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If you notice right here, it's talking about in the Old Testament, you see this word has this reference to a bygone song. But it's not even talking about Jesus start with. Here's another reference to some sons of God in the plural. We're looking at that. When we put this together with this, and then we start loving it. Hold on, hold on one second sheet. Let's get the audience and the viewers in on what we're talking about. Oh, are we on? We're on? Yes, we are on the show every week. Sit tight. We got another show for you now, with our special guests use of estas only on the show.

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Mohammed is His Messenger.

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On the deen show, where we try to bring you a new topic, first topic every week and a special guest. And today, we're sitting with Chef use of estas, former Christian Christian minister, preacher and we're talking about, Can God have a son? What does the scripture say about God having a son will any, this is an excellent topic. And it's not one that you're going to just jump on real quick and run away from because you're going to stir up a lot of Hornets on this one. And the reason for that is because people have been told for many, many, many centuries, not just years, centuries, that there is a son of God. This is a popular notion amongst the Christians. But it's also a notion among

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some other religions as well. Some of them talk about God having sons and daughters and gods that are sons of Daughters of other gods. Of course, that's Greek and Roman mythology, you have a God called mithras, which actually is in a lot of ways influencing the teachings of the early Catholic Church. You have another god that comes to us from the early Egyptians, who also has this Mother, Father, Son, God, triangle or Trinity relationship. But what we want to talk about specifically now does scripture. Does scripture really offer this notion, the actual scriptures, and and it's going to be my contention, that it's not, it's not true. First of all, and this is very important to know

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that those scriptures were not revealed in English language. So it's very unfair to have a dialogue talking about translations of something that you know, good, and well, there's no way that was ever in the English language. So you must immediately now go back to something that you translated from, if you go back to the Latin, and you want to talk about the Latin translations or the translations to English from Latin, you're going to immediately find serious problems, even if you go all the way back to the time of Jerome, when he did the Latin vulgate. Because this as as an historical document is a fabulous thing. But as far as being 100%, accurate, the Catholic Church themselves have said,

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we would never use this as the actual reference point for the Bible. But it is a historical document and a great document it is there's no doubt about it. What we want to say here now is that the Bible has it came in the original form, doesn't exist today. Now, that should not be evidence for somebody to give up their faith and walk away, I don't want that. I I've seen it happen to some of the scholars. In fact, most of the scholars, when they get to that point, they just give up and say, Okay, I'll be a Bible scholar, but I'm not going to be a Christian anymore. And one of the case in points that we've talked about in some of your other programs, for those who didn't know it, Bart

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Ehrman is his name was a real born again, I guess, Christian, believing in the Bible as the absolute and positive word of God, and studied at the Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago. But then when he goes off to Princeton and learns from the archeological finds the real manuscripts with a hands on application, he says, none of this is the real deal anymore. We've been lied to. And this is not just a matter of filling in the blanks. This is a man who went

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originals and copies of the copies that are highly respected even today in his field. Now what he says in his books, and you can purchase these at Barnes and Noble borders, books or music is it called Where they have Yeah, you can go there and get these books and read them for yourself and he's talking about lost Christianity's he's talking about misquoting Jesus. These are the titles of his books, you can see for yourself, and he's saying we don't have a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of anything that came from an original source. But the bad news, the really bad news is he became an atheist totally gave up on God. And this is what we don't want

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what Muslims but we don't want Christians to give up. We're Muslims, but we don't want the Jews to give up. We don't want anybody to give up.

