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The Greatest Generation #28 Umar Ibn Al Khattab

Reda Bedeir


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh so sidedness a tabula rasa

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went to Ramallah, Dylan and escorted him to the

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house of Arkham. And

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this is the, I call it the first Islamic University. This is the place where they were hiding confidentially, and the professor was teaching the Sahaba. So once they arrived there, guess what?

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I said along the line of Allah Hamza was there and pick shots of the Sahaba. And when Omar knocked on the door, and they asked him, Who is it, he said, Omar will hop up everybody went to the corner of the room. And Hamza said, Prophet of Allah, let me get the door often said, No, I will be the one to open the door.

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And the process will have opened the door. And he helped almost like my school opens. He said, I'm Angela cabinet. hottub isn't the type isn't the time for you sort of a cup top. And then almost said, I am coming to accept this land.

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And then Omar said the Shahada and, and the whole place was Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah, wa everybody was very happy. And then after loving him, so it said, Subhana, Allah, the fact that Omar embraced Islam was a conquest

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was a big victory for Islam. Why? He said, it was the first time that we had the courage to go and pray next to the carpet. Because guess what? The first second, Omar became a Muslim and I want you to reflect on that deeply.

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He asked the person this question, he said, Prophet of Allah, Allah, Allah, what are we following the truth? And the person said, Yes, he said, Why are we hiding here? Let's go and pray next to the Kaaba.

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And so upon law, the Muslims lined up one line behind Almighty Allah on. The other line behind hams are their love line, and they marched to the Kaaba, and it was the first time that they prayed there.