Surah An-Najm #09 – Achieving Strength as a Muslim

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the transmission of the Quran to modern Nigeria and the use of "we" in WhatsApp. They emphasize the importance of learning and empowering individuals to become stronger, as well as the need for strong training and success. The importance of strength and strain in learning the Quran and the concept of a "haste" in Arabic. The speakers also touch on language and shaming, as well as the importance of learning and bringing up the language for the sake of others. They end with a recommendation to join a deeper look study on the Quran and a recommendation to watch a show for better learning.
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The learner of the Quran is learning something that shahidul co taught to Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, making him coffee, making him strong. And then he passed that on to the Sahaba making them strong and they passed it on generations. And today you and I are learning the Quran which is making us what? Strong

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when Nigeria either

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now oneness or he will come why man of our

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now, now we get to the juicy part a young man came to me in the audience yesterday and said, How come Allah says this about Djibouti? Allah didn't mention his name here. Allah didn't mention Djibouti, his name here. So let me translate this for you. First, I Lama who Shadi Volkova.

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The one intends in great powers, intense in great powers is the one who taught him

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who's this intense one in great powers. That's the brillantes RAM heart who taught the Prophet site set up, but the who, the who could mean taught him and it could mean taught it. So the Mighty One taught the Prophet and the Mighty One taught the Quran both meanings are true, both meanings are withheld, which is also interesting, because both the Prophet and the Quran were referred in the car before when he said Malala Sahiba Quran, it was about the Prophet while my young tieguanyin Howard was about the Prophet in Hua inner work, you knew how was about the Quran and the who and Allah who combines the prophet in the Quran. So it he the GBI, some taught it, and Jebel Ali some taught him.

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But the question the young man asked was really nice. Why is he saying the Mighty One taught him? Like the great intensely strong one taught him? What's the point of saying that, we're going to try to explore that little by little first of all, gua is the plural of Goolwa. Cova is the plural of Hua Hua means might strength. And Kula is powers strength, what Allah is saying is this messenger Gibreel doesn't just have one kind of strength, he has multiple strengths. And each one of those strengths are intense. Okay, so studied adds intensity, and kua is multi dimensional strengths. His ability to travel is like no one else, his ability to understand is like no one else, his ability to

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destroy is like no one else, his ability to lead is like, each one of those is strength, you understand? So he's got multiple dimensions to his strength, perhaps encapsulated in the narration, by the 600 or so wings that he has, each wing might represent a different strength might represent something else, because he only showed a few of them, or one of them to the messenger, salallahu Alaihe. Salam. So, you know, there's so many dimensions to that, the way that he's being described, then I studied fee daddy. Now the one that's great in strength, the word shoddy, mighty and great strengths. Why would there be a need to mention that one needs one reason could be it's a threat. By

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the way, my teacher is really strong. And when you're messing with me, and this education process, and you're making fun of it, you're actually also making fun of my teacher who's really strong, you don't want to mess with him. So the shahidul Cova becomes kind of a key Nya and indirect threat to those that are poking fun at the revelation you understand. So that's another implication. But then this is where it gets really beautiful. Can I turn Ilana Allama? Who, what few who are dealing with Tanya?

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When I say I learned from a genius teacher, you know what that means? That I was benefiting from some of his genius.

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When I say I learned from a very creative artist, that I'm benefiting from his wild creativity, it's making me more creative, right? When I'm learning from a mighty Teacher,

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what's the what am I getting from it? Might good. It's as if Allah is saying this messenger from your eyes looks like he has no political clout. He has no backing. He has no financial backing. You millionaires of Croatia strong, he's in a position of weakness. All the people that follow him are bankrupt or slaves are beat up. So he looks like he's in a position of weakness. But the one teaching him is the ultimately strong creation of Allah shahidul Chua and he is making him ultimately strong. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not true. This is actually a very pun intended empowering message.

