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18 – Returning Back to Islam

Special guest Hossein Behizad joins Baba Ali in discussing: his story on discovering Islam and how he drift away what inspired him to return to practicing Islam again advise for those are facing the challenges of this dunya

17 – Why Some Muslims Get Fat During Ramadan

Special guest Farah Abuobead joins Baba Ali in discussing, why Muslims gain weight in the month of fasting the impact of our diets simple way of staying an ideal weight

16 – Why Some Muslim Kids Hate the Masjid

Special guest Sheikh Mohamed Mohamed joins Baba Ali in discussing: why some Muslim kids hate the Masjid how the Prophet (saw) treated children the impact of how we deal with our children and their connection to the Masjid

13 The Challenges of a Muslimah Public Speaker

Special guest Yasmine Mogahed joins Baba Ali in discussing: the challenges of being a Muslim female public speaker balancing life, family, and being a da’ee the importance of female scholars

12 Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community

Special guest Siara Shah joins Baba Ali in discussing: her battle with domestic violence and how she overcame it if domestic violence an Islamic issue or a cultural issue the challenges of dealing with the Muslim Community afterwards

11 The Trial of Homosexuality

Special guest Sheikh Mustafa Umar joins Baba Ali in discussing: Muslims who are battling through Homosexuality battling your desires the impact of Homosexuality becoming normal what is leading to the increase of Homosexuality

10 The Emasculation of Men

Special guest Bilal Stroud joins Baba Ali in discussing: the negative effects of emasculating your husband keys on making your relationship more successful what happens when lines roles of the spouses become blurred the lack of good Muslim men in our communities  

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