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Eight hours straight. And I'm thinking there must be some kind of a genie inside you to have the power to do that. And I remember my mother going off to see which doctors would lock her up in a room and beer up and she had the audacity to come to me and say to me, shake my hand. And I said, with respect I don't

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let me tell you if you think that because what but recently he had I end the liar. Islamism materials of our people sadly have turned towards hate. And people like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. They don't realize that their actions by inviting a lie like that to their podcast, wow, that seems very dangerous to me. And COVID made it possible. So one more thing before before we conclude. So I'm just teaching my children how to knit I learned to knit when I was six years old, so in round out this and that, and that and they say in and out and this and they could disagree on some things. Right, but they can still love each other for the sake of Allah. This is

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Michael, welcome to the show. And I have two exciting guests here with us. Gilberto el Romani and Ali Dawa. Welcome to the show. Welcome

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now before we hit the we didn't get we had we were already started but then we were going to do paper rock scissors, but then we decided to let Gabe Romani go first to go ahead and tell us a little about yourself. We met actually 14 years ago, and we did a program your story it was it actually had an algorithm class. And then you were telling us you've since then you study psychology or principal and university in Malaysia. And what else do we miss? What else did we miss? Yeah, Islamic alaikum Islamic schools, the principal in Malaysia and just been working as educational consultant, and counsel.

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And Tao Tao alida was a bounty hunter. He's out I heard your you're still looking for what's his name? That guy from the EDL. But I found him already. You got it?

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You're a slug.

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He's a slot Islam hater. bounty hunter.

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What's it? Like? You guys exchanged some fist? Oh, no, you know what the thing is, we he was using that as a divert tactic. Sometimes with certain individuals, they, he was telling me Let's have a boxing match, etc. charity. I said, we can do that after but let's let's deal with the crux of the matter. Because I know to him, it's a diversion tactic. You know, it's easy to throw punches. But let's do with your argument. Because, you know, and he was like, and he was very hesitant. And even when I confronted him, and I found him after trying to track him down for about eight months to a year, many times I missed him, you know, I had information is going to be landing in an airport. He

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was back from abroad, but then it was another airport, we missed them. But when I finally found him, they had a court case, when I went there, even when I confronted him and just, you know, just show this ignorance and absolutely how ignorant he is. And it's just a pre shock. And even then we're supposed to have some kind of an agreement. But that said, these people, they don't really care, they have no honor. So to them, it's just about making money he's got he owns a million pound house with a Jacuzzi, you know, these kinds of people all they do just spread their hate and let their foot soldiers carry out the attacks, you know, and the same with the extreme side of, you know, ISIS

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and these guys, we have, you know, people who follow them. What they don't exist anymore. But it's the same thing when I believe they just, you know, as bad as each other and one character and attack than the other one says, Look, they're attacking us the other one character attack, and it's just back and forth. And people like us lay man, non Muslim and Muslim because we're walking down the road. We're the ones that end up getting attacked. So yeah, so we had a few things in common. You both reverts, converts

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I didn't know.

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Mashallah, see, I got my two brothers on the deen show. And we're finding these beautiful commonalities.

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So we got it all flipped, though. So beautiful. So you guys have dedicated your life to clearing the misconceptions about Islam, which means submission to the Creator, not the creation, you know, same way of life of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, that beautiful way of life that you guys are out there to so many misconceptions, but yet is the fastest growing, growing growing way of life in the world. You guys dedicate your life to education, helping clear those misconceptions. And that's one beautiful things that you guys got in common. I want to start off with this unless I missed something out. Did you guys want to add? But I want to start off with this. Something tell us Ollie, we'll start off

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here. There's a post statement that you said is very interesting. And then we can kick it off from here It makes for interesting, I'm gonna jump I'm gonna jump.

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We're gonna be covering a lot of different topics. We'll also get to the thing that many people are, you know, are anticipating there's some knitting controversy and whatnot, but we could touch upon that as we go along. But one you said Western logic one

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A man on man action is fine. * is fine. One nightstand fine, multiple sexual partners. Fine. marrying a piano

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is fine. Hold that.

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piano. Marry good piano is fine. You know, Xena * with an animal fine.

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Yeah, but polygynous marriage? No. How can you do that? Oh my god. And then you went on Can you comment on this is this was this is your statement? What would you What would you mean by this? Well, the thing is I show the hypocrisy and you know what's actually very disturbing. Is that what I posted that I did say the western logic, but if you think about a lot of Muslims today, would a lot of Muslims today would be would they would agree with that to an extent, you know, when it comes to the issue of polygamy, polygamous marriages, they lose their mind how you can't it's the same Muslims who would be like, Oh, yeah, I support your right to you know, go and marry another man. Um,

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yeah, this, this sugar coated and I get really irritated with this. Yeah, I don't. I like we should be proud with our religion. Whatever it is, while I do not like this action of like weakness. However, there are some times hikma wisdom calls for us to be a certain This doesn't mean we're lying. But for example, if you know you're going to be persecuted in a variety of ways, it doesn't need to be physical. Yes, there might be certain things where you're just gonna have to, you know, sugarcoat code, sometimes they're not that we want to, but we're going to get persecuted otherwise. But in certain instances, we have to academically challenge these ideas. And sadly, today, Muslims,

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if you mentioned the issue of polygamy, polygamy, I'll be honest with you, there are people who are religious, their religious and they would go against us and you're like, you're probably a, you know, a Muslim. You're a believer, and you the concept of it really bothers you. So the thing is, it just shows the hypocrisy where all kinds of stuff, if you think about it, it's become normalized, we're okay with it. You know, there'll be homosexual acts. Now, we're not saying we want any kind of hate towards individuals. What we're seeing is that our religion says that that is a sin. It's a major sin that was destroyed nations. It's as simple as that. I'm not going to come and say, No,

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Allah, it was called No, no, no, Allah destroyed nations for that sin. It's as simple as that. And we have to be very open about that. And especially if you're going to come and have a go at me for polygamy in Islam, where I believe the whole polygamy thing our Sopranos has enabled us to protect the rights of a woman, because men be Muslim or non Muslim is not exclusive to being a Muslim, non Muslim men practice polygamy. They just do it the wrong way. They have girlfriends side chicks and mistresses, which they use and abuse. Islam has come to regulate that to say, No, you can't go and hide it. Number one, because when these things happens when a man wants to have an affair, he goes,

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and he hides it. It's a secret, he doesn't honor the woman, there's no matter there's no approaching the father, it's all done in sequence in abuse, Islam is come to regulate that and say, hold on a second, if you want to do this, you do it the right way. you approach the Father, you announced the marriage, you give the man you give her right. So we, we, why are we acting like we're in the backfoot? When we should be proud of this and be like, Look, this is a part of our religion. We should be questioning you about your ideologies that you have. So that's the reason why I posted in a nutshell. Did you get it? Did you get it? What kind of feedback Did you get after that? Well, to

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be honest, it's Twitter. It's Facebook, you have all kinds of people Twitter, it'd be okay. I didn't get any kind of abuse. I fought I fought myself, I put it up, you'll get taken down in about daytime, but it didn't. I was quite surprised. Actually. I put it on Instagram as well. And I've got quite good feedback, actually. Yeah. Well, go ahead. Gabriel. Do you want to comment? Yeah, I think people some people might think that marrying your pianos like you just threw out there as a joke. But actually, I just looked at a, an article, there's this group of women who are marrying buildings, like one of them is married to like the Eiffel Tower, and so on. So sometimes people

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think we're just throwing these things there. It's like, we're trying to catch a laugh. But yeah, this is for real.

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would look, I'm not sure if you're on the Manage or not.

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But yeah, it's it's, it's a challenge for those who are practicing. We're on the mental edge of this issue. And also, I think people are not, I think is being more and more regulated. I mean, sorry, more and more accepted. But as you said, I think he's just done illegally in the sight of a loss of Canada. So polyamory is the new term that they came up with, right? polyamory is a new term that's recently been pushed forward. And it's mostly like to women with one man or two men with one woman and so on. Just this gravitation. It's been pushed by netflix by me, you and her, whatever this series that came up

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Of course they try to naturalize into to make these things acceptable when it comes to and I think the issue is not religion itself. The issue is the injunctions and rules that come from a loss of parameter that regulate the Social Affairs of people. So polygyny is one if you're going to go for it, but it's going to be another one, it's going to go for other things, people are going to have a problem not because of the actual thing itself, because as you said, people are practicing polygamy. polygyny, polyandry, you name it. It's like people having illegal relationships in the sight of Allah. So the problem is, they don't mind to, for you to do whatever the heck you want, as long as

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it's not something in line with a divine, you know, Revelation, which comes from Allah. So I think that's where most people have an issue, if you want to go take two women today, and three, and four, there's plenty of men who do that. And they have all kinds of contracts. And they actually even call it marriage. A lot of them actually call it marriage, whether it's in the court within the country, or for me, they deliver or not, that's a different story, but they do refer to as marriage. Only when it comes to this now, that's when people start having a problem. Why? Well, because Islam is a way of life that starts rectifying a lot of the ills of society. And, you know, Islam comes in to be

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okay, we accept this, we accept that slowly, slowly, people are going to realize that Wait a second will be some as a solution to our problems. I think that's where this guy that you've been talking about, right? these kind of people, they're trying to always make sure that they divert people from seeing what Islam is up because they're scared that they might be like, Oh, man, oh, my God, Islam actually makes sense and has the solutions to our problems. What do you guys think? He's kind of laid low with talking about Islam, but just recently, because in the past, we kind of called it out. And I don't know if it was because of that many people calling it out our friend, Joe Rogan. But

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recently, he actually, it seems like he started up again. So I want to get you guys comments on that he had a guest on and we we've been kind of protesting like a Joe, we're out here. Why don't you have a Muslim on he at one point he has for us to be on here. And he had a great discussion towards the end. But recently, he had I end the liar.

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And I think she changed her name. It is a great documentary. It's called ion Hoda. CLE exposed where they actually these are, these are non Muslims, I believe in another lens who actually did a documentary and they went to verify the statements that she was, she was saying, and they expose her for being a liar. So he's bringing a liar on her on his show. And he's talking, they're talking about Islam. Do you guys know about this? And what are your comments?

