Nadim Bashir – Signs of the Hour #7

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is highlighted as a time for learning and following signs to avoid negative consequences. The split of the Prophet's message is discussed, including the death of the first speaker and the split of the death of the second speaker. The importance of protecting oneself from the virus and maintaining healthy eating habits is emphasized, along with the need for affirmations and affirmations to help individuals become successful. The challenges faced by Muslims and children are also discussed, including the lack of privacy and lack of mental health, and the need for children to understand the challenges of their mental health.
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Mr. Lohana human hunger level right i mean was the was someone that was sort of humanoid rather early. He was a hobby of mine

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was set up with a statement in Cathedral cathedral about sort of Hanukkah and mana in Ireland tonight in the Candolim Hakeem rubbishy so today we're silly, I'm the one who locked them in the signing of the holy and my bad.

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So inshallah will Today we begin the minor signs of the day of judgment in the past two weeks we were going through an introduction, that why do we say the signs of the Day of Judgment, so inshallah Today we begin. So if you remember I said that there were three types of signs amongst a minor sign of the Day of Judgment there are divided into three different groups. One is signs that have passed that will not occur again. There are some signs that have started and they are increasing day by day and there are some minor signs that will come into the future too. As far as the major signs of the judgment, they will all come in the future and inshallah we will cover them

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after we cover the minor signs of the judgment of the minor signs day a judgment and show the very first ones we shall cover are the ones that have passed.

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The first time the day of judgment that has passed, which many people are not aware of, is the coming and the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the province of Allahu Allah He was something says in a hadith narrated by Saudi Vanessa certainly with your law that I'm who he says Bories to Anna wasa Hakka, will you she will be Ismar be Ismar he, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that I in the Day of Judgment

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had been sent like this and he gave this gesture and this is mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim. So the province So the Prophet Allah has some statement is very clear about this. And not only that, but there is a very long Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which I would like to go through because it's a very interesting Hadith to this is a Hadith narrated by alphanumeric and as Jerry Radi Allahu Anhu he says, Well, who often has what is the Boo hoo or fee haba in other men for Judas to be phonetic befinner in Kibera for other Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam oh the holy hours for Paul to be equally Yasumasa Salam called the collec he says I came to the province of

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Allah while he was doing the expedition of taboo when he was in the tent made of leather. So I sat in front of the tent, the Promise of Allah Islam said Enter our oath. I said all of me, the province has set themselves all of you meaning that there's two different explanations. One is that he was saying that there are some other people sitting with me, Should I come with everyone? Or the other explanation is that should I just sit there and remove the front cover or the door of the tent? And you can teach me from there or should I come inside the tent and sit with you? The Prophet SAW Selim said Come inside. Then he says that Yeah. Oh, if he learned and sit then bathing a day a Sati guna

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Moti, he says that Oh, remember six things that will occur before the Day of Judgment occurs. One of them is my death. I was shocked. Now of course you can imagine the Sahaba Rhodiola on whom they cannot eat. They do not even want to think about the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says for Jim to err in the air watch your methane Shadie the term that I was shocked inside an ad that an extremely sanidad for call upon irida Toma for tbaytel marketers through muda on Yahoo fi comm just sheet Allahu be

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there all the ra v there are iya kung fu Sycamore yuzaki be Hi and welcome to meta Kunal unweld, who feed come Hata Yato Raju Miata de Naren fireball Lusaka Heaton fitnah tune for the cool for the Cool lubaina Calm let turbo car Bay to Muslim in Illa de Hala to tomato Hakuna ballyknocken were benei us for who then atone for Yahoo for yo de Runa be come for your see Runa era comfy femenina whoa yet in data cool Leviathan if now I shall elfin. So the Prophet SAW Selim he then says that after that, after that my death will come the conquest of Jerusalem, the conquest of Jerusalem, and remember the conquest of Jerusalem did take place. Remember during the time of the time of Amara do water and

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then a disease will will appear among you and cause you and your offsprings to die as Shaheed and marchers and will purify your deeds, then there will be much wealth among you, so that if one man were to be given, 100, denied, he will still be dissatisfied, and they will be tribulation among you. And you will not leave any Muslim and it will not leave any Muslim house untouched, meaning that there will be so many then there will be a treaty between you and the Romans, and they will betray you and march against you with ad banners under each of which there will be 12,000 troops. Now once again, if you look at this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are

