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Show smilla Alhamdulillah, Salaam Alaikum the wonderful greeting of peace that we're greeting you with? Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen Show. Today we're going to be discussing some of the common questions that some non Muslims might ask. Or even that the Muslims get confused about good and evil. There's a god, where does it come from?

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This idea of God being three and one, the Trinity and other common misconceptions and questions that people have. So don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. You can sing along with this wonderful song. And we'll be here with our next guest on the deen show. Allah Lee

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was missing.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. Uh, Salam alikoum. To love you, my brother. How you doing? happy to be back here with us on the dean show. Happy to be back on the dean show. You got to keep coming back. Brother. My pleasure. Buddy. We'll keep coming back. That's right.

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Okay, we get down to business because you know what, we have so much to talk about, and always so little time, but we want to give the people a taste of his beautiful way of life, where life of all the messengers, Islam, the submission to the One God right in peace.

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Talk to us now. There's some questions, common questions, that when Muslims are talking to non Muslims, and even Muslims amongst themselves, that are trying to get supposedly Muslims who are non practicing, practicing, and then some of these arguments that we might see, for us ridiculous, but there's easy ways to answer them. So we want to give the tools, the people the ability when someone comes in, just throw something that you know, you're stumped. So talk about some of these things that you've encountered. Share with us and get some common replies to them, please, right. First of all, Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah. So Allah In the Name

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of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate? And may He extol his and blessings of peace upon his final messenger Muhammad. So basically, you know, a lot of times people think that their job is just to answer questions. A lot of Muslims feel that, you know, I'm here to tell you about Islam, feel free to ask me questions. And so whatever question is thrown at them, they respond. And hopefully, we're hoping that in this episode, people will learn other ways of answering questions. And from the responses, perhaps both Muslims and non Muslims can can benefit from the answer to the question. Because when you think your job is just to answer questions, you begin to answer no matter how

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ridiculous The question is, for example, sometimes, and I'm going to repeat some of the examples I've been giving over the years, same examples where sometimes someone will come to you and say, Can God create a four sided triangle?

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And you know, a Muslim will be like, yes, of course, you can create anything. But that what kind of a question is that? There's no such thing as a four sided triangle. Yeah, the minute there's a fourth side, it's a rectangle, or it's a square. But there's no such thing. So that guy sees a question. Exactly. It needs to go back to you know, whatever mathematics was, what level where they teach you that? Yeah, triangle has three sides. But don't just start answering those questions, or the will, someone will ask you something like, why does Allah need us to worship Him? And so immediately, you start to give a fancy answer, because he's deserving of worship, no matter how

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fancy you make it, you're wrong. Yeah. Because you didn't fix the question. Because the guy said, What is Allah need us to worship him? You need to fix the question. He doesn't need us to worship him.

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No matter how eloquently you respond to that question, he walks away thinking a lot doesn't need us to worship Him. So you got to fix the question. I'll tell you, and sometimes in fixing the question, you give a valuable lesson. One time I was, again, I'm repeating this in the popular stories that I've told before I was working at this company. And this man and non Muslim asked me he said, Why do Muslims always grow their beards? Yeah, right. And I know why he's asking me that question. Because he shaves Yeah, and people around him shave. But he shouldn't be asking me this. Why I grow my beard. I should be asking him why he shaves. Yeah, I want him to understand that. So I said, Well, I

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understand why you're asking me that question. But to be honest, I don't grow it. It comes out by itself naturally. Yeah. I don't put manure Yeah, and then put water and sunlight.

