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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, thank you again for joining us for another episode of the deen show. This week, I don't have a guest for you. So I had to think about, what are we going to do? What are we going to bring you this week, I came up with something good. We're going to take you way back from the beginning. And we started from some of the original Dean shows some of the original guests from the beginning. And we're going to do what's called a flashback, we're going to take you back in time, if that's possible. But before that, I just want to spend a minute thinking everybody, first of all, hamdulillah Hamdulillah, our praise and thanks is to Allah, the Creator of

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the heavens and the earth, who has given us disability to be with you, brothers and sisters from all around the world. And it's also known that if you don't think the people, if you're not thankful to the people you're not thankful to a lot. So I'd like to thank everybody, all the brothers and sisters who have been contributing, who have been supporting the show, continue on,

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we've been able to bring some of these learned people on the show, we've been able to interview different people who have accepted Islam, they've been able to share their stories. Many people have accepted Islam Hamdulillah, because they've seen that this is something natural, is the natural way to believe in the Creator, the one who has created all this, to worship Him alone.

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Not a man, a monkey and elephant heard me say it a lot. If you've been with us since day one, you worship the Creator, you give him that right because that right belongs to him. And you believe in all His messengers. And what comes along with that. And his last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Islam is the natural way. And people have seen that they've seen Americans, Irish Latinos, people from all around the world, except this beautiful way of life. And even at the end, if you chose not to accept the way of life, that all all of God's messengers brought submission and surrender to the one God.

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At least by now you have a better understanding.

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we're going to take you way back to the flashbacks, continue tuning in every week, inshallah God willing, we're going to continue on with this journey

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of educating the people, I apologize if I'm not able to get back to everybody, it kind of gets overwhelming at time. You know, I didn't think that this thing would go so far as hamdulillah we are being not only viewed here in Chicago, on the TV, but all over the globe. And this is very exciting that you guys are supporting, if you have an email, and you send it to people attach our website to it. If you have a blog, put some of our videos on it. If you have a website, add us on it. And this is how we're going to spread the word we've done some of the major work here and contribute by making do offer us helping spread and getting this message out. So that inshallah people can

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understand us, they can understand this beautiful way of life, they can understand the Muslims. And now this fear that many people have due to the media, due to a lot of haters out there. And the biggest hater Shakedown, he's working day and night, we can clear some of these false misconceptions. And the people can sit down and have some lunch with us. Sit down with Tommy biryani, and hang out with the brothers and to see that man, these eight people ain't trying to build bombs. These people are trying to build a brotherhood of friendship. They're calling us to some symbol. They're calling us to worship the Creator, not his creation. They're calling us to good

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old, wholesome goodness, I want to kick it with these Muslims. Because you know what? I don't have peace in my life. I haven't figured out what the purpose of life is. Let me hear what the Muslims have to say. They're claiming that they got the truth. And it's something that fits. It's not something that's bizarre. It's not something that's way out there. It's not something complicated. Worship one, God, submit to Him alone, do the good deeds that he's invited you to do. And you know what, he's got a beautiful thing for you then paradise, paradise. It's very simple. Now, with that said, I'm going to take you over to the episode of this week. We didn't have a guest for you. But we

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do have some specials that I've lined up. We're going to go way back into the beginning. And I hope you enjoy this week's episode. Like I said, Make dua for us and all the shakes that have been on here. All the learning people make do out for them and all the brothers and sisters out there and all the non Muslims that are tuning in, continue to watch the shows

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Insha Allah as Almighty God, to guide you to make it easy for you and the truth, show me make clear, inshallah, thank you. We'll see you. Hope you enjoy this week's show Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you.

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Truth there is no deity worthy of worship, worship except except that

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I viewed with another witness that Muhammad is His Messenger. This is messenger as a seal of the Prophet. He's a slave Servant and Messenger. Oh my God, he's a seal in the prophecies make you open door to the house. Okay, so

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I like to compare it to like if you lost your your mother, your father, and you finally someone's described to me, that's my mother. That's when you get the correct concept of your creative. That's my creative asleep. Efficiency is

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shows videos, reminding you just forgot. And let's bring him on out. Talk to him. Baba.

