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Nouman Ali Khan discusses the two great celebrations since the time of our Prophet ﷺ, especially Eid Ul Adha traces back to our father – Ibrahim AS.

One of the names of our religion is called the Religion of Ibrahim. We have an added admiration, love and connection to Ibrahim AS. The more we know about our father, the more we become loyal to that heritage.

Allah sent numerous trials and tribulations on Prophet Ibrahim AS which he faced with a smile because of his undying faith in Allah and being subservient to Allah SWT. Allah continued to guide Ibrahim AS throughout the rest of his life.

We must also try to imbibe and inculcate this key characteristic from the life of Ibrahim AS which is to stay firm and steadfast in our pursuit of Deen and not surrender to the external deviations and distractions.

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I wish somebody were silly unreliable after Sandy. I mean,

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the two great celebrations in our religion that have been carrying on since the legacy of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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actually in my understanding both of them tie back to a behemoth a Salaam in one way or the other, but this one more directly. And this particular celebration

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is directly a result of the fulfillment of the tests of humanity. So that was all of you know, all of the rituals that we perform at Hajj. And all of these are that we make for the people that are performing hajj and praying that ally accepts that edge from that, that all every one of those rituals ties back in one way or the other directly to the legacy and the struggles of

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Allah has a lot to say about about humanity. So I'm indifferent. And I've talked to you about some of those things before. Just as a quick reminder, one of the names of our religion is the religion of Ibrahim. There are several prophets that are talked about in the Koran. But I did not attribute the name of the religion to those prophets. We don't say we follow the religion of Adam millet, Adam, or militarism. I mean, that was that that phrasing is not used in the Koran. But a lot went out of his way to describe Rahim and insula, as, first of all, the religion of Ibrahim into a beacon.

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And interestingly enough, it's not just mandated by him, like in the I'm hoping to share with you today, we're allies who just says only Allah miletti, Ibrahima

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would turn away from the religion of Ibrahim except somebody fooling themselves. Other places, you would add another wording in between, and that's that he's our father, with a vehicle

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who was undocumented.

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And so while we have a an affinity, and a loyalty, and a reverence and respect, for all prophets, we have an added level of love and adoration and a sense of connection to every man is around, because he's also called our father. And so allows origin wants this a different kind of connection with him to all of us, it's not just something that was given to Ben was very to the plan was originally revealed in Makkah, but by extension, he's a father figure to all of us. Now, the thing is that, you know, a person's self sense of identity, a person's sense, of course, all of your last names, and my last name, these things come from our father, and children take on the some of the inherited traits

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from their ancestry from their fathers. Right. So the idea of him being called our father is actually to say that we have inherited something, we've inherited certain qualities and certain things that are supposed to become part of our personality. The more you get to know your father, the more you become loyal to that hat, you know, that heritage, and that personality allows this ayah says that, and I mentioned this to you in brief translation right now, whoever would turn away I'm indebted,

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alive saying who and the word Allah in Arabic is actually to be attracted towards something, or to be repelled away from something, but more closely it actually means that you're following something and something caught your attention. So

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Else caught your attention. And you got attracted to that in a bit, but you got distracted from where you were headed, and you started going a different way. And basically, what it led to seeing, and this is about the way of Ibrahim the religion of Islam is any kind of person who gets distracted, sidetracked by something else, other than the religion. It's not that somebody turns away from the religion, it's that they turned towards something else, they found some alternative to the religion of any person who would do that would be somebody fooling themselves, this is a remarkable thing to say, because you stay on track, when you know something is valuable ahead of

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you. Right, if some of you have had exams in your life, if there's an exam in three hours, and there's an opportunity to play some video games, or to go play something, or to hang out, or to just go to a dinner or something like that, you're not going to be distracted, because there's an exam in three hours, and there are consequences for leaving away leaving the exam. You know, and if there's, and that's the case of you're afraid of punishment, but there are sometimes even rewards, somebody is about to get married, or somebody is about to, you know, attend some, some ceremony where they're going to be awarded something, right. And they're going to be acknowledged, well, if that's the

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case, nothing else is going to distract them. That's the only thing on their mind. Right. So when you have something of value in front of you, then it's very hard to distract you. Because everything else is lesser value than this. Now, that's ironic, because the legacy of Ibrahim that he set up is a legacy full of very difficult trials. I mean, if you look at it from an emotional point of view, by human nature, that was a very young man had to leave his home. That's not an easy thing to do, to become homeless, and he didn't have a place to go, he didn't have money, he didn't have a job. He didn't have any of those things. But just because he wants to be loyal to a law. He's leaving the

