Muhammad West – Ramadan 2019 – Episode 20

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The struggles of finding missing family members and the importance of not giving up are highlighted in these struggles, along with the struggles of finding loved ones and avoiding mistakes in a changing world. The importance of good behavior and avoiding mistakes is also emphasized. The segment ends with a mention of a YouTube video about a family member's struggles and the importance of addressing their concerns. The topic of missing children and avoiding promises is also discussed, along with the need for charitable giving permission to reveal one's identity and avoiding punishment.
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Without which you don't want to use what I've learned how to design without needing to sit on my lap shopping or anything

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like Members, please do and inshallah from leaving sunset last night to begin. And we know the desert is itself more in the water like you need

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to get out

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searching for was a pleasure and a lot forgiveness for us as well it's

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been a long month from the last these training times. But if you have anything left in us in the last two nights the last Nine Nights,

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which will give you a new way to do it to make this is the time to remember, you're searching the night of destiny, the night read the degrees of our future is yet to come out. And I was given a special opportunity to speak to him so that he could they wouldn't be in our books of

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origin of a house or family surrender our selves into Africa in months later, after all of us in the vicinity of the cities between the 19

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as much as you can

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interest to the best, and we will benefit me.

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So last night,

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the bad news at Apple and was informed that you don't.

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And he takes a deep blow to the beat Yahoo

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up on the inside is already suffering for the last 30 years is the prime going to be useful is being lost in the eye before he says his eyes with what because I've said it's a crime what I'm used to but he lost the child it spoke about how difficult it is to lose a child and really for the one who's patient in that kind of adversity, that there is no limit to the needs for the person with

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the highest level the highest level of reward.

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So here's the one type of worship we do with these gimmicks on our

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unlimited. So we need when we got the bad news of beginning the bonds held

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by the law will not stop.

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You continue to mention him until you become senile or he dies die

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overnight. Almost 40 years so it is hard. This is one of the most in fact my favorite verse in the surah he said was really powerful verse. He says that he

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says I only Ashley's complaining, complain. I only complained to Allah to Allah, about my suffering and my sadness.

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To all of you.

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This is only to Allah, but with all of you I'm okay. I'm still your dad. I still think you even though they were the ones that took us away from

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this week, but he still

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tell me how bad is that when I'm alone with a lot now I cry out loud

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to me, so obviously, I only complained to a lot about my suffering and my sadness while I'm alive. And I know things that you don't know. Perhaps it could mean that I know he's alive in some way. And I must see

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I can't see

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balance between like no matter how bad we

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look at the situation of a

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macro scale, you might repeat yourself because as soon as you get a week we are the worst thing we can do worse.

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The worst and not

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lose hope. That is the worst thing. So

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he says yeah, my son's

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going on he's blind as well to my son's Yeah. Go

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and find me. Don't stop looking at is you keep looking.

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Don't stop trying to be be me back. What are they assume and don't give up. Hope you're okay. That is often the mercy of Allah. Don't stop. Don't mistake. It doesn't

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matter how bad the diagnosis might be, no matter where you are in that wealth. Don't lose on

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In the mercy of Allah because Allah is bigger than you and he is bigger than the problems and his mercy is bigger than all of that it's so easy to change the situation. And to understand

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that you need no one the space of a loss of relief, except for only a person who has no relationship or law gives us mercy. So a powerful, powerful word for a man who's been hurt inside, but he never gave up.

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Anytime, so he.

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So now it's time goes by

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the grain of the family, and

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so they go back and forth. And now things have become so bad.

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We all over the world people are solving. So now the brothers are comfortable once again to Egypt.

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And now when these brothers come back to them, now, this will be the fourth time so they come. Because time is up again. Originally, the second time.

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The third time was when they came to me, let me use it to make money and you know, this is a full time that

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title must

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have mercy on us. Our family has been touched with affliction of families in adversity, we are now in the situation. I'm one of them, we've broken

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up our families suffering and things are difficult to financially for us, we are in a position

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always listening

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to turn the tables where that person is on top of you.

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They are literally begging for food from the land that they wronged and use it was Alyssa man, if he was a less of a person he could have so easily taken advantage of in the situation.

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you might not ever use it over you might have someone was the use of you know that now.

