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Special guest Farah Abuobead joins Baba Ali in discussing, why Muslims gain weight in the month of fasting the impact of our diets simple way of staying an ideal weight


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The host discusses the benefits of fasting during crisis, including gaining weight and maintaining healthy eating. They emphasize the importance of avoiding wasteful foods and maintaining healthy eating. The speaker also discusses the benefits of exercising, avoiding protein foods, and drinking water. They stress the benefits of tea for detoxing, including reducing energy, boosting metabolism, and improving health. The speaker also suggests a discount code for listeners and encourages them to visit their website and use the search bar to find it.

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Bahubali Show Episode 17 how some Muslims get fat during Ramadan. This podcast has been brought to you by half our Dean calm and Muslim marriage website designed for those who want to find that other half privately because the only people that should know you're looking to get married or people who are looking to get married try half our Deen today during Ramadan many Muslims actually gained weight Now I know what you're thinking how is it even possible when you just fish 30 days of fasting from food and water and many parts of the world you've been fasting for 16 hours a day considering you spent a few hours for sleep and total weight you barely have any time to eat let alone gained

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weight is it the fasting is it the people? Is it the type of food or drink we're consuming with Ramadan being around the corner it's a good time to find out let's do this.

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Cultural Muslims have confused the masses and speakers are forced to be politically correct.

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Hey man, why you're serious? This is just a podcast.

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In the month of Ramadan, many of us go to the masjid to break our fast and have FDR with our fellow Muslims. After a long summer days you're quite thirsty. Also, lack of food has you week and pretty soon everything starts smelling like food. Once the sunsets people break their fast prey mouth and rush to stand in line for avatar. As you watch people gain their plates of food. He knows layers and layers of high calorie high cholesterol fatty foods that gives our Muslim doctors plenty of future patients. No wonder our parents push us to be doctors. So one needs to treat the what makes matters even worse is that dinners often followed up with some type of caffeinated drink because people are

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often addicted to caffeine. So they need their drink. They need their Coke, they need their Pepsi they need their coffee. Some people think that they're going to actually lose weight during Ramadan but in fact they gain it. Then again, when we cook all day and eat all night. What did you really expect? But there is an alternative. There are ways to lose weight during Ramadan and after Ramadan. My guest today photo bead has a degree in chemistry and culinary arts with a focus in nutrition and healthy living. She along with her brother Mohammed, our founders of East Lee. Welcome to The Daily Show. Assalamu aleikum wa alaikum Salaam Ramadan is just around the corner and everyone is wondering

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what's going to happen after Ramadan because after those long days of fasting and nights of eating, people have to adjust their belts and wondering what happened as a person who is an expert in this field. Can you tell us a little bit about fasting is it good for your body, I of course Pinilla I believe it's good for my body only if it's done right. I believe everything Allah demands upon us is good for a reason. And sha Allah, we invest it all the time. And I feel like fasting is just a way giving our bodies our best like detoxing and stuff. It's good for our bodies and our digestive tracts to have a vacation because we put so much stress on them. And they work really hard. It's an

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ancient method, they used to do it a long time ago, people would fast when they wanted to direct their body's energy towards healing or like decision making. And it's good to like allow your body to efficiently break down toxins and just give it a break every now and then. And we know that fasting is not just prescribed for us as Muslims, but the generations before us and the people before us were prescribed fasting as well. It does give you a break. I mean, your body is constantly being bombarded with all the junk we put into it about the year. And we certainly take a break. And sometimes we just take a complete Crash Course break. I mean, we go from eating 16 hours a day to

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not eating 16 hours a day is high, of course Yeah. And break from lunch to like dinner or breakfast lunch. That's not a break of the snack in between and the Starbucks all of that that's not a very, it's good to give your body hours and hours of time to reboot. And our food is really harsh. Our food is really heavy. It's good to give our bodies a break from all the syrup and the rice and the bread. And yeah, plus the type of foods we eat today is very different to what they ate 1400 years ago, I'm sure they need high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, and all these random things that we cannot pronounce behind our packages, ingredients. And so that even tells us we need to fasting even

