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The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to Islam and not separating groups. They also mention a study on the topic and encourage viewers to watch it on the show. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning Arabic language and not getting into silly groups.

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here's what we do.

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I'll say this and you say after me if you will, if you don't, then don't say, I swear, I swear. There is no god worthy to be worshipped. There is no god worthy to be worshipped except one true God, except one true God. Allah, Allah, okay. And I swear, and I swear, Muhammad, Muhammad is His Messenger is this messenger. Okay, now we can do it in Arabic. Actually, I do. I do. On en la isla de la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, sharika, wah, wah, wah, hi, Shadow, Shadow, and Mohammed. Ahmed Rasulullah rasulillah. That's it. Yes. What you just did. You entered Islam.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one. Moses was his messenger.

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I'm just really happy. And

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I'm glad to be in the truth.

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me to do it, there's some we need to tell you. When you entered into Islam right here, Allah, He forgave all of your sins since the day you were born. So you don't have any sins now. It's all gone. You got a new start, and you got good deeds, you get to keep all your good deeds, and no bad deeds. So that's a bonus. And if you ask him for anything, now it's direct. And you will receive immediate results from our law. And another thing is that he's going to start testing you now. Big time. He promises you but it will make it easy for he's going to test you and then you'll see ease you'll be tested. And this is a promise from because coming to Islam is not to get the easy way. But it's to

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get the fairway in a balanced way. And you'll learn step by step and you start learning how to do so long for the person. And then we'll after that, we'll be going into Ramadan, September fasting the month of Ramadan. And then after that, you learn about Zika giving the charity you don't have to worry about that for a whole year. And then after that, there'll be hij. And then if you can go to Mecca once in your lifetime Lamech away then that completes as long as easy as that. And there is some study to do. It's good to start learning the Arabic language, it's good to sit with the study circles and it's good to spend some time with the brothers but one thing you want to be careful of

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very careful is the devil is not going to give up on you. He's going to give up on the fact that you know he knows you're not going to worship idols and statues and stuff any of that but he's still going to try to work on you to try to at least get you away from the Muslims. So one of the hardest tests that we in the West have in Islam is to keep from separating up into all these silly groups don't do that respect each other if somebody is in a group as his choice but don't get into this stay away from that. Just love all your brothers and appreciate the good from each each one or each group and let it go if that makes sense. Yes.

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Do you have any question you want to ask?

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We're real happy to have you as our brother in Islam and take everything slow step by step one by one and inshallah God Willing you'll find it is a wonderful way of life. It's called the deen are a way of life. And this is by the way, the lien show that you're watching. So watch is here on the show for a lot more programs like this. And we hope we see a lot more folks like Steven understand this message and coming to slam till next time is us West is here in Chicago, saying hey, somebody's coming to LA