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Faith, we totally believe in God. But what we're offering here is not an apologetic view. We're not apologists, what we are saying is we can show you some very important information from scripture scriptures that are still authentic today. The scripture what I'm talking about now is the recitation of God's words, recitation to the angel Gabriel, that same angel who brought recitation to the prophets before brought that same type of

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recitation to Jesus peace be upon him, and then finally to Muhammad peace be upon and it's called the recitation. Our core on means the recitation, it doesn't mean a book that you write down and you know,

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fold up in your pocket. Although you can write down the Arabic of the Quran, the real Quran is what's recited, memorized and taught, from generation to generation. Okay, and what's being recited today, memorized today is exactly the same as it was 1400 years ago and is revealed. So I'm giving first and foremost, some credit here to Scripture, saying that the Quran is still extent, and you can go to it, and you can rely on it because we have 10 million human beings plus, who have totally memorized it, and they're all ages from six to 96. And they have totally memorized it around the world, different languages, still, they've all memorized the exact same way. It's not there's not

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two different neurons out there. Okay. The next thing is in the Quran itself.

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It says that it is a revelation from God. It says it is the recitation of God. And it says that the previous revelations were also in the past tense, it says that this window is going to be preserved, preserved, and we know that God's preserving it. And we know also from Islam, that he will preserve this until the sun rises from its point of setting, meaning that the sun will rise up in the West instead of the East. And until that happens, we still got the Quran. And by the way, this morning, here in Chicago, where the deen show is being broadcast from we know that the sun came up from the east hamdulillah Bella amin for that. I want to look now to what we have from the English of the

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Bible and help people understand something about what we can prove even though it's English, even translation, you said your last resort, we can still prove some things because we do have something that's authentic, which is the Quran. Okay, if we look to Psalms chapter two, verse seven, you have a clear statement. This is in the Old Testament called the zoo in the Arabic language. It says, Here's David, David is addressing the congregation. He's turning his face, he's blessing the congregation. This is something he did other places above you see, did that. And he's stating something to them about an amazing day that this is, this is the day that he and God are having this

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special relationship. He's saying,

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I will proclaim the decree of the Lord. He mean, the Lord said to me, You are my son, and this day I have begun you.

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Clear? Now who's been gotten here,

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David, this is a relationship if you use it for Jesus, what needs to be first of all, hold on. If I want to jump forward to the New Testament, and go to john 316. We have For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. There's a lot of holes in this immediately, you seen that he sent his only begotten Son, it doesn't say Jesus. And if it's only if you're saying only then it must be David. Because clearly in the Old Testament long before Jesus was born, it already said that the Begotten Son of God is who favorite

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of David's to be gotten son got a problem here? No, no problem at all. You're just saying that you're worshipping the wrong guy. Now you need to shift and start worshipping David because it doesn't say Jesus, his only begotten Son referring back then I guess did to seven. But no, hold on a second. That's not the only place.

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If you thought it was this is another mistake.

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Go back and look in Genesis six to Genesis six two says, the sons of God.

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That's plural. Now this is way back. This is way, way, way back before Abraham before all of the prophets. It's saying the sons of God. So the daughters of men.

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What does that mean? It says that you got to kind of creations here and found them to be fair and took them to wed and went in unto them.

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maintain them to wet and have, you know, intercourse with them. And from these are coming, the mighty men of old etc, etc, and it goes on but the point we're trying to make here, what is this sons of God?

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Now let's go to chapter two in the book of Job, the book of Job chapter two, and it says here that the sons of God, were going to and fro from the earth up to heaven back and forth. Now some have said, Well, those are angels.

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Well, why didn't say angels? And if you said, well, Son of God here means Angel, then how do you apply that to David? was David an angel? And how do you apply to Jesus? Is Jesus an angel, and is an angel, then he's not a man.

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So I'm trying to explain to you that the document that you're holding here and saying, This is the absolute Word of God, that absolute Word of God you got doesn't say Jesus is the only begotten Son, it says, the only begotten Son, but he didn't say, Jesus. And if it's only you get to go back to chapter two, verse seven, or you can go all songs, you can go on and on quoting, different verses that are referring to sons of God, Son of God, from any of the led by the Spirit, or the sons of God, so many places, why do people take this exclusively for Jesus? Well,