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Tapping into how about someone now telling you that? Look, you don't got someone who's paying the fine for you the ticket, the ultimate sacrifice. Now what happens? Right? Jesus died for your sins. Right? How could God punish people for something they didn't do? A little baby is not born responsible for what Adam? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make a lesson. I mean, if the if the government tried to punish a baby for something their father did, we would say that's unjust. Yeah, but yet we choose god of doing that. I mean, that to me, that doesn't make sense. So Islamic idea is Jesus, it was a prophet example for us, he can die for our sins, we're responsible for our own sins.

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Now, like we said, because we're such sinners, which we are, we try to do better. But we try to do better in order to earn God's mercy and God's forgiveness. Now, we know that more about living Islam, people see living Islam living on the Prophet peace, we kind of live with his good character, inviting people to, to righteousness, and to all that is good. And they see this and they come to you. Now they ask you, you know, explain to me why I should accept this and explain to me, you know, what's so unique about Islam? And how do I know this is true? How would you sum this up in a simplistic way, really, I don't have one simple line, because I really,

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it is about one,

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I have found, as many others who have embraced Islam obviously have found that there is a very sincere, genuine way of connecting to a higher power through song, that is not pretentious, that is not about being holier than now. But it's about really the individual connecting to the divine, and through that connecting to the rest of humanity. That is really beautiful when one gets to understand it, and from a perspective that looks a totality of our tradition. But oftentimes, we don't get that partly because what we are often presented about Islam is in the in the context of all this post 911 craziness, and, and sometimes the Muslims themselves have to take responsibility

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for the way we present Islam through our actions. And the way we talk about Islam, that may not always present the most beautiful light of it. But I think the most simple answer that I can give to anyone is I really do believe the verse that you know, is talking about that, that God is beautiful and loves beauty. And I believe that Islam is beautiful. When engaged as a holistic tradition is

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the garden of Paradise is for her. The place of pilgrimage for is for her. The seal of the Prophet hood given to the Prophet Mohammed

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is for Dean,

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That is fun. I remember when

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I met certain friends, you know, for example, Eddie, who kind of opened things up and made things make a lot more sense to me with Islam and the Quran. And

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probably one of the main things that really changed

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my perspective on it was, for example, I was with some friends one day and

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one of the girls was asking about the Bible. And another friend would say, well, which Bible do you study because I study this Bible when I read this Bible. So that kind of brought up a question to me right away about well, I don't understand how can there be so many different Bibles?

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therapy, there has to be something different that you follow a new following that didn't quite make too much sense at all to me. So with Islam, everybody studies a crime. And it's been preserved and everything just seems to kind of flow together. Yeah, make a lot more sense. So and they will

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free Cameron data

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for the purpose of freezing.

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Welcome to the deep show, to tell us what does a Muslim belief what is Islam to you now? What is it? What Muslims believe in what I believe is how I became Muslim is simply the first and most important thing is that there's one creator. And any kind of worship or praise would be to this one creator.

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In addition to that creator, you believe in angels to the existence of the angels, than the prophets that God has sent to us from the beginning of time to now name some of those prophets. Adam, Ishmael, Abraham nor

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Jesus, john, john, john the baptist,

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how do you say his name? Yah, yah, yah, yah

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Yunus was Jonah. And the last one which we believe is Prophet Mohammed song. So they all came with that way that way of submitting to the will of God, which is an error message. Same a message, message, same message Make sense? Now, same message. Yeah, didn't come with all these different religions. Okay. And they all all roads lead to Rome. Now. It's not that it's one way is submission to the will of the Creator, worshiping him on his terms, not yours, right? Is that correct? That's what you believe this special guest, a good friend of mine, good brother. I'm gonna let him talk about himself. We're gonna bring him on. He's going to introduce yourself, real great show for you.

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Mohammed is His Messenger.

