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us this wisdom and this human humble approach and this love and this compassion with one another so that we are benefiting benefiting our societies and communities and also investing in our athletes Aloma Amin. Number three, when Latina you sought the corner beyond within those who firmly believe, firmly believe in the Day of Judgment. So their belief in the Day of Judgment is what drives them. In short, people who generally disobey Allah, or are attached to this world, or Muslims as well who are heedless of

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the athletes, you'll find that the problems and the oppressions and the sins and the immorality increases in society, or in one's household or in your individual life, when there's a decrease in belief, a firm belief that you're going to meet Allah subhanaw taala soon, the more you believe you're going to meet Allah, the more you will prepare. And this may sound very simplistic, but this is the reality. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of this, so that we are taking action. And we take action here by surrounding ourselves with reminders of the athlete rather than only the pursuit of livelihood or the pursuit of dunya. The next characteristic will Latina human either, we will not

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be him. mushfiqur. And those who have the believers, the true believers have a fear of the punishment not of the afterlife. The way that it's described here is either b or b him their own Lord, look at the closeness of the words together and the words that Allah subhanaw taala uses for this type of Muslim, that you recognize that there is no one who's secure from the punishment of Allah except by Allah's will. In Naramata, Allah Hikari Bowman and sin in the Mercy of Allah is close to those who do good. So the believer here is the one who has a balance. Oftentimes we see in our times, especially people are desensitized to sinfulness. A lot of old and young men and women

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are talking about how they feel numb, how they've committed so many sins, they no longer feel anything, any remorse whatsoever. And the general inclination for most people today is to say what? Well Allah is merciful. Allah will forgive and they don't seek mercy. They don't seek forgiveness. They don't seek reformation they don't seek to improve their way of life. The reality is the true Muslim is the one who recognize that there's an equilibrium or balance. And part of it is hope. That no matter how often you fall short, you can always turn back to Allah and look forward to His mercy and His forgiveness. But then there's also fear. Most people today are living with a lot of hope and

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absolutely no fear. And this is why it becomes easier psychologically, to commit sins and to indulge and to become distracted from God in a society that also is focusing on the past.

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specter of the love of God and no no regard whatsoever for punishment, no regard whatsoever for shortcomings. But when it comes to secular law or manmade laws, people notice the effect of deterrence people notice how they are moved when they see consequences in society and psychologically in criminal law. It has an impact on people's perspectives and their actions in everyday life. So people know, for example, that speeding will lead to a fine, studies show that more people that have been serving more people will speed if there are absolutely no fines whatsoever, despite the fact that that law is there to protect people to protect lives. And so we

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find that deterrence has a role to play. If we as Muslims notice ourselves becoming desensitized, it's important to turn back to the other side of the balance or equilibrium. And indulge and read about the idea of punishment as well knowing that while there is a fear of shortcomings and punishment, you're seeking the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you know that only Allah can protect you in nada but obey Him or you know, Matt moon so you know, that no one should feel secure from the punishment of Allah except by His will. The next characteristic. And this is mentioned also sort of remotely known when Medina who many photo gem Have you learned Ilana as watching Omar

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Melaka, to a man whom for a normal, I don't mean those who are protecting their chastity. And in our times, we can say with these two verses here, oftentimes the transgressions are increasing to the point where the halal avenues are disappearing in society. Because Allah subhanaw taala says about this specific characteristic feminine patella and you can feel when I come when I do, people who transgress the line in terms of their desires. And we notice in our times, people are no longer looking for just a pylon. People are not even within their own avenues of how they're looking for that which is pure, or in accordance with a filter, because society has desensitized people has

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created in the minds of people impressions of what desires are and how they should be fulfilled. And the corruption of the filter or the natural disposition in society, through movies, TV shows ideology, so sociology, the the trends that are happening around us, causes people to start to desire things beyond what is permissible. Oftentimes, the response is very short and straightforward. Focus on the things that Allah has made halal for you and seek them and pray for them. And never consider or come close to the things that are doubtful, or haram May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our children, many youth today are affected by what they watch. And their

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parents assume that as long as they're in front of them, as long as they're memorizing Quran or they're attending an Islamic Studies head of our school that they're well off, if they have open access to the internet. And they're very young, we see children 5678, even 1112 13, open access to the internet, indulging in things that parents have no idea about, and their ideas of what desires are and how they should be fulfilled are being manipulated by society. And the reality is shaytaan preys on these opportunities. If you would not allow a million strangers or one stranger into the bedroom of your child, how can you give them open access to something without any supervision, this

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is an Amana that our children have a right upon us, their guardians, their parents, their siblings, that we protect them from any of the traps of shaytaan in society. And we can ask honestly, any of the youngsters, any of the youth as well, because adults struggle with this as well. We can ask any of the youth as well. Do you realize the potential harms through the internet? Do you recognize and admit that there are some things that you're at risk of or you have seen or you have heard? Because you have open access to all things on the internet? And of course most honest people say yes, of course. How would you take care of a younger person? How would you protect a younger person? So if

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we want to protect the chastity of society, or our woman, the next generation, we must be proactive as well and very blunt and honest about these discussions and about technology. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our children along I mean,

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the next characteristic well Latina, homely Emma, naughty him wa do him wrong. Those who are when it comes to their trust and their promises, their covenants, they are true, they are honest, the believer is always truthful, always ticking to the side of honesty, and justice, regardless of who's on the other side. If a Muslim makes a mistake, you advise them if an entire community makes a mistake, we advise them if an entire group of people or scholars, whoever, whoever it may be, makes a mistake, we advise and of course, there is an etiquette for it, but we stand true for justice. And this links us to the next area as well. Well, Ladino Humby shahada team called among those who are