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Then it comes up by itself naturally like the grass from the soil. Exactly. Yeah, I told him that. And that's what happens. And even children understand this concept because if you tell a child draw the face of a man and a woman, he'll immediately add facial hair to the map. Because when a male reaches puberty, he sprouts facial hair. Yeah. So I don't do anything to grow my hair. You're the one is going for you naturally as well. But you insist on removing every stubble every morning. Yeah. So when I gave him the answer, he actually thought about it. And he started to tell me, I'll try to quote them. He said, You know, I never thought of it that way. But you should be asking me

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why I shave. Because now when, you know, we got him to rethink his question. One time, someone was giving a lecture on Islam to a Muslim audience. The men were to the left the woman with to the right. And the woman, of course, they were dressed in their veil their job. So a non Muslim woman came in yelling, she was angry. She was pointing at the woman, what are they covered like that? Yeah. So then he looked at her and he said, Well, you're covered as well, where you were born naked? Why are you covered? She said, modesty. Yeah, it's a well dislike your mother's by being covered, they're being a bit more modest by being covered a bit more. So immediately, it made her think that

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she shouldn't be asking this question to begin with. Because, you know, it's what's wrong with being covered, you're covered. Yeah. And you're not undressed? Because, you know, there's this assumption that if you wear a job that you're oppressed, right, and the more you take remove of clothing, the more free you are, but then realistically, that means then, if you have some kind of clothing, some level of clothing on you, you're not 100%, free. So and I would say don't do this. Don't make the argument. But you can always argue, well, you need to liberate yourself a little bit more yourself. You're not 100%. Free. Yeah, take it all off.

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But don't don't absolutely not.

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So basically, it's getting people to look at their question again, don't just start answering it. someone tells you about it. Three, four sided triangles don't answer that question. Yeah, he needs to understand that that's not a that's not a right question. So originally, we're talking about a lot. No,

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you were gonna take a break.

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And we'll be right back.

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All of the profits would have been enabled.

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Because this sends a message with

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this is God talking to you?

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How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity?

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Back here with my brother and your brother? Kal el mekki? El mekki? Absolutely. Talk to us. continue on. All right. You know, sometimes even Muslims will ask some really weird questions, you know, and if they think about it, they'll start to understand it. Like sometimes a woman will say, a Muslim woman will say something like, how come there wasn't any female prophet sent to humanity? Are you serious? Think about it. All right. And one of the jobs of the Prophet they got to lead armies battle, sometimes the problem with what for two months to get to a location, right? for two straight months. And now this is a female prophet. She's got to lead all these men into battle. I don't know

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how tough she's gonna be in battle. Besides that, then she it. It's that time of the month, and his cramps and her legs hurt. And she has to walk like that. Yeah. And then she's pregnant for nine months, and she still has to leave the prayers. And I mean, come on, think about your question first, then she has a mood swing. And then and then what what ruling she'll come up with, right. Yeah. And then also, sometimes you'll say things like, why can't a woman marry for men? Are you objecting, and this is a blessing for you can't move for men, but not putting up with one guy. Now that's not the reason. The real reason is that imagine the woman has to take care of four men, cook

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for four men take care of for men's homes and bear children for four men. It's impossible. So but think about your question before you ask it. So anyways, when someone asks you a question in response, try to keep the response simple and keep it direct. And to the don't don't just come out and be anxious now to answer think rationally about what the question that came at you was, that's number one. Think about that question. Don't just start answering. Yeah, fix it if there's something wrong with the question itself, to try to give a simple answer and a simple explanation first, a lot of people love to come with the philosophical and big argument in big words. Keep it simple, simple,

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right? Simple. You get everybody. Yeah, right. So that's the other thing. Keep it simple and three, be direct, be right to the point. A lot of times you ask someone a question, and they'll go around telling you a long story. No, answer my question. Yeah. Because it looks like you're being evasive when you don't answer the question. There's some more common questions that have people stumped, and they're actually easy to answer. All right.

