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AI: Summary © The host of the D show discusses the importance of surrendering to God and showing submission to him. They also talk about the success of their show and encourage students to ask questions about their religion. The segment touches on the "by chance" of a car crash and the "by chance" of a crash in a factory. They also emphasize the importance of finding purpose and worshiping the creator in life. The host emphasizes the need for evidence in science to convince people of evolution and bringing people to understanding their beliefs.
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hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace, be it. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. Every week, we try to bring you a new show helping you understand the most misunderstood way of life in the world today, which over 1.5 billion people in the world practice today. So you should really get to know Islam really get to know your, your local Muslims. And that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to help you build a better understanding. So that's how we can build tolerance within each other. And that's how we can strive to get to that piece that we're looking for. So today, we're going to be talking to a former Christian youth minister, who's on the Dean's show. He's been with

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us many times before. So stay tuned. And we'll be right back with you, Sean Evans. Talking about Dawa, to atheist dialogue with an atheist. We'll be right back.

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So aliko widecombe. Sam, how are you? Brother? Good. All right. All praise to God.

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Thank you for coming out again. Absolutely. We're gonna be talking today on the D show gowa dialogue with an atheist, you know, it's our responsibility. It's our obligation as ones who follow Islam to extend the invitation. Just like you invite somebody over for dinner, you know, invite them to the ballgame. We need to invite people to this wonderful way of life, which is surrender and submission to God alone, and not his creation. And from there, everything else falls into place. So sometimes when you're talking to people, you come across somebody who just does not believe in God. How has your experience been with this? And how do you go about talking to someone who does not believe in

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God. But most people, they you know, there's different forms of atheism and agnostics and things of that nature.

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You know, that give you the you know, that, you know, science, you know, proves there's no God, you know, with the big bang in the expansion of the Universe, and you know, everything coming together through evolution and Darwin's theory, and all this other stuff.

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You know, and

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people have gone and tried to refute this by using you know, huge scientific means you have people like huddling yahia, who have gone, you know, his extensive books on, you know, the proof of the universe, this than the proof inside every other thing. You know, what, basically, you know, if you can break an atheist, to a point down to look, just look around you, you know, look around you at this beautiful universe. It runs in constant harmony, all these good billions numbers that are not even invented, of planets, they're run in a perfect manner, perfect orbit, they don't cross over each other. They don't have anything, just look at this world, this world is in the perfect place to

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sustain life, where a couple feet closer to the sun, nothing more live here, a couple of feet farther, they'd be frozen. If it rotated on the axis, any different, you know, like, all of these things is perfect. And perfect. I mean, to the exact degree, it's perfect, everything is in perfect seat harmony, you know, the amount of rain and the amount of evaporation, exactly, all of these things scientifically, prove that there's a God and people say, Oh, you know, there's come around for the Big Bang and evolution.

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And you know, just perchance and things you don't, I asked, I asked a guy one time an atheist, you know.

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And I've heard this same analogy used before, that, if I went to a Mercedes Benz factory, say, give me every part that it takes to make a Mercedes give me every single piece, put it in a big, big band, they give you every single part, all jumbled up, put it in a big band, you throw a bomb in there, blow the whole thing to smithereens, you think you're gonna get a Mercedes Not at all, you know, I don't care. If you throw 50. The more bombs you throw in there, the less like Mercedes is going to start to look. So you're going to tell me that a big bang and explosion created. We're talking about Mercedes, something that was created by human hands, something that breaks down

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something that one day is going to corrode and fall apart. Look at this earth. You know, it runs in perfect harmony, millions of years, millions and millions, maybe billions of years. It's been going in perfect harmony, nothing has happened. Look at our body. Our body runs in such a way that is perfect harmony, our heartbeats, but we don't have to think about it. We breathe without thinking about it. But our brain functions without thinking about our blood vessel. All these things happen without us having to even ponder it even a little bit. Only thing we do is put some food and water in it and take care of an exercise and it runs perfectly. So

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you need to tell me all of this is by chance.