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Well, you know, I am because it's been around for a long time. It's been around since a long time, bottom line where you want to make money, you just leave Islam and start writing a book and start talking smack about Islam, you get tons of people supporting you. And it's been happening, it's been happening with so many people, of course, they have the leeway to say, Well, I was a Muslim. I mean, I am from their culture, I've gone through this, it's always the damsel in distress type of you know, you know, arguments, and people are willing to put their money on that they love that type of trauma, you know, that without my child, princesses of Saudi Arabia, all these you go through

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airports and you see these books in these you know, these book shops right there on the first first display right to it like these Nickleby when they're running away from their oppressive husbands, leaving Islam, blah, blah, blah. I mean, look, man, this is nothing new with the enemies of Islam have been using these kind of tactics for the longest time. Sadly, obviously, these people give platforms to do this because it brings a lot of ignorant people, the majority of the world I would say till today still and that's why we're doing what we're doing we're trying to bring the real issues to the table is because majority of the world is still ignorant of Islam. They're still

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following only media, Islam drive by Islam drive through Islam. That's all they get from the news here and there. And it's very easy with labels extremists misogynist to just dismiss anyone right so the world is upset with religion, this is the truth and they will project those

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those feelings onto some the Christian world for example, a lot of the Western countries now, especially in Europe, they don't identify us as believers anymore, right? They've had it with with religion, with the church with priests with all these things. But when they hear about Islam problem, is they oversimplify Can you say was the same thing with Islam?

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It's just another religion organized religion. We don't need this. We want to free ourselves from the shackles of Islam. So that's why it makes our word very difficult to reach to these people. Because they already have these preconceived ideas and they dismiss you without even listening to you. Right? You're not important. So it's just that that's what we're doing what we're doing that we're trying to reach out to. Ollie, this is an a real this is what disturbs me is that you have someone like Joe, they've also banned had jobs on the beach too, right? Haven't they done that? And just to keep it fair and balanced to bring on an academic someone a Muslim to talk but imagine

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because you guys obviously have heard of Joe Rogan, one of the top podcasts out in the world, he'd be breaking into people's homes, mosques, associations, whatever looking for

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Islamic materials of dour, thou means the proselytizing and and they will try and put a stop to that they'll try and police literally what goes into people's minds and comes out of their mouth. Wow. That seems very dangerous to me. And COVID made it's possible. But he's into martial arts. So imagine you're have a person you're bringing on who's built their whole career on martial arts, right? But this person is a fake a fake black belt, for example. So now this this woman, the AI in her see, the liar Ali, I think she even changed her name is even they expose her name was she changed? It was a lie. But the thing is here, he's bringing on someone whose whole career is based

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on a lie. Yeah. Did you find that odd? Well, the thing is, you see, sometimes people are closet islamophobes. So when you're islamophobe, you know, when you come out, it's going to you're going to get a bit of a backlash. So you're like, you know what I'll do is I'll be I'll be honest, I'll be very strong with

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Jordan Peterson as well. I have the great privilege today of talking with ion Hirsi Ali.

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She's one of my heroes. I guess that's the case ever since I read her book recently, Mohammed Egypt on a video by and Joe Rogan. And Jordan Peterson, he does, like we'll be honest, we've been given the benefit of doubt. But he's starting to sound like a closet. islamophobe I'm so sorry. And then people that follow the more radical version of religion that wants to convert people, to discuss it, to acknowledge it, and to automatically classify any discussion as Islamophobic. And then I've seen this labeled, this this label put on you

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that you are Islamophobic he's made certain statements about Islam, which he has no knowledge about. And then Joe Rogan invites this woman at the assertion that Islam is a religion of peace if they want to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Let's, let's say Salaam, let's come, let's do it along with him. It's as if he's saying, You know what? Why don't you say the things I can't invite you. That's what it is the any? I can't see. But I'm here my guests, you know, no one can say nothing. You know, I invited a guest. You know, I didn't tell her to say that. You know, come on, let's not let's not fool around here. It's very simple what you're doing. You can invite anyone

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Mohammed hijab, Hamza resources, there's so many people that you can invite that could come and talk about Islam, but that's not going to be good for you. You don't like that. So the thing is to invite people like her who's an outright Yeah. And she's alive. She's alive. She lives by a whole life whole story, you know? And she's, they're coming and she's lying and saying, you know, that she's talking about forced Islam that we're allowed to, you know, she's talking about Dawa. And, you know, we can force people to accept, they have to accept Islam by the sword. This is the biggest myth ever, you know, the specific verses in the Quran in surah baqarah verse 256 you know, very clearly

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Islam Islam you cannot force anyone to there is your religion is simple. The expansion of the Islamic empire does not mean there was forced conversions yet is the Empire expanding doesn't mean you know, people being forced to accept Islam, you know, so people have this thinking that Oh, yeah, the samurai Empire expanded and they're converting people by the sword. It's not like that it's as simple as that you your religion to me, mine, I can convey but I can't force and we have many examples. We have many examples in history where individuals could have forced that will matter to the slave where he he he said look, if only you accepted Islam, you know, etc. So you have many

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examples where people were given the chance to accept Islam, but yeah, this is an outright lie. And yeah, and inshallah let's see, hopefully show debate and how many job one day she touched upon the governor, I don't know if you want to touch on it. So Allah, she's in her talk with Joe Rogan. She touched upon and we cover this all I mean, we've covered this so many times, but she mentioned I believe the forced marriage honor killings. You as a as a young woman, we're going to be forced into an arranged marriage. And this is what made you flee and and head to Europe and wind up in Holland. Correct. That's

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Had he been with us earlier, he might have taken this initiative to force me into marriage at the age of 15 1617.

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You guys, you get kind of like, this is like an old, old old record, you know, that just keeps playing and you get, you know, tired of hearing this these

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goes from someone being ignorant who just searly sincerely doesn't know. But then somebody who obviously knows the truth, and then even her community, they're called her out on that, you know, so what do you say for the for the person who sincerely maybe just bid on this? Yeah. And how would you respond for this honor killing forced marriages? Right, right. I think I think sincerity is the key here. And you can differ and you can have issues, whatever, whatever it is, even with Jordan Peterson, you know, I was reading this book is smart guy, man, you know. But he's really disappointing because he should know better on the academic approach of verifying information, he's

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an active admission. Right? So he's being academically dishonest in the statements that he's making you talk about Jordan Peterson, Jordan Peterson. Yeah. Yeah. Come on, join me. So I want to make that point, right? Because he's very smart guys. And very smart man here, you understand that it's not enough to just be smart. You have to be also honest. Okay. And you have to, if you're doing so much research, you know, how much academic integrity is important and checking and verifying information. That is the whole, you know, foundation of Islam was heavy, the science of verifying heavy knowledge information is based on reliability on, you know, academic

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checking of who says, what, who is this person? Are they qualified to actually relate this information? It's a huge, huge science that what's the objective to just make sure that honesty is there when you're passing on information? Right. Why so that, obviously, you're not going to misguide people with the wrong things with this woman. May Allah guide her. Obviously, the enemies of his staff have been using this type of tactics from the time of the boss or seller. So panela I mean, I was today I was I was teaching a class on the tip of Syrah. And we were mentioning the incident of the person who came and asked the prophet or sentimental about this statement in the

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four year

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old sister error, right? referring to my family center, right? And till today, the president explained very much like you know, like we said, Benny's been a Hema. This is how the new they used to refer to humble people, pious people, as for their ancestors, and so on, you know, we are being used to it, but we're not directly the sons of this. I'm sorry, I've been out. And bass I will be fine. And so on. Till today, bro, you'll find this argument on the answering his website, that whole process and didn't know that, you know, two sisters, Aaron's marriage or, you know, I mean, it's just ridiculous. So these all these forced marriages for conversions, by the sword and so on. They

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keep it's been refuted. It's been academically approached john, and so on. And I'm not denying that there was in the history of Islam. In some cases, no doubt, certain rulers and theaters who did force Converse, there are some, okay, there's no doubt about it. It's not that that's not the question. The question is, does his lamb preach that is that the theory of is that this is what's the way as to what some person did. And this century that century, I mean, that you can point to every single nation and religion, there's always going to be certain bad apples that interpreted things and did things their whole way. Now you have, for example, the Russia shoe, and you know, the

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word to where the word assassin comes from, right? And how and 17 was directed his attacks the force there, actually, you know, but these were claiming to be Muslims who were doing all kinds of evil things. People will do a lot of things. Okay. Bottom line is, what does Islam preach? What does preach? What does the sermon that preach? This is what we ask the world to look at. All right, this is what we asked the world to look at.

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Yeah, no, nothing. I can really add on that. But it's just like, you know, they just have to repeat the same cycle. You know, we have a lot of people who we deal with, like Mohammed hijab who used to be the guy called rotten wood. And it just, it just destroyed him. You know, and the thing is, with these people, you need to understand they're there. They're like a police. The police disobeyed Allah, and often submit Allah He was doomed to * fire. Now when he was doomed to hellfire. He asked even though how rebellious he was and how it shows. It shows how rebellious he says in this instance, and he shows us for allies, he asked Allah he makes a door to Allah to allow him to their

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judgment to show like that

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It is very bizarre actually at least wants to prove Allah said Allah give me time so I can prove you wrong. And by showing that you're these people that Adam that you wanted me to bow down to, but these people are not going to obey you. And it's very strange, you know, when you when you when you go for that, you know, mentality. So what it just shows you is that in places and go into the Hellfire, and his main objective is to take as many people there with him. Yeah, as many people there with Mr. Simple as that. And these people adopt the same method as a police. You know, Christianity in the West is diminishing. And literally, by the millions by the millions. People are

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waking up like the Trinity doesn't make sense. There was a Christian Unitarian. In his truck, I remember his name. He said how much longer is the mohammedans going to laugh as with this concept of the Trinity and the murkiness, and we need to get rid of it, he understood the problem. But the Christians, what's happening is that because they've seen a lot of people in the West, leaving Christianity, what people like this rotten wood guy and his likes, what they do is if you realize even when we go to speaker's corner, the Christian missionaries there are not talking about the Bible anymore. They have left it's like, when we call them, all they're doing is there's a specific

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woman there who screams for eight hours straight. When a speaker's corner, insulting the Prophet, eight hour straight, and I'm thinking there must be some kind of a genie inside you to have the power to do that. And I remember my mother going off to see witch doctors. So she's continuing to do with and then we go to other missionaries, all they're doing is talking about Islam. They study this verse, I don't think and why do you know talk about the good news that you know the Gospel, Jesus love everybody. They have totally abundant their mission. Their objective is to cause people to leave Islam. That's their main objective. It says good to see we're going to the fire. We want to

