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The Proposal – Amazed By The Quran – Nouman Ali Khan

The shy daughter of the wise man in Median who hired Prophet Musa and offered him his daughter in marriage, teaches Muslim women profound lessons on taking charge of their lives, while at the same time showing respect for their elders. The story further sets an example to wise fathers who can decipher their daughters’ code and don’t allow pride and ego to come in the way of making the right decision. Allah is also teaching young men that when they demonstrate character through their actions, they will reap the fruits of their honesty and integrity, no matter how destitute they are.

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Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to amused by the Koran a series in which I love sharing with you guys, things I find amazing about to put on and today I want to share with you a small snippet once again from the story of Musalia, Sam, in which what amazes me is how many things you can learn from such a small phrase, like so many different lessons and pieces of wisdom, that are incredible for life or coming out of just one small quote that is so unassuming. What happens is Musashi Salaam is, you know, discovered by these two girls who he helps and he's, you know, invited back to the house to be paid for his services. And he comes to the house and tells his entire story about how he's

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fled Egypt, and he's wanted, he was wanted for murder there. And he's completely homeless and desperate. And these girls are listening from the other side of the room, and one of them calls their dad and tells him something. And this is recorded in the Koran. So it's significant, right? So she calls her dad over and she says, Yeah, but

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my beloved father, hire him. Yeah, but this is

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amazing. Because, you know, this, this old man has two daughters, but he doesn't have any sons, obviously, that's why he's has to send these girls out to do the work. And the girl knows that if he's gonna hire him, then he's gonna have to work around these two unmarried girls, which is going to create an awkward situation. So she knows, in between the lines, that if he's going to be hired, then chances are, one of us is going to get married to him. And since she's the one suggesting it, chances are, the father understands her code. That Dad, I think it's a good guy for me to marry. Right now, one of the first things you learn here is that this girl has the confidence to suggest

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someone for her own marriage to her father. There's nothing wrong with a daughter suggesting to her father that I'm interested in someone for marriage. First thing, that epic thing that comes out of this, there's nothing there's nothing harmful in that there's nothing shameless about that. The second thing that comes out of this is that actually, fathers need to understand code. daughters are shy, you know, and she did walk over shyly. So they're, they're not necessarily going to explicitly come out and say, Dad, come on, look at him. He's amazing. I love this guy. can be Can I just marry him hook a sister up, she's not gonna say that. She's gonna say hire him. Then the third is that she

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knows that this is a delicate matter. So she breaks it to her father, not just a stranger who hire him. But actually, yeah, I bet his stature who my beloved father, she doesn't just say dad, she says My beloved father that's attached to she will humble the cream. The tie in a tea is for love and for dignifying Dad, I love you, and I respect you so much. Higher and that's what she does. She softens her dad up when she says, and of course, she made a case for why you should hire him in the halo minister, Justin COVID. I mean, the best kind of person you can hire is the strong, the honest. And even those two phrases are amazing because in Arabic, you say someone's strong and someone honest,

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but she says the strong, the honest. And by using the she's actually saying I'm not interested in just any strong one, or any honest one. Actually, I never seen a stronger dude than him. And I never seen somebody more honest than him. That's so honest that he came here and told us all about his rap sheet, and how bad he's doing. Another incredible lesson that comes from the same exact IOD is in fact that musalla a salon got proposed to by a girl who knows that he's homeless and wanted for murder and completely desperate and, dude, okay, you can't get married and you'd like your resume is not impressive enough. musanze resume does not look impressive, bro. It does not look impressive.

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But you know what he has, he has capability that he's demonstrated through action, character and character, because he didn't hit on those women. He was he was a man of dignity. And he came and he just helped them for a good noble reason because these people needed help. And then he sat back down. You know, he didn't beg he didn't ask for money. He didn't do any of those things. It showed his integrity, his honesty. Right so he demonstrated it in his character character will get you a lot further than a resume with the job description in an educational background and all of it you know, and you'll find the right kind of girl actually you won't have to find her she'll find you

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check that out an amazing thing and desire she'll find you and she'll even make a case to her dad for you. You won't have to make the case you just have to be a person of integrity so Pamela it one lesson after the other after the other after the other just embedded inside but then one of my favorite lessons in this ayah is actually the father is so wise and he's so you know a man of old age and he you know masala Salaam is a smart man and Allah has given him hikma already wisdom already Allah says that for the Marbella

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Athena hookman. Wellman, Allah has given him wisdom and knowledge, sound decision making and a wise person can tell who they should or shouldn't be divulging to. So when Moosa meets him, he actually opens up to him and tells him his entire story because he felt this is a person who's wise who can give me advice who I need to know

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Up to because I, what am I gonna get this chance again, right? So this is a wise man, the point I'm trying to make is the father of these two girls is in fact a wise man. But even if you're wise and you're old and you're experienced, and you know so much,

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there may be an opportunity right in front of you that you might miss out on.

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And it might be that your daughter, who's much younger than you, much less experienced than you has much less wisdom than you might present to you a case, and might make you aware of a chance and opportunity, a solution for your family that might have just passed passed you by. Just because you're older, and you're wiser, and you know more and you have more experience doesn't mean that you've considered everything, you're still human, and you still might be in need of suggestion or advice. And just because someone younger, especially someone under your own roof, your own child is giving you a suggestion is no reason to dismiss it. We should consider that advice. There's advice

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in this ayah for young people. For daughters, there's advice in this ayah for parents, there's advice in this ayah for a man looking to get married and all of a Justin dad just hire him just in that phrase, Dad hire him. The course of history has changed this this man's career, his next eight to 10 years. His entire incredible facing off against your own, the family that he walked with over to get to the mountain, all of that happened in that one conversation. That's how that happened. Because she made that suggestion. So don't underestimate the value of a good suggestion. And don't underestimate when you miss out on good advice out of pride. I just won't listen to this advice

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because it's coming from you. Because how can I someone older, someone wiser, listen to you, you shouldn't be the one listening to me. If that pride gets in the way, then you might miss out on some incredible goodness that comes after. Can you imagine all the good that Musashi Salaam does after because of having gone through those years that were part of his formative years, you know, that marriage that shepherding that's that shelter that he was provided, all the good that he did and the fact that in fact, every time we recite his name, you know who gets to share that father who made the decision to let his daughter get married, and who else gets also get that share? That girl, that

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woman who wanted to marry him and had the courage to speak up and say I think you should hire him? You know, they have a share in all the good that masala surrounded it's incredible barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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