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Sometimes you need to think any

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To go a little bit, you know, back to before that, look, for example, popular analogies people make people will tell you like, for example, will tell you the Trinity. They'll compare it to an egg. They'll tell you the Trinity is like an egg. It has the shell, it has the yolk, and it has the white, three things. One egg. This is when someone now you're talking about monotheism, God is 111. And then they talk about three and they try to make sense of it. And until the Trinity is one yeah, you tell how could three be one, they give you an example of an egg? It has the show the white, the yolk, three things. One egg, the Father, the Son, the spirit, three things, one God. Yeah. But the

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problem is that, you know, the, in the in the Trinity, the triune, God is physically separate. Yeah. So if you have the the son physically on Earth, the father physically in the heavens, the spirit, wherever the spirit may be, these are physical, three physical locations that are separate. If we separate the ingredients of the egg, it's not called an egg anymore. You know, if I put the wedding over here, the yolk over there, the shell over there, when you see the shells, you're gonna say, hey, look, it's an egg shell. I gotta say, Look, that's an egg, you know? So because you physically separated them, they don't become one thing anymore. Yeah. And there's nothing on Earth. That's

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physically separate. And still one. Yeah, you can argue one, in essence, like one time this last this one person?

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He basically said, Yes, in three, and there's still one. So I said, Okay, if there are three bottles of water on the table, how many bottles of water are on the table? There are three physically separate, you can argue that they're one in essence, that they're all it's all plastic, and it's all water. But the reality is there are three physical separate bottles of water. You can't say it's all one, you know. So it can't be if they're physically separate, that there's still one. So the analogy doesn't work. Many, the way you would explain that question with that analogy, is that you just basically take it apart. Because it's an lie. It's a wrong analogy. You know, the the Triune God,

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according to them is separate. And this is something that's together once you separate this egg, it's not an egg anymore. It's not one thing. Okay, I've got a trickier one for you. Yeah, they'll tell you okay. It's actually like water. Yeah, water is one thing, but it can be a solid, or a liquid or a gas. So God, the Father, the solid, the liquid is the sun and the gas, the spirit. Yeah, it's water. But it's three, you know? And actually, it's, I've heard, you know, experienced the ad going to lengths to try to refute the water analogy. But the analogy is really, really simple. Yeah.

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People believe that Trinity is three in one, not one in three. Because if they say one and three, they're admitting to worshipping three gods, the Trinity is, according to them. Three, and one. Yeah. So you can't give me an example of one in three to explain three in one. This, the example of the water is one thing water in three different states. So you can't use an example of one in three, to explain the rain one. So just that's it. End of story. Yeah, we don't need to go back and forth. That's it. It's a wrong analogy. It doesn't work. And we've actually used this with people with missionaries with people who were very well versed in the Bible gave us this example said, Sorry,

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you said it's three in one. And now you're giving me an example of one and three. Yeah, and let's start.

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And our concept is that this is obviously to refute the argument. But

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people don't even get into this argument. It just one. Leave it alone at that. Exactly. And you know, what? One is the easiest thing to comprehend. Yeah. And it's the is the easiest thing for you to understand. And it makes so much sense to you. If you try to go to a child now, that's 678 years old, and you try to tell them that God is one. You could probably explain this in under a minute. Absolutely. But if you try to do this whole, you don't tell her seven, or any other number like polytheism, then that's one of the things that is difficult to comprehend about polytheism. If somebody tells you they're seven gods, Yeah, all right. Okay, which one is the toughest one? I

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really like them that number one. All right, I'll worship number one who cares about the other? Five? The six, they're weak? Yeah, I wish the tough one will take care of me on the Day of Judgment. All right, or what if someone tells you? Well, they're all equal, but one of them is the God of love the others, the God of anger, the others, the god of war? Well, the God of anger, it's gonna take me a lot of time to make him happy. I worship the God of love. Yeah, so then they couldn't ever be equal, you know, because I'm just gonna pick this one, you know? So if someone says, No, they're absolutely equal in their characteristics and their descriptions, then what if

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75% of the people worship God, number three, and the others worship the the, that means he now is not equal to the rest because he's worth more than the others. So there's the concept of like having more than one God, it's actually doesn't make sense, and it's not easy to digest. The concept of Trinity is very easy for people to understand, I'm sorry, the concept of towhead, which is one guy, very easy to understand. You tell people three guys that are physically separate, but there's still one and then one of them dies for three days, and there's still three