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true to their testimony. So they're always open. They're always honest, they're always transparent when they testify. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us to testify on the side of justice, regardless of who's on the other side, even if you're testifying against yourself, Harvard Law School for the faculty library, they had something called expressions of justice from history, and they chose different passages about justice allowed in from history. And one of the things that they chose was an eye of the Quran in surah Nisa, in which Allah subhanaw taala informs us Oh, you Oh, you who believe Yeah, you Alladhina amanu stand firmly as witnesses for Allah subhanaw taala witnesses

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meaning for justice, even if it's against yourself, or your parents, your family, your loved ones, your relatives, rich or poor. In other words, be consistent in this principle of universal justice. This is one of the traits of true believers. And the opposite of these traits are the traits of the moon. Obviously, the hypocrites when they make promises they break promises, when they have an opportunity to testify they lie when they speak, they lie when they argue they become very harsh and insulting. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and grant us humility along the mean. And then finally, the last characteristic number eight will Latina hermanos Sana team your half alone. We

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started with salon we ended with Salah in this passage, those who guard their prayers, what does it mean to guard your prayer? How is this different than being consistent in your Salah. And why is this passage starting with Salah and ending with salah. The first thing we recognize is that if Allah Subhana Allah begins with Salah in minimal saline and ends with Salah you recognize the value of prayer, the importance of your meeting with Allah subhanaw taala five times a day. The second thing is that this is the first deed Allah will ask you about on the Day of Judgment. So if there is an act of worship to perfect and put more effort into especially the obligatory prayers then perfect

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consistency in terms of time and quality in terms of the prayer Salah team you have to learn means what they guard the prayer in different ways to perform it on time to perform it with her sure to make sure that your clothes your area is clean that area praying in to make sure while you're praying you're not distracted you're not thinking about other things you're focusing on Allah subhanaw taala in this meeting in this conversation and to make sure you know the basics of Salah every Muslim is required to know the absolute basics of prayer and what nullifies the prayer and this is something that we can all access today and hamdulillah due to the internet and the

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conclusion here with these eight characteristics, eight characteristics of being a true believer is that the reward is Jana. Allah subhanaw taala says hola

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Fijian tmoq Ramune in Surah tenemos una echo mulberry Thorn Alladhina urethral Philadelphia Holly Do you are going to be if you fulfill these eight traits amongst the inheritors of paradise honored in Jana, meeting the prophets and messengers, your loved ones think of that first step into Paradise after all the hard work of this world after all that you've experienced after the departure of your soul from your body and the experience of Allah Rosa the life after death. Imagine then the resurrection on the Day of Judgment, all the hardships of that day that Allah saves you from for being a consistent believer. And then what's the accountability May Allah make it easy for all of us

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and grant us Gen nebulae to imagine crossing over a slit off over the hellfire and standing in front of Jannah and then imagine finally taking those first steps into paradise? By Allah's mercy? How would a believer feel when they enter agenda? Do you think they'll have regrets? Do you think they'll feel bad for working hard? Do you think they'll feel bad for a compromising and sacrificing on comfort and sleep and laziness or even worldly pursuits? Absolutely not. If anything, they would have wished they could have done more. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent until the day that we meet him and allow us to meet him in Jannah as well may Allah subhanaw taala keep us

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consistent and allow us to be a source of light and guidance for others a source of mercy and love and benefit to the world around us. And may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our shortcomings. Aloma Amina, who would have probably heard that was stuck Finola, and he would have confessed, we don't even know who who Allah for Allah him.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while Ernie he was Sufi woman Wallah, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us from amongst those who benefit from what we hear. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam mentioned that in Jannah Allah subhanaw taala will call out yeah and agenda or people of paradise, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them or people of Jannah Where are my servants who worship me without ever seen me? And the greatest reward for the people agenda is that first moment they finally are able to see Allah subhana wa Tada We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us consistent in worshiping him in this world and to keep us striving, productive, optimistic a source

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of hope and light and productivity for others so that we can meet him all together in the highest levels of gender Allama Amin brothers and sisters these eight characteristics are straightforward Surah Talmadge for those who want the reference number one being consistent in performing your Salah number two giving a rightful share of their wealth. Number three firmly believing in the day of judgment and preparing for it. Number four, fearing the punishment of Allah and balancing that fear with hope, number five, guarding their chastity number six being true to their promises and their trust the Amanar and number seven being honest in their testimony, and it concludes with what they

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are guarding their prayers may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who guard our prayers, everyone who passed away before us all of our brothers and sisters who left this world before us had a final prayer and the one who makes every Salah as though it is their last as a way of life as a habit. Eventually when you die you look back and say that last prayer I prayed. I prayed it thinking it was my last Alhamdulillah may

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La subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those who guard their prayer in all aspects and may Allah subhanaw taala allow our last deeds to be the best of deeds and the best of our days the day that we meet him. Aloma Amin Allama fit an intimate minion oh well you want me not well Muslim you know when Muslim out here even when well and what a lot more fit anyway. And Idina, what do you why do you Idina Allahumma Yamapi Bengkulu be one absorb that bit Fluvanna allergenic? Allah Medina wa Divina suburban limitada Allah marzipan alHuda what to call one Alpha One Lena Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in February in Whitefield. 13 Warfield mela Ilana Yomi Deen Allah one

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solid Islam or isn't Muslimeen Allahu masala Islam or Arizona Muslimeen Allahumma soaring Muslim Ian and mustafina frequently makan fie. Colima can equally makan yeah they'll generally when the Quran Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Zona Hassan hajima wa jal Hydra Yamuna Yeoman el parque Robina Artina feed dunya hacer una waffle Filati Hassan was Nina other but now what happening is Surah

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