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things that he has mentioned which have already passed, and there are things that he's mentioning which will happen in the future and inshallah we will get through one by one as we go through the signs of the Day of Judgment. So we learned that the death of us wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. The second sign the Day of Judgment, is something that happened in the past during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says in the Quran, it Patara Batista to one Shakalaka that the sine or the Hour has drawn near and the moon has been has been split apart. Now during the time of the Prophet said, Allahu Allah, he was sending them just

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like all the other prophets were approached by their people, and they were rejected. Their message was rejected. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his and his mission was not treated any differently that people that came to him they said that we want to see signs that you are a prophet, and it said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he with the order of Allah subhanho wa taala. One of his miracles was that he was able to split the moon now and he was able to point at it and the moon did split now Wallah who I am how true this is. But there are some reports that later on when people did

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When time progressed science progressed and when people actually did travel to the moon, they actually saw like a crack in the moon. And some people say that this is in reference to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he pointed out the moon and the moon does split, whether the crack in the moon is there or not, because it is mentioned in the Quran and not only that, but there is reference in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, especially by Anasazi, Allah Tala iron that we believe this that this actually did happen. And there is no doubt about about that fact. In fact, I blogged Masuda the yellow tone he also says that the moon was split into two halves

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at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and when he did this, he told everyone around him that Beware, beware. In fact, another Hadith narrated by unbeliever Masuda, Yatta and he says that when the Prophet alayhi salam, he did this, he was nearby the mountain in MENA, he was nearby a mountain and Mina. As soon as that happened, he said that we saw, we saw that the moon was so split, so split, the one side of it was hiding behind one side of the mountain and the other one was on this side of the mountain. So when we talk about the split that took place, it was not such a minut split. It was a significant slip, I mean split that took place through the time of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the third sign that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He informed us about is something that took place also in the past in the years 654 After hijra, now, the province of Allahu Allah, he was some of them quickly, let's go through some history numbers, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he passed away when 632 That's what some that's what the historians they give, oh, look at all the data on who ruled for

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two and a half years. So from 630 to use a 635 roughly say 635 How long did the honorable for 10 years. So that makes it 645 Right? Then 645 Then

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auth one was on who lasted for how long? 12 years. So that from 645 that makes it 656 57. Then after that came on to the Cortana he lasted for how long?

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How long did he last? Five years. So when When did he pass away? 666 62. Now, this is an event that took place after that. Okay, some say it took two please 654 that's highly unlikely unlikely because it took place after and the reason I say this to please after is because this sign was witnessed by a great scholar of the Hadith which which was known as Imam now we're talking with Allah Allah, Allah Imam. No, I'm sorry. He saw this. Now what is the sign that I'm referring to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, the Hour will not begin until a fire emerges from the land of ages, which will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra. It was said Now, let's stop here for a

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second. What what now what the Prophet SAW Selim, he mentioned, one thing you have to understand about the hadith of Roswaal salaam, is that when the Prophet it is some says that a fire will emerge. It is not literally in that sense that a fire will begin and it will emerge. The Prophet alayhi salam is giving just an idea. Now that fire could be in the form of anything now is mentioned that in hijas, there was a volcano eruption that took place and this volcano eruption lasted for approximately a mile. Nobody thought they mentioned that it lasted for almost 50 days. And this was such an explosion that first of all, the explosion took place. And then after that, there was so

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much lava they came out and there was so much eruption that took place, that people that it was seen from people from way far away. Now, when the province has some says that a you know that this volcano eruption will took will take place, and the cameras of bus rather next will be illuminated by this. What does that mean? For you to understand that during the time of the Sahaba, on home, the tambourine and the doubletap you're in. They never had huge buildings like we have today. They never had buildings today. So something could be seen far away. Just to give you an example Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, whenever he would sit in this cave, in the cave where he received his

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revelation, the way he received his first revelation. It was mentioned that many of you have probably been there. There is it is this space to pray salad for one person, or 100 people that can sit inside that's it. The problem is