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hall. Later on in his life, he's basically and he's about to be killed, burnt alive, because of what he believes. And he could turn away from that and just say, Okay, okay, fine, fine, fine. I take back what I said, I'm sorry for what I did. And you know, we don't we don't have to go this far. But he doesn't do that he stands his ground, even though he's supposed to face this terrible, terrible catastrophe. Later, on a level, give him a trial. And you guys know so many of them. He's going to give them the trial of, you know, once he gets married, these keep seeing it his dream that he's slaughtering his son in Iraq, in Miami and Yakuza. He tells his son, I keep seeing in my dream that

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I'm slaughtering. First of all, seeing that dream is hard enough telling your child that dreams, challenge by itself. How do you tell your son that I keep envisioning that I'm killing you, you know. And so one trial and of course, even before then, to leave his family, the ones he loves the most. And he made so much the odd to have a child. And finally, he has a child. And then Allah says, Okay, now it's time for you to leave the child in the middle of a desert, which basically means in the middle of death, that's what that basically means. And you're going to do that if you're loyal to me, that you're

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just completely surrendered this, this instruction, you know, one trial after the other after the other, and each one of them, I want you to think about and I want myself to think about the emotional difficulty, it must be to fulfill any one of them, to leave your family, to be abandoned, to be scared to be alone, by yourself, to not know where your next meal is going to come from, to not have a place to go to sleep, to then be an entire mob of people ready to kill you.

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And then on top of that, what's going to happen to my child, what's going to happen to my wife, what's going to who's going to take care of them. And every single one of those trials, you know, is enough for a person to say, I can't do this. I just I can't do it, this is too much. And he keeps on giving into less commands. And Allah describes is another horrible whatever I'm not help told him to surrender, just give up. And you know, the idea of surrender, you know, when soldiers point a gun at somebody, and they say I surrender. That's actually not it's not. That's the meaning of surrender. saddam comes from peace and surrender, meaning not only do I give into less command, I'm completely

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at peace with the surrender. Like I'm totally okay with this surrender. I have no reluctance in my heart, about the surrender that I've just done. You know, sometimes we obey Allah, but in our hearts, like I'm being him, but I really wanted to do this other thing. Okay, fine, I'll obey Him. That's not surrender. That's actually reluctant obedience, you know, and even when you do it, you're like, I'm not sure if I'm, what I'm doing is the best thing for me because what I really wanted to do I didn't get to do because a lot wants me to surrender this way. Actually, unless has one ledger either or they could be dealing with how much metadata we could provide him. He didn't allow for any

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tightness in your chest, in your religion. You're the you're the religion of your father, Ibrahim, you're the way of your father. Why did he say that? Because when we are to learn from the heritage of Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam we have to learn to

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To submit our emotions, not just our actions, and that's when people buy hobos about today. It's not that a lie, it's just demanding ourselves to pray. Or he's demanding us to sacrifice an animal, or he's demanding us to fast. Those are the submission of our body and our limbs. But he actually wants our emotions to be submitted. Like he wanted to go on holiday, Sam's love for his family, to be submitted to his love. He wanted his fear of a burning fire to be submitted to the fear of a month. He wants every one of those emotions to be checked. And the thing is, you can obey a lot and I can obey a lot on the outside, it's actually not that hard to pray takes a couple of minutes. It's not

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that hard to you know, to eat. It's not that difficult. But you know, the emotions inside that we have that people don't see the thoughts that we have that people don't see. submitting them to allow that's a that's a real challenge. That's a very difficult thing to do, to submit to surrender my love, and my desire and the things I want the things I've been thinking about, and to make sure they are under a law submission, they're not going to cross those lines. And when the Lord wants me to give up some of them because they're not okay. They're not permissible, I'm going to happily give them and why how can somebody develop that kind of thinking? It's not it's an easy thing to say, but

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how do we develop that kind of thinking? You see, this is why am I here? It said, I'ma let him just say he submitted. He said it john, a bumblebee, convincingly. He came before Allah, with a heart that was at peace. With a heart that was at peace. It wasn't just his body was similar. And his tone was 70 his heart was completely at peace and surrender. Before a lot of how do we get to do that? Well, the thing is, if you if you think about the things we get into, if you and I think about the things that we do, in fact, sometimes we do them in disobedience toolbar, is because we fall in love with something, or we really want something and that love and that desire for him, or the fear of

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something else. It's so powerful enough we can we can become blind to everything else. You can't see anything else. alarms or whatever wants us to understand that the love he has for you and

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and the love we're supposed to have for him so powerful. First of all, his love for us before we understand our love for him. Because you know, often even when I was younger, I hear for buzz about how we have to love them. Love the love of love. If the love of mine, I used to keep thinking about how you do that. How do you love them? I don't get it. I know how to love video games. I know how about my favorite movie? I love my family. I don't know how to love it. Love it. What does that even mean? How am I supposed to love them? You know, the thing is, if you and I can recognize how much love He gives us, it becomes easier to love it.