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I think it's because it's what they're taught. This is I don't know, like, well, I grew up hearing the same thing myself, I preach the same thing, because that's what I was taught. But you see, I never completed seminary school I didn't go in, like my father is was ordained minister. And he told us from the very early on, the Bible is the inspired Word of men. God has inspired men to write and they've written that's how you justified it. And that makes a lot of sense. But if you said the Bible is absolute Word of God, and it's got mistakes in it, wow, you get a problem. There are contradictions in the English translation of the Bible that are very clear. However, if you go back

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to the older manuscripts you're going to find they didn't say that to start with. And then if you go way back, if we could go way back and find the originals, which can't, you'd find it there was probably no contradiction at all. Certainly not in the very original there wouldn't be. So

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let us talk about Jesus for a minute or two and think about this.

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It was a matter of decided, a matter that was voted on decided and confirmed by the Council of Nicea in the year 325. Ad. This is when it was alleged that that

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Jesus is officially going to be called Son of God. Let's look at it. Let's go back a little bit, you know, for the person that the layman, okay? Not the preacher or the person that really knows the scriptures, the person like, who's just using his common sense, when you say that God had a son, now you have God, and He has a son. Now you have two Gods Don't you know, you have a problem here for if I'm using my rationale to think and I say, How can this be now you have two Gods because obviously the son the baby is going to grow up to be like the Father. So how does? How do you deal with this? Now? Were you contemplating thinking about this as being a former Christian minister? Would you get

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stuck like thinking I wouldn't allow my mind to go there? I would just stop, stop, stop, just full stop. Another thing is, if you really want to think about it, and again, I wouldn't let my mind go there. If God can have a son, a male who is

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anatomically correct his anatomy, his male anatomy, if you follow what I'm saying, Yeah, so why can't he have a daughter? Why can't Why can't he have more? I mean, son, and why a son? Why not a daughter, a daughter is, you know, has the capability of having more offspring. Does this mean God is female? And some have alleged that God is female?

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And what I'm saying is that God is neither male nor female, because is what we know in in the word Allah itself. God is not a man, and he's not a woman. That's what it actually comes down. That's a good point. Because if you say he had a son also, now he's a male, and you've given him a gender, possibly, okay? Well, you'll give him both of your own money. You're opening a door a whole door for just confusion. You want to talk about what is some of the women livers today? My sister happens to be one of them. She says the Bible needs to be rewritten and everywhere it says creation, God created a ministry she created not he said, she said, Well, women are the ones who create not men.

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Men are pro creators. The women are the creators and coordinator. That's why when God Almighty says in his last and final revelation to mankind the Quran, no, God does not have sons. He does not have daughters. He has nothing like his Christian. This fits now for him so something I muted Well, I will let you live. Let him you live will not be live. God is

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Not the son of anything. God is not the father of anything. And I'm using it that way. Because if you go back now and look in numbers in the Old Testament numbers, 2319 2319 numbers, here's what it says, God is not a man

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that he should sin. God is not the Son of man that he should repent. It makes total sense. Let's take a break and we'll be right back on the show.

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Welcome back to the D show we left off, he does not be get Norris he begun which Oh my god, we're talking about God and he doesn't get he doesn't he's not forgotten and simplified that he is not the father anyone, nor does he have any children. And for him to will something he basically says Be and it is. This is simple. It's simple to diagnose, diagnose, okay, let's go back to the early, early, early times of the Christian church. Now, this is a matter of fact, that one of the early father's Church Fathers areas, he had this idea that Jesus was created and not be gotten. Jesus was created and not be gotten. We've already discussed the fact that the Bible didn't say it was Jesus when it

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talked about the garden anyway, it clearly states David is the Forgotten Son of God. Okay, so whatever that means,

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okay. It's not talking about Jesus, because even in john 316, it doesn't say Jesus just says Begotten Son, only begotten Son. And now we have areas saying that, no, God didn't bigot, and at least not Jesus, because he says Jesus is created for this, he was considered a heretic. And he and his followers were horribly persecuted by the church. And then 325 ad, the church, the Catholic Church, which came into being at that time, officially, and totally confirmed that, in fact, Jesus was begotten, and not created. So they went the other way. And that's on their website, you can go to their website and see it for yourself.

