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I was relying on a sheet on the regimes ruler Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Morrison inside now Mohammed Ali, also heavy he married my beloved brothers Islam sonamarg camara de la he was going to go to just like lovely, thank you so much for joining us tonight number 18 of Ramadan 2020 and span Allah how quickly this month is going by Allah subhanaw taala bless us in it. I mean, we continue with section four of the Tafseer of surah Yaseen. And remember we said section four speaks about the events of gamma inshallah, we will conclude today about Section four, Section four began speaking about the resurrection, how people will be pushed

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out of the graves, and they will say Allah woke us up from our mercadona from our place of sleep, our slumber will have been resurrected now. And then Allah almost skips all of the horrors in the theaters of kiama and begins with the awards of the people of Jen now what they are receiving engender of enjoyment and then Allah also speaks about how the disbelievers unfortunately for them they will not enjoy the rewards of genda instead they will be stopped and they will be taken and they will be be thrown in Jana mela protectors and yesterday we spoke about what it's like in Jan them in the theaters of gentlemen, we said this is the month we we try our best all of us want to

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have the best opportunity there's no better opportunity to get our sins forgiven to be saved from genetic men in this month. And we've got about two weeks less than two weeks now 12 days to make the most of it and Allah Subhana Allah bless us and except for my service they fire me all of us leave this month of Ramadan free of innocent whatever mistakes we have to our name may all be wiped out that beautiful two hours we should be reciting not just in the last 10 nights along my phone to him will offer that for now. This offer is the higher level of forgiveness It's better than forgiving are for is to erase completely to wipe out as if though it did not exist and so we say yeah Allah,

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you are a fool the one who erases sin you will love to erase and our enjoys removing sin from our records. So expunge us out of our sins completely made all of us leave this month of Ramadan with zero sin to our name and tons of good deeds a scale full of good deeds on our account. I mean, we continue the last section of part four of the Tafseer our last panelist is Taraji and yo manakamana for him today this they have Kiana nothing more we will seal off we'll put a seal upon the mouths were to call him una ad him watershed hadoo Julio homie McCann we actually won and the hands will testify the hands will speak to us and the feet will testify as to that which they used to we used

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to earn. So what is speaking about in this ayah we know on the deaf qiyamah the purpose of kiama is to be like a courtroom. In fact an insert Fatiha It is called yomo. Dean, Dean is the Day of Recompense it is what you will earn it will be given everyone will get paid they do. Every single one of us will stand before Allah, except for a very, very special few people they are exonerated and they are saved from even questioning. But the purpose of gamma is to stand before Allah and account for our deeds. every moment, every second, every Rand every cent, every conversation, every thought everything will be will be on the scale on the day of karma. And we'll have to testify to

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that. And they will be levels of testimony, we will have people testifying against one another. We will have the angels bring forward the records, we will have a transcript of our lives. And it is to show Allah subhanho wa Taala on this day will harm no one he's the only one that can judge because he will allow us we of course the defendant we are on trial you on trial I'm on trial, Allah will allow for us as defendants to testify on our behalf, but not our mouth. We know this mouth of ours, we can speak truth and we can speak falsehood or other Allah will allow our body to testify. So on this day, Allah sees the mouse our mouse will be sealed up and our hands will tell Allah what he did

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have good and bad, and our feet will tell Allah wait we have good and bad and another iron Institute of Allah Subhana says shahida Allah him some room that the hearing will testify against them. What other saw room and the eyes will speak will testify what they looked at what they saw, what you will do to whom and the skin will testify. We can use against them for what they used to do. And the idea continues and they will say to the skin so after the testimony after the body testifies many times my law protects the body will expose those things that we don't want to be sold. And they will say to their skins, why have you testified against us the whole body? How could you speak against me?

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How could you be a witness against me, the body will say we were made to speak by Allah who has made everything to speak and he created you the first time and to him You are returned, meaning that Allah now Allah subhanaw taala only allows us to speak the truth and if gamma and so the only the truth, only what is due to us will be will be confirmed and therefore whatever happens now, when your own body testifies against you, when you record this device against you, when the angels testify against you, when other people testify against you. Is there any doubt anymore as to the sentence now it's up to Allah subhanho wa Taala to judge and they can be no, no claim against Allah

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subhanaw taala in many times Allah subhanaw taala ask, Is there any wrong that he doesn't know if karma is there any injustice in fact, Allah says he has made injustice haram and himself and so the height of justice is to allow ourselves

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To stand as witness, and then of course when when the reality is spoken, this is where we got to be lucky that we succeed or we failed. Before we continue with the ayat, I want to mention some parts of how Allah subhanaw taala judges because when we go through the punishment of janam It sounds so severe Allah and that really is it deserving for people to be punished like that. And when we look at the accorded the divine scoreboard, almost like a game and of course it's not a game, but it is a record a record is being kept of our good deeds or of bad deeds, but the way already keeps record is not fair. In a way it is. And when I say not fair, it is in our favor. It is, you know, a rig to us

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to succeed Allah subhanho wa Taala has the rig this life for us to succeed. He's made it that we that we have much better chance of succeeding, go to Jenna, and it's very unlikely that we should go to Jana. And so the one who goes to Jana, really he has no claim against Allah, he has no excuse it is Allah subhanaw taala. So, let us look at what I call the the divine scoreboard. So on the day of kamma, we know that we will stand before an actual scale, and our deeds and our records will be weighed and will be assessed. Allah says on the way on that day is Huck and it was the way the haka wasn't the scale is still, as for those who scale is heavy meaning of good deeds, they are

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successful. And as for those who scale is light, meaning they sent outweighs their good deeds, and they are those who have lost their souls, because they disbelieved our revelation. So there's only two destinations and there's still only two outcomes of the weighing. If your good deeds way more than your bad deeds, they automatically will go to gender, when Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even though you're committed sin, Allah will wipe away that sin your sin free, if our ever your bad deeds way more than your good deeds. Now, you have a problem. Either you're guilty in now Allah will have to sentence you either he forgives you, or he sends the person to janam. And when we look at the way

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the scale is weighed, before we even get to the sentencing, look at the way Allah has favored it now, I'll be off the profits of sentences. Verily, Allah has recorded good deeds and bad deeds and made them clear. So there's a score, there's a point for every good deed, there's a point every bad is a point. So whoever intends to perform a good deed, now he didn't do he just had the near will allow will record for him a complete good deed you get rewarded for the positive thoughts, the positive intentions, and if you intend to do something wrong, and he does it, and he did to any actually the committed the sin, that Allah only gives you one bad deed for doing it. But if he

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intends to do a good deed, and he goes ahead and he does the good deed, then Allah gives him at least in so for every good deed you do, you get 10 points to that thing, or 700 or even Unlimited, some deeds have no limit. And then also the one who intends to do a bad deed, and he doesn't do it say I want to do heroin, and then he refrains from it, he actually gets a good point in his favor. So again, every good deed counseling, every bad deed counts one. Every good intention gets a reward, every bad intention gets no sin. And in fact, a bad intention that is not acted upon, has no Samaritan for you. So you really have to do 10 times more sell, when good deeds to have your scales

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weighed more on the negative side and other Hadeeth A man came and gave them a business on a camel in charity and then resources you will get the weight and the reward of 700 camels on the deaf gamma. Allah will for every round you give at least 700 will be in your scale of good deeds. We know for example, some deeds have no limit one deed may be enough that Allah loves he puts you in Jannah for like, for example, we know that lady was a prostitute. Spanglish is committing Zina night and day causing so much evil and then she saw a dog that was thirsty and she used a shoe and she gave the dog a sincere, really sincere act of humanity that this dog is dying of thirst and she gave her

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dog some water that dog survived and so Allah forgave her her sins and entered into Jenna now Subhanallah that's a dog Yeah, people struggling of hunger. We see you know online we see people struggling in our in our in our area, and every one of us are trying to do a little bit more we give them that a piece of bread when we give that food hamper we feed someone if this is how Allah rewards for feeding a dog. Then what about feeding and inside a human being a child and widow Subhana Allah, that team that ended we thought nothing of that we gave to someone might be the thing which Allah subhanho wa Taala admits Asante Jana this shows you how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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operates. And then of course, it's important for us to know how do I make sure my scale is easy because not all deeds are equal. Some deeds weigh more than others. And so if we were to talk about how would I invest in my affair or how would I make sure that my deeds weigh the most so what things weigh the most on the kiama How is the quickest way to get success in general? Really the simplest way within OBS also taught us to get to Jannah does not require us to be extreme in our worship. We don't have to force everyday as we do in Ramadan even though you're doing it we don't have to spend every night in gadget as many of us are doing away with agile you don't have to you know make every

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you know hotter and hotter Even though hamdullah we can do it we can see the Ramadan we can do it. The provinces Allah advises us like he advise the Bedouin If only you do the five compulsory for our idi

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You make sure that you perform your Salah on time. You don't come and shake you up as I come in is do you fast the month of Ramadan, you have to the best of your ability you perform hajj, and you avoid the major sins intentionally bukoba you no matter when, when and what Allah says and if you avoid the major sins, you'll complete unconsciously at home, then all your other minor sins are forgiven. So do what is compulsory upon you fulfill your obligations and avoid the major sins. Zina Riba drinking these kinds of things are the major sins avoid them. And when for such a person, you will stand before Allah and you will have no account in terms of your sins, Allah will wipe away all

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the sins so this is the safest way to get to Jenna, do the basics and avoid the major sins and the small cents in between and not doing the now if you don't have to worry about doing all that extra level, you will still be good Jana without going to janam my loved one except for us. Of course there are things which we can aspire to make our skills heavy. And of course, this is the time to do as many of those things we know the thing we're going to be some some C's will be asked about first for the believer of the history of the toe hate of the belief in Allah and not committing ship in the most important thing is your saga. So every single person, the perfection and the success and

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the intent agenda is sada and so Allah subhana wa tada and we know the Hadith that says that if the Sala question is safe, if we can prove to Allah that FGM but I have been a person that made all my compulsory so worked on time, then then the rest of the question is easy now 50% of the questioning is done. And now Jana is at hand he has the key to gender. And if he's deficient in any way, then of course in abyssal instead Allah will allow his knuffel Salah history and Mr. Haji to be added to his account to make up that shortfall. And that's why Ramadan is now is the time to accumulate in that knuffle Salah for whatever compulsively Salas that we have neglected. We also know that he said that

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after Salah, the thing that counts the heaviest on the scale is a good character, how you treat one another how you teach your your family, your co workers, your wife, smiling sometimes people you know, when people are angry, you have some people that are that upset you now's the time to forego and pause and and that is going to count in your favor on the day of gamma. So good, good character, Allah subhanho wa Taala also offers bonus times certain places and times if you do a good deed, it's not just the normal multiplied it's multiplied by exponentially, you know, to the power of something. So for example, Salah in Harlem, we know counts 100,000 times versus Salah everywhere

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else, there's a week how do you then we hope and we pray inshallah This is quick. The NaVi system says that whatever is, as I said, it's a weak Hadith, that whoever does any good deeds is multiplied by 70 times. So we carry but we hope that in Ramadan, that whatever was done in Ramadan, the reward is exponentially increased. And it's hoped that while you're fasting, you fasting and you give charity, you fostered the night and now you make daljit you're tired. Of course the the effort is more and so insha Allah The reward is is more the prophets of Salaam says about fasting that they have no limit to it. Allah himself says every deed is for the son of Adam. And it's multiplied by

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seven to 700 times, except for fasting, for it is done for my second hour in work, meaning the reward we get for that one day of fasting has no limit, meaning fasting is unlimited. And if you really fast with sincere Nia, that thing can take your scales to an unlimited amount of reward in terms of even some sincerely for Allah at the very least it's time Standard Time 700. But fasting has no no limit, the things that we know will continue to give you a reward. And there's a special genre of type of reward type of good deed that allows you to continue to benefit after you die. So Salah is fantastic fasting is amazing, was reciting Quran is wonderful, but all of those things come

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to an end it ends no matter how pious you are, leave only Allah, no matter how much Salah you do, eventually you die and it stops. The only type of reward that continues is sadaqa. To God, a charity that continues for example, you have in doubt something you've built something and that tree, you've planted a tree you had a well that was dug or mosey those bolts along as people, all of humanity, even animals benefit from it, your rewards will continue even after you recover, or you've taught someone and that knowledge continue to benefit. And so as people benefit from that knowledge, you will get reward or Alhamdulillah you have a child that is a pious child and as more good they do,

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because you raised them and told them and they make dua for you. It continues people, not only your child, obviously, if anybody makes to offer anyone else, the fact that you had a good relationship with this person that was your investment, your good luck, and that person remembers you after you died, then that's Mahanama continues to benefit you in your cover. And so if we want you to think about also the long term rewards, and long term benefits, we can I invest my arm. So while I feed people here today, but I also want a long term

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investment that will continue to benefit me even in my cupboard. And so as you give charity, look for those kinds of things to continuously to benefit you. They of course things that destroy you completely. Then one bad day just like the a certain good deeds that have no limit. There are certain bad

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deeds are so, so dangerous that they can nullify everything. And really, there's only one type of sound like that. And any ship that will ever has an ounce of shake, it will pollute all the good deeds to the point where you have zero on your scale. And so that is why one of my sisters, my brothers, don't ever play with Shere Khan. Don't ever come close to worship Allah alone, completely sincere, don't make the art to anyone, don't invoke anyone don't look for anyone for prediction. Because the risk is so it's so extreme that risk whereas you could turn to Allah alone. So Allah says, and it has already been revealed to you and to those before you that if you should come

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achieve with Allah, then all your works will surely become null and void and you will surely be among the losers on pm. It's the one thing Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive on the day of karma. Then of course, there are major big big sins and of the biggest of the big your seven destructive sins will go through all of them. One of them which is very dangerous. One of us is Riba anyone that is paying the lever or earning the lever, this is a major distract of some of the seven acabado combined meaning on the scale and kiama paying any battle earning lever is going to count very, very heavily against us now look ridiculous, worse than Xena Subhan Allah many of us good

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upstanding Muslims will say I will never come and Xena more than hammer drinking wine or taking drugs. We look at the dragging things from Angela, what a bad person he is my liberal take them ALLAH forgive whoever is committing sin, the rebar is worse than that. rebar is of a higher degree of sin than that. And so we should look at these sins and say what is on my scale I need to get rid of now's the time to get forgiveness and the time to to correct it the time to remove ourselves from that. And of course with every mistake in every sin, Allah has also offered you an opportunity offered me an opportunity to compensate to remove a son Mary's Tobin is the far the more forgiveness

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We ask Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes away those sins so even if we have a major sun on our name we did come with some mistake some Xena somebody buy something we did in the past. Now we want to reform it Allah it's on my scale. How do I get rid of it? You can get rid of it by by doing Tobin is different Subhana Allah the good deeds remain. The person who committed Sheikh only becomes a Muslim, his good deeds remain, but his bad deeds get wiped away. And of course, there is no time like in Ramadan, where Allah has offered at least three at least three, the one who fasts with EMA and the one who stands in Dharavi. They want all stands in the month of Ramadan with a man who

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stands the night of April, all his sins are forgiven. So there are many avenues of getting the entire my entire sins to be removed. And furthermore calamities and hardships like we going through COVID-19 all of us are struggling in some way some through fear, some through actual loss of life, some through loss of property, this is going to compensate you this is through your sins about Allah's mercy and His grace and it gives you already would if you are patient, and so after the detail wait and as you can see, there are many many things in our favor, very water multiplied by 10 to 700. To Unlimited, there are many good deeds that are on our scales to benefit us. We do the

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compulsory things Allah subhanaw taala will admit you to Jenna if you avoid the major sins it wipes away all those haram things. Allah subhanaw taala even offer the person is is mean to go to Jana we can be forgiven. And if the good deeds in your scale weighs heavy on the good side, man it is a direct access to gender. And if it is heavy on the bad side, then Allah for the sin for the person were *ting on me, there'll be no forgiveness we will go to janam while a perfect for eternity. As for the one who did not come a cheek but he has a lot of synonyms for years, Xena he has Riba he has major sins on his fail, and he has very little good deeds. Now what does this man do? Now what is

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position? If Allah so walls, Allah can forgive him. And if Allah does not forgive him, then he's liable for punishment in janome for a time, and even in that time, we believe that every one of belief will even will be taken out and they will actually be paroled earlier when they are meant to because there will come a point when Allah says you will look inside Jana and anyone in they will not come a chick, Allah will pardon all of them and exit them from janome even though they deserve to remain longer in them Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us of His mercy in a very unique scenario very, very strange scenario, very few people will have this the scale will be equal. And these are

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the people who are off they will stand between gender and gender and they will remain there until Allah subhanho wa Taala allows them to intergender because Allah will allow them to integer now we now conclude on the section. So Allah after the the testimony and the way Allah subhana wa tada says, This is now not in kiama Allah says to us and to the Quraysh well I want to share if Allah so wished now Thomasina uni faster because sirata up slowly if Allah so wished he would have wiped away the eyes meaning seal the eyes of or completely removed it and they would struggle or rise to the path and how could they see they will be lost if you picture someone who's blind and he's searching

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for the path. Allah says I could do this when I want to share and if I so wished, lama sakana Allah Makana team, I could have transformed them deform them. Allah mechanic on the spot as they are for Mr. Da moody young while I urge you on and so they will not be able to move or proceed

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And they could not return. So they will be stuck, they will be paralyzed. In this positions, Allah gives two scenarios, you can take away your site just like that. And he can cause you to be paralyzed just like that. Now, this is a little warning, Allah can take our health away anytime. And we can see how easily our health can be taken by law protect us. But this is more than just a physical example. It is spiritual example. I was saying to the Quraysh and to all of us, your time is not yet up. You still have life in this dunya. And Allah has given us guidance. He's given us a path he has shown us the way we can see the way we know what is right in truth from falsehood always

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said at the beginning of the surah, that these kuffar even Abuja, they know this is the truth. So now if we don't walk the path, and we don't follow the guidance, remember, Allah can take us away from the guidance, it might be that we can no longer see the guidance, our hearts become sealed off, and so we don't change anymore. Or it could be that we become like paralyzed that we can no longer walk the stick path, we see the steady path, but we are stuck in the sinful way. And we become slaves to our own sin, we become trapped, like like man in the box, he becomes a slave to his own son. And so even though he sees I need to go on the straight path, he does not follow it. And so he

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continues on this path, and we know where that leads into janam. And then Allah in this section, are perhaps the most eloquent idea in the surah a beautiful idea. Allah says, woman No, I'm lucky Sophie.

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And as for the one we increase in life, we give him a long life. Not only should we detract from Him in His creation, we reverse for him in his creation, I find a Aquino thing we do not understand. So Allah is saying you don't need to look at as to some calamity befalling you that your health disappears, you'll become blind or you'll become paralyzed. Allah says, just look at any old person, anyone was given a long enough life as he reaches his Pinnacle, slowly his body deteriorates, his eyesight disappears, he's not able to walk like he used to. So he gets reversed in that which he was given. Remember the the analogy our day about the full moon, it becomes big, and when it's at its

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peak, and it's strong, and it's mighty, Allah starts to decrease from it day by day, evening, by evening, until it disappears company until it becomes like the old date stock. Well, how is this linked up? Allah says, Yes, there is a physical analogy here that yes, we will all everything that Allah gives us will be taken away, our health, our wealth, our children, everything will be taken away until we die. But it also means that you have a blessing. And if you don't use the blessing to how it's meant to be, it can be taken away from you very, very easily. And so the blessing here is of guidance, the blessing as of man, those of us who are believers, act on this belief, or Allah

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will take it away, Allah forgive us, those who see the truth and don't act on it. It could be that tomorrow you don't see the truth anymore. And you will not have guidance. So I find I accurate. So Allah says, will you not understand where you're not see these things and act on these things so that you can reach the agenda that is promised? Why would we go to the agenda, we have all the opportunities to be saved from Allah protect us and save all of us and forgive us and guide us in places and grant us general fields together. I mean, just like the height of Santa Monica