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Then I remembered that there's a verse in the Bible that actually says, a prayer from Jesus telling his companions pray like this, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You're sent out to God, God's will be done on earth as an Islamic and come to find out this is what the word Islam actually means. Do what God wants you to do on his terms in peace, surrender, or submission. I Salama that the word Islam is the root and that sort of name. That's the literal translation of Islam, what it means as far as as you can take to English. So just to recap for submission, surrender sincere obedience, obedience to a greater peace to the Creator of the heavens and earth. So now you're

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getting these this new information before that, what did you know about Islam? Nothing? Nothing. Nobody? Tell us the viewers, because you see, nowadays, Islam, there's a stigma attached. So now someone is bright as yourself, who's a doctor? Who is an intellectual? For someone who is afraid of Islam? Who doesn't understand Islam? Do you want to know why would this man choose the psalmist?

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Oh, well,

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I was an atheist before because we didn't believe in that.

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And why would God do that? Why wouldn't innocent people suffer at the hands of more violent criminals?

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Why wouldn't a perfect God create a more perfect world? Where does evil come from? If everything comes from God, then evil comes from God, and so forth and so on. So, you know, these questions grew. And as as they grew, and became bigger in my life, and to begin with, I moved away from the church, away from belief in God. And then I come to the 30th verse of the second Surah chapter.

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And it says, the whole Lord said to the angels,

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so it's a heavenly announced.

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I'm about to put a vise read. Every word was Khalifa, I'm about to put a vise strength of mine advice from one who acts on behalf of another are represented. So it's a heavenly election. I'm about to put a vise right.

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And then the angel said, What do you put there in one who will spread corruption and shed much blood? Oh, this is now one of the answers to some of your questions is my quest. That's your question. While angels are asking, right? Yeah, well, we need the angel celebrate your praises and glorify you. Well, that was definitely hooked. I wanted to see what the author how the author answered that question. So I continued reading through the Quran, looking for clues and answers. And I know this interview has to be can't be that long. But by the time I got to the end of the I had found what for me, were compelling and clear answer. Now you're at the table. Your father got one

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version of the Bible. You're no no, the Catholic priest has one version. Your father has one version. Your wife has one and you got one version.

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You got like four dannemora? Like No, no more like what happens next? We basically had gotten an argument with each other. What's he doing? What's the Muslim? They just sitting there smiling? So finally, you know, we just said, Okay, let's give up on this. And I turned to him in almost defensively. And I said, Well, how many versions of your co round do you have? He said, Well, actually, there aren't any. There's just one. It's in Arabic, it still exists exactly as it was yesterday. So because you got your you can't get your desires while you get heat, you're full of this heat, this passion, you get a chance to get some real trouble. You're living in the 21st

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century. And when you're going on welcome in America, welcome in the West in general, you will see that again, it's all about body culture, even in our arms, around the body culture, the body culture, it's all wherever you go. It's all about men getting in shape, muscles, whatever you decide to do, like.

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What do you got to say to the parents who are restricting, say, the youth now he's got this urge, right? And he wants to get married, he fears his creator, because he knows if I fall into the fornication, I'll get some big trouble. Right? So that's one of the main things that one of the major sins absolutely major sins, major sins, okay? major sins. Connect, because when you hear the recitation of the Quran, it penetrates the heart because these are the words of your Creator, right? Yes, of course he did. And then we'll try to give you inshallah, God willing the translation gift, in this case, really, you should try as a Muslim, you know, in your school to ask the principal, ask

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the teacher, can I get five minutes off to pray. And I don't think there should be a problem where there's a will, there's a way, if you can get time off to go to the bathroom for lunch for this or that, surely, they'll give you five minutes for your local prayer. So really, I think that if this is going to be a habitual thing, such as a thorough prayer of the year, I don't see any excuse to try to combine or to do anything like this rather, either pray it at home before also, or if it's going to be, you know, conflicting, the very timings and make sure you find a place in the locality. For example, people that work generally when you're working, you go beyond also for therefore find a

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place where you can pray and you know, in North America, at least you're constitutionally you know, guaranteed the right to be able to pray, no matter what your job is, you can take a few minutes off to go and pray and then come back here real quick live demonstration. We don't got a PowerPoint. You just gonna tell me look.