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When we when we internalize that nobody will care for you. Nobody will love you. Nobody will provide for you. Nobody will give up on you, like alarm every everyone else that you and I love that we care for if we mess up, they're gonna get upset.

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They're gonna get upset. It's not you, they can say I love you unconditionally and unconditional. If you cross the line with somebody, if you disrespect someone, if you if you cheat someone, if you you know, hurt someone, if you abuse someone, maybe first, second third time, they might take it, they might tolerate it, but the time will come where they're going to say I can't take this anymore. I loved you. But I don't feel that anymore, because I'm not feeling it from you. So I can't give it back. Because love is a as a reciprocated emotion. You know, if you're not getting it, it's hard to get back. And you can get to a point where there's someone that you love so much that all you do is

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think about them to the point where you're so numb that even when you see them, you're like, I wish I could go somewhere else. I don't want to see them. How does that happen? Because that love has been violated over time. And the love you may have has been decreased and decreased and decreased. And the thing with our loved ones allows love for us as we violate our love for him.

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we disobey Him old. We forget him all the time. We disregard Him all. He asks us not much. He has very little and we don't even do that. And we do it all the time. We just miss his words all the time. You know, it's easy to understand when you're talking to somebody and you know, they're ignoring you. You can see that they read it. But they didn't respond. Well they do to you.

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Excuse me. Oh, I just talked to you and you ignore me.

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I just said Hey, what's up I miss you. Where's my I miss you back? where to go. You get really upset when you express love. You Express care. you communicate and it's not reciprocated.

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Right and you go Hey, how can you keep sending me to voicemail?

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How can we never available? How can we never have time? These things make you upset because you have expectations from someone else. A lot has been communicated with us yes or no and he knows we received it yes or no. And we don't respond. We respond

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and that's every right for a lot to actually

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They'd be upset with us. But he doesn't. You and I continue to bring our nose continue to fill with the blood vessels continue to flow, the provision continues to come. Our health is not an automatic thing. There are enough bacteria inside of us to kill all of us. Then there are enough of them inside, who's constantly protecting us from dying, who's constantly protect protecting this disease from the outside? Who's constantly protecting you and me, as we drove or walked here to question, every single step while we're ignoring him. He's protecting us while we're ignoring him. And so his love of us enveloping care for us is so overwhelming and so constant than that, if you can just

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think about that more often than I can think about that more often, you know what that will do. The next time, we are presented with a choice, or we either have to surrender what we love what we think we love, you have to surrender that for our love of God. If we think about how much Allah loves us, and you compare that to anything else, you will actually start making it'll become easier emotionally for you to let that go and be at peace with it. You'd be okay with it. Sometimes we have this idea that if we let go of something that we love, how am I going to live without that? All we're gonna do? That's my, you know, be recognized and had every right to think that's my baby. How

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am I What am I gonna do without my baby? You know, you can only imagine when this child was born, but it's married or they said I was born in my family. I was so excited. He said yes, by the Hebrew roots, additional E, which has became his name is Maria, which means Allah listens. Like he thought of his money, as the answer of his prayers, and he still hug him all the time and care for him all the time. Even as he became leader, London stretch Bella Bella Surya, when he reached the age where you could run around with him, what does that suggest to you, but he spent a lot of time with his son. He was obsessed with his son. And that's the subtleness of sacrifice that now we are being

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told, in contrast, Ally's not asking us not to sacrifice our children. So the children can be like here, okay. You know, he's not asking us to sacrifice of children. He's not asking us to give up on life. You're not asking us to jump into a fire. He didn't, he didn't put any of those instructions on us. But he made us the legacy of our father, to teach us, I asked way more of your father. And he was okay with it. I asked a lot more of him and he was fine with asking a lot less from you. He's not asking a lot from you. And but use, you're still not okay with it. You still have struggled. And whatever he asked him is out of love for him. And whatever he's asking for us is out of love for us.

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So here's the last thing I want you to think about as a secondary school.

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You see, our main our main connection to Allah is

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our main connection to Allah is the last big scope I talk to you about.

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But I want to add some things to that. Just so you and I think about the relationship of Dora with Rahim Allah, Islam Allah, like, how did they connect through law?

