Why scholars speak about certain injustices and not others.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This video is about scholars speaking about tyranny, or in justices that are out there, and why certain scholars will not speak about certain issues, but they might speak about other other issues. Now, right now we've got this whole thing about Black Lives Matter. So there are many scholars out there who have spoken about this issue. And yes, they there are other issues in the world, which they may or may not have spoken about, what happens is you get this typical thing about internet keyboard warriors who are behind screens who say, Oh, this scholar doesn't speak about this issue. And that's going to disregard that issue. And

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they'll come out and they'll start to, you know, come up, they're really coming out. But they come out online, this is the sort of, you know, what are the easiest seats to sit in? Because they've got, look, they've got maybe a few 100 followers. All right, scholars out there have got 1000s and 1000s, maybe hundreds of 1000s of followers. Now, let me tell you what happens.

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Let me give you some stories. And then and then you'll understand why I know of a Palestinian scholar who lives in the West, who's who's got origin in Palestine, who spoke about what's going on there. And guess what happened to him.

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When he went over there to visit his family, he was detained for nine, nine hours in interrogation. Then he caught a black hood placed over his head, he's got his passport taken away from him, he got driven to a no man's land in the strip of Gaza. And he got left there to be killed.

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In his underwear, and his black hood over his head, no clothes, no passport, he was very lucky to have come out there alive. by God. Somehow he got to the embassy, the Muslim Brothers found him they took him to the embassy. And he luckily got out of there. This scholar told me this himself. Okay. And before you internet warriors, and you know, people out there who are always in this class, I think I want you to think twice about the risks these scholars take, and about their free risk of the freedom risk of being imprisoned.

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There are scholars right now who spoken about the Saudi, you know what's going on in Saudi Arabia over the last few years. They're in prison.

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Now, I don't see Muslims out there. Who are these people in our internet warriors, who are now supporting as follows or even trying to make some campaigns free to free these scholars, I don't see that. This is the the most cowardly thing is to sit behind a keyboard and say, This color is unspoken, that's kind of unspoken. And when these scholars get imprisoned, or the freedom is taken away from them, or they are threatened to be killed, then you know what, all you keyboard in your worries and so on. And others who are sitting in the background could use you armchair critics, you're not there to support right? You're gonna say to me, no, we're going to support these colors.

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Then I'm going to say to you one thing, why haven't you already supported the scholars that are in prison, that is scholar I know personally in London who spoke against something that happened in Bangladesh, seven years ago, there was a host political situation out there. He spoke openly on the in the media against this, the government of Bangladesh has banned him from coming back, going back to Bangladesh, he can go there for his life. I know an Egyptian scholar in London, who I'm close to who spoke about the Egyptian situation six to seven years ago. Okay? If he goes to Egypt to see his mother, his mother's over there, but he can never go over there. He's going to be imprisoned, and he

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will never see another day of a free day where he can roam around under the sun.

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And where are you guys going to be?

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You know, if any of these scholars face nowhere to be seen, I know Indian scholars who never spoke about the Kashmiri crisis. I've spoken about the Christian Kashmiri crisis I have. My origin is you know, I'm British born. But my father came from Bangladesh and I do have family over there in Bangladesh. However, these Indian scholars who've never spoke about Christian Why? Because they've got families over there that they want to visit. That's why they stayed silent. It's not because they're cowards. It's not because they're cowards. And none of you except one in probably 10 million Muslims out there would actually try and do something about the scholars, when they face in trouble.

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Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, I remember shared with another there are things that I disagree with your families, and there are things that I agree with your family. So let's not get into this whole thing about Hungary. So whether you're following

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against him. I don't want to I don't want talk about that right now. And it's not going to make any benefit. Talk about that. There are things that we agree and disagree with people. And it doesn't mean if you disagree something with someone, you have to throw everything that they've said out the window, no, you don't be wise, be smart. Right? Share hundreds of May Allah bless him. I met him many times. One of the times I met him was 1996. And he said, a very deep thing at Amman, he said, Look, he said, scholars, when they get into situations where become very political, they have to make a choice. Is it better for me to carry on speaking against these political situations and end

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up with my freedom gone? and myself in prison? Or should I just stay quiet, and carry on preaching to the masses? And they have to make this very clear choice? where's where's the greater benefit? And if they see that the greater benefit is to carry on being able to be free and give dollar to Muslims and benefit the oma in a larger way in that way, then yes, they will, will make that choice. But if they feel that, No, I'd rather go down into prison and let me become a president who people know because of me going to prison, the people who will talk about this more and the benefit is going to be more for some reason, then yes, he makes that choice, not as his personal choice to

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Not every situation out there requires you to go out and speak and say, Look, let me tell you from the sooner there are times in the sooner when the person awesome spoke out, there are times when he stayed silent, there are times when he hid, hiding is not being a coward. Allah upon the promise that Allah has and when he was in Michael

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Caine and he said, Is this good or not the truth? Should this not be preached to those markers to those makan mushrikeen those who worship their idols and the Prophet was was said, don't read the Quran over there in front of the car. But right now they'll they'll attack you. And I will that only if I said no, he's going to go out there. He went out there. He's priesthood and they left him in a pool of blood. The problem was, we couldn't come and rescue him. The Muslims couldn't come rescue him. That wasn't the time it wasn't the situation. I want you guys to understand that there are no The sooner has got many different varieties of things that is given given to us. So this is one

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incident another there are many incidents where resources did speaker Yes, but there is there's an incident when he was doing his hegira he stayed quiet. He hid with Abu Dhabi alone in a cave for three days. That was the time to hide. Hiding sometimes is asuna. staying quiet for three days in a cave. And sitting in there in a cave for three days was sooner. So if somebody decides that they're going to not say something.

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It could be one of the Sooners. I'm not saying that they should always stay quiet know that our main time when the proposal spoke out, but he chose his times. No, this is this has to do with hikma. Right. One thing that rules above everything else is hikma to speak or not to speak you have the knowledge to do that. But to know when to speak and when not to speak and what matter to speak in and when to stay quiet. This is hikma This is wisdom. Scholars have wisdom. I know certain you know, I know certain Muslims right now Muslim scholars right now they will speak about certain matters, they won't speak about other matters. And there's always a good reason if you get to know the

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scholar. And if you get to know the reason why. So look, before you move ahead with everything else. If you're gonna say to me, Well, we still don't care, we want the scholars to speak about this or that. Look, if you haven't already tried to free all the scholars who are in prison, if you haven't tried to support the scholars who've had the lives threatened. And when I say threatened, I mean really been threatened with to have a bullet in the in the head. I've met a scholar who was very outwardly spoken. And then he had to go quiet because he three times he was met on the street with someone who said we know what you're doing. And we're aware of you. And if you carry on then boom,

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there's going to be a bullet in your head. I personally have met that scholar who's told me that Now look, there are scholars out there who risked their freedom and so on. So let them be as they are and let them speak about whichever matter they think is urgent. And whichever matter they can do whichever matter they can speak. Let them do that in their own way. And if you ever want to know why they don't speak and so on, don't see that scholar privately. I'm going to have a face no face to face. No word with them. Anyway. Hello. Hey, Mila, bless all the rest of you who understand the situation and cinema like when I had lower cattle