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The learner of the Quran is learning something that shahidul co taught to Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam making

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him coffee, making him strong. And then he passed that on to the Sahaba making them strong, and they passed it on generations. And today you and I are learning the Quran, which is making us what? Strong, it gives us strength. Because it's sword, the teacher wasn't just described as someone knowledgeable, or someone trustworthy, somebody incredibly strong. It's empowering to me to learn the Quran, and empowered the messenger social and to learn the Quran. And so the religion doesn't stand in a position of weakness, even if it looks like the Muslims are downtrodden, or they're losing the battle, or they look like so many Sahaba died, or the Sahaba are getting burnt or, you

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know, with coal or stepped on or tortured or whatever. All that looks like weakness, weakness, weakness and weakness. But actually, no one on earth is stronger than them. Nobody stronger that they're in the position of strength because they have something nobody else has. They have eemaan they have Quran inside them. And by the way, if the mightiest one was needed to teach it, right now, for example, if I was if somebody is teaching somebody Olympic weightlifting, right, don't they have to be super strong themselves to be able to teach it.

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So the thing that requires great strength to teach, the thing itself must require great strain. It must be very strong for you and you have to be really strong to be able to teach it Gibreel was needed to teach the Quran because the Quran is that powerful.

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The Quran is not weak. The Quran does not succumb to attacks. The Quran does not surrender to criticisms and whims and mockery It doesn't it doesn't fall to those things because it's so mighty that it couldn't be delivered by anyone other than the mightiest of all angels who had to use all of his different mites to be able to deliver the Quran.

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Allah Allahu shahidul quote, we're learning about the power of the Quran. And what it took to even reveal the Quran to the Prophet Seisen we pass by this oh yeah, Jimmy Lai salaam gave the Quran Nah, bro. There's a lot more going on here. This is the mightiest of Allah's angels being given the heaviest task and then Allah, how does he describe the Quran itself? In Sanuki Anika colon Satilla I'm gonna give you a heavy word. I'm gonna give you a heavy word.

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And then he says no one's gonna handle Quran Allah Javon, the writer who has she and Mata sub the admin has she attended. If you saw that coming down on a mountain, you will see it explode from the fear of Allah poof. This revelation is now coming down the mind the power of the Quran is being described through the teacher that had this ultimate strength when he was delivering it. Then in this this this mighty by the way, this is you know that then when in the previous hire in Hula, hula great revelation that is being revealed. Now you're getting a taste of how great it is, you understand? It's Allah is explaining that and we now with this next style. Then there's also this

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idea of chain of narration which any any Muslim was familiar with the idea of a hadith, the concept of Hadith, you know that the chain of narration has to be strong right? Now, here's the thing is, this is incredible.

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You have to establish a chain between God and His messenger.

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And the chain is established. Allah, the mighty angel, and the prophet, and they are all linked. Now. There is a chain of narration, who's teaching him Allah's Angel.

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That's one of the most incredible things that I found in this if I would blew my mind. shadiness in Arabic remember, I didn't go root words on you hear every word I have a whole slide for it. I'm just going to talk this out with you. Is this is too heavy to break up. Chedid the verb shut down was used for tying up knots and ropes and strings shut the Latok shut the Aqua. That's what it was when you make the rope tight. So it has to do with ropes.

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Gua is cool and fertile and cool. Haben it was used for strong ropes. The original meaning of gua is a rope. So shadier than its secondary meaning has a rope and cooler in its secondary meaning also has a rope and the next word is going to be the middle Ratan and Mira is one of the Arabic words ancient words for a rope.

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So shadiness rope somehow hula is associated with rope somehow and Mira which I haven't explained yet is also associated with what rope? What is the Quran called

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Lattissima movie have Lilla hold on to the rope of Allah.

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This the Mighty One with the tightest rope delivering it to the profit slice and then there's literally a rope. Allah says the messenger says what narration

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habla Hindi Mateen Mina sama in alarm. It is the extent the Quran is the extended rope of Allah from the sky to the earth. And the Djibouti GBI. Sam is now the mighty one holding on to the road.

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It will be the imagery is so beautiful and powerful.

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When you are holding on to the Quran, you're holding on to a rope.

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Now imagine what's on the other end of that rope?