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take as many people as we can. And this shows you the intellectual power of Islam, that intellectually we have shown people the concept of the Trinity doesn't make sense. The Bible is not reliable. Matthew, Luke, john and Paul, we don't know who they are, you know, like I said, we have signs of a deal. We know a lot about a lot of companions. Mark, Matthew do can draw. If you took the Bible and these people through the science of Hadeeth. You won't even have fabricated it will be worse than that. So the thing is, what's happening now is these people sadly have turned towards hate. And people like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. They don't realize that their actions by

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inviting a lie like that to their podcast is going to cause many more people are going to carry out attacks that happened in New Zealand, because people get scared. This is why Islam is what a violent religion we need to put a stop to this. This is the reason why I confronted Britain first, Tommy Robinson jayda Fransen, I went after them one by one because I knew the actions are causing people to die just as much when I went off to the AMA hydron. And some of them I went after them, and to tell them to, you know, what you guys upon is madness. Because it's the same thing with them. They go and preach innocent silly people who want to belong in join them carrier attacks in London

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Bridge, we get the results of that we get the backlash. So the thing is, this is what they're doing. And their main objective is that you know,

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this is interesting because in their discussion, she talks about the meccan period and Medina and period when she's talking to Joe Rogan, okay, I'm sorry, the the peaceful Muhammad is not Medina, peaceful Muhammad is Mecca, Mecca. So Mecca is where he first came out. And so if he says, if a Muslim today says, unto you, your religion unto me mine I'm tolerant all of that you're invoking Mecca. And it's interesting I think video you caught it and i i don't know if this was the one that and then you have the whole you know, persecution, you know, you guys many people don't know that, that the Muslims were and still are the most persecuted people you know on the planet and you had at

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that time they were persecuted, tortured. And then when Prophet Muhammad when he had peace be upon them the opportunity when they conquered when they came back to Mecca where they were expelled I mean people don't i don't know if Joe Rogan knows is the scenario if he can paint it imagine like what they watch all these people out there who come back after they've been oppressed and they just butcher everybody and people are like rooting him on because there was an injustice that had been done to them but all this you could just name all the from the boycotting the torture, etc, etc. A list just goes miles long of all the impression and torture and everything that happened to the

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Muslims when Prophet Muhammad came back and conquered Mecca with an army of 10,000 strong I mean, what happened from there you guys fill in the blank. I mean, what did he what would what would a normal Commander General, you know do to the people but what actually happened and then he came back to Mecca.

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Right? I mean, yeah, we have to also understand that he did he did did he did he like slaughtered 90% of the people. What did he do? What were the famous words? What were the famous words, brothers? What was the famous words when he came back into Mecca after all these years? for Joe Rogan says he doesn't know this.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

He said, basically, I tell you what

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

Use of a Prophet Joseph said to his family to his brothers go for your free, you know, so he freed the people out there is it? Is it true? He says spread the food spread the peace.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:17

This game This was when he entered Medina as Yes. That's

00:30:19 --> 00:30:56

what he came in from India. He sets but these inspect sedans and you're not definitely I mean the domestic process cinema cares about the message. Yes, there were six people they were blacklisted. When you enter Mecca, they're supposed to be executed because they're criminals. Maybe sometimes again, the Muslims take a very, we don't want to appear weak either. Okay, we're not like just pacifist, right? No should should misunderstand and take it for granted that not the Muslims have a very strong background, very strong history of warriors. And you know, because we sometimes appear to pacifist, but I think what he's talking about here is talking about crazy people just taking

00:30:56 --> 00:31:31

things their own manners and throwing hands and just doing a targeting innocent people and whatnot, right? Because they don't understand stuff. But the process of them were the most balanced person, the most balanced, generally the Most Merciful, yet at the same time, and he had to put his foot down, he knew how to put his foot down. And the laws of Islam are no joke, you know, no doubt about it. But we need to understand context. When it comes to application, we need to understand how and what it's so strange and so hypocritical that the world recognizes the contribution of Alexander the Great, or Napoleon or any of the great generals, Roman generals, you name them, or Caesar and so on.

00:31:31 --> 00:32:19

It's studied in universities as civilization yet when you talk about Prophet Mohammed Salim people are the biggest liars and the biggest, let me use the word bigots, okay, because they love to use this words. And the biggest, you know, academically dishonest people look at the his life is his number one. I mean, there's no doubt about it. And not just because, you know, he was he was ranked as number one in the most influential. But when you look at the description, too, why is because he was so comprehensive in his application of law of virtues of morality, of bravery of a manhood of mercy. Right? He basically the process of knowing knew exactly which skill to use, in which

00:32:19 --> 00:32:54

situation. And I think this is where most people don't know today. You know, they want to do this at this time, and I want to do something else at the wrong time. And this is not wisdom pick wise to put the right thing in the right place at the right time. At the same time. We're not apologetic, we're not, you know, dumbing down Islam. We're not to use Ali's words, you know, sugarcoating things. You know, we're academically presenting Islam to the world. We're saying Islam is the solution is not as a solution for criminals, Islam as a solution for lawfulness, Islam as a solution for all the ills of society, that human

00:32:55 --> 00:33:09

you know, society right now is sinking so deep into Right. I mean, the world is being led by so many different systems and philosophies that have nothing to do with Islam, yet, they have not solved the problems of

00:33:10 --> 00:33:12

poverty, they have not solved the problems of

00:33:14 --> 00:33:53

crime, they have not solved the problems and economics and people are dying all over the world starving, no one cares, but all they're representing or reporting is all kinds of other things. There are huge problems people are depression, people are not doing well. Okay, resources are being consumed by a very small percentage, okay, look it up, look at the research, look at you want to look at what the health organization will look at other stuff, not only what they see on the news, look at everything, okay? And that I'm asking, okay, where's the solution? You guys are leading the world with democracy and all your Western philosophy? Okay, fine. I mean, people are saying, don't

00:33:53 --> 00:34:37

talk about this. Yeah, but why not? Why not? If you look at even within their political systems, and within within their problems, there's huge differences left, right, and all the political parties within, it has always been a push and shove, okay, so why not everyone has the right to speak and to at least ask for Where is where the solutions? Where are the solutions? Holly, before I ask you this next question just for the audience. I mean, they that documentary for the woman that Joe Rogan brought on I in the liar verse who see the kind of the few things just for people to know is, she had in fact been living in conditions what one of the lies that she was called out for was she had,

00:34:38 --> 00:34:53

in fact been living in Kenya for over 10 years, and has never been experienced a war in her entire life. Okay, so this is one of them. Two, was to the contrary, her brother, aunt and former husband all testified that she was indeed present at her wedding which she she lied that she wasn't

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

another third. In fact, she talks about not having established

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

You know because this is what our books everything's written on but in fact, she had maintained close contact with her family after asylum and also later even met with her former husband which is she was saying she was petrified scared of running from and the list goes on of lies but how do you because all he probably obviously you have a lot of experience but when you hear it when you quote this verse from verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah the Quran living miracle for everybody Joe Rogan Jordan Peter just read the book and it's just it's amazing like people can it's like someone who's good at calculus and all the sciences, but then they can't add up one plus one is two, you'd be like

00:35:38 --> 00:36:06

what's wrong with these people? You know what I mean? So it same thing with Jordan, Pearson's good You brought him up, Gabriel, but another person and then you made a great example these are like closet Islam haters you know that hey, and they bring on people and let them speak for themselves I mean, being bolt you know, instead of doing it for himself, but there's this is a verse in the Quran Chapter 60 verse eight where it says God Almighty Allah does not forbid you from being kind and just towards those who do not fight you because of your your deed your religion or expel you from your homes.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:23

Allah loves those who do justice when you share this, what kind of response Do you get Ali can give these people that we come from, like, you know, the Britain first be Lauren, Lauren, Southern Actually, she did a U turn. She left the whole thing, you know, and when me and my manager went to the free

00:36:24 --> 00:36:58

the freedom of speech talk for them. Tommy Robinson, it was quite bizarre. To me. I see it as a social experiment. When I went there because we went there. It was a freedom of speech for everybody for Okay, if it's a freedom of speech for everyone, I'm sure they won't mind me as a Muslim Ali Dawa, coming and when we went there, if he let me speak, it would have he would have he would have made a good point for his agenda. He didn't because we were surrounded by thugs and he was about to be killed. So this shows you this freedom of speech is absolute nonsense. And he didn't let me speak I went there I said Look, I want you to you know what they said to him, if he goes will kill him if

00:36:58 --> 00:37:08

he goes on stage, we will kill him and I was like, well, okay weapon, the freedom of speech that so you can see the absolute hypocrites. And so coming back to the question, whenever I approach them when we talk about

00:37:09 --> 00:37:44

Montana, verse eight, you know, Allah does not forbid you from being just a Justin kind to those who did not fight you based on your faith, or kick you out of your houses. Allah only forbids you based on basically those who are fighting you. Or they say this is abrogated, I'm okay with abrogated, where was abrogated. The thing is they haven't thinking process, and they know they're doing it for other than the truth. It's not the truth. They're doing it for gains, it's mainly financial. So anything that you bring that's going to dismantle that is a direct threat to their purpose. So what they do is they go denial, they don't know they show, they do all kinds of stuff to get out of it.

