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Mohamad Baajour
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calf hair. Yeah inside the crew rahmati rob the cab the Hoser Korea all the way is 16 times the name of Rama and mentioned the surah.

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For my brothers and my sisters that have committed so many sins,

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especially in the past 11 months, please do not ever give up on the Wrath of Allah azza wa jal

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the shaitan might come and tell you that you know who are you? You have drank alcohol you have smoked drugs you have done Zina, you have done ribeye, you have done all this? Who are you? Why do you go to the masjid? Why you pray? Why you fast? Why are you doing all this? Don't ever come here either the lady in Astra for

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foresee him

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to me Rachmat in,

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in the

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field on the journey in who who will often Rahim don't ever give up on the mercy of Allah Allah forgives all sins, come back to Allah azza wa jal. The second point there's so many lessons in Surah million. But the second point listen to listen to how the story started. The Surah started by telling us the story of Zachary and his salaam, even though the story is named the surah His name is Miriam

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started with the story of Zachary and then went to the story of Marian, the zebra. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us

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and then listen carefully f1 Yama, crew, Yama, Dune, Yama, moon, my brother was in debt. My brother who is going through so many hardships, my brother and sister who are sick, listen carefully, Allah is telling us in the Surah. And then in the late 90s, with a wife in the late 80s. And when she was young, she was already barren, she cannot have children. So if you bring this case to the best doctors on Earth, and you present them with this case, I have a 95 year old man with an 89 year old woman when she was barren when she was young, and they want to have a baby. What would the doctor say?

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Something's wrong with you.

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But the kriya Ali salaam have so much trust in Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah has telling us and Allah look at this Subhanallah how beautiful it is. Imagine if you get a butcher if you get a good news from anybody is beautiful. But if you get a if you get good news, like the president or the or the king calls you I have good news for you. You'd be extremely happy. How about Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you good news. Yeah, Zachary. In Nova Shiro, Allah,

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Allah Himself is giving the bush Allah to South Korea. And Allah subhanho wa Taala named his son Yeah, yeah, it's from the word Hi yah, yah, yah means to live. As if Allah is telling us maybe some people would say an old man having an old woman soon the baby will die. I'm gonna name him his name is he will live. His name is he will live.

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So he's telling us Allah subhana wa Tada. No matter how big is your problem? No matter how tough is your sickness, no matter? How hard is the hardship that you're going through? What is it compared to have to make a woman at that age married to a man at that age? Have a baby who had a year? Hey, and who you're hanging it's easy for Allah subhanaw taala. Don't give up. Ask Allah azza wa jal, but follow the footsteps of Zachary how he asked and I will finish with this dialogue but who?

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Neither Bonita and Sofia, all the screaming that we see in the DUA.

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This is not from the sun if one, neither and fluffy. Quietly secretly, he made a dua to Allah azza wa jal.

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And what did he do? He started telling Allah azza wa jal how weak he is. Yeah, Allah wanna love women knee. My bones are getting very weak. The white hair is spreading like wildfire in my head. Yeah, Allah my wife cannot have children. Yeah, Allah I'm an old man Subhan Allah, even though Allah knows of that. When you want your DUA to be Mr. Jab, express everything to Allah open up to Allah. Ask Allah the impossible.

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What you think is impossible, because when we think we are think we are asking each other, we forget that we are asking al Qadir himself. Ask Allah. This is the secret here one was certainty with your pain. What is cancer for Allah? What is million dollar debt for Allah? In Allah Allah coolly, shame can you ask with certainty

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This is a miracle baby at this age.

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But second, he has so much trust in Allah azza wa jal and then somebody might ask that Allah has promised to kill you. How come when Allah subhanaw taala was asked? And then when Allah gave him the baby, he said,

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did he have doubt in Allah? No way. He did not have doubt. He when He was He said, How can I have a baby at this age, even though he just asked before? So somebody might think that Zachary had doubt in Allah's capability. No. Subhanallah Donna might clarify this point. He was wondering how am I Jamba? How you're gonna give me a baby? Are we both going to be young again, you're going to make us all young, me and my wife and we had to have a baby. Am I going to marry another woman? And then I'm going to have the baby from it. This is how he's questioning. He's not questioning Allah azza wa jal.

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He has so much certainty. When we have certainty Yaqeen Allah azza wa jal Yochanan Allah azza wa jal and we take by the means, then leave it to Allah subhanaw taala whatever it is, whatever He decrees is always great for us. May Allah subhanaw taala accept all our da in these days? May Allah subhanaw taala give us the see again to full have full trust in Him in sha Allah Allah, Allah Allah we live in I live one more time Zakon La Jolla Salaam Alaikum Allah He overcut

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