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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the next aspects of Tawassul that can make our duas to Allah.

One of the most powerful mechanisms to make a dua is by using the Names of Allah while making dua to Allah so as to invoke effectiveness of the dua.

Two Names of Allah applicable in any dua that are equally valid – Allahumma and Rabbana.

The dua made by Zakariyyah AS for a child is the best example of using the appropriate name of Allah –

وَزَكَرِيَّا إِذْ نَادَىٰ رَبَّهُ رَبِّ لَا تَذَرْنِي فَرْدًا وَأَنتَ خَيْرُ الْوَارِثِينَ
O my Lord! Leave me not single (childless), though You are the Best of the Inheritors.
[Surah Ambiya, 21:89]

It is also acceptable to let someone of a high status of piety, righteousness and religiosity to make dua on our behalf. 

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smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. We will continue from where we left off yesterday. I was using Quranic to us to learn from them how we can make them more powerful. The concept is called to us soon. And I had mentioned that from the dawn of Musa alayhis salaam, when Moosa said all of be in Lima and delta ilium in Highland folktale, we learned that we can use good deeds to make the lesson. Moosa did a good deed and then he asked Allah subhana wa tada for something. We also mentioned that we can also use our state or law Look, I am fully in our law Look, I am in a very dire circumstance, oh well, I'm all alone here. So we can use our state as well to

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plead to Allah subhana wa Tada. We now move on to the next aspects of tawassul and I will add another door over here and that is the door of zekeriya. The door of Zakaria when he wanted to have a child those of you that are struggling to have children and you are being tested would not have any children. This is a dual sided Zachary used or Bella Terra De Soto down one two hydro watery thin or Bella Terra de Ferro don't want a hydro worry thing that Allah Don't leave me alone. Don't leave me without a family. And indeed you are the best of those who are the why the theme. So this duel along with the drop of Moosa, we learned that of the ways we can increase the power of the drop

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is to use the names of Allah within the drop. So he said, Oh Allah, You are the hero. Why do you think you are the word if you are the inheritor and Allah, I want a child who will also inherit from me. So he used the name of a law and he put it inside the DA and he invoked that name to come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is something that the Quran explicitly mentions, Allah mentions in a number of verses in the Koran, well, Illa Hill a smart listener, further ruhul behalf to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names. So make dua using those names federal who behalf make dua with those names of Allah. And this is one of the most powerful mechanisms to increase the power of our

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da that we use the name of Allah that is appropriate to our drought. So if we want forgiveness we say your food your foul if we want mercy yarraman era him if we want sustenance and money, Yara czar, Dr. Karim Yama, none if we are sick, we want to be healed. Yeah, Shafi caffeine, if you want to have a child, Yeah, hi, Ron, what is in your wallet. So we choose the name of a law that is appropriate for our dog. And no matter what your need is, you will find the name of a law that is appropriate for the law. So we invoke the name of Allah within the law. And there are two names of a law that are universal and applicable in all us. And they are the most common of Allah's names in

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the drop and they are Allahumma and Rob or abana, Allahumma and Rob or Robbie or robina. These are the two most common names that can be applied in any DAW and generally Allahumma indicates that you are worshiping Allah He is worthy of being worshipped and robina indicates Oh Allah, you need to take care of me, you are my Arab, you are the one who is the nourisher the Sustainer. So Allahumma indicates an element of praising a lot or robina indicates an element of Allah, I need you and both of them are equally valid in any door that you want, you can use Allahumma and robina. So these are so far three, number one to mention a good deed number two to mention your state number three to

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mention a name of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the drop, we now go on to another type of test suit or bringing about the power of the DA and that is number four, number four, which is risky, it is risky, because it deals with the future and it is over law, give me this so that I may do that. Oh Allah give me money. So that I can be charitable. Does anybody know why this is risky? Because you put a condition and what if you fail to live up to that condition? So it is allowed and it can be used in the draft. But if you fail our rule to be less than you are kind of like breaking a promise with a lot. So what is the evidence and can be used? So how rune and Moosa Moosa makes the two out

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to Allah, that Allah how wrong actually Kofi Emery? Oh, our law increase how long to make him with me, make him with me. Why can't you new sub Bianca Catherine, one of the kurata kathira so that we

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We can increase our worship of you, so that we can praise you even more. I want a brother to help me so that we will become more powerful against your own, we can be more powerful for the Muslims help us out. So he asked Allah for his brother to be added to his entourage to also become a prophet and how long became a prophet? And what was the excuse? What was the clause Cain who said the healthcare kathira so we can worship you better we can do a better job, if you give me my brother, then I can do a better job with him. So we are allowed to say over law gives me wealth so that I can be charitable, but that's a risk and that is a risk that you are taking on. Because Allah says in the

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Quran, woman whom and ah ha de la, ha, that in turn, I mean, finally he then a sudden, what an akuna minocycline for them at that moment, the Buffy looby he, whatever Lola Whom were you born, there were those people there was a person at the time of the process and one of the leaders of the immigrants, he said, Oh, if Allah gave me wealth, I will be the most charitable person just show Oh Allah show me what I can do and I will show you give me and I will show you how wealthy how generous I can be. And so, Allah gave him woman whom and ah ha de la has autonomy and probably they made a promise if you give me our law, I will be the best person. So Allah gave, and when Allah gave, he

