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Monaco Morocco de la vaca to Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allahu Allah. He will be here woman Wanda Mohammed even Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh at mo teslim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Habibi now Mohammed in film Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Muhammad imagine a nominal or an alumni the kidnapping human who seen a lot of Metallica and Avi alumina when Nora upside you know with a have a horror movie now of a movie not the romantic I

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mean, we're continuing with our daily tipsy that Tafseer of the 108 chapter of the Quran.

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We've Alhamdulillah been studying Surah Al cofell. And we've come to the point in the second Ayah where Allah Subhana Allah says Allah we let him initiate on a regime in the outline that can calculate for Sol li li Arabic at one how we have given you all Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam an over abundant blessing. And we mentioned that encounter has been interpreted in some of the Hadith of the prophets, I sell them as this river that extends from Jenna, full of the higher that is given. It's got cups that are numerous more than the stars in the sky. The one who drinks from it will never be thirsty. It's what populates and how old or the the pond of the prophets I sell them

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on the day of judgment of the manager with a liquid that is wider than milk sweeter than honey and more fragrant than Musk, the one who drinks it will never be thirsty. And this was at a time of difficulty for the prophets I sell them in that the prophets I send them was honored by Allah azza wa jal with an overabundance of blessing and we said that this figuratively is for you and I whenever we see something that is missing in our life, that we don't dwell too much on it but to look at the vastness of Allah's mercy and the higher that Allah subhana wa tada has sent us, may Allah Subhana, Allah make us from those who are able to look at the good rather than just fixate on

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the little points of harm and difficulty that we experience in life, Allah I mean, then Allah commands the prophets I sell them for suddenly. So engage in the prayer the Arabic and make an only to your rub, Allah doesn't say fell slowly Lila, pray towards Allah. But Allah says Rob, to engender in the prophets, I sell them in you and I and understanding that a loss of Hannah went to Anna is the only master is the only one worthy of worship, to establish his little movie, and to make us from those who understand that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who has the power, the knowledge, the control, the hearing, the understanding the the machine at the wheel, for that which occurs in our

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life, one minute to show una Isla insha Allah and whatever hardship has come to you or Mohamed is not unknown to us. And whatever ease has come to you or Mohammed is because we have written it for you, or messenger of Allah, or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for suddenly we are a bigger one. And that word never means sacrifice. Doesn't mean sacrificing the generic term it means that the blood sacrifice that is done for us. And most of the commentators they put this verse as being an instruction to the prophets, I send him you know, the prophet, we said, this sorta is revealed in Mecca, and he's living at a time of great idolatry. And people would come to perform their pagan

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Hajj, and they would sacrifice animals of sacrifice towards altars of idols and idolatry that were foreign to the teachings of Ishmael and his father, Ibrahim Abraham at his salimos salaam, and the prophets, I send them before the message had been given to him, he would enjoy you would be participate in the Hajj and he would sacrifice not to the idols but towards Allah. But when the revelation came, and he was at a moment where he decided within himself should I choose, I continue to participate in the hunt. And although I'm doing my own kind of sacrifice to Allah Subhana Allah, is this something that other people will see me doing and think that I'm a part of that greater

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society and you get this from tuxedo Badawi and according to me and others, and it's as if Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, Mohammed faso Lilia have they continue to pray? Most demands that demand Malik in particular, he says that this is an instruction to pray salted or eat. So therefore there's legislation upon the prophets I seldom pray your prayer, call the people to pray, gather them for this major photo. And that's why some people hold the opinion that's a lot that isn't just something that secondary students, it's something that the moms are obligated to hold. And those who are moom Yes, maybe there are other rulings for them. But you can't come and say we're not going to have aid

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at all in Perth or New York. Because it shouldn't it anyway know somebody has to establish it for suddenly or a bigger one house and establish the sacrifice meaning Don't let their deterrence of whatever we don't let it deter you, whatever. They're

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sacrificing their fraudulence and the paganism that is rife in your society. Don't let it be something that stops you from the proper worship of Allah subhanho to Anna. So here I want to settle on an important life lesson. Don't look to what other people are doing as a yardstick for you to make choices and what you should do your yardstick is Mohammed's isolate your student that is the student of the prophets I send your dealings are in that which is seeking to please Allah azza wa jal, and your aim is always to be of those who are sincere. The prophets I seldom hear is cautioned in this way, although he's uplifted, he's cautioned personally, don't stop your prayer. Don't stop

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congregating in unmask and doing what is right, even if other people are doing similar. do what is right with you, between you and your people or Mohammed vassall Arabic 100 and continue with your sacrifice. Do it to Allah layan Allah hola como hawala demand who know that even your sacrifice, it's me, it's blood does not reach Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in a physical sense, that's not the end. we're lacking in Allah who takoma income, but what is taken is the piety that comes from its sincerity. You giving that meat to the Muslim to the people who are in need to the poor, far from you and near from you, is the aim of suddenly lira, Pika 100. It's a powerful moment in the life of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It's a line that is drawn in the sand that we will continue to do what is right, even if there are layers of it that you are seeking to take and misuse. It's not going to deter us from using what we know is right for the right reasons, when he left his hand, for Saldivar have become unhappy in a more esoteric sense. Also sacrifice from your energy from your wealth. Yeah, Mohammed, it's important for you to give as much as you take and look at the balance of Allah subhana wa Tada. Whenever Allah speaks about Salah he enjoys it with something that is related to public use and life. So Allah says aqui masala were to zeca establish the prayer a link

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between you and Allah, and give yours that can give you your arms and your charity. Establish the rights of others around you, for a solid Arabic establish your prayer to a lot 100 give this blood, sacrifice this meat to those who are poor, to those who are needy. And therefore you see this balance has always been maintained by Allah. There's no good in you and I as a life lesson, to be connected with a lot spiritually that we sit in a corner and do our prayers. If we are not concerned for our fellow man, for those who are in need of us and need of our wealth, need of our energy need of expertise and the need for our knowledge. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who are metha

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tea Hello, hi keys, keys to the goodness in the lives of other people. As was mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had a defier. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala continues to honor you and I with the Orion, join me in sha Allah for our final session in a shanika who will be the one who seeks to harm you or Mohammed. They're the ones who will be cut off those who seek to deride you and lower you and humiliate you, you will be ascending above them you will be the one who will always be maintained by me a lot as a religion, you will always be given victory and victorious above them. If you maintain your saw that and your care and

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sacrifice for others. Salalah hottie who either early you will see for yourself. I hope you join me again in sha Allah. I'm actually flying off to London tonight for my purified program.

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The Tafseer of sort of money and so the probably the next session will be maybe from my hotel room in London the evening a Tyler was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh