Why do GROWN UPS act like KIDS

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You know the order how the mind develops, you understand how you think. And then you can learn how to influence yourself. The ego, your emotional center is first and last. It's there from birth to death, a baby's entirely a collection of instincts and curiosity and emotions. Some people remain babies causing constant crises and emotional aggravation, leaving destruction in their wake. Your intellect develops in childhood, driven partly by the ego through play, and then by curiosity and by learning and by being taught. It takes you through to early adolescence, and at that stage, the center or to show up strangely, society doesn't teach centeredness enough. Instead, it's left to you

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or maybe your culture or your religion or inspirational people to grow the Center for yourself. Your center is your highest aspiration. It's where your self awareness and higher principles reside. Develop your center to take better advantage of your abilities, your free will, your judgment and your wisdom. A well developed center filters complexity, making you more observant and wise. It helps you to understand others behavior, it improves your decision making and helps you to make peace with the things you can't change. Remember, even with a well developed center control is limited. Life remains unpredictable. But understanding this structure gives you a tool to be better

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prepared, and face life with a more knowing smile.