Spiritual Leadership In Islam By Part 3 Of 3

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Are you proud?

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If you're not, then you need to revisit not ethics. You be kind and you honor them.

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And you treat them with kindness with respect and with honor and embarrass the gate to Shana.

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Well, Lisa Malala Well, I think Allah knows my soul, your parents on that vehicle that would drive me to Agenda

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three kinds of people, a lot of judgment reported by a guy.

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This is very song heavy narrated by Abdullah

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Al qiyamah. Three kinds of people a lot of judgment, number one

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the one waste and country dispatch, he may come with notice notice of good deeds, charities,

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oh, you name it, he may come with them in the name judgment, but because that person has been unkind to his or her parents

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that person would be ignored neglected amongst the losers. So that led

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me to judgment.

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So when you visit, if you pass alive, today, try to be considered make sure you know to go today and ask them to make that too hard for you. Because that could be really the vehicle that would drive you to

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just wander because the profit center is

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a graduate, graduate, do

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you already

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have a father to his son, a mother to her son or daughter, it's a job.

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That is great. If your parents are alive today

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glad tidings to you.

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Because you will not get to know the value of your parents.

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The day when they're gonna be too late You can cry blood

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one block agenda is blocked

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you won't really know their value until they're gone.

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And last but not least, are you happy?

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You may ask me what's happiness?

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Are you happy?

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You feed me

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the fact that you're out here sitting in this environment of the angels should be it should make you so happy you know why? Here's why.

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Once I'm done with this event, inshallah hope to have something very nice can happen.

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You know what it is? You want to know? Yes. Oh, yes.

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Yes, yes. Yes. What?

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They want to hear what you have to say the key word the magic word is

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just like my kids, I teach them No, say the magic word.

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Buy here's what is going to happen.

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This is reported in North whatever whatever reported by the Buddha. It's all very sub ID which is also in Bukhari, that the Prophet Mohammed is out of some sense when people they get together in this type of gatherings. Remember, when people get together in this type of gatherings few things would happen number one,

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Russia Toma Rama Rama will be will descend upon them mercy from Allah will descend upon them look at optimizing number two when is it Italia he was Sakina Sakina tranquility also will overwhelm them.

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second unit suckiness tranquility it's peaceful now. It's so peaceful you know if this feeling that you feel it now. Is it the same feeling when you're home? You know watching TV flipping channels, the windows or the remote control?

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Is it the same feeling? Look, it's peaceful here. Why is it peaceful because we are in the environment of the angels.

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A matter of love

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all these beautiful faces, you know, people who've never smiled. I see them smiling today. I've never seen him. I've never seen him.

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But by Allah who holds my soul, I love you all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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think I'm taking money from you know, money

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now that

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I know nothing for me

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because the Prophet Mohammed is after Sam says this is reported by Abu Dawood.

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He says,

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he says when your brother loves his brother, he should tell him that he loves him. When a sister loves her sister, she should tell her that she loves her.

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And I'm the first one who wants to defend his son. And I'm telling you, I love you. I love you all for the sake of a must.

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So thank you, brother that you love him. Yeah, he tells me that you love him. dearly that you love him. Yeah. So now what? What Why are you happy? Just

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Just like your brain. You know? You tell him I love him for the sake of my sister tell you sisters. Yeah. Why are you going?

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To the brothers, sisters, sisters, brothers.

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I didn't tell you to go to the sister to tell her now you tell the brother or sister shifted me to tell you I love it.

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This is the second, second and now second of tranquillity is second. Number two. Number three, what affects one minute the angels will descend upon them. The angels will surround them. The interests are here right now

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that the interests are here right now spreading the wings on top of us.

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Because the prophets

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I said I didn't say anything. Who said Yeah. What do you What's your problem? You have a problem. She's not.

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The Prophet said this is the the issues are here. The issues are here.

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Number three, number four. Look at number four. This

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will not go home alone.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning their names to His angels. Right now at this very particular moment. Allah subhana wa tada is calling the angels and saying, yo angels look at my servant. Look at my sermon. When Julian he mentioned

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your name?

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Oh, my angels.

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He's here talking about my greatness. Look at my service.

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Look at me. mention your name. No, no to this to the angels. Look at my service.

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After closing,

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what are you making it so hard?

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They are here talking about me.

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As if you see yourself on the news. And you see your name and your picture on TV. Or on the newspaper, The Telegraph. Newspaper here is

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how you see your name front page. Ah. Mr. Murthy beautiful face.

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For the first time they say lambda is not a terrorist is a good Muslim.

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face. Very good citizen Muslim. Wouldn't you be happy? When you take that newspaper app and you take it around and you show it to your children and that your children you make what's what's the what I die, show it to my grandchildren and let my grandchildren show to the grandchildren that their granddad Ganga was a Muslim.

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Right now Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioned our needs to His angels. Aren't you proud? Aren't you happy? No, you don't have to yet. Well, this one would make you happy if the left and the very end because now it's the end. We're done. And then a caller from the heaven would say right now. Stand up, stand up, stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Yeah. sleepyhead.

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A caller from the heaven would say right now. Como

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Stand up and live, all your sins have been forgiven and all your sins have been converted into good deeds have exemplified.

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Congratulations and congratulations that Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven us minor Sins of course, for the sake of footmen. hamdulillah. Just for the fact that we've been in this environment of the angels, the environment with by the second is descending was by the the llama is descending, may Allah Subhana Allah bless you or May Allah bless the brothers of those who are who are responsible in this ministry, the authorities who have given us a chance to come here and give you this, this speech, may Allah bless them and make it into Mr. Hasina. As that Kamala Harris vehicle was that