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I'm just gonna one just confusion very Trinity is just confusing is manmade is not something from the divine. I'll tell you something, Eddie Yeah, okay. And and I'm not going out on a limb by saying this. There is nobody on the face of the planet that totally understands Trinity meaning he digested and fathoms the concept. There are people who believe in it very much so. But there's nobody who totally understand it because it's a concept that doesn't make sense. Yeah, it can't be something that's three and separate, but still one who was the one who started to really he was going into this and the more he went into it, he Aries was the it was St. Athanasius at the knees. The sad

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thing is that you know, he is known as if you look him up he's known as the father of the Trinity father, okay, his The more I think about it, the more confused I become. So now he's the one who said that now you're going to come across like you figured it out. You're lying to yourself. And every analogy you come up with, it's not going to work. There's nothing on this planet that's physically physically separate. And still one. Yeah, it just doesn't work like so when men, a few men come into a room and they try to conspire and try to make up something a religion, they might get them in some odd, crazy way to fit with them. Maybe possibly, maybe not, but trying to sell it

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to the world, in a way. But the religion from the creative the way of life, that the creator sends down, it fits. It has to fit with everyone. Absolutely worship one God loves meant to him. And that was the easy message of Jesus Himself. It was one God, that's one guy. That's it. That's it. Tell us Now, some people will argue the question, good and evil, all loving God, what's up with the evil talk to us? Right? And actually, just yesterday, someone kept saying, Why did Allah plan for things to be like this? You know, why is it that a believer will suffer? Why is it that there's agony when you die? Why is it this? Why is it that? Why did he Why did he do all of this put us on earth? Why

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do we go through? So this person basically now is asking a lot of why why why. And one of the one of the ways that you can you can fix that you can either give analogies, or you can give them the floor. So I said okay, how would you do it? And no way they're gonna come up with a better plan that allows plan minutes, so to ask them say, okay, smart, man, smart woman, how would you do it? Exactly? What would you do saying there's Why should we suffer? Why should there be suffering on earth? Okay, what do you want to happen then? Like, a lot of times, non Muslims would ask me, well, if Why does God allow bad things to happen? If there's a good guy, he's fixing his roof, and he

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falls? Why should he hurt his bones break? So then I asked him, What do you want to happen? Big mattress will suddenly appear underneath him or a hand will catch him. And then nobody trips, nobody falls, nobody gets cuts, nobody gets any kind of pain. And so then nobody knows the like, when you don't know the pain, you don't know the sweetness of being in good health and you don't you know, the opposites. So you can appreciate it more when you know, the bad, you appreciate the good more. So what do you want to happen here? Then they realize that well, then that means I want a life. That's a utopia. And I want God to intervene in everything. Nobody loses their car keys, nobody

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falls, nobody dies, nobody gets hurt. And that's not what the point is. We have free will. It's not supposed to be like that. So when you give them the floor, okay, how do you think things should be they immediately from the first sentence start to make mistakes? Because obviously, they couldn't possibly give you a better plan? To the plan of Allah, obviously.

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Or sometimes you just tell someone, okay, look, this is the reality, what are you going to do about it? I mean, one time this person was telling me, why did that look created? So he explained, alright, so But why, then you explain again, why then you run out of knowledge? I mean, we don't have infinite knowledge. I mean, I can't tell you why behind every plan Allah had. So I ran out of knowledge. Do you have Do you have some some some live examples or something where someone would say, Well, why this again, it goes back to why this innocent child had to suffer. Or wars, tsunamis, mudslides, right, like, well, first of all, let me give you some analogies when people will say, why

