Abdul Wahab Saleem – What Quran Only Muslims Don’t Understand About Hadith

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the origins of the Bible and the importance of following the Prophet's teachings to avoid wasting money. They emphasize the need for people to show their love for Allah and believe in his teachings. The speaker also touches on the use of the Sun and the importance of following Prophet's teachings to avoid confusion and mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to follow the Prophet's teachings to avoid wasting money and avoid confusion.
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without him the love salatu salam ala Rasulillah hamdulillah him then you are Fini Emma who you can film as either are some Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in one early was gonna be here Jemaine la Malema man pharaoh now on fat and happy man I love dinner. Was it in our element here Kareem rubbish rally soldering. Recently Emeryville, auditor Melissa Annie of coho coli or visit near element or visit near element or visit near Alma love LS La Loma Alta Husa hello and take your resume there she is so hello.

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So I wanted to take off from where their shift left off about the love of the prophets, Allah Allahu Allahu wa salam

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I wanted to discuss

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a topic that is a sensitive topic to some degree, but it is an important topic. It is something that I guarantee you, every one of you has in some capacity either heard of experienced in the form of a relative, or a friend or a friend of a friend.

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And that is the topic of

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Quran only Muslims, okay, we have this phenomenon right now. That is becoming more and more famous. And more and more of the youngsters and the elderly, everybody's being affected by this fitna. It is if it's not this is a topic that I'm sure as an overall I've done a few you know, surveys unofficially even in this semester to see whether people know about this topic and it looks like everybody hears of the uncle, the auntie the cousin, the second cousin, someone becoming a Quran only Muslim I don't really care for the Sunnah of the prophets of salaam I only want the Quran

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and if you haven't heard of it now, weeks will go by months will go by you heard of it then.

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And this phenomenon? Really it wasn't there during the time of the prophets. I said no, no one from the Sahaba ever said to the Prophet. I only want the Quran as for what you have, I don't care for it. The first time that this ended up occurring was during the time of Imam Shafi. During that time, we noticed that some people they ended up saying that the Hadith there's doubts around the Hadith we don't really know about the Hadith. We're not really sure about the Hadith was it reported accurately or was it reported inaccurately? So Imam Shafi at that point? He went after this fitna and he wrote a thesis on this particular topic at that time, and he basically nipped this Pfitzner

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in the bud, it didn't exist any longer. Then centuries went by, and we didn't see any recurrence of anyone coming and saying that we only want the Quran until a group of Shia came about in the time of Imam Asuna Rahim Allah who died in the year 911, after the Hijra of the prophets of Salaam. And he wrote another book as well going after this fitna. And again, we never saw the recurrence of this and then and then what happened. Then we see that post caliphate, a number of different

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people from various regions around the world, from Egypt, from Syria, from the Indian subcontinent from all of these regions, they started to arise and they started to make a claim that the Quran is sufficient.

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The Quran is sufficient. Let's say we don't need anything else. We only need the Quran. We don't need the Sunnah of the Prophet. And I say well Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa, who, in the occurrence of this is a miracle from the miracles of the Prophet? Because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us in a hadith

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and this is an authentic hadith reported by Sunni Buddha within sunnah and other places as well. The prophets have said let me say that I have been given the Quran Allah in the OT tool Kitab when Mithila whom I who I've been given the Quran, and something like the Quran along with the Quran as well. Allah, you should call Raju don't Shabana Allah ricotta here por la cumbia, the Quran firma to feed him in Hello, hello module to view in Haram, for her to remove that. Maybe there's going to be a person that you will see in the future who will be sitting on a sofa fed right till the fill. And he would say that whatever you find in this Quran ticket

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And whatever you find and whatever you find in it that it says is halal make it halal. What it says is haram make it haram as well. And the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, right before that, as I said, he told us, I've been given the Quran and something like the Quran. So the fact that we have a movement of Muslims today, who say,

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the move a movement of people who claim to be Muslims, and who say that we only want the Quran, this is a miracle of the prophets, because He foretold that this is going to happen no one in the time of the Sahaba ever said this small pockets of people, they said it in the second century during the time of a chef theory, and they died for the next hundreds of years. Another small group, they arose in the time of an assumed the end they died as well in the 10th century. And then we see not one person but rather groups of people, heaps of people saying this. So what do we understand from this? We understand that Allah's Prophet doesn't speak of his own desires, even in his prophecies when he

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He does it

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truthfully, he doesn't speak of his own desire. sallallahu alayhi wa salam, my brothers, if you really love the Prophet, if you really love if you leave really love Allah, rather,

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you have to show that love of Allah azza wa jal in your obedience and your following of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the Quranic litmus test for a person who believes in Allah and loves Allah. Allah told us of this in the Quran that if you love Allah, who will in contrast to hipbone Allah, for Debbie Rooney, you come Allah say, if you love Allah, then follow me. So Allah made your obedience of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your consideration of his sunnah Allah made that a litmus test for your love for Allah azza wa jal, those people who differentiate between Allah and His Messenger, they have left the fold of Islam. There's no two ways about looking