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Psalm he mentions that whenever he would sit inside there, he had a direct view of the Kaaba from there. He had direct view of the Kaaba from there. This is one of the reasons why the Prophet saw some he chose that place of seclusion. He could chose any other place. But the reason he chose that is because he had direct contact. Why? Because there never had huge buildings like we see today. If you're sitting inside that cave right now, there's no way you can view the cover from there. Even if you just lit it away. You cannot view the Kaaba why because there are so many buildings around. So the same thing applies here to this volcano eruption took place not in Makkah. In I even take place

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in Medina. It took place Sunday, Aloma say that it took place close to Medina and some say that it did not take place close to Medina the reason they say it took place close to Medina because it could be seen from Medina but it was far away from Medina. So what happened was that in the jazz the Jazz is a big place. From there, there was a volcanic eruption that took place that the people in basalt, the people in Basra could see and witness the fire or the color of the flames from there. In fact, there is also mentioned that in Medina, there was not a system of lighting, there was no streetlights, there was not a lot of electricity, but as mentioned, that the women in Medina who

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used to who used to create yarn and streaming they used to work at night because they had enough light, fun that volcano eruption that when they were working at night, they had enough light to work. That is how big this eruption was, in fact, some dolomiten scores at that time, they will recite some ideas of the Quran. Just to give you an idea Allah says in the Quran, in the Hitomi Beshara or in Casa Jima, that on Sofer, Allah subhanho wa taala, he mentioned in the Quran that barely held Jahannam throws huge sparks, huge as forts in mansions. And not only that, but that's what what many of the Alama they said that at that time, if you saw the love of this volcano was

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throwing out, it was huge, and it was devouring on rocks and it had taken so much space and it was coming close to Medina, but then it changes direction. And later on in you know, actually if you go online, I advise you if you go online to Google, and you just put the name Herat, Rohit h a r r at Rohit, a rah at, you will see and you put in you put the word volcano, they actually have pictures of that volcano there on Google till today. And it was it was a volcano that erupted. And as you might know, we come to LA today he's very familiar with that, and what happened at that time. The next thing the Prophet SAW Selim, he talks about our fitness and trials in general. There's a hadith

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Narrated by Abu Zaid Ahmed, even though he says that the Prophet SAW Allah while he was son, he lives out on Fajr. And he then ascended the member and he addressed us to the time of the Han, he then came down and prays type of Valhalla. And then again, he got back on the member, and he addressed us to the Assad and then he again he preys on to the US side, and then he got back on the member and he addressed us to Muslim. And the same thing happened. And he then says that he told us of what is about to come. And the most learning amongst us is the one who remembers them the best meaning the one who remembers the signs of the Day of Judgment, the best. And perhaps it is very

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possible that there's a hadith narrated by who they found a man or the alotta on who knew the signs of the Day of Judgment very clearly, and he wouldn't remember them from the Prophet SAW Salem. Perhaps this is the Hadith that he used to refer to, when he would say that the problems are seldom he told us everything about the signs of the Day of Judgment. And the Prophet it is some he didn't mention that there are some that are small signs. There are, I mean, in terms of fitness, there are some fitness that are small, there are some that are big, but they're all about to they will come eventually one day, in fact, one of them or two of them I can share with you quickly. One is they

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that a time will come that people will give up their Deen very quickly and very easily. And they will do this overnight. There's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Narrated by Abu whatever the ALLAH and he says bad deed will be a malefic tenant that hold on and Hastin towards good deeds. Before there are fitness that will come Calcutta a lady Muslim, they are like dark patches of the dark night. Now. Let's stop here for a second. And let's try to understand this. The province of Saddam is telling us if you want to protect yourself from the fitness of your time.

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If you want

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To protect yourself in the fitness of your time, people ask how can I protect myself? How can I protect my children, the best thing that you can do is go back to this hadith of Rasulullah saw Salam and he says I are a man. What is our man solid comes into our mouth, your Tilawat comes into your armor, your thicker comes into your armor and your your, your thicker after southern Fajr after sought after subtle mother, all of that comes into our mind taking time out and reflecting that comes into your armor, doing things that can bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala that is your Armand. If we lose our Amal eventually we will go away from Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is a an