00:37:44 --> 00:38:17

So it's very clear, the Quran is very clear. That's why when I went to Tommy Robinson, I asked him a very direct question, can you please show me a single verse in the Quran that had the Islamic literature in history that tells us that we can go out and kill innocent people, because the disbelievers the acid, this because they have this leaves, we can kill them, nothing. Zilch. The guy asked him 20 times in that one and a half hour and that was my main purpose of going to him, because he had nothing he knows that Islam does not teach this. But if he acknowledges that and he knows, and this is what

00:38:18 --> 00:38:53

this this belief is that you hide the truth. Yeah, that's exactly what they do. They know it's a lie. They know it's a lie. They know the truth is, they cover it. And that is the reason why the punishment is so severe, the Hellfire and the hereafter because you know, it's the truth. You know, you're lying, you know, your actions and your words that you're saying are gonna cause a ripple effect like New Zealand, and the attacks happened in Christchurch. But you would rather do that because you're benefiting. And recently, one of his friends, Tom Robinson's. They came out that they were having cocaine parties with these money that were raising funds for they were having cocaine

00:38:53 --> 00:39:13

parties, you know, and these men, let me just tell you one thing as well, Tommy Robinson, and there's one guy this is a fact. Wait, who was having coke? They were drunk. That's that white powder you put in your nose? Hmm. Who is who is doing? Who's doing that as verified? He's got a friend called Vanna White often is called Dana White yet, Dana and Dana White from the UFC.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:15

No, no, no, no.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:18

Danny, no, no.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:25

No, Danny, his name is Daniel, Daniel. Something that okay, I don't know why, but something along those lines. Yeah.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:58

This is one of the number one Islam haters you're talking about in the world right now. One of his right hand, right hand men, you can say is that he was having an affair with another woman. And they were saying basically, we're having a cocaine parties and one of the people that were working with Tommy Robinson, his name was Keenan Robertson. I had an interview with him. He stopped working with Tommy Robinson after me and he attacked because he said look that they are visa said this is this is hypocrisy. Tony Robbins is not about freedom of speech. He just doesn't like Islam. I had an interview with him. He was telling me this he goes don't pay the money. That was the reason they

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

were having like

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

cocaine pot, cocaine potties, and all this kind of stuff with the money. Where's Tommy Robinson getting all these funds from? I don't understand this guy owns a million pound house where he's getting recently just filed bankruptcy. Yeah, because there's a law lawsuit because he slandered this Syrian refugee. So the thing is, most of these people that absolutely hypocrites they come Tommy Robinson. Even this, this friend that Danny Daniel Webb is called jayda Fransen, Paul golden, IV many these people, you know, they would always come to me and talk about a woman being abused in Islam. Do you know ovviamente in Australia, there is a lack of proper zinus Yeah, he threw a, you

00:40:39 --> 00:40:54

know, cutting chopping board. Yeah, he flew that his wife, Tommy Robinson once was put on the in the public by an undercover officer abusing his wife. The whole golden poor golden, you know, poor golden Britain first poor boarding and traded funds and that will move the red head.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:24

You know, there was a documentary Paul Golding that is that is that is that one of the women that was trying to shake your hand and then is that the one? Yes. You know, that one she keeps talking about woman's right. Yeah, you know, for goading that guy. He she was with, he would lock her up in a room and beat her up. Did you know that? No, no, he would lock her up in a room and be Robin, she had the audacity to come to me and say to me, shake my hand. And I said, with respect, I don't.

00:41:28 --> 00:41:38

Let me tell you, if you think that because we're Christians, and I'm holding this cross that you can't hear. You can lie in our faces. You can attack our people.

00:41:40 --> 00:42:15

But her boyfriend was putting his hands on her in an illegal way. But she was too busy. She was making a big deal because I didn't shake her hand. In a way of respect. I didn't want to touch her. And she had a big fuss about it. But behind closed doors, her her boyfriend Paul Golding was beating her up, physically putting her hands on her and literally beating her up and locking her in rooms. This is the hypocrisy all of them are wifebeaters Wow, okay. Well, before we go, before we go on and move on, we spend a lot on this. So just because we know that Islam is the same way of life that Jesus lived, Moses lived the last photo, Mr. Prophet Muhammad that call for the human being, to

00:42:15 --> 00:42:50

acknowledge that there's one and only one Creator of the heavens and earth and he sent messengers and a simple message is to worship the creator the one and only and to be morally upright is a simple message. So if Jordan Peterson, if Joe Rogan, I and I in the lie or Hirsi Ali, any of them if they turn their life around, and they wanted to, you know, rectify their affairs and, you know, they had an, you know, they had a moment that they realized that okay, what's the true purpose of life? You know, and they look at the evidence if they just look at the evidence of provided preservation of the crown, and they look at the signs that are in there, the prophecies the miracles, if they

00:42:50 --> 00:43:06

look at the life of Prophet Muhammad, sincerely, you know, from the proper lenses and they've, like most people, you know, when they do they accepted, this is the truth. You know, what, what would you guys say to them now, like if you had a chance to sit with them, just quickly, what would you say to these three individuals?

00:43:08 --> 00:43:17

Well, I would say, obviously, they, they, they read the Quran, they just opened their eyes in their hearts.

00:43:18 --> 00:43:47

Now give them three. Yeah, I mean, that's the best thing for them, you know, and then Allah once they are embraces to that class on animosities are gone, they're brothers, sisters and edema, what translation because, you know, they're orientalist if they pick up you know, there's been deliberate attempt by some orientalist to go ahead and translate the Quran so they get a hold of one of these which which clear Quran sorry, international What? What? I think, you know, the International or the Koran project, you know that org.

00:43:49 --> 00:44:26

So pick up the Quran read it. Alright, so to talking about it, read the book, I want to say read. Ali, what would you say to them to Joe Rogan, our friend Joe Rogan? Who's? Who's actually Yeah, same, you know, same thing, you know? Yeah. Like, you know, and then they look, if you want to judge a book, you know, or just need one, you know, imagine, imagine you're learning about someone imagine me learning about Joe Rogan, or Jordan Peterson. I don't I don't watch any of the videos. I don't watch his podcast. I just go and learn about him from someone that doesn't like him. Imagine I invite him and as you know, tell me about Joe Rogan. Or Joe Rogan's a woman who's always your one

00:44:26 --> 00:44:58

evil guy, you know, and then is that would that be fair? How would Joe Rogan feel enjoy the Georgia pizza now feel feel like it'd be so angry early, you could have come to me and speak to me. And you're here inviting people that dislike me and you're learning? You getting to know me via someone that doesn't like me? How is that fair? What I'm asking you the same question. Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan. How is that fair that you're getting to know the Quran via people that don't like it? And then you are and you're, and you have these emotional feelings and be like, Oh, this is this can be from God. Well, how can I blame you in the context when I can't blame you because you're getting to

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

know a scripture, not for you.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

yourself but via the enemies, you wouldn't like it for yourself. So don't do it to us. Beautiful, beautiful, good advice from both of you guys. Gabrielle tell us, you you recently also posted a statistic 2017 study, can you go ahead and elaborate on this? And in the statistic it talks about really just really odd. It's the 24% non denominational, we often hear this with Christians, you know, but what's this study talking about?

00:45:28 --> 00:46:15

Well, people are, as I said, they're moving away from faith. They're realizing we're living in the 21st century, information is more available, people are realizing that their religion is not the correct one. I think the the build up of human beings, it's built as hardwired in us that we believe in the higher being where we have the ability, the feelings, right, that's what a lot of people turn towards Buddhism, or all kinds of different Eastern religions for that spirituality, right. So people have left not capitalism, orthodoxy, and so on, so forth, they want to have freedom, a lot of people are looking for just no commitment, they just want to have the spiritual experience, but they

00:46:15 --> 00:46:42

don't want to commit, they keep saying, like, I don't want to organize religion. I don't want laws, I don't want this, I don't want that. Islam is not that Islam is a way of life that covers every single aspect of your life. And somehow, I mean, this soul, like I don't want laws, I don't want to organize it by organized religion is a big misconception. Because as soon as you open your door, you step out of your house, you're gonna have you know, you're gonna have to drive on a certain, you know, part of the road, you're gonna have to obey speed law, you're gonna have to now you're gonna have to wear a master

00:46:44 --> 00:47:21

and line up behind the special lines, right? So everyone has to follow or their follow anyway. But when it comes to religion, or to God, they have a problem with with rules and regulations by you know, I know that they have problems with those regulations made by human beings that have caused a lot of a lot of problems in the world, a lot of injustice. But we're asking you to follow the perfect law from the almighty that has no flaws and no problems that's going to solve your life problems, actually. So yeah, people are moving away, man, they're moving away. They're saying they're nondenominational. They're saying they're atheists. They're saying, Don't even God, the

00:47:21 --> 00:48:02

world is in darkness when it comes to spirituality right now to the truth Anyway, you know, and I believe that people are cutting themselves short, by pushing Islam on the side and just putting in with everyone else in all Islam, just like every other religion, I don't need it. Honestly, I do always advise people read the foreign visitor loss muscle, now we live in a world right now isn't lost almost in every city. Just you owe it to yourself. Just at least, and when you're on your deathbed, you're not going to regret and there's no guarantee that you won't, you're going to say at least I went and talked to some Muslims, at least I read, I'm reading all kinds of, you know,

00:48:02 --> 00:48:09

garbage magazines, and pop rocks and all that, you know, following all kinds of social media entertainment, let me at least give the

00:48:11 --> 00:48:53

arena. Okay, a thought a little bit, read maybe another book, like the first and final amendment, for example, by Dr. Lawrence Brown, you know, this is a very, very intellectual book that I think would appeal to everyone. All right, something like it's a good read, you know, just just the worst that's going to happen is you're going to get a bit more, you know, a bit more information wise to them. Like that's nothing new. I mean, notice nothing negative about that. But every human being has this responsibility. You owe it to yourself to at least right now, where the world is looking at us. Now. Islam is mentioned everywhere. Don't you wonder what is a snap? Don't you wonder like, Why? Why

00:48:53 --> 00:48:58

is it always that slap, slap, slap stuff like this? Just do?

00:48:59 --> 00:49:37

Do yourself a favor, and just require, you know, this goes with my next question. We can connect this Ollie, tell us you also, as you sent a message to a representative of the house over here, a politician. You talk about the alphabet movement, and you said, has a right to live without fear in America. But sister Her name is Ilhan I believe Omar, how do you live without the fear of God Allah for promoting an alphabet movement as a Muslim? What will you say to God Almighty Allah on the Day of Judgment for the five letters regarding this alphabet movement? We have five letters to its head on.