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This is the hijab with a beard. Is this a job acceptable? No, this is not acceptable hijab? Firstly, because he's got a beard. So the guy with a beard. So so for the sisters wearing the hijab, we love you. So we know it's very difficult because you a lot of times growing up, you learn what's right and wrong from your parents. So now you're stuck at that border, that you're finding solace in Islam. You're finding comfort and it's changing your life is having an impact your your mind starting to grow obedient, but she has that Mother, you know, she rather support her to go to a cafe where there's alcohol, and mingling with boys. And she rather support her and these actions, rather

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than and then when someone tries to invite her to go to the masjid. Now she wants to go but what she's scared what her mom's gonna say, right? Well, this is a game for that particular Amina, right, she needs to first know that this is the nature of the path that she choose to be on. This is the ways would prophets and pious people and righteous people, they walked on the same path, she would feel lonely and strange. But when she remembers that this is the same path where the prophets and the righteous people had walked on, it would give her more comfort. So knowing this is very, very important and increasing the demand. And as the things as we mentioned before, and at the same time

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to be kind to the parents and knowing that we are in a test. This is not gender, this is not paradise. We are being tested in this life. And soon all the method would be all over. And that person will be judged in the Day of Judgment according to their patience and struggling and striving for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. I would advise the brothers and the sisters to be gentle in their approach to her job. Her job is not the biggest issue. If a sister isn't praying five times a day, that's a bigger issue. That's a bigger issue. That's a much bigger issue. Also, if the sister is dressing very modestly, then try to start her to dress a little bit more more by step by step

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Yeah. And so if a sister is just wearing a skirt and and tight and tight shirts, if a person says you know, let's just start with loose you know, loose skirt all the way ankle level and a loose shirt, that's better than then then then what she's doing, isn't it? Let's not be like you know, expect her to go from zero to 110 seconds. It's not gonna happen. So let her start gradually. I'm not saying it's permissible just to wear a skirt and an illusion. But I'm saying it is better than wearing a miniskirt and a tight tight shirt. Right? So let's be gradual here. And if the sisters in themselves want to gradually develop the hijab, they'll say okay, for one month, I'm gonna just

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dress in, you know, cover my entire arms and entire legs, not the headscarf. Let me just try that get used to that when that one month is over. Then I'm going to move on to just a little

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headscarf and then we went to a perfect one, let her be gradual as well. And let us be supportive and encouraging rather than being strict and harsh upon her because really and truly I have to admit, I admire every single sister that has the courage to wear the hijab, in a society where people will look at bigger reward to she has, she has more guts than the majority of Muslim brothers do. Because the Muslim brothers are dressing you know, like GQ, they're, they're looking real cool. They're taking latest fashions and jeans and everything. And you know, they couldn't care less. It's the sisters who are showing us the courage and demand of Islam. So let's never forget that brothers.

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Don't be so critical of the sisters, when you yourselves aren't living up to the ideals of Islam. So I say really, and truly, you know, the sisters were wearing the hijab, Mashallah, I mean, they are, they are a source of inspiration to all them, we love them all. We love them all, quickly, give us a glimpse how you came to Islam. I came to Islam back in 1998, after an in depth search of the Bible, I was trying to become a Bible scholar, I really wanted to use the Bible since it was to a Christian, the way to live your life. So I wanted to know more about this book, I wanted to know everything about it. So as I searched more, I began to realize that there was some things wrong with

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it, that it was not the true Word of God, as most people claim. So I then I began an in depth search that if this is not, then where does the true Word of God lie? What is the true way of life that God wants me to live? So I searched almost every religion that you can think of, that is known on the face of the planet, until I finally you know, by the grace of God came in contact with Islam. And when I came in contact with Islam and read the Quran, the holy book that is referred by Muslims, that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Then I saw that the true gospel message of Jesus Christ and this Koran, or one in the same, they were one in the same Islam and what the Bible

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really said it at its original state, were one in the same. So I this is high, short story, you know, long story made very short, this high accepted Islam fly, said, I bear witness, there's only one God, none other to worship.