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is there evil on earth? If God is so good, so I'll tell them Okay, give me I will stand out in the sun in broad daylight. I'll give you a glass jar. Give it back to me full of darkness. Can you do that? No. They say no. Well, why not? Because darkness doesn't exist in and of itself. It only exists as a result of the lack of something else which is light. Yeah, so we tell them look evil. Allah didn't command evil on earth. He commanded good but when we choose to disregard the light of Allah, the guidance of Allah, what happens? You get darkness not only works so well, there. I mean, the last time I tried it, someone was asking me why is it evil? I said, given the analogy with the

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darkness immediately, like Okay, I understand what you're saying. Yeah. So they start to see that when we don't follow the light of Allah, the darkness the evil comes, yeah, you know, or you can use cold and did you hear the the analogy of the barber and the man who was cutting his hair, he came to the barber. Did you hear that one? I think I did hear but I'm sorry. I don't know how it made. You can. I heard it a couple times. Whenever you could fill it in where he was. They were

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Having a debate back and forth, and then the the the

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question arose about the existence of God than the I'm trying to sum it up make it quick, the barber who's cutting his hair, he said, God, Moses, and he brought up the argument about good and evil. How could there be a god if all this evil so the person who's got his haircut, he didn't argue he left? Then he came back. And he said, Well, look, I don't believe in barbers. He said, how you see I'm here I said, Well, look at all those people out there. Look at them. They're all Shaggy and, you know, dirty. He said, Whoa, yeah. That's because they, they've chosen not to come to me. So now he related this exactly. You know, this is what happens when you go away from beautiful creator did

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very nice. Yes, he's I read it, and I totally forgot it. Because it's so but what he did here, basically, he got the man to recognize the existence of a lot, or he got him to think about it in a different way, by using some kind of analogy or some kind of, you know, reality from from the world that they're in, which is a technique Also, we're gonna cut to a break right back onto the show.

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To say to me, why have you become a Muslim? No, I give a prevalence on should I say, I want to be on the side of the angels.

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of God, she's the number one rap artists in the world he sold over 60 million records was the millions the millions. He was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about, he had everything you can imagine.

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Our will continuing on talking about some of the questions, we cover the analogies that people try to justify the Trinity, which easily refuted, God is one worship, worship Him alone. And we talked about the good and evil. And also, there's another common argument that people try to make, and they say, you know, what, religions are the cause of all the wars, right? I don't want to follow any organized religion, I'm just gonna basically make my own religion, I mean, do my own thing. This is a case when when you would refute such an argument using, you know, using the reality using history using science using statistics using facts. The truth is, this is not a true statement, yet, many

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people will say it, and they constantly repeat it that don't talk about religion, more people die because of religion than anything else. That's actually not true. And anyone who's a history buff or not, you can just basically go and get a list of all known wars, or named wars, in recent history, or in past history, and make a list and see how many of them were 100% because of religion, how many of them were because of land, or wealth or money are taking over and other people's territory, and they brought religion to mix it and to give it flavor? How many were just strictly because of Scripture, basically, a Christian or Muslim opened up a book and said, just go kill the other guys

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simply because he's not from your faith. And you find that none of them will actually like that. So when you do the math, you find that millions upon millions of people died fighting over money fighting over land, you know, when we mentioned, you know, World Wars one and two. In World War Two, estimated about 55 to 60 million people died. It didn't have anything to do with religion. It's true, there was some kind of ideology, but it had nothing to do with religion. That's a large number of people and 16 million people, or 55 million people. That's not easy, had nothing to do with religion. So when you do the math, you find that most people don't die because of religion, they die

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because of money. So then that same guy who says I don't want to talk about religion, because a lot of people die because of it. When he's interviewed for a job, he should say, when they asked him, How much do you want to make in the company? I want to talk about money, because most people died because of money more than anything else. You see what I'm saying? Yeah, but they don't do that. But the thing is, it's not true. It's factually incorrect. But it's become so popular, and many people believe it, you find it all over the place. Give us a few examples, a few more things. We're almost out of time, some of the other common arguments that are easily refuted that you've come across,