00:49:39 --> 00:50:00

So no, you know, the thing is, it's when you go for these kinds of positions. We have our mayor who's a Muslim as well, you know, Siddiq. So the thing is, you see when you come to these, you it comes at a cost just as you get involved in soccer, when you start seeing the unseen or the you know, etc. you interact with the gins. They ask you to

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

do certain things but it comes at a cost that you lose your hereafter. So when you get involved in these things, you need to understand your being surrounded. We don't see non Muslims as our enemies, only those who are that they are in our enemies here. General non Muslims, we have no problem with them, you go about your life we go about our life, but we need to understand is that they have a way of life, they have their Sharia. Now when you get involved in that, you need to understand that shaytan shaytans deception is real. We know that, okay, this whole book and book written on him. When you get involved in politics or whatever it may be. You need to understand something Yeah,

00:50:36 --> 00:51:10

that's why I don't really agree with this. For example, this concept of happy go lucky Muslim that everyone okay, who Let's hug hold hands up, because this comes at a cost because what's gonna happen is you're showing the goods, like Islam is the whole is beautiful. Yeah. Well, if you just Oh, for example, yeah, the, for example, the process Alan, he did this, he did this process and went to war as well. But what do you know, he went to war, you know, he fought battles, people were killed as well. So if we don't do the study, we show and when I'm in the success side, where they had to go to war, because of certain reasons, the process and never went there and persecuted people for no,

00:51:12 --> 00:51:50

like, attach force people to except this time, we're not talking about stuff like that. One thing is that when you get involved with these things, what happens is, you're gonna have a non Muslim crowd. Now. No, this non Muslim crowd is going to come to you and say, yeah, thank you very much, you're doing a great job, etc. You're gonna want it like you are not, you're going to kind of be influenced by that psychologically, because you're going to be like, I don't want to disappoint them. So for Ilhan Omar to come out. And to say something about the LGBT, she knows she will get an uppercut. A very annoying life is Grappa. She knows. So now you're in a position where you that you've gone into

00:51:50 --> 00:52:32

politics, and now you have to do certain things. We've got Sadiq Khan here, who is going to the Hindu temples, shrine. Yeah. And showing some kind of respect. I'm, I'm very sure it was him. I don't think like, like, your brain stops. And you're like, this is like, some of this is shaky, and you can say this is shit. So the thing is, when you get involved with this stuff, it comes across as is very risky. And the reason why we have sister Ilhan Omar, who as an LGBT event is dancing with them. And I'm thinking like, what enough is going through your head, what like, you can say, we say we do not want him to compete on people. But we are outright saying it is haram. It is not

00:52:32 --> 00:53:05

permissible. Yeah. Now, and this comes the issue of, for example, mostly men here the interview with the Danish, the Danish film we're going to come to but even over there, why he said, I agree with him. He said, You are allowed to be gay in the context in your country. And as Muslims, we can't say this is wrong in your land. You being gay, I can't compensate you. No, you can't. And this is what most women will say, well, we're going to come to that later. That is understandable, but to go and outright promote, and be like, no, that's not gonna work. We're fighting for the whitesville LGBT to get married. I genuinely I'm thinking what on earth is going on?

00:53:07 --> 00:53:42

Do you guys think both now when you hear this, because for someone like her and others, that you mentioned, to get in that position, you got to be educated, you got to have a basic grounding on politics. You have to have a basic understanding on certain topics. You got to be educated, well informed. You think this is a lack of being grounded into Dean. spending enough time really understanding your dean. Yeah, I think that's the main issue, right? People don't understand snow when they say things like that, because they'll find something like luck on Dino kumagaya Dean and I say Look Up yours may be mine. It's a very slippery slope, man. When you start compromising on your,

00:53:42 --> 00:54:19

on your, you know, your issues. And, you know, there's, you might think you're okay, your house is safe. But there's fire around it, right? And you're like, Look, I'm not going to get involved and let the fire be around you. If you want to light your fire your house on fire light it up. It's up to you, right? This is your right? Yeah, but that fire is going to spread man, that fire is going to spread your house into every house. Sadly, I don't agree with what I said. Why not? You know, then we can discuss it later, but within the correct context, but it will come to your house. It is coming to us coming to the Muslim countries because the Muslim thing, we're gonna start with me,

00:54:19 --> 00:54:58

right? It's all important, you know, through the culture, through the media and so on. And people kept saying, Look, man, whatever you have to do you do it. It's up to me. Then when you know, the parents wake up, and then I and my son is gay, my daughters get what do I do now? Well, it's a bit late man, man, because you didn't do anything about it. You know, the LGBTQ community doesn't shy away from doing it now and be very aggressive in pushing forward. And the sister. I don't know. I mean, she's, obviously as Ali said, right, she's in that position. She's gonna have to play their music. You know what I mean? Because if not, she's not going to be there. That's why she is in that

00:54:58 --> 00:55:00

position. What you got

00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

Are you gonna say, Oh, I don't agree with you guys, of course, he's gonna be gone in no time. So this is where you so you know, and actually as of last month versus console dunya when Africa, you know, the for the loser dunya. And there are no because, I mean, let's say she's not really effective in this dunya at all. And then she's compromising if she believes that what she's doing is correct. That is a huge issue if she actually believes it. If she's just lying around messing about whatever knowing that it's okay as if it's not, but if she believes what she's preaching while she's saying, that man and there's a big problem, and I'm not the creator or anything like that, but any

00:55:37 --> 00:55:42

scholar is not deficit opinion, and they'll be a huge problem. So let's just leave it at that.

00:55:43 --> 00:55:53

I we're almost out of time, but I really are you you planning on visiting Malaysia anytime soon? Ali? Are you visiting UK anytime soon? Gabrielle.

00:55:54 --> 00:55:58

I will be visiting the UK. Yes. Yeah. The

00:55:59 --> 00:56:11

I love for you guys in Sharla, two brothers to come together. And show you guys. Yeah. So what else you guys think in this short amount of time you think is important now that we need to touch upon anything else that we missed?

00:56:14 --> 00:56:49

Well, I don't really know. Okay, so now we talked about one being grounded in a dean, very important. We talked about we called out some of this hypocrisy now with, you know, the closet islamophobes. Right, who let other people speak for them with the Joe Rogan. Jordan Peterson, we talked about the mercy of God Almighty Allah that people could have been on that path, you had so many of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, who are fighting against Islam, right. But you know, many of the the honorable ones at the end, they ended up accepting Islam, right. So the doors of mercy are

00:56:50 --> 00:57:30

wanting for one thing, so find a good look, that they should, that are dealing with, or you're dealing with any and all of these challenges are, again, to an extent, in also our fault that we're not being basically a bit more pushy in our data. And I'm not saying that you have to have lack of wisdom. And so the problem is, the other side is pushing hard. You know, you can see people are getting more and more brave, to attack the Muslims to do things and goes and listens to call him out. Come to a podcast talk about this, like, why you know that because we're kind of sitting around them yeah, I'm gonna we're doing a lot of good work, but how effective is and so on and so forth,

00:57:31 --> 00:58:14

can be questioned right? But the bottom line is fire spreading if we the Muslims don't wake up and don't start, you know, opposing and being even if you're an advanced implanted within the law, you are allowed to differ, be it LGBTQ, be it whatever it is, the Christians do it the the, the staunch Christians in the bible belt and many they do it, we need to if we're going to have this, this kind of cooperation, I think we should select who we do it with if we want to protect our Deen, because there's a lot of people who are not Muslim, who share certain values and ethics and morals with us. And I think we can learn a lot from and if you look at all the major movements within these non

00:58:14 --> 00:58:52

Muslim countries, Vietnam from Mexico, Eastern Europe celebrate this is the most race you have. I mean, look at what he stood for within a system that was against him. Look at the impact that he left. Why? Because he went head on now people would say, Man maybe is this is that he said, could have said this better, that better. And we're looking at the impact that he had, because he believed in something indeed and he was not weak or he was not afraid to say what he believed that now He died for it. That's a different story. I'm not sure you know, people are scared to talk about this, like, you know, Shahada or dying for the sake of Allah just because it's extremist right? But you

00:58:52 --> 00:59:36

find martyrs is so many different cultures and so many different, right when it comes for causes via social causes being the African American woman and So, bottom line is within these non Muslim countries. within the larger study the line you understand the system they live in, they chose to live with and you still choose to live it. Everyone chooses, you can move within you can counter you can say and I do say and even if it's costing my job, that LGBTQ is wrong, it is a disservice to our children. It is abuse to our children. It is not correct to target the child at four years old, or at zero just a month of just you know, they're all we're not gonna decide is gender. We're not

00:59:36 --> 00:59:59

announcing their gender. This is abuse. Okay, Allah so paratype genes Don't lie. Your DNA doesn't lie. Like, come on who you're fooling, you know what I mean? But the problem is if we take that attitude of like, oh, hands off, I'm not going to challenge anyone. Let's just hold hands. Sadly, the fire will come to our houses and it is these guys are injecting into the curriculum. The curriculum is being attacked.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:43

Kidding me four year old has to read a book about coming out and this and that I have to believe that this is the curriculum right now it's not fair but because if the Muslim community doesn't start you know doesn't stand up and start you know growing some you know some some guts we will be pushed we will be pushed to the reaches our own children all families in a wake up your daughter, your son acting funny and doing weird stuff. And then it's going to be late and then demands come to my office, start crying, please help. Is there any counseling any, any therapy that they can do to reverse the damage? And I'm saying not so easy? Yeah, they have the puberty blockers that they're

01:00:43 --> 01:01:01

trying to implement. They're trying to pass laws that now you can't even as a parent have any say I had a Brenda lip sack I had a a teacher school teacher who exposed you know, the deliberate kind of like, you know, stealth attempt to corrupt the minds of the little ones. Do you see this happening? What are your thoughts on this Ali?

01:01:03 --> 01:01:17

Yeah, it's a it's a reality. You know, at the end of the day, what we're seeing is that the LGBT movement is not just seeing except me. What they say now is I am basically going I want you to be like me.