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And a bear witness that Muhammad says last messenger. That's quite simple. I was shocked. I said, How could it be that a Catholic priest has now become a Muslim, that's all he had to do is say that he said that and as he becomes a Muslim, but

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and we're going to talk about his story, which probably all of you are eager to hear why someone would accept Islam. So

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get ready to meet Ronaldo, here on the show.

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On a call, he has a BA in every condition. He said a bunch of Arabic which maybe if you turn it in for the first time, you said, Man, do I need to take an Arabic class?

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So he said, I wish peace upon him, he wish that back upon me and we think the Creator of the heavens and earth, see the class yet. So the midst to him, that he surrenders to him, and that everything God Almighty loves, that you do everything that he hates, you stay away from So just to give you an example, now that he loves that you worship Him alone, that you still set up partners for them. This is an all forgivable sin. If you call upon anyone other than him. You call upon Jesus. If you call upon Mohammed, if you call upon anyone else other than God, no intermediary, you don't go to a confession box. You don't go through

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the Father and He gives you about 10 Hail Marys No, the only one that can forgive since is the creator The head is an earth direct connection to is that you establish the prayer for his remembrance at their fixed times that you pay the charity that you fast any intelligent person who sees that this life is transitory, okay, it's passing the days are going by you're getting old, they're getting gray hairs, you know, you go by the graveyard, you see that? You know what the tombstones they got 1617 two year old people at death can come at any time. So when you see this beautiful description of Paradise, you know what I wouldn't barter, you know paradise for this life.

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It's just like, you know, it's like a fake watch for a Rolex You know, it doesn't work. But tell us how do we guarantee a place in paradise for us? What do we need to do? First I want you I am advice, advise myself, advise you and advice whatever Listen to this. I want you to ask yourself one thing.

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What really this life means to you?

00:24:25 --> 00:24:27

How much and how many years you will live?

00:24:29 --> 00:24:36

What you really offer Allah subhanho wa Taala give your life give you help give you everything. How long you will live?

00:24:37 --> 00:24:44

How much enjoyment Will you have in this life? This narration reminds us that everything we love in this life will eventually be gone.

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And we will be accountable for our actions in this life. Nobody's dying, or paying the price for our sins. You'll be responsible for yourself as I will be responsible for myself. What Why can't if you say why are you limiting God? Why

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Cannot God Be a man out of His love, he turned into a man and came to show you how to live. Okay? So that's the same thing. He understands that he tells me, the policeman, he wants to humble himself and be understand, so submissive. So he goes to the robbers, and the junkie, and the drug users and all these things, and he stands there, he throw his gun away, I say, Hey, guys, I'm here, beat me up. Come on, man, come when we have to start really to be real. And as you can see, when God Almighty is speaking, he's telling you look, do you think I made this all in play? See, joke? Have a good time? Don't worry about it, just kick it. And then you know, when you die? Is nothing going to

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be? You're not gonna be accountable? No, no, no, you're going to be accountable. So it's not all in play. It's not to live Friday to Friday, kick it from one party to the next. No responsibilities. You give to your boss you give to everybody, but you don't give to the Creator. Now it doesn't work like that you're going to be brought back and you're going to be judged. So we need to take this life seriously. And do what do as the Creator of the heavens and the earth has told us to do. And now like I said, if you tune in

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you there has been delivered to you, you can't turn away. It's like that subpoena you just got hit with it. But when I started studying the Bible, I wanted to know who wrote these books, you know, so I started researching the author. And when you go through the Old Testament, 80% of it, the author is unknown. It's speculated, they speculate, who wrote it. Like in the book of Deuteronomy, they say Moses wrote it.

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Which doesn't make sense, because at the end, it says Moses died. So that Moses, like, write it on a bitchy way, you know, like, all of these things did not make sense to me.

00:26:42 --> 00:26:50

So the only way that God you understand to show me He, He is a God by cumulating himself disgracing himself.