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You see, what we learned from his his legacy, is that when you completely in your heart, give up for Allah.

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And you will have the ability to face any problem.

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When you give up, you surrender that Allah knows best. And if he wants me to do this, that's what I'm going to do. And you give in, and you just do it completely trusting Him. And letting go all of your doubts, all of your fears, all of your anxiety, you just let that go. You let your heart before your actions before your tongue, you let your heart be at peace you give up, then Allah will bend the laws of nature for you, then the law will make a fire cold, then a law will remake a knife no longer cut, then alone will make a desert that for hundreds of miles in every direction, there is no water to be found.

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And a Wellspring will come out that can you imagine millions upon millions upon millions of people. Dozens and millions of people are drinking from a weld every year. For 1000s of years. Just imagine the amount of water that's coming out from the middle of the desert. And that much water is enough to create agriculture for an entire nation

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to do that, and that's in the middle of a desert birdrock you know, not a treat to be found. And yet there alara xojo will do that because he completely surrenders. He completely surrenders before Allah will provide ways for you a lot. Get rid of your challenges. A lot will not tell him I'll go Okay, okay. You don't have to jump into a fire.

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Alright, fine. I know you're willing to do it. But you don't have to sacrifice yourself. No, you'll put us through the test. The test will not go away. No matter how much you and I make the dough I will not get rid of our tests. Well, you know what I can do if we completely surrender before a lot peacefully. Then he will give us miraculous strength.

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To deal with that,

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like you thought it was impossible to go through that test news go right through her go right through. And that's actually the power of da da when it comes with surrender.

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You know, it would have been much easier if we just do I was there to get rid of our problems by first of all, Dr. Phil shavonne. Problem solved.

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Everybody made God, let's just get fish if I'm killed, then you know, we don't have to deal with anything.

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A little bit much easier. Busan Allah gave him a giant snake, right? Give him a giant snake. When he walked into the fisherman's castle. He didn't have to give a whole speech, you got to just drop the snake, let the snake eat feral and we're done. Probably Egypt's Problem solved. Allah does not get rid of your problem. Allah gives you the strength to deal with your problem. Then that strength comes from da Yes, a level provide. Allah will give it is, but alone will not get rid of our challenges. Actually, this world is challenges. But it will never be one that won't be shame and unhealthy jewelry, but not seminar one, one enforce what some of us should assign. We're absolutely

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going to put you to the test. When all kinds of things we hate. Some of them will have to do with fear. Some of them will have to do with hunger. Hopefully we'll do why not simply not do it, you know, when

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you know, when loss of money, loss of children, people, loss of people, it's interesting. He said well enforce. He didn't say children, people, meaning you might lose people in your life because you said that to

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people you love people you care about but being close to them is making you disobeying a lot. So you might get rid of a lot you might have to you know, wash those people out of your life because you're surrendering to Allah and that's gonna hurt because we love people. And then there's a lot of fruits, meaning fruits is a farmer puts in work a gardener puts in work, the fruit comes at the end of the season. So now you have nothing to look forward to because the fruits aren't coming, the fruits you were hoping for you have to abandon and he says Oh, Bashir, Sabine, congratulations to those who are going to be patient, or to learn to persevere. So this iOS, who will turn away from

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these trials, and surrendering before Allah happily while they go through these trials, except somebody fooling themselves. So let's as I leave you, let me just take a minute and tell you about fooling yourself and me fooling myself. If we think that not surrendering to a level make our life easy.

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We jump into a fire or stay back here saying back here seems nice here. We think staying back is easier than actually we're fooling ourselves. We're kidding ourselves. Ease comes from Allah. Peace comes from Allah. You might think you made your financial situation easier. You might think you made your family situation easier. You might think you made you follow your heart's desire at the at the expense of obeying Allah. And somehow you made things easier for yourself or your feelings. Let me tell you something. When you surrender for Allah, you get a calmness and peace inside of your heart. And when you don't surrender to Allah, no matter what you do, no matter what you think you're doing

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to make yourself happy, you won't find peace. There's not going to be any contentment. You think you will there will be but there won't be. And you know, Allah azza wa jal described will make a person like that, you know, sobre, Hamilton de novo your Serato for summer, their chest will become tiny as like they're climbing up into the sky running out of here. That's what's going to happen to you. So we need to really understand what it means to not cool ourselves. And to really happily, contentedly sit surrender for us will give all of us the strength of heart to do that. And to contemplate that for ourselves and to really become part of the religion and

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come up with you welcome him when he

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came along

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