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Because only only someone who's either a full

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you're watching the deen show. And this is the mailbag. This is where we take your calls, we take your question. So any of you wanted to call in? And for future reference when it's playing as recording, you won't see the phone number on the screen. And we'll have

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a call. Yes, yes. Yes. Is the deen show. Go ahead. This user has this. Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. Okay. But you have a question. Okay.

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All righty already, then. We'll do that right now. Keep your, keep your TV on. And we'll okay. So a lot of people have Tila

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question. They called in and they're asking us about the subject of

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how do you prove there's God? And how do you overcome the question when somebody asks you that? Where did everything come from? And what about the Big Bang that the universe is coming from a big bang? And why don't we just accept that instead of coming up with this creation business?

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Okay. One of the ways I like to explain it to our students is like, this is pretty simple. First and foremost, if they're not Muslim, always remind them that we say thank you for asking me about my religion, refer to the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad, and make sure they understand that this is not something you're going to make up on the spot. Okay. The next thing though, is to ask them, What would happen if I take a water glass, and I walk out to the pavement and I drop it, and it'll shatter into many pieces splintered and break, and it'll just be destroyed, you know, glass everywhere. I say what will happen if I bring another glass and drop it? This is the same thing. I

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said, Will it be exactly the same? They said, No, it will be different every time, but it will always be shattered. All right. Now, another thing when you talk about

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something just blowing up, we talked about that there was a mass that just blew up, and everything came out of that just the Big Bang is what they referred to a big bang of blowing up. Now we know full well about things blowing up. In fact, they are attributing all the blowing is up to the Muslims in the world, aren't they? But consider this. Have you seen it? And I've seen it on television. It's a horrible thing. It's never beautiful. Is it? Is it? No, the only thing that comes out of explosions is chaos. When there is this random blowing up or the random dropping of this glass on the payment, you will get mess. You don't ever get order you don't have ordered that comes

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out of chaos. Never ever. It doesn't happen that way. So how would it be if a tornado went through a junkyard a salvage yard and picked all this metal up the cars and old refrigerators and throw them up into the air, spun them around and then suddenly dropped him down. And it turns out that all of it was come back together and made a brand new Mercedes with a motor running a brand new automobile and a motor running? Would you accept that? You said this is crazy. This is wilder than a Steven Spielberg sci fi movie. You're right. It is. Yet when you look to the universe, what do you see? What do you see? You see, these fears? these fears going in elliptical orbits, the sun in an orbit,

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the planets around the sun in orbits, the moons going around the planets. They're in orbits, though, and how is that? How does this come about? Stop thinking about it. Is it possible that this kind of order comes from an explosion

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without a design without a plan? And when you look to the microscope, you look at these molecules and you you know, you know these also are what are these around orbs. And the theory of the atom is exactly the same thing that you have a proton and electron, a neutron. And these are also spheres going in orbits around other spheres. So what we find under the microscope we find in the telescope as well. And who is it the design this How is this plan all coming together. And a molecule of protein could not be produced by accident if you took all the elements in the universe and slammed them together for billions and billions and billions of times they would never ever form the first

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molecule of protein and protein is the essence of life itself. We know that all life can

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amount of water. And that's what it says in the Quran. 1400 years ago, all life is brought out of water a lot said that, that he brought life out of water. Go check it out, go to science prove it for yourself. Okay, let's go back to the show already in progress. You're watching the deen show.

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Only someone who's either a fool, or someone who is so stubborn. Because if you really really break it down to most atheists, it's usually not because of these factors. It usually breaks down to something like my little sister died when I was 10 years old, she was hit by a car. You know, my mother died of cancer. You know, unexplainable events have happened in these people's lives. That they don't you know, they don't want attributes they give up on God gave up on God gave up on God. This is what's happened to most people. No, no, he's born an atheist. I've never met someone who told me I was born an atheist. I believed in it. I've been atheists all my life

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doesn't happen like that something happens along the way.