00:24:10--> 00:24:51

okay, well, sometimes you use use analogies to just kind of like you did with the barber and so on. There's some popular ones about, you know, how all of this earth come to existence, you know, and if you're walking in the desert, and you see a watch on the ground, you're not going to assume that it just happened to gather in that order in that fantastically organized way and just be a coincidence, you know, and so it's also ridiculous to assume that, you know, order came out of chaos, some big bang, then all this order and organized structure came that life came out of no life consciousness came out of no consciousness. It's, it's really too much. And the thing is that most people will

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

tell you like that, I believe in the Big Bang Theory and this is when you meet an atheist. You ask them okay, how do we come into existence if there is no God? There's only we believe in the Big Bang Theory.

00:25:00--> 00:25:39

And it's it's amazing how quickly they they're shaken when you tell them. Do you know what a theory is? I mean, are you basing your life decision on a theory? You know, because there are many evidences to the existence of a law if you only look though, and if you don't want to look you, you won't see them at all. But you're basing it on a theory. It's not not even proven anything of that sort. But so many times, you know, things are kind of crammed down our throat as science, when a lot of it is conjecture. A lot of it is guesswork, and it's not really anything solid is science. So, bottom line is, then the answers are all there, no one has to reinvent the wheel. But just just, you

00:25:39--> 00:26:16

know, you look up your answers, and you package it in a way that's easy to digest and easy to comprehend, and no need to make everything too complicated and a big argument or a big debate. Tell us now before we go real quick, for those people who are sincere, who want to know the truth, what is at the end of the day? What should they strive towards, and we gave some common rebuttals to the questions. But what's it all about? What are we trying to achieve at the end of the day, at the end of the day, anyone who believes that there is one God, and the same God is the one who sent all the prophets before with the same basic message that didn't change the 10 commandments never change,

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worship the One God never changed. This is the same God that sent the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who is a prophet of Islam, who comes as a brother to all the prophets and as a continuation to their message. So anyway, this is the basic, most basic thing that we want from people, if you believe in Allah, that he could have sent this last messenger, Mohammed in Arabia, salatu salam, then you have the ingredients of what it takes to become a Muslim. That's the first step. Then the other thing is, don't worry about that right now. I mean, people think if I become Muslim, right, now you have to grow a beard, immediately. You have to dress like this, to have to wear a hat. You

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don't have to do any of that first thing, one God worthy of worship, and Mohammed, his servant and His Messenger. So allow yourself, this is a beautiful way of life is the way of life from the credit of the heavens, the earth, the way you give tastes, we started off with peace, we end with peace, and I'll leave you to love. And peace is something that money can't buy. And the more you tune into the show, if you have any

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doubts about anything, and you want them cleared up, as the one who created you, you don't be fair, if he gave you the answers, start to use the good old common sense that he's giving you the tools that are within your very self. And you'll see that everything that he wants you to do, including worship Him alone, and not his creation. It just makes good old common sense. And I know that if you've tuned in with an open heart, open mind the things that we just covered. It just makes good old common sense. If you want to argue, you can argue about anything anytime. But if you want to be sincere, and you want to do what God wants you to do, do you want to submit to Him on His terms,

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this is the right course and the right direction to take. Now, come back here every week. Again, find us. If you don't have the TV if you're not tuning into the TV, all of our shows are at the deen we have our blog section there to interact with us. Leave us your comments and your suggestions. Also, do not forget to pick up the new DVDs for dollar volume to the out. So you can take this message this message is a piece this message of Islam this message of worshipping the One God you can take this and share it with your colleagues, with your family, with your friends. We encourage that you buy this in bulk. So you can share this message with the world.

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And we'll see you next time inshallah God Willing I saw making peace be unto you. You have to pray as if everything depends on a lot.

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But you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see I'm saying and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to this? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now when they're gonna come they're gonna come along and bring these people last. Put in our hands ability to do your job.