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The person that you cheated now he's in charge. Now in your individual situation. He's the only person that can help you. So now they come to

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us. And they said what do you have if you log in who's eating coconut, okay?

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Now the foods we go to change,

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for quality food, that is not going to be sufficient. So give us our vision and give us

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some clarity.

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And now we're

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getting into giving doctor after giving him your hook person always need to be good to you. So you need to be charitable.

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Now maybe Yusuf Ali Salaam, is being given permission to reveal his identity.

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A long time to do particular thing are these 14 years ago to say that good news, I'm in charge a leader now basically says that you will not have the similar individual tuition for the kings, he was not good

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quality, to exercise the control that he wanted, he has yet to wait until the kind of the kingdom up from jail passed away. I mean, he started over by using a new person gets into position. He doesn't really know the catalyst until he uses legislation the more power they see that use of action to sit on the throne, we have such authority that he will actually do the work of the team, we get to see that so now the reason the proper quality. Now we can actually bring

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patients who what happens

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which we'll get to

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we have a language

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so that I can speak your language

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in Jan, when we were

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in our seats when you were

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when you were around, but now basically said you are not better people to do work.

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And so now they understand this is useful and this is so this is all

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for you

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In this regard as

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Mike says the first thing you see is a company that brings a lot a lot of people to

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meet a man that has been through so much difficulty he says we can only see that a lot is revealing to us

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was writing a lot of other books sitting down

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on the wall then who ever is has stopped we're always conscious of the relationship of a lot and especially with the heat so if you're a good person, it might not be

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a single day you are patient you do you manage the money situations have been resolved I'm still

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to Allah Allah you will

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the hard work the good deeds of good people don't always

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make that you are interesting you just need to do you need to do our duty what is the right even an equation we will not go to call these

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people why

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ball now the doctor somebody's paying for this how they say online is provided some money by the wall

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so you should have

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said to me a lot as an athlete for you over us and we have been since they now have concrete in the beginning of October so

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we don't have that concept but the point

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is now

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what I've done I convinced myself to you acknowledge me they were wrong now I need you to take my car along so now they say that we have we now finally understand that it was given to you that you were envious over that our father loved me this was also a line and it wasn't a view that was at fault our issue was actually available to me once

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and we were on a stick with us was with us so now with the YouTube smash this is what I love and this is the same list and

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this was the meal just before

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just before before people picked him up just before his own people about to do it like when he was at his weakest when he was at the wealth when when we see the ones they have his lifeless body because the vehicle so they the sooner they do we use this also to make it awesome to use it and that's what was the worst thing for like Cycling is the brand new those complaints like my life was so I have to ask you

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what is the worst day of your life

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when my people pick me out

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I didn't know my own tried to kill me I went outside to the people of ecosystems and

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I really didn't know where to go and so at that time we do to our usual and almost basically planning the table you will come back and they will be at your mercy and the same words that we use

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all that

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is no blame

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no blame

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no graduates is not new it's no punishment on you.

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Anything is finished. You are given advice oh it's over the metrics finish

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comes out all the things that

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he says to crush the operation now that you're basically at my mercy What do you think?

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And they say you are our brother our son about brothers and you want to pass We hope that you will be good to us

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in today's day and

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age Don't even mention that everybody will your razor blade today yes we will

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allow them to do is to increase like this one we will be without blowing on you today a lot more can give you all he sees that he's not going to name alone. Now why don't you give them today? Because Because what he's saying is

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a lot

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less forgiveness. So if you have a promises that you made

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except when you want someone else

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when you think that someone's looking for good ones,

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but that's who you are on someone else that person needs to believe you.

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So now

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is a good one. Don't get me like I'm such a merciful one.

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Actually, even when

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Continue the use of neighbor places himself. He says this is all from the mercy of Allah all of this is from Him and He is the Most Merciful of those who showed mercy no punishment of you today. And you even mentioned the time after this time. We can. So now tomorrow

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in the next few days.

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Last question, we've seen how many

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in total, the last seat

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in the house among the leader and the Occupational Safety

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has been really nice question how many times the day the brothers come to us once, twice, thrice, four times. How many times

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they also may have a lucky dog.

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finds the

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camera those kind of a little so we have put those

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two tonight into tomorrow

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night and we will have one

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unlike last week.

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Tomorrow on another

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call at 9:30pm

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and conservatives are committed

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