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To make them so angry at God that they give up on him. Yeah. And then the greatest way to give up on him is to deny him. That happened, something tragic happened in a person's life. And they just get they don't get the answers the proper answers, yes. Which in the last and final revelation to mankind, that we recommend that everyone pick up this book and read because the author is God, God Almighty, and he explains why certain things happen to us. He explains all the different tests and trials that we're going through what the purpose of life now when you don't find these answers, then usually, or if you're looking in the wrong place, usually give up. That's what I've done.

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Absolutely. Now, I like to tell people that they can take a simple test, they can actually sit wherever they're at, if they're at a desk right now, if they're in their living room, and just look at the little things around them. For instance, we I got a pen I got I got I got the cup, I got the dean show cup, I got the, you know,

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table, you got your jacket, you got your sweater, you got your hat, all these things, someone designed it, someone made it, someone put it together. That's right, the shoes to serve a purpose to protect our feet when we walk, the pen to write with has a purpose, the socks that go on your feet, the hair that you wear, everything has a purpose, and has been made by somebody who made it for a purpose to serve us. But this

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body that is so detailed, the cell, the eye, the human camera, yeah, everything we take for granted. I mean, all these things. I mean, somebody take this, what is that do that?

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gravity, yeah, without gravity, what happens? Life is not existent. We don't exist. Without this one little thing we take for granted every day, who can do something like this. Who can create something like this, you know, these things don't happen by chance, these things don't come just per chance. It's not possible, just like if you and really it goes back down to just plain logic. If you see the tallest, one of the tallest buildings, were here in Chicago, and you see the Sears Tower. Now if you were taking somebody sightseeing, and you showed him the Sears Tower, and they said, Wow, I wonder who designed this? Nobody said nobody did this. It just grew that tall and it just popped up. Is

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there like a

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mental hospital think you're joking? But these are the logical things why when it comes down to, to something so great, like this universe in us that somebody just denies the creator behind this, and you see a beautiful painting. And there's got to be somebody who painted it I chef with some food, you don't question that nobody prepared that meal. So really comes down to just logic, it's just simple as it is first thing if you were walking through the desert and found a watch, it would be like, who left this watch here who put it here, you know, he would not think like, just just oh, this watch is just he just showed up, you know, all these things that we take for granted. You know,

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like when ACS tried to sell me and I had a dialogue one time with the atheist and a five percenter you know, they they deny the existence of God, they think you know, some essence within 5% or 5% have never heard of that.

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It would be a very long topic to get into that another show. But they basically you know, like, everything is self existence. Yeah, you know, everything is exist in and of itself. I told him I said hold your breath.

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your self existent, hold your breath, don't eat, don't drink, don't sleep, doesn't work, doesn't work. All these things are put in a perfect order. You have to eat you have to drink you have to sleep. You have to breathe. You have to have the sun is radiant. You have to have the same things the the chlorophyll that the plants need to exist. The only way that this cliff reaches us is because of the way that though the layers of the of the heavens are created. I mean, you know one of these things, one small minute thing

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Add a place life does not exist, we're gonna continue on with just some logical proofs. And this destroys all the other false hood, and everything else. That just is irrational. This is very logical, we're going to continue on using our intellect, which people deny that someone has given us this we attributed to the Creator of the heavens and earth. So we're gonna come back on the dean show sit tight, we'll be right back.

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Check this out.

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Salaam Alaikum. Peace be upon you. You're watching the deen show. And this is the portion of the show we call the mailbag. This is where we go through the mail and see the questions and comments that we've had from you guys, and take calls at that time, too. But right now, I want to address some of the questions that are coming to us from some atheists talking to us about is there really any proof for what you're saying? And how come you don't believe in evolution? Well, that's a good question. First and foremost, as always, I'd say thank you for asking me about my religion, then I mentioned that we have the truth and the proof, we can't lie or will go to * forever. And

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certainly, we have the authentic Koran in the original recitation, Arabic language. So that's there for us. Let us deal now with this question, why we don't believe in evolution.