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This is what's this? What about those who say look out of His love, he came he turned into a man Okay, out of his love. Okay, what there need to amend the ordinance to amend that you are going in deficiency, you are going in a lower level, we have to understand that God is almighty, there is sin, God can do anything. Okay. Don't misunderstand me. God can do anything he wants. But God also he told us that he is almighty. Alright. So, like a man. But if I could not give you an example, because nowadays we have so called gays, okay. But if you go to other countries with manhood is a privilege that God gives you and that you have the honor that a man would not have a man in Arabia

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as example. He will go say, I'm going to show you how I humble myself, and he will dress like a woman.

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Because he know he's a man. Okay? He's supposed to be defending the women, not for him to try to put himself in a position. Okay, now I'm here I became like, like a woman, they silicone. So God Almighty able to do anything he wants. But in symptoms, that is something doesn't fit with the majesty of God. Now, tell me this, the guy says, You know what, this is what my parents believe, and their parents. And now what you're telling me is, is going against what I was brought up into, let's call it a day, and God will decide at the end. How about if someone says this now? Well, he's right about that. And he ended, but he continues, he's right about what he said, though, that in the end,

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God will be the final judge. Yeah. And for me, as a Muslim, I have to remember what our Lord told us in the Quran to tell them the straight message to warn them. That is not our job to guide them. Yes. Our purpose I have in the program right now today is that we think that we're going to guide anybody, God guides who we will, that's true. And it's not like salesmanship or one upmanship, either. I mean, I love everybody. Um, you know, all my brothers and sisters in humanity. Yeah. But if you would like to know the truth, if you want to come to the realization of who is God, what is our purpose in life? Why are we here? What is the whole meaning behind all of this? If this is your

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desire, then that's what we want to do want to help? So just to take you back on that, if they say, Okay, look, well, you said God can do anything, why can't he be a man? Okay? So you became a man, you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go to the doctor and the doctor have to cut your stomach, and they understand you. So now you're suffering. Okay? God doesn't suffer. God doesn't sleep. God doesn't get sick, doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Now you you can see in the great in God, in the steady say, glory to God, you are the great in God and say, God law. So if me and God are the same, so why do I have to even think about something called God? Tell us for those who think

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Islam is originally terror of violence. What do you have to say?

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Watching too much TV watching too much too.

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Yeah, really, because, as I've already explained, Islam is the submission and surrender and peace to Almighty God. So how can you twist this around and say that this is talking about terrorism or hurting other innocent people, it's very clear in the Quran, whoever takes even one innocent life is like he killed all of humanity. Whoever saves the life, it's as though he saved all of humanity. There's no way to misconstrue this to say that Islam is a religion of terror. However, there are people who are doing things and saying this is Islam. And some of them aren't even Muslims. Some of the people are doing this. And then they say, well, Muslims did this thing. And some of them are

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Muslim by name, but they're certainly not Muslim by action, are they? Oh, you know, I tried to do that. And because I did not want to lose my faith, Christians, all I had is all I knew, is the way of my forefathers the way of my family.

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So I tried to go back into the Bible, and shove my mentality into trying to find a way to make this stuff fit. Make it make sense, let me make this thing makes sense. You know, let me make this Trinity thing makes sense, because the Trinity. After reading the Bible, it just started not making sense, because there's no verses in the Bible that speak of the Trinity. There's one that if you study the Bible was not original part of the Bible was put in, you know, later when the when the Rome the Bible is put together in Rome. So I'm saying to myself at all this, how do I fix this? Because Jesus saying that, you know, the way to salvation, someone came and asked him, How do I get

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eternal life? He said, Follow the commandments. He said, okay, I've done that. He said, Okay, then follow me. You know, sell everything you own and follow me. This was the way to salvation, follow the commandments. Paul gets in the way of salvation, believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross three cents. So I'm thinking to myself, okay, if this was the way to salvation, why did Jesus not tell us this? So we're gonna move on to the next question with Mr. Faisal in the show studio. Tell us the good news. Now. The good news for all those running and doing good deeds what's waiting for us? Or best shooting levena?

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peace be upon him. I received His Messenger

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