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became the stingiest person and one of the leaders of the hypocrites. So, this is a dangerous clause, us with great caution, but it is allowed, if you know you are hopeful that inshallah you will make dua to Allah as well that Allah give me wealth, so that I may be of the righteous and of the generous This is allowed. So, this is something you should keep in mind as well, also of the etiquettes that are allowed when it comes to tawassul. When it comes to making the power of your door, basically more maximum, making it more effective, it is allowed, even though it is not generally encouraged, it is allowed to ask people of righteousness, people of piety to make dua on

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your behalf, you can go to somebody else and say so and so you are more elderly, you are a person I believe is righteous, you are a half of the Quran, you are this and that make dua for me. Now, this type of person, actually the Quran only mentions in in one category and that makes complete sense. Well unknown. On fusa, home Gianluca festival photo la was still for alohomora soon, la vida de la rahima. The Prophet solo send them if you Allah is saying to a group of people, once they committed the sin. Why did they ask Allah to forgive? And why didn't they go to the Prophet system, and he would have asked a lot to forgive. So this shows us and obviously there is no analogy they asked

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with the Prophet system, any righteous man, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is alive? Obviously we would go to him, we would say out of sutala, this is an issue, Abu huraira his mother didn't accept Islam. He said, Yeah, rasulillah my mother made a law causes her to embrace Islam. He raised his hands. And by the time we were ready to walk back to his house, his mother had embraced Islam. So yes, it is allowed to go to the Prophet system when he's alive, and you ask him directly, but the question is, who can take the place of the process? and answer nobody? But is it allowed to go to somebody whom you think is more righteous? Yes, it is allowed. There's nothing wrong with that. But

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our scholars have put some conditions of those conditions you yourself, do not stop making. This is one of the biggest problems that we see that a person feels I'm too sinful to make dua, I'll just let the chef make the art for me. I was not going to accept my job. I'll let the chef make the art for me. He'll go to the half of the audit, he'll go to the scholar say, look, you know, I'm a sinful Muslim. I need this do you make it for me? Subhana Allah, Allah answered the door of a police. When the police said Allah be on literally like me by phone, when they believe said our law. I beg you let me live to judgment day, Allah answered his door. One of our scholars of the past said, if a law

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can answer the duality beliefs, then you are not worse than a police. You are not worse than it believes that you can you do I cannot be answered No. You make draw yourself. A man came to SNL boss city, the great scholar and student of this habit and he said or has an adversity, I am in desperate situation. I am in a desperate situation. So I need you to make dua for me. It has an apostle he said listen to this. If you are in a desperate situation, then you need to make dua for yourself. Because Allah says in the Quran, amazing Yuji bullmore Torah EDA, who answers the door of the one who is desperate other than Allah and you're the one desperate not me. No one will make dua for you

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with more email than you. No one will make do out for your cause with more passion

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Then you will. So it is allowed to go to somebody else and say, Oh, Mom, stop, stop share this and that make dua for me. You may do that. It's not a problem. It's not how long and that person may make do out for you. But nothing beats the drum of your own heart when you are sincere when you are passionate. And that is why if you look at the majority of the Sahaba they never asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for a specific offer themselves. Yes, for the oma yes for the guidance of my mother Islamic law. They didn't say Yasuda make do either alone makes me rich. Jada's will make do either they get a big house, they didn't go that it none of them did that because that's not the

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craft of Islam. You want to make sure you make it yourself for yourself on behalf of yourself, but it is allowed to make dua for other people, and the best comes from the heart and no one will make do it for yourself, for your cause better than you. So these are some of the mechanisms, mechanisms that we can use. These are called toast so I'll go over them very quickly. Again, number one that you mentioned a good deed or you do your dog after a good deed you pray 200 you make dua, you sit after fudger you make dua, you'll give in charity like Moosa you make dua or you can mention it inside your da yo Allah you know that no such and such a day I could have done that sin but for your

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sake, I didn't do it. Oh Allah, if I really did it for your sake, I'm asking you now to bless me with such and such. This is the first number two by mentioning the name of Eliza that is appropriate for your job number three by mentioning the past blessings of Allah that Allah has given you. I forgot to mention this point, the past blessings of Allah very quickly. zecharia when he's asking for his child, he says that

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but other than that, which the shaman would consider a corrupt Bishop, I forgot to mention this point. I skipped over it. What am I going to do? I got a bishop here. Oh Allah, you've always answered my daughter's in the past. So answer this one as well. So this is the lesson Oh Allah, you gave me what I wanted back then give me this as well. Oh Allah you are merciful to me at such a stage. So now be merciful again. So you make the western with the past blessing of Allah for a future blessing. This is another I forgot to mention that number four, by mentioning the state that you are in, Oh Allah. Oh Allah, I'm of loom Allah I'm surrounded by the enemy. Oh Allah I'm in debt.

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So you mentioned the state that you're in. Number five mentioning the future effects of Allah give me this so that I may do that, Oh Allah make me pure and make me cured so that I can go to the masjid more often. And when I look here is you You had better live up to your part of the bargain. And then the last that we said as well and that is that it is allowed but it is not very much encouraged that you go to other people and you say, can you make dua for me? These are the six methods that we can make our doula more powerful. May Allah subhana wa tada accept our Dora and we will continue inshallah tada on Sunday. Tomorrow's a fundraiser so we'll take a break from that and

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continue on Sunday in Chicago.