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It's the Muslims, okay, who are the only ones on the planet where our religion is telling us that there is creation, and yet there is a form of evolution at the same time, and it's never been changed. This is not an apologetic. This was offered 1400 years ago, long before Darwin was even a little small monkey. And

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But seriously, it tells us in the Quran that Allah is alcoholic,

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he says Halak, no, in Santa Fe assassinate him, he said that He is the Creator, that created the human beings in the best form. But then he also said that he is our body. And our body means the one who shapes or evolves things from one state to another, so allows alcoholic and allow us all barring. So that's the solution to the problem. If you're worried about it, now it puts your mind at ease. If there really is any form of evolution, it was already discussed in the Quran 1400 years ago. And as far as creation, and we know that exists, that was the same. There really isn't any evidence, by the way, in science, to produce an example of real evolution of a species changing over

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to a totally different species. No such thing as a skunk becoming a giraffe. No such thing as an alligator becoming a snake. And no such thing as a human being becoming a monkey or the other way around. And we'll refer you now to a website so that you can go check all this out for yourself. Go to science do words but put together as one scientist check it out for yourself. That is not you think we're gonna return you back to the program in progress. You're watching the deen show. Welcome back to the D show. We're talking to the atheist having a dialogue and we're giving some logical points. Really just common sense. You don't look at a Mercedes Benz or Rolex

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watch. And you don't think that you know what, there's not somebody who spent time designing this someone who orchestrated this or manipulated this and put this together, but the universe with all the billions of billions of galaxies, and then we come down to everything that's actually subservient to us. Like the the plants and the animals and the food that the oil everything's been put on this earth for us. So you're gonna

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you know some of these just simple things. You don't you deny? Just use a little bit of thinking you don't have to look too far. No, you don't have to look very far to find that even even God says in the Quran, the final revelation to mankind. If you want evidence of my existence, look inside yourself. Look inside yourself. That should be more than sufficient evidence to realize that I am the creator. The Crown really doesn't because we've not too many people in the past I think now we're because the majority of people even though they have the wrong conception of God, they testify that there is a God Yes, but they have I'm sorry, the wrong concept of God and turn them into a man

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into a stone into a stick they pray to to idols, but Islam comes to clear all this up. But the majority of people actually testify that there is a guy yeah, majority. It's Yeah. So how does somebody

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get out of this

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dilemma now

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Because, at the end, what do you really got to live for, you know, you might live for your wife or your children, but they're actually going to be gone. And now what is what is the meaning of life? Actually, if you don't believe in that higher power, how do you talk to someone and persuade them logically to get out of this, and to move forward? Well, you have to bring them to understand at first it is, there is a creator, you know, because once you realize that all of this is not here, per chance, it has a purpose, then you understand that that purpose is not just like God did not just places on this earth to live for 510 15 2050 100 years, and then we go into nonexistence, you

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know, God put us on this earth for a purpose. And this is just the beginning of the game, you know, and we have to understand that our most major religious belief in the afterlife, almost all religions believe in some form of afterlife, almost everything believes in some other form after like, in whatever way you believe in it, that there is going to have something here and what you do here is going to play some consequence on that. Just like in this world of what you do, now, like what I do, now, if I go commit a crime, I'm going to be punished for that, I'm going to have to pay that consequence. The same here with this little bit of span of life that we live in,

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in the next life, is going to be based on how we live this one, you know, so we have to find our purpose, which our purpose is that we are put on this earth, to worship the one creator, in everything that we do, and that in doing so, we will have a happy life in the next life, which will be forever in paradise. And if we don't, then we would not have a very happy next life, which will be forever in *. And you know what that makes sense? Because as you pointed out that what you do now, what you

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sow is what you reap. We'll be right back.

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Check this out.

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American Peace be upon you. You're watching the deen show. This is the mailbag. I'm used to Festus and we got a good question right here, we'll jump right to it right away. They're asking the question, is there proof that God really exists?