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It's Allah azza wa jal, because all the way up through the heavens through Gibreel, all the way up to the prop there all the way up to Allah Himself, Han Allah. This is this just inside the language of alemayehu shahidul core. Now, I'm going to make you I want to mode it, I'm going to make you feel bad as a way of motivating you. I know shaming is not a good motivator. I know that because in Pakistan, the only way we motivate people is by shaming people or Bergara. Totally. Like that's how we wake someone up and motivate them to do something with their life. Right. But let me just say,

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studying the Arabic language and understanding its intricacies will open up so much of the Quran for you. Like today's lens for contemplating Quran is language right now you don't many of you don't know Arabic, that's okay. My job is to make you feel bad about that. But also to tell you, it's easy to learn. I'm telling you, it is a no, no. Do you just, there's so much information? Yes, it is a lot of information. So was programming and you're now writing code for apps? Udemy. So it's tax code, but you're an accountant. That stuff is way harder. So it's calculus, but you're taking an in class and are complaining about it. So as biology in high school, a lot of information.

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So it's the SATs. It's information so why why are you intimidated? You're so capable of learning so many complicated things. But when it comes to this, I don't know. I've seen kids play some video games, the amount of menus and sub menus and items and upgrades and secret locations and unlock keys that they know off the top of their head.

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Oh, it's easy. You just got to press X X square r one L one and make dua that's that's how you call the ball. Like how did you know that bro? You've memorized it for every you know.

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It's crazy. I went to Austin Buxton and one of the universities they were having a Tekken tournament

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was pretty cool. Don't overfill you want to play ticket your to Islamic for taking a look? They don't know. They don't know. I beat the guy right? And he's like how do you know these combos? I was like a memorize them in college. They're still the same.

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Right? We're capable of learning we just tell ourselves we're not. And Chapin doesn't hold you back from learning like Final Fantasy 87 He doesn't he doesn't hold you back from learning like every character and every you know so much about anime it's scary. How do you even remember these names tells him the same to me. You remember all of them. You remember all these movie references all these your whole fall of songs.

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The Quran I don't know is so much work, mashallah you must have worked so hard. No. Any human being is capable of learning anything that is becomes a labor of love. Anything

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you mix here or in the brain is incredible. It's incredible. And on top of that, when you're trying to learn this language for the sake of Allah, you're, you're holding to a rope. So divine help starts you know, by Wi Fi coming through into your heart and your soul in your brain. And it opens up in ways you never imagined before. How dare you say it's hard?

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How dare you like that's an excuse, you better watch out. That is not an excuse.

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And so anybody and by the way, whoever holds on to the Quran is becoming wired,

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strong, your mind will become strong, your memory will become strong, your ability will become strong, your confidence will become everyday will become stronger. So hold on to Quran begin. So I'll tell you this last one The reason I brought all this up, you remember I told you there's three kinds of audiences you guys remember that? Anybody remember what they were?

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Up until now, up until Iron number four, the language was the language of the neutral the the unsure or the opponent. Everybody's clear that was the language of the opponent because very strong language.

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But he doesn't say here la casa de alemayehu shahidul koa in Nahu. Allah Who should you don't go ca? Yeah. Or in Allahu Allah in No emphasis, no stressors, neutral style, neutral style.

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But we know that the conversations happening with opponents right.

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So the question then is, why would you be talking to an opponent and use what?

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Neutral style

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when one of my friends is travel

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Listen to me. You got to watch the show. You got to watch the show. It's like, I have nothing to do right now. Okay, I'll watch an episode he made. He showed me an episode of One Punch Man. Some of you might know what that is. I've watched one episode I didn't need to watch anything ever again, like I'm done. physic are all the episodes like is he goes exactly like this? Why are you watching

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huge monster trying to kill this guy and he's just calm like, I see that you're strong. I see that you're about to use your ultimate move. And he's just completely unfazed and mood, why is he unfazed and unmoved?

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Because he already knows this guy is no match. For my strength, it may look otherwise. But I don't have to be intimidated by him. I don't have to respond to him. By the time Allah gets to where the Quran comes from, there is no need to stress the strength of Gibreel or the history or to prove the strength of the power of the Quran. And the empowerment of its messenger Allah is just normal speech. As if to say you have no power against this.

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You are powerless against this. It's incredible. Sometimes stress makes language amazing. Sometimes removing stress makes the language amazing. Allahu shahidul quoi.

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section