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at this. Yes, some of them we can say they're in the state of doubt. They're doubtful, they have some doubts, and we have to clarify those doubts, and we have to tell them, some of the responses that I'll give you today Insha Allah, but once they know that they have to follow the messenger and they follow their desires. You cannot be a Muslim. If you if you don't believe in the Quran and

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the Sunnah, there is two aspects of the Shahada. There is the aspect which says that I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except for Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a servant and messenger, you have to believe in both of these aspects in order for you to be a true believer. Let me show you a direct and clear evidence from the Quran, which says that basically the person who differentiates between Allah and His Messenger has disbelieved. Allah says in surah Nisa, he says in Levina yoke Faloona Billa he was truly what you read on au Federico obeying Allah He was already way upon on a note mean we'll be back with no neck food will be better

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than what you read doing that a turkey to Boehner Delica Sevilla, he says that those people who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, so he's calling them disbelievers and Allah and His messengers, what did they do? Allah says, Well, you read una, familia Kobe in Allah He also Li. They want to cause a differentiation between Allah and His messengers, meaning Allah is trying to say, you have to obey Allah and also the prophets of Allah. And they say we believe in some, and we disbelieve in others. So they only believe in the Quran, but they don't believe in the Hikmah that was also revealed by Allah azza wa jal to the prophets of Allah. How do we know that the hikma was

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revealed? Allah literally says that Allah had revealed the Kitab and also the hikmah.

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So that hikma is a sunnah. What else was revealed to the Prophet? What else did he claim to be revelation? He had the Quran and what else did he have? His own words. So that Hikmah came as a Revelation, Revelation also from Allah, Allah, Allah city, while gentle to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam ie, the Sunnah.

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So basically, if you want to be a believer, then you have to believe in the Quran. And you have to be believing also in the Sunnah. And this is more clearly mentioned in another verse in the Quran, as well we're Allah says fella Arabic Allah Muna HECTOR You had chemo Kaffee Masha Jarabe. Now, by Allah they will never become believers.

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until they make you a judge in all of the disagreements they have. So when you dispute about anything, where do you go? You go to the Quran, and you also go to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in a number of places in the Quran, and I already alluded to this, but I won't quote every verse of this nature but in a number of places in the Quran, Allah talks about a prophet that is sent to the people he does two things. He teaches them you Allah Mohammed Al Kitab will hikma he teaches them both the book and the hikmah. Let me ask you, What did the Prophet teach other than the Kitab

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other than the Quran what was taught?

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There was nothing else except for the statements of the prophets I said of them, which are embodied in a, in a document or in a genre of writing, which we call the sunnah or Hadith. So there was nothing else that the Prophet brought except for the Quran and Sunnah. So those people who differentiate between Allah and His Messenger, they have disbelieved. They have left the folds of Islam, even if they call themselves Muslims. I say this very, very clearly.

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Why? Because there are those people now who are blurring the lines even on this factor. There are so many factors, which we keep seeing people blurring the lines on.

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It doesn't stop it started off with one thing and then went to another thing and it went to a third thing, if you do not believe in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and I'm not, I don't mean by this, a specific Hadith. You rejected someone rejected a hadith in Bukhari, or in Muslim, or in somewhere else, okay, they rejected one Hadith, they disagreed with this one Hadith, or they thought that this couldn't even be been the words of the Prophet, they may be right or wrong, right? That's a different story. But if someone comes and says that the words of the Prophet are not binding to me,

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this is not part of Islam. They're no longer a believer.

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They do not they have disbelieved in Islam because they've differentiated between Allah and His messenger as well. And Allah subhanaw taala, had told us of the obedience of the prophets or Salam in so many different ayat, Allah said, Oh, who you believe, le Allah rasool Allah who obey Allah and obey His messenger Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Rasool obey Allah and His messenger. Allah, Allah, Allah rasool Allah, Allah come to Herman obey Allah and His Messenger, maybe you will be given the Mercy of Allah so Allah, Allah, Allah, whoever obeys the Prophet, then that person has obeyed Allah azza wa jal, and will LTE Hola, hola, Lt. O Rasool se, O Muhammad to the people proclaim to the

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people obey Allah and obey His Messenger as well. What my Docomo rasuluh for who, what manner, how come and who fun to fintel whatever the messenger has given you, then you have to accept it. Whatever the messenger forbade you from you have to stop it at that as well. So what is Allah saying over? Do you think any of these, when you read reasonably these verses, do you come to a conclusion that you don't have to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet system? Or you don't, you don't believe it to be a source of guidance? It's impossible. It's impossible to come to these conclusions. If you're honestly looking at the Quran, it is Wallahi only the people of desires that wish to reject the

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Sunnah because a lot of Islam is embodied in the Sunnah. Let me give you one example.

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One example

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A few days ago we had someone asked me a question about combining between Maghrib and Asia.

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So I said this is allowed because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did it.