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And how can I explain it to somebody that's an atheist? Well, first of all, remember, always say thank you for asking me about my religion, refer to the fact that we always tell the truth, we have to or we go to *. And we base what we say on the evidences from the Koran, which is preserving Arabic language, 1400 years and the teachings of Muhammad, understand that this is the basis of how we're going to give the answer. Next, when you begin to talk to the person about this, remember that you don't guide people, it's a law that guides not you. And you can use our website to backup what you're saying, we have a number of websites out there, you can go to search for Islam and type in

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the keyword, and it will help you find what you're looking for. But in this case, I'll tell you, which one of our sites give you exact answer for this. It's called science Science Because they want to know what's the proof of God? And that's one of the questions the first question right there. Who is the God that we're talking about? Because often people confuse what we believe with what other religions believe it's totally different Islam. We believe that God is not the creation, not a part of the creation doesn't need the creation does not have this interaction with the creation where he's dependent in any way on this creation. However, the

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creation depends on him 100%.

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When you really understand the monotheism of Islam, and compare it to anything else, you'll find it's quite unique. Go to the website there and check it out for yourself and understand that the miracles that we have around us were mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, things that people couldn't have known about many of the other things that we have in common sense and logic. The answer is that even science today is stumped. They can't answer the questions. They're found in Islam 1400 years ago, find out what nine different scientists said themselves after finding out this information. Those that took the time to read, study and understand in the Arabic language, what the

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Quran was teaching, and see what they said we have nine videos on the website there, check it out for yourself and see, okay, we're gonna return you back to the program. Now you're watching the deen show.

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What you

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sow is what you read.

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So what you invest today is going to be the outcome tomorrow for us why the necessary next life plays a factor. Otherwise, what's the purpose? Now you can rob steal, do whatever and if there's no accountability, I said no. So when you know that there is a creator, that you will be held accountable. It puts you in check. And it just illogical belief. Absolutely. And Islam provides all the evidence that we need.

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To not just blindly believe, but believe, with

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enough evidence to strengthen us to move forward. Absolutely. Tell us that verse. There's one beautiful verse in a crowd that just just blows away the argument. And where God says

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this, did you create your Will you create it from nothing? Or did you create yourselves? Yeah. Did you? Yeah. Did you come from nothing? Are you yourselves your Creator? No, is this a rhetorical question? You know, like, how did you get it? Did you create all of this? Or am I the creator? You know, like a, there's it goes on even from that, you know, ns ns in chapter 50, civil God says, look at the fire that you can do, who created the word? Did you create the word? Or am I the creator? Look at the rain that comes down from the heavens? Do you bring it down? Or is it the one that bring it down? If I had wished I would have made it? Salty switch, you couldn't even drink it. You know.

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So in this one chapter in the Quran that Allah goes, the law of the true God goes over and over reminding us of these things that we derive benefit from, and then asks us, did you do this by yourself, or I'm the one that does it. And at the end of that, he says, then you should submit to me and me alone. This is this is the whole purpose of your desires, not to the dollar, not to materialism, not to a man or a monkey, but to God, the Creator of the heavens and earth alone, alone. And that's the whole message of Islam, which means surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth. I'd like to thank you for being with us again, on the deen show. As always a

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pleasure. Always, always a pleasure. And I like to thank everybody that is been tuning in since day one. I like to send a special thanks to also we made some adjustments on the website where you can go on there and continue doing your research, looking into the question and answer section. And for that person that doesn't believe in God, and now it has struck him to think a little more and he wants answers to what's the purpose of life. He wants to know why he's been created. Where do I go from here? Islam answers all these questions logically and with the evidence. So we made some adjustments on the website license, think, my brother, I'll do a white from England who's really

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helped me out a lot. I'd like to thank you, brother, Jazakallah, Haida,

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for all your assistance and help, you can check out his site, islamic to dotnet he's got a lot of information on there also, and everybody that continues to support us to continue to tell your friends and family about the show. And we'll see you again God willing, every week on the Dean's show as salaam alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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