Mufti Menk – A Simple Message

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using the internet to build one's own successful hereafter, rather than wasting money. They stress the need to serve people well, even if it means earning money, and suggest setting aside money for specific tasks like working in a field. The speaker emphasizes the importance of building one's own successful hereafter.
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It's just a duty. Caron was told, whatever Allah gave you use it to build your hereafter how many of us have wealth but we've never used it to build our hereafter we're using it to enjoy the few temporary days on this earth. Does that mean I shouldn't enjoy it means you can enjoy but not at the expense of your hereafter. You don't enjoy with haraam, you have clean fun, you make sure that you have done that which is not in the displeasure of Allah. simple message. And this is why when whenever we have something, say for example, you have qualified as a doctor, you have qualified as a paramedic, you have qualified as whatever else it may be any other field, a plumber, whatever it

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might be. Remember that particular field you must use it in order to build your hereafter as well. Make sure you serve the people as well. Yes, you might earn a bit of money, but there must be a portion that you have set aside in order that you will earn your hereafter go out. Make sure that you have served people you have been good to them and kind to them because that is how you are going to build your hereafter. What's the point of having a million rands a month for example, and I've got nothing in the hereafter.

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