The Parables of The Quran #15 – Yunus 24 & Al-Kahf 45 – The Parable of This World

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The transcript describes the transformation of the garden into nothing, from the birth of life to the creation of everything. It compares the legacy of people in various cultures to the legacy of the people who built buildings, families, and possessions. The two verses stress the life of the world as temporary, beautiful, and luscious, and emphasize the lush and green of the future. The speakers stress that the world is a temporary, beautiful, and alluring thing, and everyone will experience it.

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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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watching can

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spelt out hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was a woman Well, a

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few months ago there was a massive fire in California where the forest fires and after that a lot of pictures started coming out of the before and after pictures before how green how beautiful the forest was. And then when the fire came in left completely charred scarred charcoal. You also see these before after photos. So many times there's a natural disaster or sometimes even a human disaster such as the rain forests of Brazil we find before and after before we find luscious and green and beautiful and then overnight It is as if it is completely destroyed. This image which is a reality of our life and existence, is used by Allah subhana wa tada in multiple parables in the

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Koran. Today we're going to do two verses that have the exact same phrase, but each one has a slight nuance difference. The first of them pseudo Yunus verse 24, Allah says in the Quran, in method higher to dunya comma in unzer. Now hamina sama, the similitude of this life of this world, the example the parable of the life of this world is like water that we have sent down from the heavens, mine hands are now in a summer for tobyhanna battle, this water comes down and it mixes with the plants, the soils, the seeds in this earth, right what happens to them, then Allah azza wa jal brings forth

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Oh, my goodness, what and then vegetation comes this vegetation is eaten by both humans and by animals right? had either a hadith and

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then when this earth appears to be at its Pinnacle was a unit and it is so beautiful. Well, one when I knew her and Adi Runa, Allah and the owners of this garden they think that they are in control of everything at a marina Leyland owner Hara in instantaneously either night or during the day. Our command comes for Jana, how Sweden girl I'm talking about and we make it as if it was no crops, how seed means it is completely destroyed, as if it did not even exist yesterday. So Allah xojo gives us a parable of this world. And it's sort of tilka verse 45, a very similar parable. We're doing both of them today. Allah says in the Quran, that what would you hire to dunya Cana in Anza now Amina

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sama factory.

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This is exactly the same phrase as you sort of units. But then this verse goes somewhere else for a spa hashima. And

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then it becomes like, it becomes like, dried hay, that the wind can blow away, what kind of law why liquidation and mahkota era and Indeed Allah is capable of all things. Now, in both of these phrases. Allah subhanho wa Taala compares the life of this world with water that comes down from the heavens, it mixes with the soil, it mixes with the seeds, and then it produces beautiful vegetation. It produces vegetation that dazzles the eyes, vegetation and plants of different varieties. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, either my command comes or nature takes its course, either an act of God or death itself. That's the difference who the universe is an act of God. So the cause of his death,

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either of them to come, and then what happens that garden becomes like nothing. So Allah azzawajal gives us this beautiful parable. And there are so many benefits. First and foremost, Allah compares the origin of life, he compares it with water coming from the skies, and our life begins with water, all life begins with water. And Allah says, This is the example of this world as well. Secondly, the mixing together This is the mixing that happens of all human beings when they are formed. And also Thirdly, the coming forth of different vegetations. Allah is saying people grow up differently, they become different things. Not everybody is the same. That's what Allah saying some of the fruits and

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vegetables, even humans eat them, others only animals eat them. There is an indirect reference that there's nobility, and there's the things that are not so noble. Some human beings become very noble others, they act like animals, people are different variety. And then what happens then as the child grows, becomes different than a sense of arrogance comes in many people a sense of seeing this beauty controlling some aspect of creation. Now you have wealth, now you have status. Now you have the possessions of this world now you have families. So now you feel a sense of eternality Oh,

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This life is good. And then before they know it, either an act of God comes which is anything that can happen a sudden death or a punishment or a communal Disaster or COVID. This is a TA hombre, Leyland owner Horan morning or evening, nobody can predict when that death is going to come morning or evening, you don't know it's not in your schedule. It's not in your calendar, when that punishment comes. Or when the Angel of Death comes instantaneously, the person goes from controlling all of this to all of a sudden having absolutely nothing or death comes to you. And generations go on. And so all that legacy that you had all of that dwellings that you built all of the possessions

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that you had, it becomes like hey, it used to be green, it used to be golden. It used to be bright and luscious. Now, where is it gone? And Subhanallah? Dear brothers and sisters, here we are, in this particular year, in this particular era, where are your ancestors? Where's your grandfather? Where's the father before him? Where are the 1000s and hundreds of 1000s of generations that are directly related to you your own ancestry? Where are they now? Where are the buildings that they built, developed? Where are the families that they lived, loved and cherished and played with? Where are the possessions that they owned? Where are they all now all of it is in the hands of other

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people and you don't even know the names of your own ancestors? For Jana, how seeds and

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amps. It's like the hay that goes in the wind and the wind scatters with everywhere. Allah is saying, don't you guys think? Don't you guys realize you two are going to be that, Hey, you two are going to be gone. Right now you see the garden. It's luscious. It's beautiful. Right now everything is so bright, but learn learn from the cycle of nature and learn from the cycle of history, just like they left with nothing, not even a trace is left. And even those massive civilizations that left certain traces here and there. What do we really know about them? How many of their names do we really know? They might have left the pyramids, they might have left their massive architectural

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structures, but the people in them, where are they? What is their legacy? What are their names, we have no knowledge, all of it is gone. But you see then lumped together as if they never even existed. And then Allah says these are the ayat we want you to think about in Surah Yunus Allah subhana wa tada follows this verse with a very beautiful verse will Allahu

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Allah is calling you to the abode of peace, that is the ultimate abode. Don't be deluded by this dunya will love we are doing that that is Salam. That is the abode in Surah. telco have Allah follows this verse with another beautiful reminder and Marla will be an owner Zenith will hire to dunya will bow to solid how to how you don't end up because I love and hate on Amala Yes, money and wealth makes life beautiful, no question about it. But the only of this world they're not going to remain what will remain well Barca Yato solly hat. By the way, this is another interesting point. Allah mentions the adverb before the adjective before the noun, Wolbachia to saw the hug.

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Technically, it should be well saw the hard toolbar yet the good deeds that remain, that's how you're gonna say the good deeds that remain, but Allah flips it around, while Botha Yato saw the hard to emphasize your good deeds are what is eternal, the eternal things, which are the good deeds, while Baka Yato solly had to hide on Android because Robin will hide on amila that will get you to reward from Allah and you should have more hope in your good deeds. So both of these verses, and there are actually a few more but I wanted to concentrate on these two, they emphasize the life of this world as being transient, temporary, beautiful, alluring, something that is deceiving something

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that is luscious and green for a period of time, and then how long it will go on and life goes on and your life as well will move on to the next phase. So from these verses, we should derive that beautiful benefit. Do not be deceived by the life of this world do not become diluted. You're not here forever. No one is here forever. Our Imam recited in today's recitation with Mr. JOHN Bashara mechanical hold that coluna says our cultural moat that nobody has lived forever every person will taste that. So let us take heed of these two parables and not do not become deceived by the greenery and the lushness of this world. Enjoy this world but our ultimate reality is the next life may Allah

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subhana wa tada make us of the people of success of the next life.

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