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advice given to us by Rasuwa Salah and it is 100% true. If you hold on to your Amen, you hold on to your good deeds and anything that you do if you do it consistently. There is no way you will fall victim to any fitness that are occurring in the art times. The reason why we fall into these fitness is because we don't do enough look, if you look at this, if I go to the doctor and I say that I am sick based on how sick I am the the the physician is not going to only prescribe medication, but they will increase the dosage right yes or no. If you are more if you are extremely sick, they're going to increase the dosage they will probably give you something more powerful. What's happening

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today is that we do so little we do so little our Salawat five time days that we do them. So what do we say? I want to protect myself in the fitness so what do I do? I pray my five time days a lot. I go to the masjid I do my my vicar how much thicker do you do? I do my 33 times SubhanAllah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar or 34 times according to one of the WIAA and I do the basics. Now I asked you this simple question. If the fitness are so severe, during the time of the public Salam, they will do so much the fitness we're not that much. But if the fitness are increasing, and our man still remains this much, then how do we expect even if you do the basics for purchase says

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that I'm praying my sword my fight time is solid. I tell you in this day and age, if you are maintaining your fight time de salud. You deserve a lot of credit. You deserve immense amount of credit, no doubt. And you deserve that credit not from me from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But at the same time, we have to understand that as a fitness are increasing, I cannot just do the bare minimum and expect myself to be saved from the fitness that are surrounding us. As a fitness grow, so does our armor our armor need to grow, the more I go away from Allah subhanho wa Taala the more I need to do Ahmed and the more we to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala if I know that I can easily be

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deviated that I need to do more than some other people I knew I need to do more than some other people to remain close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And remember, every purchase Iman is not the same. There are some there are some who can do vicar probably for 15 minutes and they can help themselves they can protect themselves. There are some other people their Eman is so low, that even half an hour 45 minutes a vicar may not help at that time. But you have to maintain that every person's Eman is different than the other person's a person cannot say, Well, you know what, that person only does this for 15 minutes or you respond only for 15 minutes. And that should be

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sufficient for me now every person is different. So as the as the fitness grow, so does our armor they need to grow. And not only for ourselves, but especially especially for our children. Because I honestly tell you, brother and sisters, you know, think about this.

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I remember during when I was a kid,

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I mean phones I remember if you had you know those old phones that you had used to call them bricks. Remember if you had a break, if you had that break, you are considered as a very rich man. Okay, now you have the break, they tell you that there's something wrong with you. Okay, no one has that brick anymore. But as time progresses, the opportunities of falling into fitness are becoming widespread, are becoming widespread. Now you can it's so easy to commit sins, through the use of your phone, through the use of art for the use of your phone. You don't have to go anywhere the sins have come to you. This opportunities have come to us unfortunately. So now Shavon is saying that you know

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what, I don't need to go out of my way. I will deviate you by giving something so small like a phone and if we are not disciplined we don't

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Have any self discipline, we don't have enough spirituality. Then after we can easily fall into temptations, it goes with everyone. If you remember two weeks ago or three weeks ago, there was a chef or move the sub that came here from Chicago. He talked about this in great detail, that what has the phone done, we know that how the phone has affected us. But the point I'm trying to make is that it's not just about the phone, there are so many things that can help that will push us to fall into temptations. And we have to stay away from those things. We have to be smart, we have to be intelligent, and we have to protect ourselves. The Prophet SAW said I'm going back to the Hadith he

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says, Use use behold Rajan Amina and williamsii Calphalon at a time will come that a man will be a Muslim in the morning, but by nightfall he will be a Kafir. And these opposite will also happen that a night As night falls, a person is a Muslim, but by the time the morning comes, a person is a coffin, people will switch Dean's just like that, that easily. And then he says the a b or ADINA, who will be out of the middle dunya that people will sell their Dean's for the temporary gain. What does that mean? Today we see people giving up their religious values for some for some pleasure, for pleasure, that it could be anything that concerns pleasure, when you compromise your Diem. When you

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compromise your deen and you know, once again, I say I've said this before to no one. You know, when people come towards each other or people confront each other, and they say, You know what, Brother, you're doing this wrong, Sister, you're doing this wrong? And you say no, I haven't done anything wrong. Can you tell what's in my heart? I will say this. Every person as a Prophet alayhi salam says could Lumo Luthien EULA do Allen fitrah every person is born on innate human nature. In nature, human nature is that you are filled with the natural essence created by Allah subhanho wa taala. What is that love for one another, like, for example, the hate that we see the racism that we see