01:01:19 --> 01:01:51

That's what they say. They don't seem to have respect and this is so parallel it just shows you you know, this is it's it's it's a universal suddenly, you know, people just think you just know, I just want you to respect my session. No, you want me to be like you. You want my kids to like you. This is an outright it's a it's like an intellectual. That's why I believe you have the far right and you have the far left. Yeah, the far right. They physically want to harm the Muslims. Yeah, they just want or anyone that disagrees and they physically want to harm you. the far left want to destroy your soul. They're after your soul. the far right one your body, the far left want your soul? I

01:01:51 --> 01:02:28

would rather the far right, I prefer the far right. Because if I don't want to kill me, inshallah, as a believer, the far left what my soul. So that means, on my Shahada, I'm going to be like, hold on a second, actually. So the thing is here is that this is why I believe the far left is much, much more dangerous than the far right, the far right, I know what they're about, I know what they want, they can physically I can attack physically, the far left number even though intellectually we can, but they are attacking us in a spirit in a spiritual way, where this is, this is great arm to me, then that could ever be. So that's why I agree there is an outright war towards all not just

01:02:28 --> 01:03:03

Muslims, for the Christians and the Jews, you know, people, you know, have faith. So the thing is, it's we need to challenge and hamdulillah will do challenge intellectually. And we wish that hypocrisy is but the thing is now it's like, the more they come into power, I believe there might be a time where they would literally persecute the Muslims Christians out there, whoever it may be, they will persecute you don't get it twisted often. Yeah, the common now which are no, no, no, trust me. Some. When it comes, the time comes, they would if needed be they would force you, you know, they would force you to accept that. I believe this, you know, so yeah. And now we just need to

01:03:03 --> 01:03:36

challenge it as simple as that. Would you guys say we have more in common with one side where I often say, look, we're more we're more Christian and the Christian if you want to say Christ, like meaning that we follow the way of Jesus of worshiping one and only one God, we greet like he did Peace be with you. We don't need to pig. We follow the commandments of God Almighty. We pray like him. And we're more conservative than the conservative. So we have so much have you had these conversations when one group and you're like, wow, we agree on so many, so many different issues. It's like if they'd only just, you know, but they've been fed, they don't believe a lot of the media

01:03:37 --> 01:04:16

out there. But when it comes to Islam, they swallow it hook line and sinker. Do you see this hypocrisy? Yeah, I don't know that there's a lot of groups out there that I think we can build some bridges and work with, as long as we make clear that who we are and that we don't compromise our fundamentals. Okay. And sadly, that's the problem like that we're faced with right now that some of our leaders and our, you know, they're not working with those people. They're, they're rather work with the LGBTQ. Now massagin are getting a revamp, you know, you have to get one of these people to give you some cultural training or whatnot. I think California is also like, there's there's there's

01:04:16 --> 01:04:49

laws that are being passed, where you've got to have to have someone in the board or MSU, that is representing that community. And you were talking about the blockers, the blockers not just the issue, the problem is that the parents don't want to allow their children take those blockers. The Children's Aid Society associate Children's Services will take the children away. I understand that. So yes, as Ali said, they will be persecuting they will be and they are already and I so it's not a joke. My call is again, and I hope it reaches all the dyes and the preachers who have a lot of following start talking about real stuff, start educating the community Don't be afraid within the

01:04:49 --> 01:04:59

law within the get some some legal advice, get some, you know, scholars or some brothers can be on your board to protect you. And within that within the framework they living in I understand, you know, people say oh,

01:05:00 --> 01:05:38

It's funny for a year in Malaysia to actually see what's going on with the LGBTQ community here, man, what they're pushing for. They're pushing very, very hard. But people are pushing back. So it's it's coming, it's coming to all the Muslim countries. Bottom line is, are we educating our communities? are we training our children? are we fighting a legal battle? are we fighting back because this is not a lot, and there's a lot of non Muslims who agree with us, and they will support and we can join hands with these people. Sadly, we find that, you know, people are calling to fight for the rights and rules and laws of the LGBTQ you know what I mean, amongst the people that we used

01:05:38 --> 01:05:56

to respect that we used to follow up with to learn from and it's, it's confusing, and I just want to bring, sorry to take, I promised one of the chefs who is a graduate from Medina. Okay. What was my client last week? And he has a bigger beard than you, you know, Eddie.

01:05:57 --> 01:06:38

And I promise that I'll take this message to whoever's listening. Okay. He said he is a homosexual, okay, he's fighting the huge internal Jihad and he said to all the brothers who have big followings by you guys not talking about this, and you guys not addressing this issue, and by people talking that hey, you know, it's okay, we can work with them. We can. He said, it's killing us, not only him, others as well. He says we, it's like, we almost want to give up this guy's been fighting it for 15 years. He's been fighting it for 15 years. He said, I feel like committing suicide. I can't take any more. The more I see people not addressing the issue, the more I see that they're leaning

01:06:38 --> 01:07:17

towards it or towards accepting it. It's just invalidating all of these years that I fought well like oxen bill I swear by Allah I'm bringing this message from this brother. Okay, just so you guys understand that a lot forgive me if I you know get a bit hot sometimes and whatnot. But I hope people understand this is not a joke. I'm not joking. I'm not trying to build my career. Someone's back. Okay, I'm not messing around. Allah knows my knee Of course I cannot put it on the street for you. But I just you know, yes, I do get Allah forgive me. I've been advice. Please take things seriously. Please. I beg you for the sake of Allah and just carrying this message from this brother.

01:07:17 --> 01:07:27

Allah forgive us long show. When you talk about like, we started off. Here we got five more minutes. The alphabet movement here we started off with talking about the P

01:07:28 --> 01:07:34

is Do you find it ironic? I just thought about this. I always do when they have all these letters. What what? Why don't they throw the P in there?

01:07:37 --> 01:07:39

p the p

01:07:41 --> 01:07:41


01:07:43 --> 01:07:48

that's we started off with your quote actually your post that talked about the p

01:07:50 --> 01:07:51

p? No. No.

01:07:55 --> 01:07:57

No, the one at the end. Number seven.

01:07:58 --> 01:07:58

Number seven.

01:08:00 --> 01:08:01

Legend. Oh

01:08:04 --> 01:08:51

yeah. It's a blessing from Allah. Yeah. So one more thing before before we conclude. So I'm just teaching my children how to knit I learned to knit when I was six years old, and I remember the moves in round out an off in round out and often now my kids are learning by disrupt them a set of knitting needles and some huge room and we said let's go for it. Mashallah, you know, Winky and zingy can have a different blanket or two. And inshallah we can also spend our time a little bit constructively. So that's, that's round. That's officer in round out and off in round out often as the last one in round out an office 20 stitches, and let's see how far we've gotten Russia a lot

01:08:51 --> 01:08:57

about their goals. Whoo, there we're getting there my son See, there was kind of the knitting battle and

01:08:58 --> 01:09:08

Gabriel Romani he had like a rap song and this and that and that and this in and out and this and in and out and this and that and this and

01:09:14 --> 01:09:47

and I want to show here how two brothers they can disagree on some things right but they can still love each other for the sake of Allah you follow me? So of course we don't we we agree on something that is more powerful that does it Oh, he does the pure monotheism. Right and to avoid shooting to avoid that this angers God Almighty Allah and you're going to have within families you're going to have people who let's put their hands up here put their heads up there you disagree on some, some political understanding. But at the end of the day, you come together your family, right. So you to our family, you didn't disagree on some things, but at the end of the day, you agree on something

01:09:47 --> 01:09:51

much stronger than all that. So what was the kind of contention here that you guys wanted to?

01:09:52 --> 01:09:59

Or you wanted to clarify and maybe some misunderstanding or something, to be honest, I wanted to stop Gabriel, maybe if we can

01:10:01 --> 01:10:31

Just maybe just tell us what like, for example, what he could express it in the videos, but like, it would be nice if you can tell us like what was going through his mind in the, like the frustration that he had, because the thing is, is very important, when it comes to these matters of Muslim disagree with each other. You know, a lot of times, sometimes we need to pass off into the other person's shoes, you know, there might be some disagreements, but you know, like, we need to have love towards the belief. It's very important in the UK, and we have a big problem of certain groups. Maybe we don't want me to mention them, you know, but they're very hostile towards the believers

01:10:31 --> 01:11:03

very, very hostile physically, intellectually in all angles, you know, we've seen how they treat the believers, how they treat the Muslims. And with me, it's not like that, you know, just because I disagreed with brother Gabriel on a certain subject. I don't automatically recall, you know, I don't like this guy. And you know, and we have this attitude, you know, sadly, that is the lifestyle that we live in, you know, everything is we will replace easily, you know, Amazon Prime, I don't know, the next one. You know, it's we have this attitude, and we implement it with our friends, and Muslims his role, he does something to annoy me, Allah. I've never seen any good from him. Allah

01:11:03 --> 01:11:35

says, finished. This is a wrong attitude. That's the reason why I came to the show. Because, you know, Robert Gabriel is a believer, I love him for the sake of Allah, I don't have any kind of animosity towards him. We can disagree. We'll talk about that. And we will leave it at that. But it's not like, Oh, I don't like Gabriel. I prefer Gable doesn't like moviemaking. I'm often mentors and like him, and we don't like it. This is no, we have to talk about these matters. We're believers, we love each other, we want the best for the oma, we're coming from different angles. So I just want to start gibberish if you can just just from his nose disgusting, but maybe just to give

01:11:36 --> 01:12:19

what happened, you know, cetera, could you deal with clients, etc? What happened and maybe just elaborate, and educate the Muslim youth on how to do disagreements? And you know, where we're coming from? Sure, if I missed the last laptop, so yeah, so Exactly. Okay. I mean, I did speak with the Mac on the phone as well. And a couple of other chefs have called me and talked and so on and so forth. You know, from there, I think good things came out of it. And we can see that there has been a discussion around this issue. I think people need to understand that there was no mid picking, I was not picking on knitting or I was not thinking necessarily on moviemakers a finger I was pulling or

01:12:19 --> 01:12:54

picking on maybe what he was representing not only in the video, there's a couple of others that have been pointed out a few times, and it's been over the years actually, just so people understand the background, I don't have anything against him personally going like that, under that we've talked and so on, we gave each other our advice and so on, I cannot disclose as to what we talked and whatnot, but we just you know, kind of give each other advice background that I was going for I reviewed my videos today again, I know that was a bit hot and you know, martial law a few different shapes on Okay, maybe could have said this in a different tone and so on. Obviously, these days,

01:12:55 --> 01:13:04

it is it is sensitive, people get upset, why not? And I agree, I think my tone, sometimes they get a bit passionate. But you know, also you have to understand when you deal with

01:13:05 --> 01:13:45

people from all over, who are falling into this trap of nothing is putting a trap for anyone else. What I'm saying is there is a trap out there to masculinize men to make them more feminine, and so on. So when that happens, we see the products that this not necessarily that an activity is held on uncertainty or you know, this is that is what not is kind of what that might be interpret as as. And it's not only about knitting, I don't want to bring up the other things because I don't want to start again another issue. Okay, I have an others have also talked to him and highlighted some of these other posts.

