Tips for Sisters in Ramadan

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Tips for Sisters in Ramadan

June 16, 2016

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Ramadan Mubarak to all of you and I ask Allah Subhana Allah to make this month a blessing month to all of you. And to make it the best Ramadan ever. This message is a message to my sisters.

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I want you, my sisters, my dear sisters, to have this goal in your mind to make this is your best Ramadan ever in your life? And how can you do this by the following points, quick points, one, make sure that this is a goal in your mind, make sure that you are thinking about that. Because if this is not something of concern, I doubt that you will ever be able to take steps toward that goal. So first thing you know what I will sit with myself today. And I will ask myself, how can I make this the best room of whatever? How can I make this as something I always think about it, because there is nothing can guarantee you that you will live for the next year. Number two, if you want to make

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this your best Ramadan ever make sure they take advantage of the time of Ramadan. Ramadan goes very quickly. You know what, in no time it's finished, I will never forget. First day from Yvonne, I was in Saudi Arabia that time. And the message is an old man. After the first day of taraweeh he or second day, he said to me, when I'm alone is finished. I said Dr. Mohammed, we just start from about, he said, Tell us what's left, eight nights and 10 and 10. And that's it.

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He said eight and 10 and 10 and that he made it sounds so short. And you know what, I just can't believe it that we are fasting now. 2013 Ramadan, I can't believe we just did 2012. And now it started in 2013. In no time this panel, a lot of Milan goes so far. So one of the things that you need to do is you know what, I am going to take advantage of the time. And that's why don't let any time goes by without taking advantage of it. Ramadan is not only about fasting, fasting is a great act of worship in itself. But there's so many other things that are done as well, like they could have lost a panel with Allah is another issue that you should occupy the Ramadan with it, especially

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the days that you don't fast or maybe because of your menses or maybe you just had a baby you know they're going to be fasting due to you in the fast or due to breastfeeding. Maybe you are pregnant melas paradata yatish Allah bless your pregnancy and get bless your children. So whatever the reason is, you're not fasting It doesn't mean that you do nothing. No is not only fasting and praying. That is the curse of Hannah loud hum did Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Akbar Herman Matata nation's The best thing that ever you can say to please Allah subhanaw taala during these days, make sure that you make a lot of us still far. One brother told me once about his mother in law, he said Your Holy

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It's amazing. My mother in law never leaves pmla never leaves the family when they she has her menses. She said I was shocked because when they married her daughter, I stay there sometimes. And I was shocked like I will look up during some of the days I know she doesn't pray. But I find her exactly as if she was making family I asked my wife I said what your mom's doing. Then my wife told me she said my mom for the last 20 years or so that's what I know about her. She works up every night at the same time. And she makes us still fought well Mr. fury in a bill Azhar Allah Subhana Allah said those who seek forgiveness in the time of sale. So make sure that there is a lot of

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liquor, a lot of La la la la, a lot of candlelight Avi movie MD, you know what a tree will be planted for you in in general because of that. Also, one of the things that make this your best drama won't ever

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make MiG two out from now. Make two out from now that a lot helps you to Allah home in the holodeck Rico shoukry curse me balletic in everyday and Ramadan every time after salaat you say that you're supposed to see that increase this to a lot before Ramadan during Ramadan. So Allah subhanaw taala will help you to worship Him in the best manner in the best manner. Also, one of the thing that's going to make this best Ramadan ever that make sure that you reduce the amount of time that you waste in things, which is not important, which is not that important. You know, maybe you do need to shop, go shopping the same amount of time that you do, the amount of work that you do an extra

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things that are not important. Don't put that much effort. If you can take days off, it will be great. It will be great. In the same time, there is other thing you do in your life daily life. It is part of what is permissible, but you can transfer it

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To an act of worship, like for example, cooking, you can be cooking and that's something you do on a daily basis, but have the intention to share some of this food with other people and even be part of said, to invite people to eat a might have my house more beloved to me than making etica for a whole entire month for the whole entire month. Speaking of which, one of the things that you can make in this Ramadan it makes your best Ramadan ever etica and it's allowed for a woman to make Africa the promise of Psalms wives used to make Africa with the following conditions safe place, permission from your family, your husband or your father, and the place is proper for you to go and spend the

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nights or even if it is one night, two nights strike, it's different feeling. One of the things that can make your prom avant Bystrom avant ever new experience for you, that you make that commitment to read the Quran. And if you don't know how to read the Quran, maybe your Arabic is not good. Listen to the whole interpreter and listen to the verses read the translation. While you are listening while you are less than one of the thing that you can do to make this as your best Ramadan ever. Make sure that you have some extra prayer like a prayer the early day are the sin and I'm not going to miss any sin and Ramadan. You know what I'm going to do extra prayer maybe in the night, if I

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can, all these extra ibadat extra prayer will make Ramadan have a different taste. One of the thing that I think it can make your Milan

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completely different experience. You involve your family, in your activity around about your children, your husband, your parents, you know, try to include them in some of your activity, maybe reading Tafseer of some of the verses, maybe memorizing something from the Koran working together making as a family activity together that's going to make Ramadan. Moreover, Ramadan that you cannot forget. Finally, if you can go to Mecca and to prefer openra spend time in Mecca or Medina. That will be also a great idea to do. May Allah Subhana Allah to help you to make this your best Ramadan ever to accept from you are salamati Kumar, amatola your bucket