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the bigotry that we see around us. That's not something that we were born with. People were taught how to hate others, people were taught racism, racism happens in our own Muslim communities. We were taught to us sometimes we were taught this directly. Sometimes we were taught this indirectly. But these are things that are not natural. These are things that are natural. When people say when people say that I was born homosexual, that's wrong, because you are born on fitrah fitrah, is homosexuality is against fitrah. It's against fitrah. So don't know what can say that I was born with this with this sin or I was born to love this. And no, we were born on innate human nature. So

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the thing is that innate human nature is that you you are connected with Allah subhanho wa taala. But what happens is that, yeah, this is this is what I was about to say, part of innate human nature is that deep down, will Allah He every person deep down, they know that they are doing something wrong, when they are doing something wrong, they know they're doing something wrong, because Allah has made it clear that these are these are the things that are right. And these are the things are wrong. And we don't know what needs to come and teach us. Allah has put that Basic Instinct within us those basic elements of understanding within us, when you approach your child and you say, You

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did this, and you're like, nah. And you ask them, Do you Do you think you did something wrong?

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You don't want they think, nowadays you don't like when you ask your child? Do you think you did something wrong?

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You know, this, this in itself, when they're thinking about it, that means that they know that they did something wrong? Because when you do something right, you know, you do something right. You ask a child who did something, right. They're like, Yeah, I did something, right. But when they did something wrong, they're thinking about it, they know deep down inside, they did something wrong. Okay? And, and sometimes if you see your own child, and he goes, he goes like this, you know, when he swallows, that's body language. They know they did something wrong. They did something wrong. So the point I'm trying to make is this. The Prophet alayhi salam was telling us that a time will come

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that the things that we'll call the thing that will kick that can push you to fall into temptation is when you give up or when you compromise in your deen for some position or for something about this dunya

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it could be a craving for anything. Eliminating people's rights, taking away things from other people. oppression, there are so many things that people want and the other people's rights. This is what the property is some he's referring to. Lastly, I would share this with you the Prophet SAW Allah while he was someone says that time will come and Subhanallah I mean, you see this that the Prophet Allah is on

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I mentioned this, how many years ago 1400 years ago, but yet you see the same thing. He says, there's a Hadith also Narrated by Abu Dhabi, Allah and he says, why not enough CBD. He says, I think Islam by him in whose hand my soul is, the world will not come to an end, the world will not come to an end until a man passes by a grave and will lie over it same mean that he will not lie down, but I'm gonna sit there and it will say this wood, wood that I were in this grave mean that I wish I was in his grave, meaning that I wish I was dead. I rather be dead than be alive to see all these things are there I'm surrounded with Subhanallah you know, I remember Yes.

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Let me finish the Hadith first. Then he was then the value some sense not he will say because of religious reasons. He will not say this because of religious reasons. But because of the widespread Mischeif in the severe trials of the world. This is mentioned in Bukhari Muslim, so meaning that when we are surrounded by so many fitness and one thing after another, like does it ever occur to us, um, because it has happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to you, that fitness occur on so many different levels. And you keep on saying to yourself, that we just can't get a break. There's just one thing after another.

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The problem is, as Saddam was saying that a time will come that people will say that I wish I was dead.

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And so the Hala even when you say I wish I was dead, first of all, you shouldn't be making that kind of dua, you should be making dua to Allah for usually making dua to Allah to protect us from the fitna. But at the same time, if you remember, this happened, I remember very clearly,

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when the I mean, the conflict of city are still taking place. And Allah subhanaw taala helped the people of Syria, but when it was

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when it was highly intense.

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I remember there was a a woman, there was a report a very reliable report that came that a woman burned herself alive.

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A woman burned herself alive. Why? Because she could not take the the mental torture anymore. Whatever she was going through. I mean, Allah subhanaw taala, Allah bless her. So she she was going through all this, she was going through all this. And I no one can say, you know, one thing that a lot of times we will say is that if we saw someone like that, we say, You know what I understand what you're going through. Now we don't understand what they're going through. We should never say we understand what they're going through. We don't understand, because we were never that situation. You know, in Syria, there was a time when children because there was no space for and for them to be

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buried. The only place they found to bury children was in the same playground where they used to go to play.

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They used that was happening in Syria.

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Children, we saw that that photo of the child who was washed up on shore, that small child, remember with a red t shirt, we saw that it was all over social media. So the thing is that these people, they went through immense amount of you know physical pain, psychological pain, mental pain, this woman burned herself alive. Now, no one knows. This. The point is not for us to judge that to judge that woman that why does she do that? And we're not here to judge her. The point I'm trying to make is that this is happening. The Prophet son, he talked about this 1400 years ago. And that's when he won a case. That's when he won a case. There are so many other cases that you and I are not even

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aware of. You and I are not even aware of. I had a brother one time coming to my office. And he says to me that I want to commit suicide. Yeah, he told me this. I want to commit suicide. Why do you want to commit suicide? I have too many problems in my life. When I see there's problems in my family. There's problems outside, there's problems everywhere Muslims are being are being slaughtered everywhere. They're being tortured, everywhere, abuse everywhere, oppress everywhere, I can deal with this anymore. People are talking about this, because they want to escape their miseries. So what the Prophet alayhi salam mentioned 40 years ago is 1400 years ago is exactly

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happening today. And I ask Allah subhanaw taala that he protects us from even thinking about these kinds of ideas to even have these kinds of ideas. And subhanAllah. You know, I'll be honest with you, I'll finish on this. As adults sitting over here, many of us were strong because we have a history of being strong. A lot of the adults sitting over here, you came to this country one day, you worked hard, you probably came you know those stories. I've heard those stories before I came into America with $1. The $1 Chronicle, okay. The $1 story. We've heard those stories, and and they don't sitting over here. They worked hard to get to where they are today. But there's one part of

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our community that has not gone through any type of hardship.

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There's one part of our community

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He has not gone through any type of hardship. And they, and they lose their minds. They lose their minds. And they overreact at the smallest challenges. You know who which part of that community, I'm referring to the youth, and the children, the the generation that that was born here raised here. I do blame the parents, that we haven't prepared them enough to be challenged. We don't we don't put difficulties upon them. We want to do everything for them. And I understand you do it out of love as you because you're a parent, but the same time we haven't challenged them enough. And today, do you know how many youngsters today how many of us they are either committing suicide, or their relief or

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their way of escaping their problems? Is drugs. The I mean, it's it's out there. I mean, do you know how many kids are coming to the masjid every single day forget about the kids who are not even come to measure kids who are coming to the Mizzou are taking drugs. Now I'm not an I know them in some capacity. But the thing is that the point I'm trying to I'm not making this point today, we're not every single time you look at a kid like

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is he smoking drugs? Is he taking drugs? No, that's not the point. The point is,

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they don't know how to escape. I mean, they don't know how to manage their problems. And as parents, we have not taught them how to manage their problems. Now I asked you this today, this is the fitness that we are we we are witnessing, in the future, there will be even severe fitness. There'll be there'll be more challenging fitness. If our children are not prepared today. How do you expect them to teach their children the future?

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I mean, what will happen? So that's why it's important that when all these fitness are occurring, and I and I and I see this and it hurts me, and it pains me in my heart that today I have to see children today being bullied in school because they're Muslims. We never used to see this before. We never saw this before. But ever since the husband has come into the White House. Okay, the 100 Orange 100 Okay, ever since he has come inside the the White House, our challenges have grown. And not only that, but our children now they have to endure this too. And so there's sometimes people feel like well, the solution is take them out of public school and put them into a summer school.

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That's not always the solution. That's not the solution. We need to teach our children how to cope with challenges of life. We learned it the hard way and we understand it that hamdulillah our children don't know it our youth don't know it so it's our responsibility to teach them and so we're gonna stop right here. The next one, some of the other fitness inshallah which include the death or the the time ortho Viola and on and how the fitness occurred during his time Michelle, it would be talking about that next week it will be moving forward inshallah next week, I pray to Allah Subhanallah they give us the ability to advancements in hurt is akin to Ohio Subhanak alone, I'm not

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sure what now either in the internet stuff you look at what we're really talking about here somewhere.

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