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There's another statement we find in the Bible, too. And this is coming in john 1038, attributed to Jesus says, but if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles that you may learn and understand that the Father is in Me, and I am in the Father. But what does that mean? another statement in john 410? Don't you know that I am in the Father and the father's in me the words that I say to you are not my own. Rather, it is the father living in me who is doing this work. But now watch, this will go down to same exact chapter, which is chapter 14, are you going to do is go 10 more verses? This is 1420. It says, On that day, you will realize that I am in the

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Father, I am in my Father, and you are in me.

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And I mean, you are what does that mean? Those of you want to use boarded the Bible, but not the rest of the Bible. What are you doing, you're not being rational anymore. If you want to have a rational discussion, you have to be willing to look at all the evidences. And it's in the same chapter in the same gospel, saying, and I'll repeat it on that day, you will realize that I am in the Father in my father, and you are in me, and I am a new

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Hmm. So does this mean that the disciples are somehow living inside of Jesus? And if so, are they also sons of Gods? Or are they God's was the strongest disciples? And what about them? The people they preach to? Did they get to live in those people doing those people are living in them? And how does that work? And why they exclusive activity? How come only some people get this living in deal? You know, what kind of how do you rent out your body that somebody else can live in it? I don't know. It means that obviously, you don't know because you're taking a translation of a language, which is translated from another language. And in between, you have many, many copiers, and copyist

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as they're called, who have an maybe an old good intent still made a lot of mistakes. So you cannot rely on this. And it doesn't even make sense if you tried to say it like that. Let's let's start to give people because we're almost running out of time, the alternative now, we we we want to show people that Islam came to clear all the confusions a lot of confusion over this. And Islam makes it clear. You don't have to be confused anymore. Can we go into what Islam says about this whole thing? A little deeper? Okay. The conclusion is even in the prayer of Jesus Himself, that we find even in the Bible today, he says, The pray for God's will to be done. He didn't say pray for my will. He

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said, pray for God's will. He himself is praying to God, why? And how, how could you be praying to God and asking, and even in the prayer itself, saying, even so, this is what I want, but even so, I don't want the cup, you know, but even so your will be done. Your will he said that. For us? We know in court

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On that Jesus is saying, peace be upon me the day I'm born. And the day that I die, and the day that I'm raised up again, he's saying this, he is talking about he was born, he's talking about he's gonna die. And God is not born and God doesn't die. So there's not a god. And he's not the Son of God. And he's a prophet. He's a mighty Prophet, a miracle birth, yes. And he's telling us, worship your God and my God, your Lord, and my Lord, that is from Koran, and go look, in the Bible, you find he said the same thing. No, O Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord. And you have to love him with all your mind, all your strength and all your heart. How am I going to do that? If I split part of

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that love for Jesus? In Part Four, it doesn't work.

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How and why didn't he say you love me and God? He said, No, oh, Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord. Now someone's gonna say, where's the reference for that? It's in Mark chapter 12, verse 29, Mark 1229. We've got all of this, this documentation is on our websites, you can go to our website, you can see it for yourself. 911911 Bible Bible, that's your website. This is what we got. Okay, thank you. Thank you again, for being with us on today's show. Always a pleasure. And I'd like to thank everybody who's been watching us every week, a new show, on the deen show where we try to bring you a new topic, tackle these very important issues, and I hope that you've gotten to benefit.

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Remember, you need a humble heart, an open mind. And like the sheriff said, The wise man who's here with us today. Look at the evidence. Stop just filling in the blanks. Stop just going along with with everybody's going along, stop. Use your brain. It's not that difficult.

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You can visit our q&a section on the D show. You can visit the 911 Bible where we go into deeper on these subjects. Email us

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if you have any further questions, and we hope to see you again next week on the show with another topic for you. peace be on to you.