01:13:46 --> 01:14:27

So it has nothing to do with that and nothing to do with disrespecting. I looked at the video again. Again, it was my tone maybe I think I mentioned a kid to I'm going to refute a kid and I think maybe people thought I'm calling him a kid, I was another video of a kid that child given within one of the lectures. So I was not calling the kid or stuff or lying. I will never do that. And that's not my way. I've been taught by shapes, never to disrespect, okay, and the people have knowledge and guys, even if I disagree with them, okay, yes, I know that my tone was a bit tough. But, you know, I mean, it is a huge issue. And I didn't call him as not being a real man or anything like that

01:14:27 --> 01:14:59

because I know you highlighted some of his achievements, Mashallah. All I said is basically, even if you go on why not a lot of these videos and posts that you know, we should, someone of his stature of his martial law follower could be a bit more balanced and posting a little bit more about maybe customers writes about respect for husbands right now. I have a case today this morning where the woman punched the husband in the face during the flight in the airplane in the face. And there's you know, says I want to be there.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:02

Boss, you're not a man, isn't that?

01:15:03 --> 01:15:35

Like, what what does that have to do with this guy's not having to do it and it's a bigger picture, I think people are restricted to the meeting. And to follow up, you know, it's not to do with that is that I believe we need to bring about this issue a bit more to talk about the masculinization of men, we need to have more activities that are a bit more conducive towards building real men. And I think the chefs and the guys have to talk a little bit more, a little bit more about this, to balance it out the jokes with you know,

01:15:37 --> 01:16:14

the woman is the law or the, you know, the happy wife, happy life, these kind of things, right? It's good, it's nice, it's cute, and so on. I understand that men should treat the rice better. There's a lot of bad men out there as well mistreat their women. And I appreciate all the people highlighting those issues and trying to teach men to be softer towards the wives no doubt is the sort of the process. But the process cinemas Addy also raised by that he was fighting battles, he was a real man strong so on, people made it about knitting, he was not about knitting. It was not about picking on someone is a bigger issue is the issue that by now if you built in your to pick amongst the people

01:16:14 --> 01:16:52

who are doing now how many people are actually raising some of these issues being LGBTQ. And today, I'm happy to talk about today. I know it keeps it real. And a lot of these videos that come to life. See now I've been following it for a long time and expose, you know, being on the street there on the ground, right, it's not behind the desk or behind the factory. So that I appreciate a lot, I mean, is a lot of real stuff going on. I think we just need a bit more, we need to talk about bit more real issues. And when I talked about they explained to me as to why sometimes you might not do whatever it is that I disagree with him, I advise them. And that's pretty much it.

01:16:56 --> 01:17:00

You know, one thing that sometimes I get hate on as well is and I think

01:17:01 --> 01:17:37

and this is what I'm trying to understand. You know, the reason why I wanted to elaborate on this topic is because the thing is that the old man is to understand that different people give different styles of power. Yeah, and I believe your one is more like cutthroat and I believe Amanita is definitely something that we definitely need is cutthroat. it's needed. And it's obviously something within my style as well. Well, I like to be like that as well. I like to be cutthroat sometimes, you know, I like to get to the point. And I think it needs it as well. I think sometimes what happens is like I said at once we've got all my Isa and the sheet artists. Yes. Yeah. So basically once I

01:17:37 --> 01:18:08

remember I was at an event and all my Isa was performing and you know, his machine style is a bit different. Yeah, it's it's, it's it's a bit different. And there was a brother and it was like all this proper, you know, this soft voice feminine voice. This time, I was like you actually backed by him and you're in front of me. You're backed by the guy, you know, and I was like a key look. He does his bio. It doesn't make any harm. Yeah, you might not like it you might not like to stay with Okay, I agree with you. You might say you know what, it's not for me, I can see some of our faces and the sheets are not for me. Some of them I love some of them. They're not just for me. It doesn't

01:18:08 --> 01:18:41

make him wrong. It doesn't make what he's around. Like when I look at the bigger picture like um, recently I got into doing skits. Yeah. So for example, I do certain skits and some people come in and say to me, you know what this is is this the Dow is etc And I was thinking look my if I'm using a specific style Yeah, okay, now you might think and what I mean you I'm not talking about brigade or above 80 I'm talking in general the person if this if it doesn't fit your style you don't like it or some people say it's cringe somebody messaged me said probably you know that was a bit I said May Allah bless I appreciate I know when I was doing that and watching it it was cringy for me to edit

01:18:41 --> 01:19:17

it i was i was to print out myself watching myself but the objective that I was trying to get out if I sometimes you know we have this thing of you know, I will fight for the sake of Allah you know, I will do this for the sake of Allah. Well, can we sometimes be cringe for the sake of Allah Yanni? Sometimes it's not about ego. It's not about what people don't kill people think about you get it, they can see as cringe if I'm doing something is permissible. I'm using the style and the power. I shouldn't get attacked for that people were attacking me like why are you doing this etc? This neurotic Yaki? Is it haram? No. Okay. That's the preference. If you don't like it, why are you

01:19:17 --> 01:19:25

discrediting what I do? Because it doesn't fall into your preference or your style because somebody is rather the last a bit you know,

01:19:26 --> 01:19:59

what if some other guy is not doing it that way? Is it fair? Is it fair to have a go at them for not doing it the way you deem? It should be This is why I think it's Yeah, that's a good point. Look, the thing is, the thing is, I never said it's so that's weird. I've never said that. It's impermissible. My brother's brought the issue of you know, Idris and a Salaam weaving in my lap men sometimes, you know, they had to get weaving plates, you know, and so on. I said

01:20:00 --> 01:20:22

That's fine. I mean, I, you know, I think within the first five minutes I mentioned, hey, this evaluation on your law and about processing, sewing is flawed and many issues. Within within my video, I mentioned it three times I checked in the first five minutes, because I knew that and still people, that's all they read in the road in the car. They're in the process and you know, sort of thoughts on that guy's Listen, man, it's like three times I picture.

01:20:23 --> 01:21:01

The thing is with the different styles, Ali is also panatela tells another kind of level rasulillah he was talking hazard. Okay, the processor was soft, and he was strong, the processor was a balance in some counter. So if we follow a strategy for Islam, and for our da, he is the one and only that we should look for, of course, we look at the Sahaba as well. Yeah, he would have he thought that was meant to his companions. I agree that there's a softer for sometimes, but there's a context, I read that there's a stronger person, there's a contract. I don't think I'm cutthroat because if you look through my videos, there's a lot of intellectual stuff. I talk about education, I talk about

01:21:01 --> 01:21:39

all kinds of things on this, I do get hard, sometimes I've been different. It depends not necessarily cutthroat. But I think we have to have a company and my only contention was that I understand this style. I'm just saying can we do a bit more being in a position of the adheres have so much influence where we have so many problems in this world, that the community that follows him a lot, the big large community are suffering from these issues. And he can make a huge with a small post a huge difference. They may be teaching men how to be better to device Okay, fine nicely, but also teaching women how to be a bit more respectful to their husbands a bit more careful towards

01:21:39 --> 01:22:19

their households and their children and so on a bit maybe a bit more aware as to the LGBT agenda, what's happening with the schools because a lot of these people have children in schools and so on. And I brought up the issue of Moodle, I just felt that for a person of his stature was just not appropriate to another, he says, and that's why I'm sure if we said by Mullah, he said that if I knew that drinking cold water would tarnish my mood, I would only drink warm water. Right? You just have the statement I can send you the statement RV is just about model I was one of the requirements in it for accepting it. It's not wrong. It's not wrong to is that correct? To drink this water? That

01:22:20 --> 01:22:57

is just how people might perceive it? And is it something that someone of his stature, I would just say that he could do it a little bit more balanced, I understand that it's a different style. But I think the process and had the comprehensive stuff, there was sometimes a bit of harshness or strength, let's say firmness, even in the squat class to the point that you'll get red, and so on when you talk about certain things. And sometimes you find a crying and his beard wet and a lie. You're not just touching an orphans head and just dealing with the children is so beautiful when you just softens your heart. You know, that's pretty much what I was trying what I'm what I'm trying to

01:22:57 --> 01:23:39

make. I think we're living in the 21st century, the challenges that we are facing right now. 2021 with all the new laws that have been passed by all the new push the new curriculum, people just got our lockdown. I understand that. Okay, spend time with the children. But let us look also at other things as well. Because there's a lot of issues that we can address people in power and that martial law influence can really influence the people can really that the Indian Pakistani community has huge problem with dalry with abuse with this. Sorry, Ali, no, in London, I have many of my clients from London, the streets of London Somalis are stabbing each other and the Pakistanis are stabbing

01:23:39 --> 01:24:16

each other drugs and so many problems man you guys have so many issues in that community. So a lot of people don't understand what's happening on the streets of London you know, you know I talked to parents you know that I had a sister with some that stabbed you know, the kids were coming to her door trying to establish it's not a job people are need to understand the lottery. I think a lot of these people might might having Instagram Facebook, they might be scrolling and seeing a video of most demand or wherever and they'll be like, oh, brothers, you know, let's do this brothers don't do that. It's not just about let's love each other, but also the process of selling with a family

01:24:16 --> 01:24:56

member says that I always ask questions about the good things I used to ask them about the bad things you know, like we need to balance it all if you make a video like guys don't do that guys, this is not correct, guys, you know, let's be a bit more this thing he can reach as you are. Are you are you are you saying I've heard you talk about like Gabrielle like, for instance, if you if we talk about people talk about the rights, you know, that Islam gave for the Muslim woman, you know, that she is to be honored, cherished, respected. You know, and then you quote the Hadith and the last fundamental Archer, you know, the best of you are those who are best to their wives. So, you

01:24:56 --> 01:24:59

know, to to live with them on a footing of kindness of mercy.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:21

You know this is just clear but at the same time are you saying to be balanced like you also have if you're if you're instructing the man there like many men like oh god but what about you know if you also where the righteous women are devoutly obedient and straight and from the Quran then you also should be balanced in quoting the Hadith that are also talking about if I would, I would have ordered anyone to make such that I would order the wife to her husband.

01:25:22 --> 01:25:58

Also, you know just there's so many about when the woman these things have to be explained and educated educate so is that is that what you're saying? Like watch your attitude because your husband's your paradise your Hellfire right so we don't hear a lot of he's but it's just like Okay, keep it balanced. What is that what you're saying? There's a reactionary movement right now obviously because no doubt there's been some men who just didn't do things right. But the solution to that is not to empower necessarily move women beyond what Allah is empowered with unite. Because right now there's a there's so those bums don't represent the actual illustration of Islam if they

01:25:58 --> 01:26:32

if they misrepresented they're not kind they don't like take the exception to okay exactly it's not the solution so I think we right now there's there's that there's a reactionary movement on the other side where women are being empowered if you look at as I said, if you look at the female sharehouse or the female interact you know are given dour they keep talking about women empower yourself Take care of your body go to the gym, you know learn martial arts is looking today someone standing there like martial art doing kickboxing all kinds of things of you know, the women are martial, you know, being told go out be independent, you keep hearing these things, and the chef has

01:26:32 --> 01:27:09

are promoting their look at their, their social media. Not that I'm just looking to check. Like what are you looking at that it's people clients, people for things to me, I do check I check, look at their speeches, look at what they're talking about. How many are saying hey, sister, let's sit at home and take care of our children because they're being put into schools for eight hours or in front of a screen up for 10 hours or whatever, and they've been conditioned You know? And then you're like, what's wrong with my son? Why does he have this and that so you know, but where's the shed has the sister dies or not, you know, who are teaching the women to Hey, you know, let's take

01:27:09 --> 01:27:42

care of our household let's talk about some ethics that teach our kids in the house let's you know, respect their husbands let's maybe you know, dress a bit better when the husband comes outside from the fifth night that he can actually look at something nice when he comes in because that is all I'm saying is let's let's bring back the sooner the imbalance if you want to talk about females rights and empowerment, let's talk about men's rights and empowerment. If you want to talk about feminine and listen, let's talk about masculinity. Right and bottom line is the man the man the man is the man of the house there's no if ands and buts about it as much as they are going to try to go home

01:27:42 --> 01:28:16

left and right and back and center. The man is the man of house that is not just like I want to beat myself in the chest haha we want it's about responsibility, accountability. It's about a lot of things that a man has to carry on the shoulder going back to the for us and understanding these things. educating the community will solve our problems. Keep inflating the women empowering him and giving that and deflating the man you know, smaller weaker. Yeah, it's hard to knit. It's hard to so it's a lot to this, you know, but the women are talking about kickboxing. The women are talking about raising their fists and they're the women are demanding the rights the women are pushing to go

01:28:16 --> 01:28:51

out and work and wear pants and you know, do whatever and dance in front of people and play basketball in front of people and whatnot. Not that there's anything wrong with that come with that one and say that, all I'm saying is look at the different approaches in power. Get strong. Isn't that here? Not so much because you have to be careful not to be Olli. Yeah. What do you want? Before we conclude? What do you want to say? That's That's why when I did the video I I agreed with where you're coming from your concerns, you know, and sadly, when you do these videos, people will send an attack towards you, and then send an attack towards Mufti and then I was getting some attacks as

01:28:51 --> 01:29:24

well. And is that what man is? We're not here what we're trying to reason why not just cuz it doesn't mean I was just like, I don't know why people do that. I heard that you're gonna lose your job and I was very disturbed by it. Why would you lose your job? You know, this is pathetic You know? And and the thing is just because I disagree with the execution, Bob of Gabriel done, I knew where he's coming from 100% with him, it's just the execution and I do that sometimes. And we all miss we all make mistakes, but the thing is to someone to lose their job for someone to get hate. Yeah, people sending me hate by Muslims look with this attitude that cultish behavior Yeah, okay, we

01:29:24 --> 01:30:00

have a problem of demand without proper Gabriel ad. But if I make a mistake, because it's Allah Who the * is Ali Dawa? What do you mean? Ali Dawa? If I make a mistake, you tell him that he was wrong? No, no, we've seen good. Yes. Okay. You've seen Good work. It's not good for us to cross out cancel somebody just because a mistake within them to mean to me, and this is society we live in sadly make one mistake people forget about you. It shouldn't be the case. You know, but I just see as for example, that was most demand, even, for example, the Danish interview, I believe, like he's already we can see it's already under pressure. Yes, some things he said. I can understand because

01:30:00 --> 01:30:33

He's under pressure and he wants to open this downward to toe heat around the world. He doesn't want it to be limited in different areas. Now that can be argued. But whenever I think about this, he reminds me of the treaty treaty for the BIA. And when surah effect was revealed, yeah, the Sahaba on the on the way to do on no hedge here, because they're on their way they've been stopped. They'd been offered a agreement that if you heard today, certain brothers, why they would lose their mind, can you imagine that you're being told you're going to handle them hand over the believing men to the moose rakes, you're going to hand them over to the moose legs. And then on top of that, the ones

01:30:33 --> 01:31:09

who become us leave Islam, you send them back. And if Muslims from here traveled to you, I mean, you're going to send them back. And so the agreement was like, and then Allah sent the revelation and he says, we've given you a clear victory. The Sahaba were like what clear victory? So in the moment, we think sometimes it's like, this doesn't make sense. Yeah. And it's it's we are, we're finished the important mammoth jobs word, you know, you're finished. You know, you're finished. You're finished yet. We're literally finished. But the hikma behind the end, even America cartop kind of vocalizing this thing against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and regret in Africa and the

01:31:09 --> 01:31:42

companions not listening to the Prophet peace be upon him. Sometimes there's wisdom and certain things that are being done. And we have to even though from the outside is like, Prof seriously, like he might make you cringe. You might be like, what the *, we need to sometimes I believe, look at the bigger picture with what brother Gabriel is doing problem of the man is doing proper Eddie's doing or what I'm doing on Mohammed hijab, whatever it may be. We shouldn't as Muslims have hostility towards each other, because it's sad to see that the consequences of that is that brother Gabriel might lose his job or get death threats, and he might get an attack, and then I'm getting

01:31:42 --> 01:32:19

attacked. And then why should it be that let's understand from a place of genuine concern, and Bravo movie manga is coming from a genuine concern. We all are, we're just trying to fight the same battle in different means. And the reason why I wanted to do this is to touch upon that Muslims don't attack each other. There's no him against me. We're all that don't turn against somebody just because you disagree. That's the reason why I wanted to do this segment. To emphasize on that no emphasize on the whole knitting thing, etc. propagators made calculations of humans made clarification, I'm making further clarification. It's just bravas. If we just disagree, our sisters

01:32:19 --> 01:32:59

don't attack each other. Don't be hostile towards each other. Why is not correct? Let's advise one another, we're trying to do something for the dean to the best of our capabilities. Let's try to understand each other. If there's clear battle, clear cut button, and you've advised the person in private and you continue and they do it then the read the codes as if it's done in public, you should now refute in public. I understand that. That was it? Well, that's all I wanted to say. Okay, so hamdulillah I'm very happy elated that we got both of you brothers together, we cover covered a lot. And inshallah we can we can do it again. And let's just take a minute now and explain what this

01:32:59 --> 01:33:26

message we've heard the term Islam Muslim, how would you, we'll start with Ali, how would you for somebody now they've looked at some of the, the they read the Quran, you know, they got a lot of social pressure from family this than the other, what do you like to tell people to kind of get them, you know, to where they need to be to really take in that step that they need to take to take the Shahada to, or the Islam hater who's tuning in is a Joe Rogan fan, Jordan Peterson fan, and he's listening to what the

01:33:27 --> 01:34:02

common sense things we're talking about, what would you like to tell them that their heart is open? Let's say their mind is open? What would you tell them? Yeah, to be honest, like personally, it's like I said before, it's like getting to know someone, you know, if, if you wanted me to get to know you, if you're watching this, and imagine I was getting to know you via eight source, which was lying about you, you will not be happy with this, you will not like it. So the thing is, is what we're asking you or what you would have been asking me if I did that is to get to know you personally. So to get to know you personally means me spending time with you, you know, me, you open

01:34:02 --> 01:34:37

up to me, you know, and getting to know each other and we just want you to the same thing that you would like for yourself to apply it to the Quran and get to know the Quran for itself you know, and read it and learn it from the Muslims you know, if you go and learn it from na orientalist, you know, he's going to give you is going to give you an idea of what Islam is not, you know, he's going to portray it in a certain way. So what we're seeing is come to the right people in sha Allah and that many people you know, we have YouTube now you have access to learning our Islam if you want to. And if you don't want to do that, then you really need to question yourself and look in the mirror

01:34:37 --> 01:35:00

and say, Okay, do I really want to know the truth about Islam or I just want to stick to my lies, because it makes me feel good and the reality that Islam is not what I think it is. It's going to ruin my whole you know, my whole life. So if that's the case, then the problem is within so we're just asking you guys to read the Quran, give it a chance inshallah and ask God for guidance is very fundamental. ask God for guidance. If this is the

01:35:00 --> 01:35:13

If you believe in God, you do that and shall ask God and read the Quran because that's what I did I'm a Muslim now what is Islam Gabrielle what is Islam? We keep hearing slang what is Islam? Well look I'll use that kind of like

01:35:15 --> 01:35:16

construction on the statement of

01:35:17 --> 01:35:19

Kobe Bryant right that's the way

01:35:21 --> 01:36:04

he said you want first place come on with us you want something else and go somewhere else right? What I mean is by Islam is number one that Islam is the solution to your world problems we need to understand what we present the stuff that people feed, don't tell them that Islam has something to offer that is totally different than what they know. Okay, and you're so confident about a third of all your body and your body. This is a body slam. This is about the truth. And I believe we tell that we ourselves have to feel it man this is number one snap is number one right? Islam is the way of life that will solve all your problems everyone is suffering everyone has within the deep quiet

01:36:04 --> 01:36:11

chambers of their hearts there's a war inside every human being okay everyone has a struggle and Islam is the medicine for that

01:36:13 --> 01:36:56

Do you know Just come with me said look listen to the people Everything is there it's available as a process I'm certainly slam will enter in every single house it will honor some and this honor others okay? You got to make sure you take your stance Which side do you want to be on? Who do you want to you want to play take first place and come you want to beat to the bottom and then you cannot do your thing? But we'd have to position ourselves we have to even our doubt our preaching? If you tell someone about Islam that Islam is good, some is good when you say also what I have is good. Islam is peace you say I also thinks or Islam is is you know inclusive. Yeah, I also have views everyone has

01:36:56 --> 01:37:36

got these terms that we're using now these concussions these these terms that we've made up but you need to say what is Islam offering different that you don't have that the rest of the world doesn't offer? I think this is what we need to highlight and I believe people at they've come and they will come and they come throughout the centuries in our field in ufology they'll enter the deen of Allah in masses and shall not be in the meta Jazakallah thank you both my brothers it's really nice to have you both on the deen show Joseph law had my God Almighty Allah award both you preserve you protect you, inshallah. We'll do this again some time. Thank you. So now I'm on a cobra.

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