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more. But I'm interested like what happens to our bodies during Ramadan. Actually, it's really interesting. The changes that happen to our bodies during fasting depend on how long we are fasting for your body enters a fasting state about eight hours after your last meal. So when your digestive tract is finished absorbing nutrients from your food, that's when you enter the fasting state. Normally glucose which is stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles is the body's main source of energy. Once the glucose runs out, that becomes the next source of energy. And when people fast for a really long time. I mean like a really long time the body starts to use protein for energy and

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that is technically what starvation is just when you're

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body starts to use protein. And it's unhealthy because it breaks down your muscle for energy. Wow, yeah, but we don't have thank God, we don't have to worry about that. Because we break our fast every day. That's for people that like the fast for days, or maybe like weeks. So we didn't get to that proteins phase we get before that right, the amount of hours, the fast is perfect because it gets to a stage where you where your body starts to break down the fat for energy. So that helps in weight loss. And also you also end up reducing your cholesterol levels and your body goes into detoxification because any toxins that are trapped in your fat would break down and get flushed out

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and again, but all of this is with a healthy diet. Okay, this stuff doesn't happen if you just eat fast food and fast,

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obviously, because you could imagine a lot of people are listening this Oh, fantastic. So you think I'm eating I'm just eating junk, it's gonna keep coming out. So that's too good to be true. That's so weird. Because if I'm losing all this stuff, how we're gaining weight during Ramadan,

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eating all day and under Ramadan, you were like 10 pounds heavier. It's because we see Wi Fi so much time to break our fast we think we have to make up for all the hours leading eat. And that is not the case, you do not have to do that. Also our sleep is a regular because it's the hood and saying up and whatever. And people are not activated during Ramadan. For some reason people just don't want to move to use it as an excuse to lay down and or watch TV and all those Ramadan state shows on TV. They just do. They don't do anything. They just barely go to school or work or whatever. And they they don't do anything. And that's really bad. That's how you end up being wait. I tried to start

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something new starting last Ramadan. Because each Ramadan, I became one of those inactive couch potatoes because I just didn't have the energy like I did before. So when I started doing keeping my exercise routine there, and people think I'm crazy for exercising during Ramadan. But if you don't stop and you continue going, it's not that hard. It's not it's really not and you feel better. You're not you're really not supposed to be inactive. Yes, definitely. But you just get a lot more thirsty.

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But you still actually feel better, though, because I have much more energy during Ramadan when I exercise than when I don't exercise. And it doesn't really make sense for people because people say I'm too tired to exercise. And my response to that is you're tired because you're not exercising. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. When you're not active, you just go into that lazy mode. And it's really hard to come out of that. So I feel like you should definitely stay active or at least keep doing what you do daily. Don't don't reduce your activity just because you're fasting. You don't have to not take out the trash because you're fasting or whatever. People just lay there. They don't do

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anything. And I'm one of them. I'm trying really hard not to be well, I've been one of those people as well. It's really hard even though I'm talking about this right now. I hope it showed this Ramadan, I still stay active. But I think also like what you mentioned earlier, the type of food we eat makes a difference. So can you elaborate a little bit about that? I'm Palestinian, our desserts are like marinated and syrup.

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Sugar, and there's so much like carbs and like rice and oh my god, I don't know. It's okay. So we all know that it's recommended for a person an average person to consume about 2000 calories per day, just like average person. Yeah. And I was just counting calories. Like just a simple Ramadan. It's gone meal and that one meal exceeds 2000 calories. We keep on munching, munching munching even though we're full. We're like, Oh, I'm gonna be hungry tomorrow. I'm gonna regret it tomorrow. Sorry, buddy all day. So like we all day and the whole comes and you're full. But you're like, Well, I have to fuel up for tomorrow. So you eat more. And that's like, plus you don't do, we're so

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inactive. So you get a lot of calories, and you don't even burn not even half as you would on a normal day. And what happens with all those extra calories, fat stores fat. So the more you're eating, the more you're adding to the problem.

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And the kind of food the kind of food is just terrible. It's so bad. It makes you feel really bad. desserts is too heavy to fat calories. Now, right now, like I had that feeling that you get after you eat that I stayed the Ramadan. Yeah.