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So the gentleman said, But Allah says in the Quran,

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in the Salah, Turkana, el Mina, Kitab, and Mota.

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Indeed, prayer has a defined time

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in the Quran,

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it has a defined time upon the believers this is an ayah in the Quran.

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So I said okay, it has a defined time I gave you a hadith in which the prophets have said Lim collected the prayers and you decided to reject this action of the prophets of salaam because of the Quran. Let me ask you how many prayers are mentioned in the Quran?

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There's only three prayers mentioned in the Quran.

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Three times for prayers mentioned in the Quran.

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If you look through the Quran, up and down, you will only find the three times for prayers in the Quran. That's why this is why it has a Variety said many centuries ago. Instead if we were to only rely on the Quran, we only find three friends

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yes some of them they said okay, if you really push hard you can also add 200 as well. So it becomes four purse. But beyond that you don't find the fifth one. Where do you go for that? sunnah of the Prophet the prophet is the one who taught us even the times of prayer if you delete the Sunnah, you won't even have the times of prayer any longer, let alone how to pray. The prophets of salami told us in so many a hadith to follow him as well. The reason why I didn't start off with a hadith is because the people who reject Hadith still say this is Hadith. This is Hadith. We have to first establish that we follow the Prophet then we go to the Hadith. When we go to that hadith we find so

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many Hadith in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam that tell us to follow Him. When it comes to Salah. The prophets are Sydenham said so Luca Mara, a Tony. Sunday prayers you've seen me pray when it comes to hedge the prophets as Adam said, Who do any massacre Come, take your rites and rituals for me as well. When it comes to a Nikka the prophets are seldom said and Nikka Holman Suniti from Robinson native la 70. That Nica has part of my sunnah whoever leaves my sunnah, he's not one of me.

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So there's so many Hadith and there's a direct commandment of the prophets of salaam where he said Aleikum, be Suniti stick to my sunnah, my sunnah. And even that I have to pause that. Why? Because these people who want to delete

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the legacy of the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam from Islam, they're very cunning. They're specialists. They're very heavily funded. These movements were Allah He they have dubious sources of funds as well. You don't know where they're getting their money from. I always say to people, when you see a sudden rise of a fitna within the OMA question where the money is coming from,

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something's gotta be wrong when the media just you don't are able to snap together a masjid in every single city, where Muslim communities are struggling to make even a shed in a masjid.

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Where are they getting their money from? You have to question this. When the Quran ISTS are able to open a center in every major center in North America, in a snap of a finger, where are they getting the funds from? When asked the question, there are people who do not wish for this ummah to follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and they are the ones we're planting these people.

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So one of the new tactics that they've come up with is that

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they say that the Sunnah, the Sunnah, is not the Sunnah of the Prophet. It's okay we believe in the Quran, and we believe in the Sunnah. But the Sunnah is not actually the Sunnah of the Prophet. What is it? It's the Sunnah of all of the prophets combined.

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So when we say we follow the Quran, and we follow the Sunnah, we're following the path of Ibrahim Musa Issa and everyone even though the Prophet said in multiple a hadith What did he say? He said Aleykum be Suniti follow my sunnah he said to Earth man stick to my sunnah the prophets of Allah who my sunnah he's referring to it with that

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pronoun, my sunnah. And the prophets Allah Allahu Allah said, let me also said that Marathi by answering that whoever turns away from Asuna so all of these are signs that the prophet has a sunnah, that sunnah is embodied in a literature that is known as Hadith, Hadith literature. Sometimes it is accurate. Like, for example, buhari is accurate, for example, so a Muslim is largely accurate, for example, sooner be download is accurate. But it may have errors. It may have mistakes. And there are scholars of this field who already have defined where those mistakes are. Can someone come and pinpoint another mistake? Yeah, maybe specialists can do that. But people who are gyla

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people who are ignorant, they can't do this. They don't have the knowledge to be able to define this is not actually a hadith. But people who have that knowledge they've spent that time they have mastered that field, they've mastered that science. They look through the field and they tell us this is an authentic hadith. You've heard me in my lectures, how often do I say this is an authentic hadith, right? And then sometimes I'll also say that this is not an authentic hadith, but it's acceptable in meaning. This is not an authentic hadith, but it has a statement of this Sahaba to support it or so forth, right? So we know what is right and what is wrong from the Sunnah as well.

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There are complete

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textbooks large encyclopedias that are written to address this, but to reject all of the Hadith, because you're uncertain about one document or you're uncertain about one particular entry. Obviously this is completely an academic sunnah is a source of history, just as we have other sources of history in that history. Sometimes they're accurate things. And there are scholars who actually took the task and mantle upon themselves to collect only the accurate, likely mammon, Bahati. And we have the duction Buhari every Saturday. So that book is all accurate. This is the most accurate book of Hadith period and it's the most accurate book after the Quran. And I asked

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Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be people who believe in both the Quran and the Sunnah, the Quran and the Hadith, they believe in the obedience to Allah and they believe in the obedience to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam and with that, we stop

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