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My mom cooks and during during Ramadan, she'll be cooking like she'll start making this mean this and then she gets hungry. It's like you know what I'm saying like two more. And then we end up with like three main dishes and you won't eat from everything. We can't just get a little bit you know, we're like, we just pile and pile and pile on the food and you get full quickly. We just keep eating and eating. And I'm definitely one of those people that I'm trying really hard. Really, really hard not to do that not to do it. Yeah. I've also noticed that when I try to eat healthy, I get invited to people's homes, and they're definitely eating healthy. It looks like we are eating for 20 people

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while there's only four of us there and it's like the question I always ask is Who else is coming? It's just like what is this for?

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You to ration out this food because this is gonna last for the rest of Ramadan. So you cook for the month. Exactly. Like I said in the intro, we cook all day and eat all night. That

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How we gain weight during Ramadan. And unfortunately, it's quite common, especially when you go to people's homes because they're cooking while they're hungry. So yeah, we always think that we're going to eat a lot more. And then usually Middle Easterners and other people, too. They don't take no for an answer, especially for food. Yeah, definitely eat more, eat more. No, no, no, no, no, you just have to know your limits not to stop yourself, you are hurting your body. And they think you're being shy. And you're not being shy. You're just trying to not over

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eat. It's hard. So that's my next question is like, how do you prevent the weight gain, then there are a lot of ways to prevent gaining weight and Ramadan. One of them is just like I said, it's time meal doesn't need to make up for all the hours without food. So try to forget that you haven't eaten all day. Just try to do that. And you don't need to pile a lot of food on your plate as well. A well balanced meal. It should fill you up. I can I see people like fill up though plate like is Mount Everest. Yeah. And like, like the type of mountain you're gonna climb. And like, what is that? Like? It's like you brought enough food for the entire table. And by the time it's your turn, there's only

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Iceberg lettuce and pita bread left because this guy took all the chicken.

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Excuse me, I think that's everybody's food that you have on your plate. No, that's how it is. And it's so bad. So don't go crazy. Oh, and people like always aim for the things that are high in car. But also it's the way i think i think this is the way to do it is to start when sent for thought or when motive. You know when that done, you're supposed to eat one date, but it's supposed to give you the sugar that your body's been craving. So yeah, and but don't eat more. Because again, they're like really high in sugar and then have some soup, have some salad like the appetizers or whatever you you're going to do. Don't aim for the really that prices are high in carbs, like some loose and

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all that stuff. And then go primitive. But take your time, don't like rush through it and speed through it. So you can eat because you don't want to overwhelm your digestive system, you have to give it a break when you're ready to eat your main meal, avoid the fried stuff, control your portions and eat until you feel full. Don't force yourself. And that's the thing. As soon as motive is done. People are like off to the races. And

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they're running right past me. Like dude, there's plenty of food for everybody. Unless, of course that guy that takes all their chicken is in the front. They're trying to beat the line before he gets there. But I could imagine how challenging it is especially like you know, a lot of people eat a lot of food and they go to sleep right afterwards. And then they wake up like, Oh, I gotta get some more good. I have a battle tomorrow, I have to fight hunger games. And then people just like, literally, the Hunger Games.

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The real Hunger Games, this is a real deal. And we go through it every year. And then the next thing you want to do so you can prevent gaining weight is you don't skip the whole if you do you will get really hungry the next day and you end up overeating for the next day. But you want to make sure you're always not too salty so you can avoid like getting thirsty. Don't treat it as like you know, a meal for pleasure, treat it as fuel, because you want to make sure whatever you eat is just fuel for the next day. So it's not the quantity of food is the quality of food. You have to make sure whatever you eat and keep you just energetic the next day. So give me an example like for yourself.

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What do you eat for supper? Or what do you try to eat for suhoor? A little bit of protein, complex carbs, whole wheat bread, maybe eggs I don't like the aftertaste in the mornings it like yogurt. Sometimes I cereal. I don't I try not to like eat leftover rice and chicken and all of that at night when we're talking about the food. But I notice as soon as f star starts like if Coke or Pepsi is available, they're grabbing all the carbonated drinks, all the highly caffeinated drinks people go straight to the coffee. Of course, if you're famillies if you're in India, Pakistan, you go straight to the tea. Oh, yeah. So tell me a little about that. Tell me what type of effect that has. I mean,

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it's not like necessarily bad but you just have to remember that you still have to drink eight cups of water daily and I know we're fast and like 16 hours but there's time to drink water. I usually think like two cups before after like after then of course, but you know was a thought forecast the train of thought is to hold and then two cups right after support. And not only will this keep you hydrated, but it will also control your sugar cravings and it will prevent overeating. People usually drink like caffeinated drinks and stuff coke and tea and all that stuff does not count. You can't count those as your water. caffeinated drinks actually like diuretics. So you end up losing

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the water you're drinking but if you want to do something other than water, you can have herbal teas. Herbal teas are really good. definitely helps with digestion and boosting metabolism and boosting your mood and all that stuff. There's a lot of different types of herbal teas out there. How do you know like which ones Okay, it depends on what's in it there are so many I mean unless or there's like Senna leaves cinnamon marshmallow root orange papaya leaves ginger there's so many there are so many and you just have to look at what's in it and then a hobby for years and I've been to a lot of actually I make my own secret is it just your company's called easily in tell us a

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little about your tea and how that works. Okay, yeah, my cup of tea is easily and we have other products coming in but right as of now it was the whole reason I made it is because I worked for like a long time to come up with a detox tea that is gentle that was kind of a laxative and it just releases toxins from the body.

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And it has a lot of effects like it will take an hour for me to just go into that. So how is this different than drinking regular tea? I mean, a lot of Auntie's. Oh, I drink tea, I drink tea, and they drink eight cups of black tea or red tea. How is like the tea that you're talking about different than that tea, because it's even talking about it nourishes your liver. And it's the liver is the body's main detox weapon, assists with weight loss and bypassing metabolism and reducing fat storage. It treats a lot of things like constipation, hair loss, antioxidants, it regulates blood sugar helps with like even acne. Oh, wow, really good. And a lot of those are even mentioned on

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like, ginger, and yeah, there are Heidi's about it, where the Prophet peace be upon him. He would talk about them and how beneficial they are and how they even used to use them back then as medicine. Yeah. And they used to live for a long time. So.

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But I think that whole two words that you use weight loss, I think interests a lot of sisters out too, because a lot of sisters do drink tea. And if they can also lose weight while they're drinking tea and actually help their bodies out. I think that brings a lot of interest in so I was wondering like the tea you guys have? How does it work? Does it like just like tea bags? And you put it in? Or is it like, they're not the bags, they're like the old style kind of tea to get all these herbs and mix them together and put them in a pouch. And you just have to steep it. Wow. So you actually make the tea yourself? Yes. Because academics, you're getting all the right amounts of everything. So I

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make it myself. It's all good quality. It's things that I use for myself. And it worked for me It worked for my friends and family. And I started getting a lot because I mean, I wasn't planning on doing this. I wasn't planning on selling this work. But a lot of people started using it. And people would lose think like nine pounds and average in two weeks period is a 14 day detox, very little change in diet. So how does it work? Like do they drink how many cups of your tea per day you do one per day, and you do it for 14 days, because you're just cleansing your body. I mean, it's good to do it like every month to give your body a break. And like just, it really helps like boost and nourish

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your liver. So you just sometimes you can drink during Ramadan as well. Yeah, you can. Yeah, you can look at it. And I could also drink it in the morning or you don't have to bake a fast way that you can drink it at night. But it's good. Like it helps also digest all the food, especially if we can eat all that bad food and melon dawn.

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It would help your body digest all that food so your teeth can give me like more information because I'm that big tea drinker. But my wife is Oh yeah, yeah. And all the people that come over my place are drinking tea constantly. So like, what do you guys sell your tea for? And well, if you go on my website, everything's on my website. Okay. Our main concern is safety. And also maximum results took me a really long time to like start selling or even start, like even given up my friends, because I had a lot of trial and error and I wouldn't find on people I would try it on myself and like my brother, because I didn't want to hurt anybody.

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But they're, they're handy products and they're proven to show positive results. Yeah, it's just good for detoxing the body. It burns fat, regulates metabolism, accelerate toxins removal, it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure improves circulation. It has a lot of positive effects on internal organs. It improves memory concentration and mood is good for weight loss, which antioxidants, reduces bloating and increases energy levels improve skin health and condition suppresses appetite and cravings. it flushes out harsh toxins and it fixes digestive issues. It's a long list, there's a lot more than that can imagine. So let me ask you a question. And I have a lot of listeners and and

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like my wife and a lot of her friends. And would you be okay with giving you guys a discount code or anything like that? Or would you be okay with doing like a discount code for my listeners? So there's no benefit to listen to my podcast. So yeah, yeah, that would be fine. Because this podcast doesn't come out until May 15.

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Yes, I'm recording this on May 4, for those people who are listening, yes, this how podcasts work, we are live. But if you can do a little discount code, and maybe some of my listeners may be interested in at least try and get especially the people who are interested in losing weight and detoxing. So I think that might be something especially with Ramadan right around the corner. So if you can make a call whatever you can call it

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called Ramadan. That'd be like

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I don't call it Bob Marley. Alright, call Oh, by the

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way, may 16 songs no one's making cuz Yeah.

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But you want to make a little bit before May 15. If you can make it for called Bob Holly, and what kind of discount you can give him? Okay, yeah, but I mean, I would really appreciate it if

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if you guys the list, you guys have any questions or anything. You can email me, or you can even email our if you could, if you go on our website, there's the contact, contact. If you type something there, it'll go to my email. And if you have any questions about anything, if you're having a hard time losing weight, just let me know. It's really rewarding when people tell me their results, and I always get feedback from people and I love it. I think that's my favorite part. So yeah, no, I'll definitely give you guys a discount code. Okay, so that's it.

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So listeners you guys are listening which is going to give you a discount code in exchange she's when you do lose weight inshallah you do detoxify and do feel better. You just give her your success story. You can write it up. They don't need to see a picture, but they can write it up and give their testimonials that cool. Yeah. All right. This is the art negotiation.

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negotiation live. So what kind of what percentage is going to give them off to tea?

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negotiating for my tea drinkers. Okay. 3030 good. 30 sounds good to me. 30 is good. I've never done 30 so 30 All right, I think if Look, if the tea is awesome, and people love it, they'll be back for more, and I think everyone's gonna tell inshallah, and everyone's gonna tell everybody else about it. So that's how I ever I've done my own personal products, I believe that if the product is good, other people will come back to it. Otherwise, they just try it once. So I think with a 30% discount, it's worth a try. Ramadan is around the corner, even after Ramadan or before Ramadan, it's a good idea to clear yourself up and to lose unnecessary weight that you just don't want. And I'm sure

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everybody out there has a little bit weight, a little bit of a spare tire they would like to get rid of so can you give us a website and your email address so they can contact you? Of course the website is www dot shop easley.com.

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Can you write it like in your? Yes.

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So for those who are listening, I will put this on my Bob Ali's show. If you go to Bob Ali's show calm just like every other episode, whenever one of my guests has a product or a class or a service, I always leave their contacts and their link and if you give me your email address, and give it to the listeners as well, they can go to Bob Ali's show.com and get their be able to contact you straight from there. So just for the case, for those people who are not next to a computer, can you get a stream of address as well stop [email protected] and there's also info at shop easily.com and also I'll type these awesome too and you can write them down

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easily as EA STL Why is that? Correct? East Lee? Excellent. All right. With that I have to thank my guest sister Fatah for joining us on the Bubba alley show and for all my listeners who have been listening I hope it's shallow the Ramadan will be a blessed Ramadan for you. I hope we shall not gain weight, like many other people who are getting weight through the month and inshallah for all those people who try to T out and it works fantastic for you. Please let me know in the comments section how it works out for you. And of course this is a photo as well because she even wants to know more than I do because it's her tea and she's loving. Just like myself when I have my

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matchmaking website and every time there's a success story that to me is better than any laughter I get on a stage. So it is really really motivated people who are making products for Muslims inshallah, and it's not just obviously a Muslim, practically Muslim and non Muslim. I like to thank everybody for listening. I like to thank my guests for joining us in the Bubba alley show and I like to remind you to please go to Baba Ali's show.com make sure to give us a comment and go and rate us please in iTunes. Let the other people who haven't discovered us discover us so they can see what this podcast is. And I would love to hear from you guys. This is Bob Marley reminding you just in

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case you forgot us